Encounter in Chicago

by Lord Skies

Copyright© 2006 by Lord Skies

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely traveler, a very hot woman, a night of explosive sex. What more does a story need? Excerpt "It started off in a restaurant where I had gone for a drink after a long business meeting in Chicago. I had noticed her when I first walked in the door, but hadn't thought much about her until."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .

It started off in a restaurant where I had gone for a drink after a long business meeting in Chicago. I had noticed her when I first walked in the door, but hadn't thought much about her until my friends had left and I was left sitting at the bar alone. I caught a glimpse of her in the mirror, and I thought that she was watching me. I turned to get a better look at her and much to my amazement, instead of cloyingly looking away, she made and held eye contact, inviting me over to her table.

I walked over and within minutes we had discovered that we had both been left by our business colleagues. I admitted that I had noticed her when I first arrived and she told me that she had been watching me for some time now. We exchanged small talk for a few minutes more, and then I felt her hand on my leg, rubbing up toward my crotch. I instantly had a hard on and she felt this and gave it a little squeeze.

Taking the initiative I leaned over and kissed her, feeling her warm moist lips pressed against mine, feeling an urgency in her kiss. The pressure on my dick increased as she began to jerk me off through my clothes as we kissed. I in turn, began to fondle her gorgeous breasts, feeling her nipples grow hard through the material.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss and began standing up. "We need to get out of here" she said and held out her hand, beckoning me to come with her. It was really the first time I had seen her stand and though I had known she was very pretty, it wasn't until she stood that I was really impressed. She was wearing a very tailored black silk business suit with a miniskirt. She had these wonderfully long, shapely legs to really fill out the outfit and they were accented nicely by a pair of sheer black hose, with a seam running up the back of them.

She noticed me taking her in, and she did a little turn, there in the aisle so that I could see all of her. She obviously enjoyed the attention, but then she pulled me up from my seat, and walked all the way around me, rubbing her hands across my back and butt and then onto my chest.

"Very nice, and what do you think of me" she asked with a coy little smile as her hand dropped down to my crotch again.

"You know exactly what I think" I replied as she groped my hard on, "but we need to get out of here because that security guard is giving us the evil eye."

We hurriedly walked out to the street, she right by my side where I could hold her tight and grope her breast with my arm around her shoulder and where she could put her hand through my raincoat and continue to play with my cock.

When we got into the cab, we were once again kissing heavily, tongues probing each others mouths. She had a wonderful taste to her, reminding me of warm summer days by the beach, instead of the harsh cold of Chicago. I think the cab driver was spending more time watching us than the road, because I seem to remember running a red light and almost getting hit by another car.

She was sitting almost in my lap and I had pushed back her jacket, revealing a lacy camisole and I was massaging her breasts. She was rubbing all over my chest with one hand and giving very good attention to my cock with the other, by now having unzipped me and having her hand in my pants.

The moment was interrupted by the cab driver who cleared his throat and I realized that we were at the hotel that she had told the cab driver. The door was open and the doorman was standing there watching us. We pulled apart and she zipped my pants while I pulled her jacket back on and we got out of the cab and walked in to the elevator.

Luckily the elevator was empty and it was a short ride to her floor, because by this point we were both so worked up we could barely keep our hands off of each other. Then we were at her door and she leaned into me, kissing me hard and rubbing my hard on, making sure it stayed ready.

I in turn, began to rub her ass and I was pleasantly surprised to feel a garter belt and no panties under her skirt, a fact that was confirmed when I ran my hands up under her skirt, pulling it up around her waist. I ran a hand down between her ass cheeks, and felt her heat and wetness and as I rubbed her clit, she leaned heavily into me and I felt her bite my shoulder as her first orgasm shuddered through her body.

A minute later, when she had regained her composure, she pulled her room key from her purse and let us into her room. Once there, she threw her purse across the room into her chair and quickly shed her jacket, revealing her camisole that greatly accented her beautiful breasts. She helped me with my jacket and threw both of them onto a hook in the closet. Then she was in my arms, kissing me hard, her tongue exploring my mouth, then nibbling on my ear, biting my neck as she guided us back towards the bed.

When she straightened up and pushed me back onto the bed and I sat there on the edge as she knelt between my knees and undid my zipper and freed my cock from its confines. She took it into her mouth, her warm wet mouth and the sensation was almost over powering, her sucking on my cock, her head bobbing up and down and her tongue rubbing the underside of my cock. Then she pushed me back so that I was lying on the bed so that she could get better position and I felt her take all of my cock, swallowing all of me and I could feel her tickle my balls with her tongue. Then suddenly I couldn't hold it any more and I came there in her throat, pumping my come into her. She took it all, swallowing it, causing intense sensations in my cock and prolonging my orgasm.

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