Someone Is Always Watching

by Cespenar

Copyright© 2009 by Cespenar

Erotica Sex Story: Wandering alone at the beach, she is caught by two escaped convicts and raped repeatedly to strong orgasms

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Size   .

She wanders miles away from home to enjoy the solitude amid the only sounds. that of birds.

She wears a flimsy buttoned up shirt, no bra, and shorts.

As she wanders away from her car, the breeze blows her shirt, making it caress her nipples. As her lovely auburn hair caresses her cheeks in the breeze she feels a sensual tingle run through her slim body.

She quickens her pace and her beautiful breasts sway in time to her steps, increasingly arousing her nipples to firm points.

As she revels in the freedom and solitude, two pairs of eyes are watching from the tree line.

Two escaped criminals are hunkered down in the grass beneath the trees.

One is a muscley black man, 6 foot tall, and his companion is an equally well muscled white man.

Both men feel an animalistic stirring in their loins as they gaze with wonder on this gorgeous woman walking across the open ground.

She wanders far from the car before turning towards the tree line. She wonders if there are any birds in the trees, so she heads that way.

As the breeze is coming from that direction it presses the thin material of her shirt against her breasts, molding their beauty. She glances down and with another thrill, notices how her now taut nipples push proudly against her shirt.

She feels so alive now and quickens her pace, almost skipping towards the trees.

The two men are prone, waiting for her to come to them. They have been very quiet and some birds are flying from tree to tree so she doesn't suspect a thing.

She steps close to a huge tree that the two men are lying near, and looking up she doesn't see them as they rise slowly out of the grass.

She hears the dry grass crackle and turns to see the two men standing within several feet of her. She opens her mouth but no sound comes out. Her initial fear silences her scream. Then she realizes that she is alone with these two men. Miles from home and help.

She had always liked to go off on her own. Despite the warning from her husband and friends, she did it for years without any problems.

But this day, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone she had never met before was now giving her orders, like the director of a film. "Remove your shirt and drop your shorts slowly. And squeeze your left breast. Pinch the nipple. Damn it, stop crying and do what I tell you! Now slowly drop your panties."

She watched in horror as the two men dropped their pants.

She's done this a thousand times for her husband, after they've put the kids to bed and locked the bedroom door. It has always amused and excited her as she watched his little squirt gun grow to a huge cannon. Now she is in the middle of a weedy field, a place where people had warned her not to go. And she is doing what she did for her husband, slowly removing her last vestige of protection as the two men drop their own pants, train their beady eyes on her crotch, and grow enormously. Her mind is awash with crazy contradicting thoughts ... shear terror at being naked and at the mercy of two filthy strangers--one black and one white--laborers who came across her unexpectedly. An awful stirring below ... the instinct of a young woman turning on two total strangers! Hopelessly terrified that they will rape her. With the stretched elastic pinching her thighs, she hesitates for a moment and then lets out a pitiful moan of despair.

How she could feel so aroused in front of two total strangers I don't know, she thought, as she stared at their jutting cocks. She felt a wash of guilt as she thought of her husband, the only man who had ever fucked her.

The two strangers moved towards her, their huge erections swaying in time to their steps.

The white man's erection was an inch or so longer than her husbands, and thicker. But the black man's erection was huge! It had to be at least nine inches long and it looked so thick!

She felt a further stirring in her belly, the way the men became aroused at her naked beauty. It stirred her sexuality and she gasped as the white man said "Me first."

He reached for her and looked around for somewhere to fuck her. He saw a small patch of green grass and led her to it. He pushed her roughly down and stood over her. "Spread those lovely legs" he snarled.

She raised her knees and let them fall open, displaying her most intimacy to him as he knelt between her parted thighs.

He placed his hands on either side of her ribs as he lowered the tip of his cock to her soft lips. Giving a thrust, he drove his cock deep into her womanhood, eliciting a moan of pain from her as his thick lust stretched her soft flesh.

He drew back and slammed into her again and as the pain diminished, she realized that she was moistening. As her body betrayed her, she realized she was lubricating him with pleasure. She moaned again as he set up a deeply thrusting fuck, pleasuring himself as he ravished her lovely, sexy body.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but the pain gave way to pleasure and she gasped as her eyes flew open again. She threw her arms over her head and moaned softly as he fucked pleasure into her naked body.

How could this be, she thought guiltily. He is pleasuring me so much. And she moaned again as she came, orgasming strongly to his deep and lustful fucking.

She thrilled as ecstasy coursed through her body, and she arched against his pumping body.

He came then, and his semen spurted hotly into her again and again. He is cumming so much, she thought as he withdrew. He obviously hasn't had a woman for a long time.

As he stood and muttered something to the big black man, she gazed at his penis. It was only half flaccid, she noticed, and she moaned, thinking that he would want her again.

The black man then knelt between her open thighs and lowered the tip of his huge cock to her slippery love. His glans was so big that she felt it stretch her vagina a little more as it entered her.

He thrust fully into her and she felt him go all the way against her cervix. He kept himself up on his hands either side of her ribs as he watched her naked body respond to his lust. He grinned as he started to fuck her, driving his huge black erection into her pale flesh.

As he watched the action below, she gasped and arched her aroused body up to meet his powerful thrusts. She gasped softly in time to his thrusts as she was buffeted up and down.

She writhed under him, pleasuring him with her tight, slippery love as he pleasured her with his huge, black cock. Again and again she orgasmed, feeling a small amount of guilt at a fleeting thought of her husband.

This man has fucked me so deeply, she thought. He is raping me, but it is a pleasure-rape. I can't help myself. His cock feels so good, she thought.

He came then, spurting hot seed deep into her with a pleasuring thrill that tingled through her whole body.

He withdrew, pulling that monster of a cock out of her and standing up and going to sit beside the other man who was leaning back against the big tree.

They talked quietly to each other as she lay there, legs pressed together, feeling the fullness of their spent lust and tingling all over after deepest fucking she'd ever had.

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