Michelle Challenges Her Maid, Sora to an Erotic Confrontation...

by Dag123

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Erotica Sex Story: On the second day Michelle and Randy are at the Mandarin Lark Hotel, Michelle comes up with an erotic idea that's she's sure will please her husband. With his full enthusiastic approval, she challenges a reluctant Sora, their sexy little Maid, to a steamy erotic confrontation. Will Sora dare to accept? If she does accept, what happens if she wins?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   FemaleDom   Swinging   Oriental Female   Voyeurism   .

Michelle's Erotic Confrontation with her Maid...

"I go out now to buy food," Sora said, "I be back soon," she promised, smiling at Randy and me. At the moment, he and I were lounging on the deck underneath a large colorful beach umbrella sipping our cool fruit drinks.

"Happy darling?" I said. "Do you have something in mind that you'd like the three of us to do today?" I asked him.

Looking at my husband, I could see the warm sun was making him drowsy. The soft hum of insects and the sounds of the exotic birds over in the dense green jungle, which was only a few feet away, coupled with the heat of the day, were having a lulling drowsy effect on me as well.

After all, the three of us had stayed up late last night—our first night there. Ordinarily, we were early to bed sort of people. But that was before we discovered the sexual wonders that was Sora.

Sora is our little Asian Maid, that the Mandarin Lark Hotel assigned us for our weeks stay with them. If I didn't know we were leaving at the end of the week, I would probably be insane with jealousy. I had to secretly admit—to myself only—that Sora, the cute sexy little maid had bested me in the sexy fun and games we had played in our bedroom last night.

But, since I had promised my husband—this whole week would be for him—I was determined that nothing, not even my own jealousy, was going to stop me from making Randy's favorite erotic fantasies come true.

Even half asleep, with his eyes closed, my husband is one handsome man. It seemed like a miracle, with all the charming sophisticated women available to him, he had chosen me—a widow with three little girls. I am now Mrs. Randy Dalton.

He had rescued me from a very low paying job working in a Boutique Shoppe, and made me his proud wife. Even then, it took a while for me to realize—I was married to one of the richest men in our part of the country.

"This sun feels so good." Randy said. Opening his brown eyes he smiled at me lazily, languidly, half asleep.

"You know what would be great?" He said. "Why don't you and Sora do something naughty and let me just watch. At the end, I could join the two of you."

"Okay," I said, "Let me think on it for a little while. I'll see if I can come up with something sexy and really naughty," I said, giving him what I hoped was a sensuous little smile.

Randy smiled. He closed his eyes. The heat of the day was beginning to lull him to sleep. I sat there now wide-awake deep in thought. What could Sora and I do, that would excite him erotically.

Then an idea hit me! He'd probably love it if Sora and I could try some variation of girl/girl erotica. Since she and I are about the same age and size, it might be a lot of fun. I was confident that it would be exciting for Randy to watch the two of us.

Just then, I heard the door to the cottage open. Getting up from my deck chair, I went inside. I was struck by how nice and cool the house was compared to the tropical heat outside on the deck.

"Oh, Sora ... You're back already. Here let me help you."

"Yes, I hurry," she said, "Get back in nice cool cottage before sun get too hot."

Because of the heat, she was perspiring lightly. She had on a scent that intrigued my senses.

"Sora, what is that beautiful scent you're wearing? It smells so exotic and sexy."

Sora smiled. "It made from jungle flower. It grow wild. We pick ... make cologne. I make you some," she offered, "You take home."

Just to make sure I was on her good side, I poured each of us a frosted glass of fruit juice.

"Here. Come sit awhile—let's have something cold to drink."

"You very nice. I not hardly feel like Maid," she said, giving me a pleasant smile.

"That's good, Sora." I said. "You and I and Randy should just have lots of sexy fun this week. We don't want you to be too tired to enjoy it. Okay... ? I laughed.

"Did I make very good for Randy last night?" she said. "Did he like?"

"Yes. We both loved having you join us."

"I like ... have sexy fun. We do more later, okay? I like ... do with Randy." she said. "He take me really good."

"Aren't you afraid I might get jealous?" I said, teasing her. Then, seizing the opportunity I said to her. "Sora... , Randy mentioned to me that he would like watch you and me to do some sexy stuff together a little later. Okay?"

"Okay. What ... you like to do?" she asked.

"Why don't we have a sexy contest on our big bed? Maybe see which one of us Randy thinks is sexier," I said, watching her reaction. "Once we get started, I'm sure he'll want to come join us on the bed.

"Okay." She said, "Just have fun. Not be mad, okay? ... Both same size. Be sexy fun. Maybe Randy he watch ... he like to see."

"Right." I said. "We won't be mad, we'll just see who's sexier," I said, pleased she was so willing to participate.

"When we do... ?" she said.

"How about tonight? Once it gets dark, we could get into our nightclothes and do it on the big bed. I know Randy will enjoy watching us. Then after a while, he can join us."

"Tonight good," she said, with a pleasant beguiling smile. "Maybe I win you, take Randy," she said, teasing me.

"Maybe... ," I said, "But, I'll make you fight me for him, "I laughed.

"Let's go wake up Randy and tell him," I said, laughing at how pleased he would be.

"Wait, I get glass of ice water," Sora said.

I smiled. She really enjoys doing little things for Randy, I thought. How nice is that.

When the two of us went back out on the deck, Randy was still sleeping peacefully underneath the brightly colored umbrella.

Walking over to Randy, Sora looked back and grinned at me. She had a mischievous look on her face.

Holding the glass of ice water over Randy's head, she slowly started pouring the water all over him.

He woke up sputtering. He was shocked! Looking up at Sora, when he realized she was the one who had done it, he burst out laughing.

"Okay," he said, "It's easy to see you two girls have been up to no good," he grinned.

"Can I tell... ?" Sora said, looking over at me.

"Sure!" I said, looking at him. "Sora and I have a surprise all planned for you tonight. Go ahead, Sora, you can tell him." I encouraged her.

"Okay," she said a glint of mischief in her brown almond eyes. "Tonight my pussy get your wife's bitch pussy down. We see who is sexier ... you watch, okay."

"WOW!" Randy laughed. "I can't wait."

Randy's Treat ... his ultimate fantasy unfolds...

The tropical sun had made the day scorching hot; the heat was stifling, almost oppressive. Michelle and Randy spent the afternoon under the bright colorful beach umbrella sipping cool fruit drinks. After awhile when the little maid came out, they suggested to Sora that she join them.

At first Sora seated herself prim and proper directly in front of Randy and Michelle. Because she liked to tease, she couldn't resist being naughty. Aware Michelle was looking at her; she innocently allowed her brown thighs to fall slightly open.

"Gosh! Sora... , "Michelle said, "Do you know your panties are showing?"

Randy had his eyes closed. Upon hearing Michelle's comment, he quickly opened them. With Sora sitting right in front of him, —he could see her golden brown thighs slightly parted. He caught his breath sharply! Taking a sneak peek, he could just catch a tiny glimpse of the white cotton crotch of her panties peaking out from underneath her flimsy summer maid's uniform.

"You like... !" Sora said, looking over at Randy, with a mischievous little grin. "My panties more sexy than hers. Maybe you like see who has sexier panties? Okay?"

"Honey... ," Randy said, with a little chuckle. "I think she's just dared you to have a sexy panty contest."

"So... , you little bitch," Michelle laughed, "aren't you starting a bit early? I thought we were going to wait until after dark to do all this."

"Maybe you ... afraid?" Sora said, taunting her.

Michelle couldn't let that remark go by without a response.

"Randy... , change chairs with her."

Grinning with delight, Randy quickly stood to his feet and switched chairs with Sora. Now the two women sat side by side in two deck chairs facing Randy.

Although he had enjoyed countless times looking at Michelle's slender beautiful legs and thighs, and he could never get enough of seeing her in just her panties—this was something different. The fact she was eager and willing to compete with this naughty little Asian female ignited his passions.

The two women sitting side by side, each allowed their legs to fall wantonly open. He felt himself starting to breathe harder, more labored. Because both women had on loose light summer panties, once their legs and thighs were fully open, he could see little wisps of black and blonde pubic hair creeping out from under the sides of their panty elastics.

"Okay." Sora said, "You tell ... who has sexiest panties?"

Randy was suddenly at a loss for words. How can I tell? He wondered. They're both so sexy and beautiful.

"You both look so sexy in your panties," he said, feeling his arousal increase. "I'm tempted to come over there and pull both your panties aside and lick and suck you both."

"Okay." Sora giggled. "Come on here! You see... , my pussy ... sexier... , taste nicer than your wife's pussy," she said, looking over at Michelle daring her to respond.

Michelle felt her ire start to surface, even though she knew it was all in fun, she couldn't help being slightly irritated. This little Asian female's was flirting with Randy.

"Well... ," we can't very well do all the stuff you two are suggesting in these deck chairs right out here in the open. Why don't we take it inside?" she said.

Then she was shocked! Gosh, and I thought I was doing this for Randy. My tummy's getting tighter. I want to do this as much as he does, she thought, laughing to herself.

Bedroom Games...

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