A Brief Encounter
Chapter 3

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 3 - The story like the film of a married woman meeting a man who understands her sexual needs to the exclusion of a witless husband.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   DomSub   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

As usual the traffic heading to London was horrendous but it did not bother Jay, today; for he was with his love as the car crawled along the M11 towards there intended exit ramp.

Jay was content to let his hand gently caress Andrea's thigh, and Andrea slid her hand over on to Jay's left thigh, she was glad he dressed to the left for her fingers lightly touched his semi hard cock through his pants. Jay was staring straight ahead absently smiling to himself and mentally planning their last night together. He knew come the morning Andrea would be on a train north bound and it would be the last he would see of her for quite a while. Little did he know Andrea was already making plans to change that, although when Andrea had been in France at her daughter's she had informed Jay, that when her son entered the Army in June aged 18, she would be free to come and set up home together.

Now it appears that after all the family hassle in France, Andrea had planned to move that schedule forward and be in Jay's home within three months. Andrea was scared by this sudden feeling of bravery for she had never felt this strongly about another person before. Other things worried her and yet they seemed to fade into the background when she was with her beloved, Jay. It seemed as if nothing else mattered when she was around Jay.

The car worked its way through the heavy traffic and soon they arrived at Jay's house. Going inside, Jay made a coffee for them both and they sat side by side on the settee, Jay slipped his arm around Andrea and pulled her closer, he whispered in her ear that he never wanted them to be any further apart then they were right now. She smiled and turned just in time for his lips to meet hers. This kiss was a romantic kiss, not one laced with sexual desire, but not the type you would give to a relative either. The kiss was so tender and yet so full of loving that they both seemed reluctant to break the spell.

By the time they broke the kiss, their coffee was cool so they drank it quickly and after both standing cuddling in the garden looking at the fish in the garden pond, they moved inside, the fresh chill of the evening helping to send those electric type shivers down both their spines, or was it just the nearness of a loved one.

Without a word being spoken between them, they entered the house and both smiled at each other before beginning to climb the stairs. Andrea well aware of where Jay's bedroom was; she slipped into the room and quickly undressed confiscating Jay's black fleecy dressing gown as soon as she was naked. Andrea was still not quite used to being naked around a man despite her 27 years as a married woman she had given Jay the greatest compliment she could by allowing him to be the only man to see her naked, and that included her husband. A playful grab by Jay to reclaim his dressing gown was firmly rebuffed by a quick thinking Andrea who distracted him with a kiss.

Now the naked form of Jay, slipped a hand inside the dressing gown as they kissed and slowly stroked his way up to her left breast, feeling the weight of her 36C breast in his palm his fingers first located and then squeezed her erect nipple. Now Jay's tongue was fencing with Andrea's inside her mouth as he sought dominance. The Dressing gown belt loosened and finally the dressing gown slid unceremoniously to the floor and both lovers were now naked.

Slight pressure pushed Andrea back to the edge of the bed and then she was suddenly flat on her back with Jay's mouth sucking gently on her right nipple as his hand continued to pinch and twist her left one. Andrea began making murmuring sounds from somewhere deep inside her throat as her cunt began to flood with its precious clear nectar like fluid.

The aroma of aroused cunt soon reached Jay's nostrils and he slowly worked his way down to the source of the feminine scent and he gave a little flick of his tongue against the erect tip of her clit. Andrea shuddered delightfully and parted her legs even wider in an act of total submission. Jay ran his tongue lightly over the length of her swollen cunt lips and using the minimum of force her lips parted allowing even more access to the source of the fluid. Now Jay began dipping his tongue into her opening as he began literally tongue fucking her cunt. The whimpers and groans increased in both strength and frequency as Andrea rode her highway to orgasm.

Jay never said a word but his intentions were clear, Andrea had experienced her first multi-orgasmic sex session on her previous and only other visit to this bedroom. Seventeen times she had climaxed in that session and today Jay intended to show that was nothing. He hoped to make her cum at least thirty times before she had to leave tomorrow. To be honest Andrea was already well on her way to the first orgasm and Jay had barely warmed up at this stage.

Suddenly a hot gush of juices announced Andrea's first orgasm of the evening; mentally Jay clicked it off only 29 more to go. Raising his head he kissed Andrea passionately on the lips allowing her to taste her own cunt juices. As Andrea's breathing began to return to normal Jay nibbled her neck and earlobe as he whispered, one down my little cock sucking whore, my bitch will be exhausted by the time you my cum slut are ready to leave.

Andrea, excited by the orgasm she had just experienced became even more excited being called a cum slut, whore and a bitch. Jay felt her passion crank up another notch and his fingers found a slick wet cunt; he eased his finger along her clit and probed her cunt opening as he demanded that Andrea tell him what she was. Breathlessly Andrea blurted out that she was his whore, his over heated fuck slut. She even begged to be allowed to feel his hard cock plunge into her tight and yet soaking wet cunt.

Jay continued to use his finger to frig her cunt as he told her to pinch her own nipples like the bitch in heat she was. Eagerly Andrea obeyed and gasped her way to another orgasm. Without breaking contact, Jay lowered his mouth over her clit and licked and tickled with his tongue all around her clit whilst the slick wet finger moved from her cunt, to her anal ring. He firmly pushed the tip just inside her anal opening and then lifting his head, he told her, your tight little virgin arse feels so fucking hot you have to be a fucking whore, a cock craving bitch. Andrea bucked as she heard these words searing into the very cortex of her mind, and in doing so she managed to rock the finger tip inside her anal opening causing even more delightful sensations to shoot from he inner being and all seemed to be destined for her clit. Thousands of electric shocks invaded her senses and overwhelmed her nervous system as she went into yet another orgasm.

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