A Brief Encounter
Chapter 2

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 2 - The story like the film of a married woman meeting a man who understands her sexual needs to the exclusion of a witless husband.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   DomSub   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

With warming cups of coffee they retired to the big plush leather sofa in Jay's living room and Andrea used Jay as a back prop as she leaned against him with her feet up on the sofa. Jay leaned forward and leisurely nibbled her neck and ear as they made small talk. Both now suddenly began to feel hungry so rather than spoil the moment Jay ordered a take away and wait for it to be delivered.

They made small talk as they waited but Jay's hands were never far away from caressing Andrea's thigh, or cupping her beautifully pliant breasts. Even the small talk was peppered with little feather like kisses and the occasion reference to Andrea being Jay's sexy slut of a cock sucking whore, all these innuendoes only served to excite Andrea once more, and just as she turned to feast herself on some passionate kisses, the door bell rang and their meal was delivered.

So after a silent meal, they soon retired up to the master bedroom where Jay once more tasted his whore's juices as he lapped eagerly at her swollen excited cunt. Raising his head he declared his fuck slut had the sweetest tasting cunt juice of any cock teasing bitch he had known. He slowly traced his tongue up towards her left breast and flicked at her nipple before pulling it between his teeth and letting it twang back into place. He smiled at Andrea as he told her he wanted his cunt of a tramp whore to beg for his cock. Andrea was more than happy to oblige for she truly wanted his cock buried deep inside her cunt. She begged to be fucked like the bitch she was, even declaring her cunt to be hotter then a volcano waited to erupt and needing his own special cock bung to plug it.

Jay playfully rolled her on to her side and slapped her arse as if to say not good enough, but as she turned back he began to run his hand over her wet slick cunt lips and he reached forward with his mouth to kiss her, As he kissed her passionately, he raised his hand away from her cunt and brought it crashing down on to her cunt and in particular her clit. Now the hit was firm but not too hard but it lifted Andrea's passions another notch or two. She had never felt such exquisite pain tingling through her clit and driving her cock hungry cunt even further into its fiery passion for satisfaction.

Several more unsuspecting slaps hit her cunt and before she knew it her cunt blasted off with enough force to send a rocket to the moon, her juices flowed like the old man river and she experienced star burst and fireworks inside her brain.

Then Jay leisurely stroked her tits as she once more began to descend from the peak of her climax, but each time her breathing evened out he would play with her anal ring, or her clit or even finger fuck her cunt till she was starting to climb once more and each time she seemed to reach a peak he would spank her clit or her arse to send her screaming over that peak and on towards an even higher one. Finally latching his mouth over her cunt he slipped a finger into her anal rose and began finger fucking it. His tongue worked overtime on her clit and she was soon bucking like a three year old bronco as the latest orgasm crashed around her ears. His open mouth sucked up all her juices as she sprayed them and he literally wrestled with her as she tossed and tried to break contact with his hot ticklish tongue.

Soon they rested cuddled up in each other's arms and he lovingly kissed her earlobe and whispered what a perfect end to for him a perfect day. He covered her over with a duvet and nestled with his still hard cock pressed into her back. He still had no thought of fucking her for he wanted her to experience 27 years of relief for those years she admitted she had suffered neglect as to her needs.

It was almost two am and they had to be up at four thirty, to be leaving for the airport at five thirty. But it still did not stop Jay from easing open Andrea's putty like legs and slowly lightly stroking her shaven cunt. The light touches brought little mewing sounds from Andrea although her eyes were still closed, then he reached over and kissed her full on the lips as his hand pressed hard against her hot horny cunt. He immediately back tracked his head till he whispered into her ear, "Wakey Wakey my little fuck toy, I want you to see how your horny cock loving cunt reacts to my touch and how your now my very own slut, the bitch of a cunt to take my hard fuck stick when I want you to. You will be my cum bucket, in your arse, your cunt and your mouth my little harlot of a fucker!"

Andrea dreamily answered, "Yes Master, Jay, your whore wants your cock in every hole, she wants your cum poured into her like the fuel in a car. Your cum crazy bitch is eager to accept your cock and spunk in any way or any number of times you want me too!"

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