The Willing Cuckold

by JoeTortuga

Copyright© 2009 by JoeTortuga

Sex Story: I was off looking for something to do, and I ran into a nice submissive couple, to have my way with.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   DomSub   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

The night I met them, I was alone: my wife was out of town and my sub was busy. I was horny and porn wasn't doing it for me. Nothing good on the net to watch of view, and I wasn't feeling inspired to write. I needed to get out of the house. I took a shower, got dressed, and headed out. I was going to go somewhere, anywhere.

I let whim lead me, which is how I wound up on the west side of town. My wife and I had joined a swingers' club there recently, and my thoughts turned to that. I'd pay more to go by myself, I knew, but I figured, what the hell. If nothing else I'd get to hang out in the eroticism that I was missing.

People will tell you there's no way you can look at someone and know they are submissive. They'll dismiss gaydar, bi-dar and all the stuff like it, too. But they exist, because gay men are part of a culture, and so are kinky folks.

I didn't plan on meeting Mark and Jenny.

But I knew what they were as soon as I saw them.

I paid my money and made my way into the club. The place was mostly empty; it was early still and a weeknight. Still there were some people I recognized, and others I didn't.

There was a new couple there, sitting in the corner of the common room, talking quietly to each other. They were half naked — his pants were off, and he was sitting there in a polo shirt and white briefs; her top was off: she was wearing a pretty, if mostly functional white bra, and a broomstick skirt.

Her breasts were nice, which was what caught my attention. His tighty-whities made me smile, and when I saw his posture, I wondered. Adie, a woman I recognized from our previous visit walked over to them. Adie was a big woman that I'd been disheartened to learn was vanilla and straight. She spoke to them, and they looked down, and nodded.

They spoke a bit more as I watched, and the guy looked at his wife with a look of longing in his eyes. She shook her head at the big woman, and that ended their conversation. I caught her eye as she walked away. She just smiled at me and shrugged.

I walked over to them. Something about them surged through me, a visceral bolt of possibility. Could these be the people I'd been looking for? If so, I couldn't waste the chance, even if my wife wasn't here to share in the experience.

"New here?" I asked. He kept looking down at the floor by her feet. Her gaze was lowered, but neither looked up at me. She just nodded. "I'm Joe," I said, holding out my hand.

They ignored my hand. "I'm Jenny. This is Mark. My husband." She nodded her head at him.

Jenny had chin-length brown hair, cut in a bob. She had blue eyes and red lips that stood out against her pale skin. Her neck was long, and since my hand was still out, being ignored, I ran the backs of my fingers and nails over Jenny's neck. She sighed and leaned into me.

That seemed to bring Mark to life. "Did she say you could touch her?" he challenged. He turned towards me, but he still didn't meet my gaze.

"She didn't ask me to stop," I replied. I knew I was pushing the rules, but I wanted -- no, needed -- to know if I was right. Some things can't be negotiated up front. I made my play. "You want me to do this, though. Don't you, Mark?"

His eyes jerked up to my face then. I cocked an eybrow, and looked him in the eyes. I kept petting his wife's neck as something warred behind his eyes. His gaze flickered to her, and then back. "Well?" I pushed.

A shudder went through him then, followed by a flash of lust in his eyes, and his gaze fell. After a second his head moved almost imperceptibly, nodding twice. It wasn't easy for him to admit.

I smiled.

I turned my hand over, wrapping my fingers around Jenny's neck. My thumb caressed her jugular. She looked up at me then, her eyes dilated with lust and fear. I kissed her, and she moaned, curving her body toward me.

I parted her lips with my tongue, and she turned her head, settling her neck even further into my hand. I squeezed lightly and she moaned again. I kissed her for a few more moments, then pulled back. She tried to follow, but my hand on her throat wouldn't let her.

Mark was watching us. "Do you like this Mark?" He nodded mutely. "Want to help me fuck your wife?" I asked. He nodded again.

I stood up and surveyed the two of them. "Let's go to one of the rooms," I said. "You are mine tonight."

I heard a gasping "Yes," part Jenny's lips and Mark made another of his small nods. Jenny took his hand and led him into the back rooms. I followed, picking up the clothes they had already discarded, and winking at Adie. She smiled at us as we walked by.

The private rooms — which weren't really private, just separated from the main space — were just big enough for a king sized mattress on the floor, and the space to walk around it. They were standing to one side of the doorway when I walked in.

I tossed down their clothes and turned to Mark. "Take off your shirt."

"What?" he asked.

"I said, 'Take off your shirt.'"

I stepped close to him, invading his personal space. I could feel the arousal and submission flowing off of him in waves. He was scared; scared of his own desires and scared of what he might do tonight. I smiled at his fear; it turned me on. "You want this," I said. It wasn't a question.

"You want to be dominated. You both do. You want it together. It turns you on that I'm going to fuck your wife. It turns you on that you are going to help me. You are afraid of what I might do to you, might ask you to do."

He looked at me. He was a few inches taller than me, but he was hunched over, stooped to my height. "No..." he whispered.

"No" I asked. I flicked his cock with my finger. He shuddered. He was hard. "That's not what this says."

I reached out to him, wrapping my hand around the back of his neck and pulling his forehead to mine. He shivered under my hands; he was afraid of my maleness, of my touch. I knew it was what he wanted. "You are afraid."

His head moved against mine in another of his microscopic nods. "Tonight, you are mine." He nodded again. I pulled him closer, so I could whisper in his ear. "You are right to be afraid." He whimpered then. I wondered how close he was to coming.

I pushed him back, and reiterated my command. "Take off your shirt."

Not watching to see if he complied, I turned to Jenny. I pulled her to me by her ass, and kissed her again. She melted against me. "Remove your bra and panties," I told her between kisses. She started before I even broke her kiss.

Their clothes wound up on the pile I started.

I removed my own clothes, deciding to be naked, but to leave them partially clothed. I was in charge here; this was my space. I would be the one in control.

Jenny and I sat on the bed. At my instruction, Mark knelt in front of us, amongst our entwined legs. I began kissing his wife in earnest then, playing with her nipples, and pushing her skirt up around her waist.

I tapped my cock with one hand, then again when Mark didn't do anything. He got the idea and began playing with my cock with his hands. It was a good start.

I whispered to Jenny, "Your husband is touching my cock. How good I make you feel is directly related to how good he makes me feel." She moaned then. His hands sped to a good rhythm on my cock. I knew he could hear me.

One of my hands was around her body, holding her to me. The other was between her thighs, pushing her skirt slowly up her legs. Long sexy legs that parted easily, giving me all the access I wanted -- all the access she wanted me to have.

I slid my index and ring finger on either side of her pussy lips, and she gasped. I kissed her some more, and then clamped my lips over one of her nipples, sucking in her breast. Her hips pressed against me, trying to get more sensation from my fingers. "No, not yet," I said.

She made little mewling noises as I touched her a little too lightly and in almost the right places. I laughed at her desire. She mewed some more, and I bit her nipples. She gasped aloud at that. "You know what I want," I said straight into her ear, right into her mind. She nodded, her cute pageboy hair brushing against my lips.

She grabbed her husband's hair, and pushed his head into my groin, onto my cock. As I felt his wet mouth engulf me, I slid my fingers inside of her cunt. She held him there, his nose pressed into my groin while she came for the first time that night. I laughed in her ear, and pulled her to me.

Her sounds spurred him on, and he began sucking my cock in earnest. His technique was only acceptable, but his energy was excellent. I was riding high from what I was making them do, and the situation they'd put themselves in.

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