What I'M Going to Do to You

by David Caspian

Copyright© 2008 by David Caspian

Erotica Sex Story: A man talking to his long distance girlfriend what he is going to do her when they meet for a night of passion.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   .

You come to visit me the first time while I am staying in California just after Christmas. I rent us a hotel where can be alone and no one can bother us. I've missed you so much be have been apart so long. You had a short visit with your family for the holidays and I patiently waited for you to visit me. I meet you at the airport and watch as you come out of the terminal.

You are so gorgeous and I can't wait for what will happen that night. I take you around the sights showing you the city I was born in and I so much want to share it with you. I love it when you face lights and a smile appears on face. A cold wind blows chilling you to the bone and making your nipples hard under your shirt. You aren't wearing a bra, and I begin to wonder what else you're not wearing underneath.

Putting the thoughts aside for the moment I look to your comfort offering you my coat. As I finish wrapping it around you as you face away from me I kiss the top of your head smelling your sweet smelling shampoo and perfume. When we have seen enough we go back to the hotel and change to go out to dinner. I find a restaurant that we will both like and we both start to order.

We have both finished our meal and are talking about what we want to do the next day when I feel a foot creep up my inner thigh. Looking into your eyes I see a glint of mischief in them as you continue to move closer to my groin. I have forgotten what you can do with your feet and was caught totally by surprise on how skillful you are. I try to hold out as long as I can but it's like sweet torture.

Leaning forward you whisper that if we leave now I can do whatever I want to you. Trying to control my breathing and calming my nerves at the thought of just what that means I signal for the check. Making a quick stop at the store I bring a bag into the car and put it on my side so you can't see what is inside. We make our way up stairs to our room, and I open the door for you following you inside.

I tell you to take off your clothes and to get on all four on the bed with your sweet booty facing me. Watching you take off your clothes I strip mine off too. Taking a container out of the bag I set it on the bed. Pulling out the vibrator you love so much I also set it on the bed. You read the label and see that it says personal lubricant. Coming up behind I grasp your breast pulling up so that your back and ass are pressed up against me. Rubbing the right breast gently I move your hair out of the way so I can kiss you neck. Lightly brushing your neck with kisses I feel you lean back further into me so I no longer need to steady you with one hand. Going back and forth with my right hand I rub your breasts while my left moves down your abdomen towards your pussy. I begin to play with it while mouth and my right hand go to work on there own task. I hear you breathing change and I know you are getting hot.

Your pussy juices begin to wet my left hand and I know your ready. Telling you lie down on your belly I move on top of you. At first I enter you slowly not putting my full wait on you all at once. The bed is soft enough that you find it quite comfortable. Bringing my arms forward I slide them under your arms with the palms facing up.

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