Grumpy Frumpy Dumpy

by Big guy on a bike

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Sex Story: 40 something engineer meets 20 something girl from a previous job, and the sparks fly. I am not going to include many story codes as they tend to give things away, but there is nothing nasty or edgy.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .


Safe sex:

In this story there are no consequences from unprotected unsafe sex, no diseases and no unwanted pregnancies, but remember it is a story, not the real world.

Readers from other parts of the world should note that this story is set in England, and the language is that which you find in England, including slang.

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Grumpy Frumpy Dumpy

I suppose this story starts about 6 years ago, I was working a project and a young female engineer just out of her apprenticeship was allocated to work with me. Now let me describe her. Fairly short, Dumpy, probably 14 stones, and always buried under non descript jumpers. Her hair was always done in a severe bun at the back.

Gillian however was a good engineer, and had a sharp mind, and I tried to show her the ropes. There was never any sexual tension between us, apart from the fact that she was 20 years younger than me, she wasn't exactly someone you would have wet dreams about, and in fact I even wondered if she batted for the other team. But she was good at her job and I thought we worked well together, and that in fact the lack of sexual tension was an advantage.

So fast forward 5 years, I was still working as a contract engineer, and was offered an assignment to jointly head a project which a small local company had won. Now the company being small didn't have the resources to complete it without taking on a number of people on short term contract. I was the first of these, and was expected to work with their senior engineer, who was none other than Gillian Dodds. I never actually met Gillian Dodds when I visited the company to discuss my involvement, but remembering working with her 5 years ago I thought we would make a good team. How wrong I was.

I started at Westfield Controls on the Monday, and was given an office about 4 away from Gillian. I spent most of the day settling in and had a meeting with my boss, Martin Browning, and he outlined what he wanted me to do. Basically I was to work with Gillian as a joint 'lead' and bring the project in on time and in budget. My first task was to recruit 5 other engineers on short term contracts.

It was around 5pm when I had finished with Martin, and I thought I would go and say Hi to Gillian, most of the staff finished at 4.30, but I saw her office was still lit so I went in. I was friendly and expected to get a friendly welcome back, after all we went back 5 years and I thought we got on OK.

I walked into her office and expected a welcome, all I got was "What do you want". I said "I know its late do you want to leave it until tomorrow", but Gillian said "No get on with it". Now I sensed an attitude straight away and I decided to confront it. I asked her did she have a problem working with me? She just said No, and waited for me to continue. I decided to outline what I had been asked to do by Martin Browning, and I asked her how we were going to split the work up, the project was due to run for around 12 months. She just replied "You can do the systems and software, and I will do the mechanical and installation design and handle the commercial side." This was pretty much what I had expected. She then surprised me by saying "I would rather you call me Miss Dodds in the office, and I will call you Mr Hartford" I hadn't been in a environment that formal since my own apprenticeship some 25 years ago, and I was a bit surprised, but I let it pass.

Gillian, sorry Miss Dodds, then started to clear her desk, and it was obvious our chat was over before it started, no small talk, and no reminiscences, not what I expected. I walked out of her office and headed back to my office to tidy up and head home. I didn't like the change in her attitude, and decided to ask around tomorrow.

I got in early the following morning and fired off an e-mail to a number of agencies, with an outline of our requirements for some contract engineers. I then had a wander into the design office, and introduced myself to the 6 people in there. I knew one of the engineers from a previous contract, and we started to chat. I asked him about Miss Dodds and he pulled a face and said you mean Miss Grumpy Frumpy Dumpy? Her initials were GFD. I asked him what the problem was and he said that I was the third person into my position, both the other two people had left within a week. At that moment Miss Dodds walked in and said "Tony Jordan, can I have a word please", no good morning, and no concept of politeness, the fact that we were talking. What ever had gone on over the last 5 years hadn't mellowed her.

I started to set up interviews for the contract engineers during the week, and started to study the project requirements more closely. Whenever I tried to talk to Miss Dodds I got the brush off, and by Thursday I was starting to get sick of it, so I waited until 5pm and walked into her office and shut the door, I sat down and made my speech.

"We have got to work together, I don't know what has happened since we last worked together, but now we have to get the project designed, built, and out the door, and the only way we are going to do that is by co-operating, and talking. So lets try and act like adults, its obvious you don't like the way our boss has structured things, but surely we can discuss our roles and agree on an approach which suits us both."

She just sat there, and I waited for her to reply, but she just stared at me. I wasn't going to break the silence, and she sat staring for what seemed like ages, probably less than a minute, but it was an awkward silence. In the end she spoke "Mr Browning thinks I am not capable of running a project of this size on my own, well I am". I thought for a minute and then said "I don't think one person could do a project of this size without help, I couldn't, and I have 20 years experience, I was hoping that you would take the lead with the staff and allow me to do the design, and do the engineering, but I cant do that unless we can talk and develop a working relationship, after all we worked together OK when I was at Staddards and you had just finished your apprenticeship, and since then you have another 5 years experience, and have completed a degree course."

She just looked at me and said "That was 5 years ago and this is now, and I am the lead engineer and I don't like the fact that someone is being brought in to 'work with me'". I replied, "If you just listened to me I am prepared to take a back seat, and work with you to get things done, but unless we can talk and be civil with each other I don't see how I can complete my task."

She then said "Fine then just terminate your contract, you are only on a weeks notice".

Oh dear what had I got myself into.

The next morning I pounced on Martin Browning as soon as he got in and said "I need meeting with you today, its urgent". He said, OK come and see me at 2pm. I went back to my office and made a start on some of the hardware lists. I realised that the technical clerk could do some of the work, and went to find her. Now she was a babe, early 20's Anglo-Indian I would say, long dark hair, and a set of boobs straight off page 3 of the Sun. Now I have never mixed work and pleasure in the past, it gets too complicated, but I would have made an exception for Jasmine. Anyway I gave her the list and explained what I wanted.

About 2 hours later Jasmine came into my office with the hardware lists, and looked upset. I asked what was wrong, and she said that Miss Dodds had got angry with her for doing the hardware lists. I looked surprised and she said "That woman is a witch, she always has to put everyone down, you know her don't you, was she always like this" I replied that no she wasn't and I would try and sort it out.

I decided to wait until after my 2pm meeting with Mr Browning. I went into see him and had already decided that I couldn't work in the atmosphere, and I had another contract lined up.

I told him about the problems and that I couldn't continue, they would need to find someone else. He was concerned, and asked if it was Miss Dodds, apparently 2 people before me had stayed a week each and gone after finding Miss Dodds completely impossible to work with. In the end he convinced me to stay one more week, and I agreed, after all the money was good and I was not far from home.

I decided to finish early and went home at 3pm.

I went out into town Friday evening, and trawled the 'pick up' bars. The first girl that came on to me looked good but was really drunk, and I wasn't even sure if I would get any sex if I took her home, she looked ready to pass out, and it was only 9pm. Anyway she decided it for me, she was sick all over the bar, and promptly passed out. I left her to it, I didn't feel like being a Good Samaritan tonight, I wanted some good hard sex. I moved to a different bar, met some mates and then got chatting to an older lady who seemed up for some fun. She was probably my age, 45, and was plump, but she had a nice face, big boobs that were nearly falling out of her top, long dark brown hair, and a short skirt showing a nice pair of legs. She also seemed reasonably sober. We chatted for nearly an hour, and we were both nursing our drinks, I find a skinfull of ale and sex just don't mix, but I offered to buy Tracey another drink, She surprised me then by saying "We both know why we are here, and I don't like sex while drunk and I suspect you don't either, so are you going to take me home" I got up took her arm and got a smirk from my mates, who were now stood at the bar.

We walked to the taxi rank, it was only 10pm, and she said I hope you have your own place, I can't take you to mine. I said fine, I live on my own in a cottage about 6 miles from town. I wondered if she was married, but I didn't care really, she was easy on the eye, and up for it. We got in the taxi and I gave the driver directions. The journey took less than 15 minutes, but I live in the country, and even although it's close to town it feels quite remote.

We got to my place, and I let us in. I asked Tracey if she wanted a drink, and she asked for tea. I was surprised, most girls these days drank coffee, but she was older than my usual conquests. She told me she lived with her daughter on the new estate to the south of town, and that's why we couldn't go to her place.

I went to the kitchen to make the tea, and when I walked back into the room I was gob smacked, Tracey had stripped, and was standing there nude! I said "You didn't waste any time", and she said "I know what I want, and it doesn't involve wearing clothes" I liked what I saw, she had large boobs, with dark brown areola and prominent nipples, she was plump, but looked good, and was shaved between her legs. I passed her the tea and she said come on you need to get naked as well, and by the way, coffee makes me piss, and I would end up pissing in you mouth, so I thought tea would be better.

Nothing like stating her expectations, having said that I always enjoy going down on a girl, and she looked clean and smelled nice so I didn't intend to disappoint her. I got out of my clothes and was sporting a good hard on, she said she also liked what we saw, and we drank our tea quickly, she then said "Lay on the floor on your back". I was a bit surprised, there had been no foreplay, just a bit of kissing. As soon as I layed down she planted her pussy onto my mouth, and started sucking me, in a 69. She was wet already, and I soon found her clit, and within 5 minutes she was coming and grinding her pussy in my face. She was shaved smooth, and it was all slippery, from her juices, when she came she got really wet, and I lapped it all up. She smelt aroused and sexy. I let her calm down for a few minutes and then started again, licking all around her lips and darting my tongue into her hole. She started to get worked up again, and her sucking meant that I was ready to come. I warned her but she said don't stop, and carried on sucking. We both came together, and I felt like I had come more than usual.

We layed on the floor for about five minutes, and then she said, come on lets go to bedroom, I want to feel that dick inside me this time. I said I would need a bit of recovery time and she said maybe but I bet I can work miracles, and with that she started to rub my semi hard dick between her ample breasts. Now no one had ever done that to me before, but it really turned me on. She stopped every so often to lick me, to keep it slippery, and in about 10 minutes I was as hard as a rock again. She flipped over lay back and opened her legs. I got the hint and got on top, and thrust into her. She was that wet from our 69 that I went straight in balls deep. I proceeded to fuck her hard, and she was urging me on. Now that whats I like about larger ladies, you feel as if can give them a good missionary fucking without breaking them. She was fucking me back, but because of my earlier come I had more staying power.

We carried on and Tracey came again, and then she said "I want it doggy". She got up and all fours and wiggled her arse at me, I got behind her and obliged. We fucked for about another 5 minutes and then I came. We didn't bother to clean up, just cuddled up together, and we were both asleep in about 5 minutes. When I woke the next morning, I had a hard on and was working it between Tracey's thighs. She woke up, or pretended to, she had been awake all the time I think, and she rolled me onto my back and planted her pussy over my dick. She then proceeded to raise and lower herself very slowly, and I could see my dick disappearing up inside her. She kept this up for about 5 minutes, and I rubbed her clit at the same time. She came and her coming made me come.

I asked what she wanted to do, it was about 6.30am, she said lets have a shower, a cup of tea, then could you take me back into town. I noticed she had her back pack bag she had on last night by her, and she proceeded to extract clean knickers and a top and joggers from it, as well as a tooth brush. Nothing like going out prepared.

By 7.30am she was dressed and ready to go, and the transformation from last night was dramatic, with no make up and plain clothes she looked like any other 40 something housewife. But I knew different, and she was a real sex machine. I asked where she wanted dropping expecting to run her home, or at least to the end of the road if she didn't want the curtain twitchers watching, but she said drop me at Tesco's, I need some shopping, and I can walk from there, its only 5 minutes home.

I drove to Tesco's and pulled up to drop her off, and asked her for a phone number, and she giggled and said "I don't want to get involved with anyone, I just wanted sex, and to prove that I can still pull, but I may see you again." and with that she disappeared into Tesco. Well what an enigma, I still wasn't sure if she was married. I went and did some shopping, but not at Tesco, I didn't want her to think I was stalking her.

When I got home I did some chores and then decided to start a project in my workshop which I had been promising myself for sometime. I was going to make a TV cabinet for the living room. Saturday night I stayed in and Sunday I went cycling, it was a nice sunny day, and I went over the Wolds to the coast, had Fish and Chips, then rode back, I got home about 4pm. I was knackered, it was my first long ride of summer, and I made my tea then vegged out for the rest of the evening.

And so back to Monday again, and Westfield Controls. I had already decided over the weekend that I wasn't taking anymore crap, and I would confront Miss Dodds at the first opportunity. I tried to find her several times during the day but was told that she was in a meeting. I gave up looking and went to my office to get on. Eventually I left a note on her desk. I also spoke to a few of the people who worked for her, they were all against her and made various disparaging comments, from comments about her appearance, and even her personal hygiene, to her way of working and her people skills.

About 5pm Miss Dodds appeared in my office, she sat down and looked close to tears, I told her to shut the door, and to talk me.

Her first comment was "You are leaving", I wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement, and so I said "Maybe". She looked at me for a few seconds and said "It's because of me. Please don't, I will do anything you want, even sleep with you if that's what it takes to change your mind." "Why the change of heart, last week you couldn't wait to see me on my way" I replied. She then told me the story. She had been called to meeting with Martin Browning and he had told her that if I left she would be 'transferred sideways' as he put it. He said that I had agreed to stay for one more week and that this was her opportunity to change my mind, if I went she would be sidelined.

She then started crying. Now I never know how to handle a crying woman, so I found some tissue and handed it to her. She took the tissue and took my hand and said "I think I've been a right bitch, I meant it, I want to sleep with you, as that would bind us together, if I loose my job my life is over." I said to her that we didn't need to go as far as sleeping together but we did need to sort out how we managed this project, and I thought it might be better if we discussed things away from the office, as I thought that a lot of the issues were with Gillian's attitude, not her skills as such, but I didn't voice that.

So I told her that the first thing to go was the Miss Dodds Mr Hartford thing, we would address each other as Gillian and Andrew, and be addressed informally by everyone else, as was the case in most other offices. I then said we would have a meal together just the two of us and we would sort out our working arrangements. There's no time like the present I said so what are you doing tonight? My tab your choice of food. We can leave now.

Gillian said "OK Italian" and when I stood up she flung her arms round me and hugged me. Talk about a change of attitude.

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