House of Whorers

by MissLynn

Copyright© 2008 by MissLynn

Horror Sex Story: It's just a regular haunted house with skeletons, a black cat, cackling witches and a mummy or two. Or is it?

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Horror   .

Zack swore when he saw what he thought was a parking ticket under the wiper blade of his wife's car. All the neighbors complained about the local police department handing out citations for petty infractions. Space was limited to one vehicle per family at the apartment complex so everyone used the side street for their other cars with no problems in the past.

He walked over and grabbed the paper. It was just like the flyers he'd seen tacked to trees during his morning run a few minutes ago. Someone was hosting a haunted house for Halloween again. He figured it was just a bunch from the local college looking for another excuse to have a party. Zack crumpled it up and took it with him to throw away inside. Lisa sat at the table in her robe with a cup of coffee in front of her.

"You're up early," he said as he tossed the orange paper towards the wastebasket.

"I'm putting up a few more Halloween decorations today. This year I think we should go to at least one of our friends' parties, Zack. It's so much fun deciding what costumes to wear and seeing what everyone else chose. You know this is one of my favorite holidays."

He groaned but remained silent. Zack loved his wife and her enthusiasm for life. That vitality drew him to her the first time he saw her. It was also one of the often-discussed differences between them. Lisa thought nothing of making plans for dinners, shows or other evenings out with friends before checking with him. Entertaining came natural to her and she thrived on it. Zack didn't mind getting out but preferred a quieter lifestyle. He tolerated it all because he enjoyed seeing her happy.

"Let's just stay home and —"

"No." Lisa cut off his words and stood up. "We didn't do anything last year, Zack."

"Okay, but do I have to wear a stupid costume?"

"I'll check out what activities are going on around town and let you know," she said in a distracted tone.

Zack let the topic go and went on to take a shower. Lisa stopped him a short while later on his way out to work.

"Where did this come from?"

Lisa held the wrinkled flyer for the haunted house in front of him. She looked at him and waited for his answer.

"I found it on your car this morning," he said.

"This is perfect, Zack. It's been years since I went to a haunted house. They can be so scary."

"Those things are always so fake looking."

"You won't have to wear a costume," she said in a teasing voice. "I promise if we go to the haunted house then we'll skip the other things we've been invited to."

"Okay, that works for me," he told her with a smile.

She kissed him good-bye and looked back at the printing on the paper for the details. The haunted house was on Raven Lane and there was a small map with directions. Lisa wrote the time for the following Saturday on her calendar and grinned. Already she knew it would be a memorable event for them.

Zack kept busy over the next few days and forgot all about their night out. Lisa reminded him of it that morning as they had a late breakfast together.

"Tonight is the haunted house, Zack."

"Oh, yeah," he said, "that's right. What's the address?"

"It's out on Raven Lane," she replied.

"I don't recognize it."

"They put directions on the flyer. If we leave here just before seven we'll be fine," Lisa said on her way to the shower.

The day flew by as they ran some errands and did a few household chores. Soon they found themselves heading just outside of town. Zack humored Lisa and said it might even be fun and something interesting to talk about with their friends later. He just knew it would be cheesy and amateurish, though.

Raven Lane twisted along a section of the countryside unknown to Zack. He followed the narrow gravel road for so long he thought there must be a mistake in the directions. Lisa peered through her window and shivered.

"They sure have a perfect setting out here for a haunted house," she said.

Her words came out a bit more hushed than usual for her, Zack thought. He grinned at the idea that she might be scared even before they arrived. The beam of the headlights caught the eyes of two deer running across the road in front of them. Zack swerved to avoid hitting them and slammed on the brakes.

"Holy shit," Lisa whispered. "That was a little too close."

"Yeah, it was," he said.

"It would be scary to be stuck out here for long, Zack."

"We must be almost there, honey. Relax."

Lisa felt embarrassed and a bit silly and chuckled. "You're right. Let's go, baby."

Zack drove on and spotted the small sign for the haunted house less than a mile later. Huge trees hung over the bumpy driveway and prevented any hint of the moon from shining through. A light fog swirled in the air to make the night seem even more eerie. All around them the sounds of nature echoed through the woods. Zack hit his brakes once more and whistled.

"It's almost like in the movies," he said in a hushed voice.

Lisa stared at the ramshackle old house sitting in front of them. The warped siding was a dull grey with no hint of the former color. Only a few rooms had any light coming through the cracked windows. Dead flowers drooped over the edges of clay pots sitting on the steps. Not a blade of grass grew in the yard.

Zack shut the car off and turned to his wife. "Still want to go in now that you've seen it?"

"I can't believe how realistic everything is. This will be fantastic," she replied as she opened her door and stepped out.

They walked hand-in-hand up to the rickety porch. The boards creaked from their weight and sagged with each step they took. Lisa pushed the button for the doorbell and a skeleton fell and hung from the rafters behind them. Her scream blocked out the sound of the door opening. Zack pulled her closer just as a cackling voice came out of nowhere.

"Welcome, dear friends. Please, come in and enjoy yourselves."

Haunting music began playing as they took a few tentative steps inside. What might have once been a parlor now had witches, broomsticks and steaming pots of water everywhere. One evil looking woman hissed and shaped her hands into claws at them when they glanced her way. A sinister looking old grandmother repeated magic spells in the corner of the room. Zack and Lisa spun around as more witches materialized out of nowhere and floated in the air.

Zack felt his heartbeat speeding up as the wicked witches snickered and screeched. Pale white faces resembling those of the dead contrasted with the black costumes and hats. Long stringy hair stuck out in clumps. Dark eyes mocked the couple's obvious fear. Lisa twirled to dodge the wrinkled hands grabbing at her but everywhere she moved they followed her.

Her feet tripped over one of the brooms and Lisa felt herself falling. Zack watched in horror as witches converged on his wife and formed a complete circle around her. A single step in her direction was as far as he got before he found himself surrounded as well. Each tried to ward off the constant jabs and pokes coming at them by ducking and bending. Lisa backed away from one spindly arm grabbing at her chest and cried out as the wall opened and sucked her through.

Lisa's screams seemed to give Zack a burst of power unlike any he'd had before. His arms flung out and knocked each of the attacking witches away as he searched for his wife. A roaring like a huge vacuum filled the room seconds before the walls swallowed him up into space. Zack felt his voice catch in his throat when he called out for his wife. He spun through the air until he was so dizzy he couldn't see. And just that fast things were calm and quiet again.

A small group of people in assorted costumes wandered around the room they found themselves standing in all of a sudden. Both Zack and Lisa shook their heads at the almost instant change. Neither understood how they ended up there but let out a sigh of relief to see something normal here. Cups of cider and plates of appetizers filled a small round table against one wall. Halloween decorations hung from the ceiling to add to the festive atmosphere.

A short line formed in the corner where a ghost was bobbing for apples. Zack and Lisa watched as a princess tried without success before letting a pirate take a turn. His first dunk into the water he bit into the juicy skin and brought up his prize for all to see. He stepped aside for a superhero to go next.

Lisa found herself laughing at the antics of a clown as he dipped his pinkie into the water. The bright red of his fake nose matched his lips and even his shoes. He shook his head and shivered as he passed on his turn. The others all grinned but still clapped as he moved to the side. A maid took his place and kneeled on the floor in front of the tub. Zack watched as she wiggled her ass a few times. The first thing he noticed was that she wasn't wearing any panties.

He saw the curve of her bare cheeks as she tried to catch an apple. She spread her legs wider until her lips were right there for anyone to see. Zack looked at the others in the room only to see them all frozen in place. Trepidation came over him when his wife was nowhere in sight. He yelled for Lisa as he dodged arms and bodies that now resembled clothing store mannequins. Creepiness pricked at him as he circled back around to where he'd started moments ago.

A blast of cold air enveloped him seconds later and Zack no longer thought or acted as himself. He became like a zombie or robot with a blank look in his eyes. One single notion planted in his brain made him turn back to the maid. His cock twitched as he went up behind her and stared at her naked skin.

Zack heard a commanding voice from somewhere in the room. "Go do it. You know you want to."

Something shoved him forward until he saw the glistening wetness on her pussy and groaned. A wild animalistic desire took over his body as he dipped a finger inside her creamy cunt. His clothing somehow disappeared as if by magic to leave his throbbing cock free. She moaned as he ran his thumb back and forth over her clit. He pulled his hand away and laid his cock on her swollen lips. One quick move and he filled her with his aching member.

"Yes, oh that's it baby, fuck me."

The words inflamed Zack as he pounded her pussy. Fingers caressed his balls and sac until he thought he would explode. Her walls clutched his cock in a way he'd never felt before. Slurping sounds drove him crazy and soon loads of hot cum blasted into her pussy. She let out a wail as her own orgasm crashed through her body. They fell together in a spent heap invisible to the others and Zack's mind went blank. A magician waved his wand and Zack was fully dressed just as before. He watched as the maid smiled and admitted defeat in her quest for an apple.

"It's your turn, Lisa," a sinister voice spoke into her ear.

She shook her head and realized she was next to bob for apples. Only the pirate had succeeded so far. That made Lisa more determined than ever to come up with a bright red apple. Zack was nowhere around so she decided to begin without him there. He'd mentioned being thirsty and wandered towards the refreshments, she remembered then.

Her first attempt she came up empty so she aimed for one at the side and went back in. She thought the water would be cold at first but the warmth relaxed her. The group around her clapped and cheered her on. Lisa put her head all the way to the bottom and captured a piece of fruit between the wall and her face.

Gleaming white teeth and soft pink lips held onto her prize as she brought it out of the tub. The reflection in the water made her rip it out of her mouth. In her palm lay a realistic looking cock. Tiny veins and ridges covered the shaft. A slit oozed out a thick white gooey liquid that trickled down her fingers. She threw the offending object back into the water and screamed.

Lisa ran through the room in a panic but only saw people dressed as cocks, dildos and vibrators. She tried to find Zack but the giant toys just bounced her from one to the other until she was dizzy. The cocks seemed to throb and thrust all around her. One thick shaft had an orgasm and spewed its seed all over Lisa. She freaked out and struggled to get it off but it stuck to her skin.

Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. More piercing screams erupted from her throat as she felt layers of cum under her. Two vibrators rolled on either side of her and held her tight. The motion made her slip and slide towards a pumping cock. She shrieked and tried to stop as it blasted its load onto her face and chest.

Lisa's only thoughts were on finding Zack and getting out of there when she felt a jerking on her body. A shrill scream sliced through the air as she tumbled down a tunnel that appeared between two cocks. Evil laughter bounced off the dark enclosure. She closed her eyes as a bright light filled the space just before she shot into another room.

Sheer terror filled Lisa when she saw that she'd landed on a pile of skeletons. They were everywhere. Some hung on the walls while others occupied chairs and sofas. Maniacal laughter bounced around the room. Male and female voices of all ages and tones chanted in the background. Lisa looked all over for a door but only found walls.

Zack shook his head and wondered why he felt so tired. Memories of walking into the room and seeing all the costumes came to him. He'd gone to the food table for a drink before Lisa took her turn bobbing for apples he knew. The sweet flavor of the icy cold cider was on his tongue even now. Zack shrugged and turned to find his wife but a blast of frigid air lifted him up and swept him away.

Walls evaporated as the turbulence carried him along with his arms and legs flailing in the emptiness. A roaring blasted his ears when he broke through a dark vapor. It clung to his clothing and almost choked him. Exhausted, he skidded across the floor in the new space. All he could see were bones and skulls from floor to ceiling.

"Zack!" She yelled his name as she stepped over piles of bones. "Zack, where are you?"

Hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. Lisa tried to shake them off and get away only to feel them grip her tighter. Her throat was raw from screaming and tears ran down her face.

"Lisa! Stop fighting me," Zack said from right behind her.

The skeletons all began to move before she answered. Piles became an orgy of fucking bones. Those on the sofa rolled together and moaned. Bones rubbed against each other to make an odd clattering sound that grew louder.

"Get me — out — of here." Lisa hid her face in Zack's chest and sobbed.

Zack saw three and four skeletons moving as if fucking each other everywhere he looked. Males banged against females still hanging on the walls. He couldn't remember where he'd just been and felt the fear take over. Lisa clung to him as he protected her as best as he could. His head pounded from the cacophony of sounds coming from every direction.

Dried bones moved over each other as if they were still real people. They rotated places and changed positions often. Several males ganged up on one female in the middle of the room. Skulls had smiles and grins as the fucking movements went on. The freaky scene closed in on them as they screamed and tried finding a way out.

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