Reluctant Hero

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Historical Sex Story: Prologue - This is a historical story based in occupied europe during 1941. Commander Tony Nash is a competent German speaker and is asked to volunteer to defect to Germany to try and get the German U Boat codes. His boass is an attractive double agent who he is required to marry as part of his cover.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Historical   Cheating   White Male   White Female  

This story is a rewrite of a story I previously wrote entitled "Coming Home." I have used many of the same characters but the plot has changed significantly. It is as far as possible historically accurate although of course the characters and the plot are fictional.

The Nazi U Boat threat in 1941 was gradually strangling the UK supply lines and Merchant shipping was being sunk faster than they could be replaced. The Germans were using their U Boats to great effect, and had introduced a new type of submarine called a Milch Cow which could re- supply U Boats with fuel food and ammunition to keep them at sea for much longer periods. The Milch cows had designated areas in the Atlantic where they would appear at pre-arranged times.

These areas were well beyond the zones in which the RAF and coastal command could operate and so they were relatively safe from interference. The Royal navy tried their best to destroy the Milch cows and much of the Royal navies Submarine Service was employed increasingly in anti-submarine operations.

Something had to be done to counter this threat. This story is based on one fictional and futile attempt to break the German stranglehold. At the time such an attempt in these circumstances would have probably been considered. This operation would as the story tells us have been made fruitless by HMS Bulldog capturing an Enigma machine on the 9th May 1941 from U110.

The crew of U110 were relatively inexperienced and abandoned their boat before ensuring that she would sink before being boarded. A very brave boarding party from HMS Bulldog boarded the U Boat and captured the Enigma machine and other documents. It became a turning point in the war and very gradually the Royal Navy and the Commonwealth Navies who were very much involved in the sea war were able to gradually get on top of the U Boat threat.

The following story tries to be historically correct. There was no Royal Naval Submarine called HMS Tenacious to my knowledge, but there was however a destroyer of that name. On which I served for a short time. The story which I have written and submitted for your enjoyment is purely fictional. I served in the HM Submarine service for three years and I also have a good working knowledge of the geography of Germany, and the low countries which I have used in this story.

I am using the Oxford English dictionary which probably irritates US readers, but as my spell check has US parentage, the story is balanced in a few places by US spelling.

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