The Divorce Bank
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Can she resist all temptations at her new job?

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Saturday morning we did the usual shopping together with the kids and had lunch at McDonalds, which the kids usually wanted. I washed the Volvo and activated the recorder. Then a few minutes after six Sarah gave me a kiss and left for catching her friends and for the expected Viagra cock. This evening she was dressed sexier than the last week.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes; she was a beautiful woman, very nice, indeed. If the last week soft cock had been her only cheating, I had stopped her from going for more and forgiven her but ten years of an affair with that Tony was impossible for me to take.

As soon as she left I took the DNA test of our children and me and rang to my partner's wife who came and took the kids to their house. A few minutes later my partner and two of our friends came in his friend's car. On the road I mailed the padded envelope with the tests and got a feeling that now I was on the road without return.

On the road we made our plans on how to act and choose the simplest possible solution. I should do all the talking and if Sarah's date and his friends remained sitting even my friends were only witness. At the ballroom we found my car at the parking lot and I used the spare key. I moved it to a parking spot one block away.

At the dance-hall one of our friends did a recap for Sarah and her party. He came back and told us he had found her in the restaurant section, eating at a table together with three women and four men. I decided to go into action.

We went to their table and Sarah got very pale when she saw my friends and me. Before she found anything to say to me I said with a loud voice, "Hello Sarah, so that's the famous 'Sebastian soft-cock' who didn't get it hard last week. Hopefully he has kept his promise to be loaded with Viagra so you will have better luck tonight. You can stay here forever with the poor asshole. I don't care a shit what you are doing any more. But I'll take my car when I'm going home. Thanks for ten years and goodbye cheating slut."

People sitting at the tables close to their's had heard everything I said and began to laugh. None of the four men at her table made any attempt to rise up and attack me. When I was a few steps from their table I heard Sarah shouting, "Michael, it isn't what you think."

Robin and I went direct to my car and the two others stayed at the dance-hall for dancing. In the car Robin took the driver seat and I rang Tony Hagman's home number. To my good luck it was his wife who took the call.

"Annelie Hagman here."

"Good evening Mrs. Hagman. My name is Michael Albertson, my wife is a very close friend to your husband and I regret to say that I have some information you ought to know."

I told her everything I knew and gave her my cell phone number so she could get further information later on. She took it rather cool and told me that Sarah was his second known affair so far. She had forgiven him for the first she found out about one year ago but had been suspecting that wasn't his only. She promised that he was in serious trouble this time.

Robin's wife persuaded me to let my kids stay at their place overnight just in case Sarah skipped "Sebastian soft-cock" and came home in a desperate attempt to get me to forgive her. That is exactly what happened. I didn't get time to do anything else than bring her clothes to the spare room when she came home in a taxi. She heard that I was in the kitchen and came in and began her attempts.

"Please listen to me, I'm sorry and confess that I've been stupid and neglected the family but I promise that the family will always be my first choice from now on. My relation to Sebastian is not as bad as you think it is. Please let me explain everything."

"Yes, it is not as bad as I ought to think because now I know that this damn mess is much worse."

"I can swear that I've never fucked with Sebastian."

"Only because he failed to do that. But you sucked his soft cock and let that asshole dribble in your pussy."

"Please listen to me and let me explain everything."

"In that case you can begin with what you and Tony Hangman did ten years ago and continue with what you and he have done every year since then."

Now she was ash gray in her face. She began to sob and said, "I don't understand what you mean."

"I can refresh your memory. He was your first boss at the bank and you have fucked him regularly during almost the whole time we been together. His wife told me that he is a real pussy hound and she has dumped him now. Even a damn slut as you ought to understand that no man can take such humiliation. Your clothes are in the spare room and I want you to get your damn ass and your belongings out of my house as soon as possible. The dirty game is over."

"Where are the children?"

"At Robin's house for the night. They will be back tomorrow."

When Sarah heard that I knew about Tony she understood that the game was over, began to cry and went to bed in the spare room without any further comments. I took the recorder, earphones and went to the bedroom for listening. It began with singing and giggling as the last week while Lena and the two others shared a bottle of wine.

Then one of them said, "What's the matter with you Sarah, you're so silent?"

Lena replied, "She's looking forward to Sebastian's big stone hard cock."

Then I heard Sarah, "Last Friday was a damn mistake. Somebody has obviously told Michael about Eric's damn necking. He has neglected me during the whole week thou I skipped both the cooking class and aerobics and I did my best to cheer him up."

Lena told her, "But I'm sure you'll be well rewarded tonight."

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