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Incest Sex Story: Not every childhood crush fades with time, even the ones involving siblings. It's sometimes possible to turn a childhood crush into an adult reality

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It was after midnight when I finally made it back to my own bed. I don't know if I felt a little guilty about what I'd done, or guilty that I didn't feel worse. I guess this is where I should say that I never intended things to go that far, but I don't expect you to believe it. I wouldn't. I mean a guy just doesn't "accidentally" seduce his little sister.

Then again, as a senior in high school she isn't exactly little anymore, and I'm only four years older. That was a big gap when I was sixteen and couldn't have friends over without my twelve and thirteen year old sisters hanging around. It never got too bad though. They mostly had their own friends or spent their time on "girl talk" and stayed out of my hair. Not the way some of my friends would have their kid sister tagging along like a lost puppy. Heather and I spend a little more time together now that Stacie is off to college but our social circles don't overlap. I'm the big brother who can lend a hand or listen to her vent without trying to run her life.

I'd be willing to bet that any guy with a sister has at some point while growing up, looked at her and thought, "I'd hit that". By the time we were all dating both Stacie and Heather were beginning to look pretty hot. I never tried to get anything started. Just fantasizing about them was something I wouldn't have admitted to my best friend. Besides, if I made a pass and it flopped the best I could hope for was getting thrown out of the house. Worst case ran in directions I didn't want to think about. I probably wouldn't even have kept the fantasies going if Heather hadn't made the cheer squad. Her legs and ass may not be her best features, but hers are better than most, and a cheer uni certainly shows them off.

When my folks left for some sort of company banquet they asked me to pick Heather up later. I'm between girlfriends and there wasn't anything good on the tube, so I decided to get there early enough to watch the game. I was on the team in high school and while some of the players dated some of the cheerleaders it wasn't an automatic thing. In any case, on game day you both had to focus on your own job. Watching each other do your thing wasn't a good idea. It was a real treat to watch Heather and her friends go through their routines. There seemed to be a lot of hip hop moves and a few that would have worked just as well for a stripper. Maybe I'm biased. Maybe Heather wasn't really the hottest girl on the squad. But those other girls weren't going to be sleeping tonight in the room next to mine.

I wasn't the only one looking for her after the game. I got there just in time to see her get dumped by her current boyfriend. I don't drink much and she hardly drinks at all but our folks were going to be out late and after watching her boyfriend take off with his new girl, I figured she needed to chill. The liquor store had a big jug of sweet red wine on sale and the soda to mix wine coolers. When we got home neither one of us felt like fixing a meal so we just nibbled snack food as we chatted and sipped our drinks. Wine coolers are sneaky and it wasn't long before she had a pretty good buzz going and was asking me why guys had to be such jerks.

"Really Kyle, It's like every guy I've dated has some kind of mental timetable that starts with a goodnight kiss on the first date and has him taking my pants off on date ten or twelve. I'm not a prude. I enjoy making out with a guy once I get to know him and start to feel comfortable. I don't want to still be a virgin when I start college next fall, but I'll turn lez before I give it up just because that's what some guy has penciled in on his calendar for tonight. Eventually they all hit a spot where if I'm not going any farther with them they leave me for someone who will. I may not be the smartest girl on earth but if I have to fuck a guy to keep him, I'm smart enough to let him go. He'll just be a bigger problem later. Why do guys do that?"

"I wish I could tell you, but it's not a guy thing, it's a jerk thing, and I'm trying real hard not to build up too much experience in that area. Maybe you're setting your standards too high. You know, looking for some kind of perfect guy to be your first?"

She thought about that while I made us a fresh round of drinks. "I don't think I'm being too picky. I don't have to love him but I do have to respect him and like him at least as much as I like you. He has to be willing to listen when I'm telling him what I like and don't like. Most important is that I can trust him to stop whenever I want." About then the phone rang and I went to answer it. Our folks had run into another couple they hadn't seen in ages and decided to get a room at the hotel that was hosting the event. They just wanted to make sure everything was OK and let us know not to panic if they didn't get home before noon tomorrow.

I passed Heather the word and tried to get the conversation going again. She'd never let her hair down like this before and I wanted to make the most of it. "I can't believe guys won't listen when you tell them what you want. The biggest gripe I share with the guys I know is that girls expect us to be psychic. Somehow we're all supposed to know what you want without ever being told. Give me an example of guys not listening."

"OK, how about tits?"

"Yours are really nice. What else about tits?"

"Uh ... Thanks, but sometimes they're a pain. Guys like to play with them and usually I enjoy it. On game night though they get bounced around a lot even with a good bra and right now they're kind of sore. If he hadn't dumped me tonight my boyfriend would be kneading them like bread dough and wondering why I wasn't getting turned on. While my tits were bouncing I was also working really hard and every muscle I've got is going to be stiff and sore in the morning. After a game I'd sell my soul for a hot shower and a long gentle massage. Know what happens when I tell a guy that? He spends about two minutes rubbing my neck and shoulders before he's got his hands inside my top."

It took me a minute or two to work up the nerve but I knew I'd never get another chance like this. "I remember what it was like waking up the morning after a game and wondering how I was going to get out of bed. I'll lock up and kill the lights while you grab a shower. If you want that massage you don't have sell your soul. I dated a masseuse for a while and she taught me the basics. Just knock when you pass my room."

By the time I heard the rap on my door I'd pretty much mapped out what I wanted to try, and changed into a set of loose sweats to hide the serious wood I'd built up thinking about her. It wouldn't have mattered. When I got to her room she was prone on the bed, wrapped in a towel, with her face turned away from me. Sitting on the bed next to her I began gently kneading her neck and shoulders, gradually feeling the muscles go from tight as cables, to bungee cords, and eventually loose as a bag of rubber bands. She started to tense up as I tugged the towel lower but relaxed again as I worked my way down her back. When all that it covered was her shapely ass, I shifted to her ankles and began working my way up. She was a little startled when I rolled her over, and her hands fluttered like she was thinking of covering up, but as soon as I began working on her neck and shoulders again she closed her eyes and relaxed. Still, she couldn't help blushing a little whenever the sleeves of my sweatshirt lightly brushed against her nipples.

They were firming up nicely by the time I moved to her abs. Abs can be tricky. Too light and you tickle while too heavy makes them tense. I managed to hit it just right and felt her melt under my fingers. There was never going to be a better time and after things had already gone this far the worst she could do was tell me to leave so I bent over and slowly swirled my tongue around her nipple. I heard her gasp, then whimper a little as she thought about asking me to stop. I was going back and forth, splitting my attention between her lovely tits when I slipped a hand under the towel that still covered her hips and dipped a fingertip into her steaming slit. Before long I discovered that while she was still a virgin she must have a man sized toy hidden somewhere. First one, then a second finger slipped easily into her muff.

Using my free hand to tug my sweatpants down I got between her knees and let my cock take the place of my fingers almost without a pause. I guess that's the point in porn novels where the hero would pound away like a lust crazed beast until sunrise, bringing her to multiple orgasms in the process. Yeah ... Right ... I don't think I lasted a couple of minutes before popping my load. Spend a few years fantasizing about a girl as hot as Heather and see how well you do when you finally get something going! In a way what actually happened was even better. She felt me let go just as she was getting close and reached down between us. I've never been ready to go again without even pulling out, but I've also never had a chance to watch my hot little sister bring herself off while my half hard dick was in her to the hilt. The second time took a lot longer but was still over way too soon.

I was so wiped out when I left her I thought I'd fall asleep halfway back to my bed. Instead I laid there thinking about what I'd done. None of my fantasies had included how I'd feel afterwards. I'd been brought up to believe that fucking your own sister was a sick, twisted, pervert thing to do. I had to admit to myself as I drifted off that I did feel like a serious sleaze. What I couldn't decide was if I felt that way because of what I'd done, or because I was already planning to do it again.

Breakfast the next morning was sort of awkward. We were both up a lot earlier than usual, as if we were unconsciously trying to avoid each other. Instead I ended up making unnecessary noise rustling up some bacon and eggs, while she sat at the table in her robe giving a bowl of cereal more attention than it deserved. Finally she spoke up.

"What now?"

"Good question."


"Heather, no matter how much I want to be sorry about last night, I'm not. If you think I'm an evil pervert for doing it maybe you're right. If you decide it was just a one time thing, at least I've had a night I'll remember for the rest of my life. I want it to be more than that but right now what you want is all that matters."

She replied so softly I had to listen real close and it seemed like she was talking to her cereal even if the words were for me. "Every young girl has a crush on some older guy at least for a while. More often than not it's a male relative. Usually nothing happens and it becomes just a silly memory. Still, it's a good thing my big brother isn't a pedo. From the time I was ten I'd have done anything you asked. As you grow up you begin to realize that girls who do it with relatives are kind of a bad joke. If you care about a guy you sure don't want him thinking of you that way. The thing is, growing up doesn't always change the way you feel, even if it puts limits on what you do or who you tell. I'm eighteen now and I'll still do anything you ask, but try to have some sense about it. If our friends start talking it could get rough and I don't want to even think about what would happen if mom and dad found out."

"You really mean that? Like... anything?"

"I guess so. Kyle, I like you... , pretty much... , most of the time. More important I trust you not to hurt me or wreck my reputation. I'll even say I love you. There'd be this big ugly hole in my life if something happened and you weren't here anymore. It's just not the hearts and flowers, marry me and live happily ever after, kind of love. When I find a guy like that I'll fuck him 'til he can't walk and marry him if he'll have me. Until then, if my evil pervert brother wants to see how many different ways he can make me cum, I'm willing to let him. Maybe being a pervert runs in the family."

She finished her cereal and got up to put the bowl in the dishwasher. Figuring this was as good a time as any to find out if she was serious I stepped up behind her and grabbed her hips. "What I'd really like right now is for you to pull down your panties, get a grip on the counter, and let me do you from behind right here in the kitchen."

"Kyle, I can't"!

"What was that about doing anything"?

"That's not the problem. It's just that ... well ... I thought you might try something, and I'm not wearing any pants."

Technically I guess she was still "wearing" her robe a few minutes later. After the belt was untied I pushed it up until it dangled from her wrists while she braced herself against the counter. If anything seeing the loose folds hanging there made her seem more deliciously bare. Maybe I should have found some lube. Even if she was willing, she wasn't really ready. To be honest, this felt so much like one of my dreams I wanted to be in her to the hilt before I woke up. Once there, I lost a lot of the urgency and spent an endless time letting my hands explore her firmly packed curves while her hot wetness settled around my shaft. Eventually she started to squirm, rocking her hips and trying to get some motion going, until I had to grab her waist to keep my belly firmly planted against her lovely ass.



"Don't just stand there! Do it!"

"Do what?"

"Please Kyle, don't make me beg."

"I'll never make you do anything, but I really need to hear you tell me what you want."

"Fuck me."

"What was that? I'm not sure I heard."

"Dammit Kyle! Just fuck me already! OK?!"

Well, I started making long smooth strokes and let me tell you, it was way better than just OK. Heather was blushing pretty heavy but it didn't stop her from asking me to do it harder and faster, until I was really slamming it into her, hard, hot, and nasty. When I started getting close I sucked on a finger to get it warm and wet, then reached around and used it to diddle her clit. She didn't need any screaming porn star vocals to tell me when she came. The way her whole body clenched and quivered was more than enough to push me over the edge as well. It's a good thing we didn't take any longer. We'd hardly caught our breath before dad's car pulled into the driveway.

She headed for the bathroom to shower and dress while I finished clearing the table. I guess the smell of cooking covered anything else. The the only comment from our folks was that we were both up early for a weekend. I told them I had some errands to run and left for a while to think things through. It wasn't going to be easy living under the same roof with my parents and the girl I was doing. Heather and human nature saved my butt. She was on the couch in shorts and a halter, reading a magazine, when I got home. I'm not sure how to explain. She was looking good and completely relaxed, but at the same time putting out a vibe that was totally, "not having any". Then my mom came through with a basket of dirty laundry, yakking about how nice it was to run into their old friends, and I realized she probably wouldn't notice if we were going at it on the living room carpet. The whole situation was so outrageous she just wouldn't see anything.

It was a different story a few days later. Dad was working late and mom was out shopping when some friends dropped Heather off after cheer practice. I made a grab for her as soon as the door was closed and from the way she returned my kisses, she thought it was an excellent idea. I had a double handful of her lovely ass when she came up for air. "Kyle! Don't tell me you're one of those pervs who goes to the games just to ogle the cheerleaders?"

"Are you telling me you want half the fans to go home?"

"Oh, there's never that many."

"You can spot them?"

"Not every guy with a hardon. The ones that look like they'll cum in their pants if we do one more high kick, yeah, sure. Mostly we don't care. A couple of the girls get into it. If you ever get the chance to talk to a crowd of strippers, ask them how many were on the cheer squad in school."

"How about you?"

"It depends. If it's some horny stranger old enough to be my dad, or anyone else I wouldn't want to date, I just ignore it. Sometimes though, if he's cute, I try to imagine what he's thinking. Like, is he undressing me with his eyes, or is it the cheer uni that's getting him hot? How about you? Are you into doing Heather, who just happens to be your sister? Do you get all perved up at the thought of doing your sister the cheerleader, or does the idea of doing your sister the cheerleader give you a woody?"

I didn't answer her, at least not in words. By then I had the crotch of her cheer uni pulled to one side and a couple of fingers slick from her juices. Doing her standing up in the hall might have been a strain if I'd lasted a little longer. Before I could catch my breath from the first round, she grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to her room. Heather admitted later she'd never done oral before, but since every guy she'd dated had eventually asked for it, she figured I'd probably like it. I was willing to help her get all the practice she wanted. What she lacked in experience was more than covered by the chance to play out my fantasies.

If it was any other cute redhead in a cheer uni kneeling in front of me, technique might have mattered. The way it was I nearly lost it the instant she looked up to see what I thought of what she was doing. Growing up together I've seen her face thousands of times. A couple of the girls I've dated got an extra kick out of making eye contact while blowing me, so that wasn't new either. It was the combination of my sweet little sister's face and my half hard cum smeared dick that really hit me. How she could look like such a wide eyed innocent, while using her mouth to get me ready to fuck her again, was absolutely mind boggling. By the time our folks got home we'd done it twice more and I couldn't get it up again at gunpoint.

You would think that living in the same house with a hot, willing, teenage girl would pretty much guarantee plenty of sex. You'd be wrong. Between work and school, plus both of us having a social life, we didn't really spend much time hanging around the house. Besides, any time we were home our parents were usually there as well. There's no way she was going to show up at any of the high school "make out" spots with her brother. Even if we could get past the sleaze factor, going to the local "no-tell motel" was the next best thing to renting a billboard. EVERYBODY knew who was hooking up there. A couple of times we stayed up until our folks were asleep and caught a quickie. Both of us were too worried about getting caught for it to be much good. To get some private time with Heather I practically had to kidnap her.

Like most schools, ours has a "semi-legitimate" senior skip day near the end of the school year. The teachers warned that anyone without a valid excuse would be listed as truant, but they all knew so many kids would be missing they didn't schedule anything important. Heather had been waffling all week and I knew she wouldn't be missed. Her friends who skipped would think she went to class and those in class would think she skipped. The night before I swapped my car for a friends windowless cargo van, telling him and my folks I was going to spend the next day helping a girl move. The next morning I left the house a little before her and "ordered" her into the van as she started towards school.

"So what's up? I thought you were helping some girl move."

"Maybe ... Sort of ... I mean you move pretty good once you get started."

"Oh ... Where can we go?"

"Just about anywhere. You can see this thing has a partition with a sliding door right behind the seats. The cargo area has a couple of lights and a roof vent but no windows. There's a couple of packing quilts back there. That's all."

"So instead of going to school you want me to ride around with you all day? Then, whenever you get horny, I'm supposed to let you have sex with me, in the back of a grubby van, parked right out in public. What if some stranger figures out what we're doing? Will I have to fuck him too in order to keep him from calling the cops?"

"You don't have to do anything. Say the word and I'll drop you at school. Then you can spend the whole day on make work because half the other kids are missing. At least it won't matter if you can't concentrate because you keep thinking about what you could have been doing."

"OK, You have me. I guess the first thing you should do is find a thrift store. I don't want to mess up my good clothes and can't go home to change."

While I was in the drug store picking up some condoms and lube, she ducked into the back of the van to change. I don't keep up with womens fashions and Heather doesn't shop the high end anyway. Normally she manages a fresh scrubbed, nice girl from the burb's look. Now she was in a pair of low rise jeans cut off as shorts and a tee that covered a lot but didn't hide much. The way her nipples pushed at the fabric told me she'd ditched her bra and I thought I saw a hint of fuzz peaking over her waistband. Since she shaves everything but a little tuft at the top of her slit her panties had to be in the bag with her good clothes as well. She let me stare for a while then flashed me a nasty grin.

"If I'm going to spend the day being your whore I thought it would be fun to wear the costume. So big brother, are you going to haul me off to the big city and put me to work?"

"Cripes Heather, you can't be serious. We've hardly done it a handful of times, and that was just straight and oral. You're still at least one third virgin. What makes you think you'd want to sell it?"

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