A Lesson in Civic Responsibility

by Vulgus

Copyright© 2008 by Vulgus

Erotica Sex Story: A young couple go out for a night of dinner and dancing. Trouble starts when, as they leave the club that evening they damage the car parked next to theirs. In order to make good on the damages the wife must become a sex slave to the owner of the club.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Needles   Prostitution   .

Chapter One

It was our thirtieth anniversary. We had been married for thirty glorious days today. I married Jon, my high school sweetheart, one month after we graduated from high school.

Things are pretty tight, of course. We live in a small, inexpensive apartment and drive the old car that Jon drove all through high school. Jon managed to line up a job before we graduated. He's now working full time at the electronics store where he had been working part time and during summer vacations while we were still in school.

His job consists mostly of going to people's homes and setting up their home entertainment systems, or going out when they have problems to diagnose and repair whatever the problem might be.

When he isn't making house calls he also does a little sales work. We aren't getting rich but he's making pretty good money. We're doing alright for a young couple just starting out in life.

Of course we don't expect to live like this forever. Our goal is for him to go to the local tech school at night and get a degree.

Before graduation I had also lined up a job doing telephone sales for a local real estate company that specializes in time shares. But that didn't work out so well. I hated the job. I felt like I was trying to run a scam on people. I can't honestly say I was terribly upset when I was fired after a week on the job for telling off a guy that got fresh with me on the phone. So now I'm looking for another job.

To celebrate our one month anniversary, Jon is taking me out to dinner and then dancing at a new club that recently opened up just outside of town. It was a big extravagance. We really couldn't afford it. But as long as we don't go crazy on the alcohol and don't stay out too late we figured we could squeeze it into our tight budget.

It isn't like we were going to a fancy restaurant. We were just going to one of the local steakhouse chains. You can only eat so many hot dogs and so much meatloaf and spaghetti. Every once in a while you need a steak.

The smart thing would have been to buy a couple of nice steaks and eat them at home. But it was my anniversary too. I wanted a night off, and a night out. Besides, we both love to dance and it just seemed like we were due a little fun and relaxation.

The meal was nice. Not great. But since I didn't have to do the dishes after we ate that made it better. We finished our drinks and Jon drove out to the new club for a couple of drinks and some dancing.

It was still early, only a little before eight in the evening when we got there. Already the place was packed. We had to drive around the parking lot for a while before we found a parking place.

Well, we didn't have to. There were plenty of spaces in the back. But you know how men are! I think it's that hunter instinct. Jon had to find a nice place up front. But I didn't tease him the way I normally do when he plays parking lot roulette. The parking lot was so dark out away from the building that it made me nervous. I was happy when he found someone leaving right up front and we parked in a well lit parking spot right next to the building.

The club has a live band and we had to pay a cover charge to get in. That didn't help our budget any. But the band sounded good and we expected to have to pay to get in. It wasn't easy, but we finally found a table and ordered drinks after showing the waitress our fake IDs. Then we hit the dance floor.

We attracted attention right away. We're both good dancers and I was dressed to thrill. I was looking hot in my tiny little dress. I'm 5' 8", 120 pounds. I have long, naturally blonde hair, a cute face and I have a great figure. I consider my one major flaw to be that I don't have large breasts. But my little B cups are firm and stand up straight. Jon insists that he loves them just the way they are and I believe him.

With a little help from a good bra or the right dress I can show off some killer cleavage. But Jon doesn't like me to wear a bra and I like to please him. Since I've gotten used to going without I've discovered that I'm much more comfortable without them. I haven't worn a bra in years. That's why in the thin dress I was wearing my nipples were poking out like crazy.

As an extra added attraction, I have those long, slender legs that drive guys crazy, especially when they are topped by a high, tight, sexy ass like mine. I knew the guys were watching and I loved it.

Jon was aware of it, too. I could see the pride in his eyes and that turned me on even more.

Since the drinks are so expensive here we drank slowly. We could only afford three drinks apiece. When those three drinks are gone we turn back into pumpkins and go home to our little apartment.

We managed to stretch it out until almost eleven o'clock. It had been fun. But it was time to go. Actually, we were both anxious to get home and get to bed. We were both turned on from the dancing and flirting and Jon loves it when I get so much attention from the crowd. I used to be self conscious about the way men look at me sometimes. But after seeing the way Jon reacts, seeing the pride in his eyes, I don't feel that way anymore.

We went out to the car and Jon unlocked my door. Before he opened it he took me in his arms and kissed me. It quickly became a very passionate kiss and before long we were leaning up against our car and making out big time.

Jon had his hands all over me, even under my dress! Normally I wouldn't let him get so carried away in public. But it was dark and quiet and we had been drinking. And besides, it felt so damned good!

We really did go too far, though. Before I knew what was going on, Jon had my panties off. My legs were around his waist and he was making love to me as I leaned back against the passenger door of our car. I'm not usually an al fresco kind of girl. I like my loving in private, in a bed surrounded by four walls. I guess love and alcohol can make you do funny things.

I was soon cumming, holding Jon close and biting his neck and shoulder to keep from screaming. I guess that set him off. He sped up and pounded into me hard for another few seconds. Everything stopped suddenly then. I was still in the throes of my orgasm when he tensed up and came inside of me.

It took us a minute to catch our breath. Our breathing slowly returned to near normal and I slowly unwound my legs from around his waist. I gradually lowered my feet to the ground. We stood there in each other's arms for several minutes after that, giggling at what we'd done and whispering to each other, telling each other how much in love we are.

Jon finally opened my car door and I climbed in. He leaned in and kissed me and then he closed my door. He went around and got in and started the car. I suppose he was still a bit distracted as he began backing out of our spot in the tightly packed parking lot. We were still laughing and joking about what we had just done.

Jon said something about the kind of woman that has sex in parking lots and I slapped at him playfully. He jerked away and when he did he pulled at the steering wheel. When he pulled back to avoid my slap, the side of our car just touched the car that was parked beside us. Jon swore, turned the wheel and finished backing out. Then he stopped and got out to look at the bumper of the car he had scraped.

It couldn't be an old pickup truck, of course. It was a beautiful Rolls Royce. It appeared to be an older one. But it was in beautiful condition. It looked brand new. Except now there was a three inch scrape on the fender.

Jon looked around but didn't see anyone. He looked as white as a ghost. I could see that he was scared. He turned to me and asked, "What should I do? Should I leave a note?"

I looked around and didn't see anyone in the parking lot. "Let's just get out of here. Nobody saw anything. Jon, we can't afford to repair a car like that!"

Jon got back in. But he didn't immediately drive away.

"We have insurance," he said.

He really wanted to do the right thing.

But I figured if a guy could afford that car he could better afford to fix it than we could. If we report the accident, our insurance, which is already through the roof for a couple of eighteen year olds, would be totally unaffordable. And I was afraid that if it came out we were drinking they wouldn't pay anyway. Underage drinking is against the law. If we're breaking the law and have an accident they don't have to pay ... do they?

I felt guilty even as the words left my mouth. But even though I'm normally the type of person to do the responsible thing, I thought about how we were already just getting by and said, "Jon, let's go. Get out of here before someone sees us."

Jon looked around again and then drove off. As soon as we were out of the parking lot I breathed a sigh of relief. I slid over and nestled up to my brand new husband. He was still not feeling right about driving away like that. I could feel how tense he was. I knew how to take his mind off of it, though. I dropped my hand to his thigh and eased it up until I was tickling his manhood through his pants while I nibbled on his earlobe.

By the time we got home Jon was fine. He even picked me up at our threshold and carried me into the apartment. He kicked the door closed behind him and carried me straight down the hall to the bedroom where he tossed me on the bed. I quickly slid out of my shoes and my slinky dress and watched him finish undressing.

I know a lot of girls that don't find the naked male body sexy. They prefer that their men be wearing something, a sexy pair of underwear or a tight pair of shorts. I have one slightly kinky friend who has a real thing for jock straps!

Not me. I love to see Jon naked. I think he looks so sexy. He has a nice body, not real muscular, but slender and fit. He has a beautiful cock. It's just the right size, seven inches long and just thick enough that I can't quite reach my fingers all the way around it at the base.

Jon isn't all show either. He's a very good lover. He always pleases me.

We started dating when we were freshmen in high school. The first couple of times it didn't take. We would date for a while and then fight and break up. But shortly after the start of our junior year we started going steady and not long after that he managed to separate me from my virginity. I had definitely been ready. I have only been with Jon. But when you have the best there's no reason to look anywhere else.

I must admit that neither of us is very adventurous. We make love almost every day now that we're married, sometimes twice a day. But we don't do a lot of that kinky stuff. I have licked Jon's cock and his balls a few times, even sucked on it a couple of times. But I only do it for a minute or two.

He has kissed and licked around my pussy a few times, too. And it feels nice. But we just really like to do things the old fashioned way. We touch a lot, and we kiss. Jon is a great kisser. Then he gets on top of me and makes love to me. It's what works for us and we love it. For the next few days after our night out we were both on edge. We didn't talk about it. But we both felt guilty about damaging that expensive car and then just driving away. But as time passed our consciences began to ease off and leave us alone. No one called. No cops came to our door. I suppose that we both still regretted what we did. But we were also relieved that we were going to get away with it. I don't know how we could have made it right if we had done the right thing and left a note for the owner of the car we damaged. Now that Jon is working full time the store has given him a vehicle to make his service calls in. Since he doesn't need our car at work anymore, I've been driving him to work in the morning and then using the car to look for work for myself.

It's been harder to find a job than I expected. I've been going out every day, answering help wanted ads and filling out job application after job application, most of the time with no real hope of even being considered.

The job market is pretty tight right now and the sad truth is that I'm not blessed with an overabundance of marketable skills. I can type, but not fast enough to get a job in data entry. I can file and answer phones. But there are a lot of girls out there with more to offer than me.

Things are looking up, though. I have a call back today for a job as a receptionist. The best thing about this job is that if I get it I can walk to work. The office where I'll be working is only half a mile from our apartment.

The interview went well and I left feeling pretty confident that I was going to get the job. When I picked Jon up after he got off of work that evening I told him all about it on the way home. Then I went in and put supper on the table. We were having meatloaf again. It was already in the oven and ready when we got home. I nuked a couple of potatoes to go with it and we sat down to eat.

After supper I cleaned up the table and did dishes. Jon sat at the table and kept me company. When I finished we went into the other room to watch television. It was just another normal evening. We sat together on our second hand couch and held each other while we watched television.

But this wasn't going to be a normal evening. This was going to be the start of a night of terror and abuse that would very nearly be the end of us. And it wouldn't end after just one night.

Not long after we settled in and turned the television on there was a knock at our door. I got up to see who it was. I looked through the peephole in the door from force of habit. I wasn't expecting any trouble.

Standing on the other side of the door were two men in suits. There was nothing threatening about them. I looked back over my shoulder at Jon, shrugged and opened the door.

Before I could ask what they wanted, one of the well dressed, stern looking men asked in a steely voice if I was Toni Roberts.

I had a bad feeling about this. Nothing in his demeanor was outwardly threatening. And yet, something about him gave me the impression that this man, both of these men, were dangerous. I swallowed and nervously replied that I was.

He told me that he needed to talk to my husband and me about a very important matter.

I could see them much better now that there was no door between us. They were large, intimidating men and I wasn't sure about letting them into my house. As it turned out, the decision wasn't mine to make. They didn't wait for an invitation. As soon as they were certain they had the right apartment they walked right past me and they were standing in our little living room.

Jon stood up but I could see by his expression that like me, he didn't know whether or not he should feel threatened.

I didn't know what to do. The three men were staring at each other, ignoring me. I closed the door and walked around them to stand by my husband.

The man that seemed to be taking the lead said, "Mr. Roberts, my name is John Cole. This is my associate, Bill Nash. We are employed by Mr. Nolan."

Although he seemed to think that should mean something to us, we didn't know who Mr. Nolan was. And we still didn't know if these two large men in expensive looking business suits were a threat.

Jon and I remained silent, waiting a little less than patiently to find out what they wanted. These two large men seemed to take up all of the space and most of the oxygen in our little living room.

Jon finally spoke to the guy doing all the talking. He tried not to sound like he was intimidated. But I could tell that he was when he asked in a slightly strained voice, "What is it you want, Mr. Cole?"

Mr. Cole reached into the inside pocket of his suit coat and handed Jon a piece of paper. "This is a bill for fifteen thousand dollars, due and payable immediately."

The blood drained out of my head and I fell onto the chair behind me. We couldn't possibly owe anyone that much money! We didn't own anything! We didn't even have any credit!

Jon exclaimed, "That's not possible!"

But I heard the nervousness in his voice. He didn't even look at the paper he'd been handed. He was certain now that there was some kind of mistake. He sounded quite sure of himself when he declared, "There's been some sort of mistake. We don't owe anyone any money. You must have the wrong Jon Roberts."

"There was a mistake, Mr. Roberts. You and your wife made it a couple of weeks ago when you damaged my employer's car and then left the scene of the accident."

"But it was just a little scratch! I mean..."

Jon realized he'd made a mistake. He'd admitted to damaging the car. It was too late now to deny it. He sounded a lot less confident when he said, "Look, I'm sorry. I know I should have left a note. But there's just no way that little scratch will cost that much money to repair."

"There was more damage than just one scratch," the man replied.

He glanced over at our television and then reached his hand out. His associate handed him a DVD. He handed the DVD to Jon and said, "This is a copy of the surveillance film from outside the club where you damaged Mr. Nolan's Rolls Royce two weeks ago. Please put it on and I'll show you what I'm talking about."

Jon didn't have much choice. The men moved aside. Jon edge around them nervously, put the DVD in the player and turned it on.

I screamed and covered my face when the picture came on. I could clearly see us making love in the parking lot. For a surveillance camera the quality of the image was incredible! The top of my dress was gaping open. My breasts were uncovered and bouncing around wildly. Worst of all my skirt was up to my waist. My butt was plainly displayed and each time Jon withdrew his hard cock from me I could plainly see where our bodies were joined!

Jon immediately tried to shut it off but the man stopped him.

"Your wife is beautiful, Mr. Roberts. But that isn't what I want you to see. Look at her feet."

I forced myself to peek between my fingers and finally I saw what he was referring to. My heels were rubbing against the paint, scratching the driver's door and the front fender while we made love in the parking lot.

Jon tried again to turn it off but the man insisted that we keep watching. The DVD showed Jon when he seemed to stagger slightly as he walked around to his side of the car. He hadn't been drunk but that little misstep made it look like he was.

The DVD continued to record us. It showed the erratic move that resulted from my slap while he was backing out of the parking space. It also showed us stopping, and Jon getting out of the car to look at the damage. Then it showed us as we hurriedly left the scene. There was no way we could say that we didn't know we'd hit the car.

Mr. Cole said, "That car has a custom pearl paint job applied by an artisan from a shop on the other side of the country. The car will have to be trucked to California and refinished. I assure you that you're getting off easy at fifteen thousand dollars. The costs will be higher. And you can count your blessings that Mr. Nolan isn't including the cost of tracking you down."

Jon stood stunned. He finally turned off the DVD and together we continued to stare at the now blank television screen.

I was on the verge of tears. We don't have any money. We don't have any credit. Neither of our families has any money, either. They can't help us even if we could ask them, and we can't. There was so much acrimony between us and both sets of parents because we chose to get married right after graduation that we aren't even talking to our parents. Our parents didn't even attend our wedding!

I looked at Mr. Cole and still trying to choke back the tears I said, "We don't have any money. We just got out of school. I haven't found a job yet. We're living on meatloaf and spaghetti. We don't have fifteen thousand dollars! We have no way of getting it. We're poor. Our families are poor. We don't have any credit."

"Then you need to come with us. You'll have to work this out with Mr. Nolan."

I looked at Jon. I was scared of these men. I didn't want to go anywhere with them. I could see that he felt the same way.

But what choice did we have? There was no longer any chance that we could confuse these two men with businessmen. We knew now that they're not the kind of people that call the police when they have a problem. They look very much like the kind of people that solve their own problems ... in a manner that shows up later on the front page of the newspaper!

So far their threats have only been implied. But they are real nonetheless. It was evident from their demeanor that they aren't asking us to go with them. We don't have a choice.

"You should have had this conversation two weeks ago," the large man said stonily. "You would have been in a lot less trouble if you had."

Accepting the reality of the situation, acknowledging that we had no choice, Jon shut off the television and the DVD player. Jon helped me to my feet and we followed the men out. Jon locked the door and we went out to the parking lot. Jon asked them where we were going in case we got separated.

They didn't answer. They just opened the back door of their car and motioned us inside. Again, they weren't offering us any choices. We sat in the back and held hands while Mr. Nash, who had yet to utter a word, drove us off into the night.

A shiver ran through me. I couldn't help wondering if we would be coming home again.

We ended up back at the club and parked right beside the Rolls Royce. They got out and held the back doors for us. As I walked past the Rolls I noticed the scratches on the door and fender for the first time. There were a lot of them and some of them were quite deep. How could I not have known that I was doing that?!

Mr. Cole led the way. I followed. Jon was behind me and Mr. Nash brought up the rear. It was as if they thought we might make a break for it or something!

We entered the club and followed Mr. Cole to a large booth in the corner where a dozen people were sitting. When we approached, they looked up and everyone stared at Jon and me. It was obvious that everyone at the booth knew who we were and what we had done. It was also obvious who was in charge.

The large man in the Hawaiian shirt had been the center of attention as we walked up. Now, as we stood at the table everyone was silent and the large man in the loud shirt sat glowering at us.

He made a motion with his hand and everyone on one side of him stood up so that he could slide out of the booth. We followed him back to his soundproofed office in the back.

The sudden silence in the room when the cacophony of the club was cut off by the closing of the office door was somehow incredibly ominous. It was like being suddenly cut off from civilization!

All three very large men turned and glowered at us. Mr. Cole introduced us to his boss, Mr. Nolan.

Mr. Nolan glared at us in a very threatening silence for a long, uncomfortable moment. Finally he turned, walked around his desk and sat down. Once seated, he leaned back and looked up at us, mostly at me. The look of hatred on his face was not encouraging.

Nobody said anything for a long time. The suspense was adding immeasurably to my growing terror. I almost couldn't breathe for the tension in the room. It seemed like hours before Mr. Nolan said, "I assume, since you two are here in my office, that you did not give my associates a check for the money you owe me. Does that mean that you don't feel that you owe it to me?"

Jon and I looked at each other. Jon said, "No, sir. We admit that we owe you the money. I know it looks bad but I swear we didn't know we had scratched the side of your car that night. And the scratch on your fender was so small. We just..."

Jon's voice trailed off. There really wasn't anything he could say. We screwed up. We screwed up big time and we knew it.

"So you admit that you owe me the money. I must assume then that you don't have it. When could you have it? Keep in mind I charge an exorbitant interest rate."

"Mr. Nolan," Jon said, "I only make twenty-two thousand a year. My wife hasn't started a job yet but we think she's got one starting soon. She just interviewed with a place in town and she thinks they're going to hire her. But right now we're just scraping by. We just got out of school and just got married. To be blunt, we ain't got shit."

Mr. Nolan stared at Jon for a moment as if he was some sort of lower life form. Finally he asked, "I guess you haven't heard of me, have you?"

We both shook our heads. I was getting more scared by the second. I could tell that Jon was, too.

Mr. Nolan stated what had already become obvious. "Listen to me carefully, Mr. Roberts. I don't make idle threats. Believe me when I tell you that I'm not one of those people who are known for being litigious. I don't take people to court. Instead, I make examples out of them. Do you have any questions about that? Do you understand what I'm saying to you?"

I was crying now. It sounded like we were about to be killed and dumped in a river somewhere. He just didn't seem to understand that no amount of threats could change the fact that we're broke. There's no way on earth that we can satisfy this debt. Not for years. Not for decades!

In a trembling voice that broke my heart, Jon quietly replied, "Mr. Nolan, this is my fault. You can do what you want to me. But please, let Toni go. I'm the one that scratched your paint and drove away."

Before I could interject the truth, Mr. Nolan reached for a remote control on his desk. He pointed it toward a large plasma television and turned it on. We saw the recording again. It was much clearer on his big screen, in high definition this time.

I was so embarrassed. They could all see my breasts and my butt. They could actually see his hard cock entering my body! And just as embarrassing, they could see the lust on my face.

What they were looking at, though, was my heels scraping the paint. Not my rapidly oscillating breasts.

Nobody spoke as we watched for a minute or two. When the pertinent part had come to an end he pushed another button and it fast forwarded to us backing out of the space. On this large screen in high definition we could plainly see where I caused Jon to swerve and hit the Rolls. We continued to watch and it was obvious from the interaction between us that Jon wanted to do the right thing and I was urging him to leave.

Mr. Nolan turned off the DVD as our car drove out of the picture and said, "Mr. Roberts, you are chivalrous. I'll give you credit for that. But you are a liar and not a very good one. It's apparent that your young wife is responsible for nearly all of this damage. It's also plain to see that she was also responsible for you then making the wrong decision and driving away. It's inconceivable to me that she was not aware that her heels were gouging the side of my car. But quite frankly, I don't give a damn whether she knew or..."

I collapsed to my knees and sobbed, "Please don't kill us! I didn't mean to scratch your car. I swear I didn't know I was doing it!"

Mr. Nolan looked at both of us like we were bugs and he was just trying to decide how best to crush us. He obviously remained unmoved by my hysterics. He snarled at me to shut up and get on my feet. I instantly rose and stood on shaky legs. I wiped my eyes on my forearms and tried very hard to stop crying.

The room was silent once again as Mr. Nolan turned back to his television. He backed up the disc, back to the part where Jon was making love to me and I was so exposed. He paused the picture there and stared at it for a while. This time it wasn't about the damage my shoes were doing to his car. This time he was obviously appraising my all but naked body.

He stared at my nearly naked body on his large television. Then he turned and looked at us for a minute. But this time he wasn't glowering. This time the look was more appraising, more contemplative. I was not reassured.

The suspense was unbearable. Finally he spoke. "I think I have a way for you to get out of this alive. You'll be able to repay me and I won't even charge you any interest."

"We'll do it!" I said quickly.

I didn't even care what it was. I only knew that we were very close to being killed and there was no question in my mind that I want us both to live. I knew in my heart that he was right. This was mostly my fault. I should have realized my shoes were scraping his fancy car. I shouldn't have swatted at Jon while he was driving. It's a natural instinct to recoil from being struck. And driving away without leaving a note was our most serious offense. There could be no question that was on me. It wasn't fair that Jon should pay with his life for what I did.

"You'd better wait and hear what my offer is. You admit that you owe me fifteen thousand dollars. I'd have been pissed if you did the honorable thing and left a note. I'd have been pissed, but we could have worked something out.

"But you didn't. I had to find you. Now I'm furious. Here is my proposal. Mr. Roberts, it would take you an entire year to repay me if you gave me every penny you earned after all of the standard deductions from your paycheck, and that isn't taking into account what I charge for interest.

"Since you, Mrs. Roberts, do not have a job, and since you are the one most responsible, I am proposing that you will pay off the debt at a rate of five thousand dollars a month by serving me.

"Not working for me, you understand. You will basically be my slave. And you better believe I'm going to get my money's worth out of your sweet little ass. You'll still live at home. But most of your time will be spent with me or the person or persons of my choosing.

"Your duties will primarily be of a sexual nature. That is, after all, the only thing you're good for. You will not be allowed to say no to anything, or to anyone. I can promise you that you'll have a very hard time of it. The only two things that you might find to be grateful for are that I won't charge you interest. If I did it would take you a year to repay me.

"Second, you will live to not be able to talk about it. You may consider that a threat. My business is private, not to be made known to the general public. It's one of my strictest rules.

"You have one minute, decide."

Jon shouted out, "You're insane! We won't agree to that! We're leaving."

Jon grabbed my hand and started for the door. We didn't get far. The two goons who brought us here were blocking the door and there was no way we could move them. We came to a stop before we had taken two steps.

With no more emotion in his voice than if he was telling his men to take out the garbage I heard Mr. Nolan say, "Alright, boys. They've made they're choice. Take them out."

The two goons started toward us but I pulled my hand away from Jon and wheeled around to face Mr. Nolan. I was painfully aware that I was in effect pleading to be used as a sex slave when I cried out, "No! Wait! I'll do it! Please! Let me do it! I'll do whatever you want!"

Jon grabbed me and exclaimed, "You don't know what you're saying, Toni! Did you not hear what you'll have to do?!"

"Jon," I sobbed quietly, "they're going to kill us. Do you want to die?"

Jon was crying now too. I've never seen Jon cry. It was horrible. It broke my heart.

I turned back to Mr. Nolan and said, "Please, Mr. Nolan, I'll do what you want. I'll be your slave for three months."

"I don't know if you can handle it little girl. All this crying is already getting on my nerves."

I wiped my eyes and I said, "I just need some time to ... adjust. To get used to..."

I couldn't even finish the sentence. I took a couple deep breaths and said, "It's going to be hard for me. I've only been with Jon. I'm a very shy person. But I don't want to die. And I don't want Jon to die because of my mistakes. Please, give me a chance."

"Okay," he said, ignoring Jon now. "Take your clothes off."

It was obvious from his voice and his expression that he didn't think I could do it.

Jon did something behind me, something they apparently thought he shouldn't do. I heard them punch him. I heard the air go out of him and spun around just in time to watch him slump to the floor.

They picked him up, tossed him into a chair and ordered him not to move. But even that wasn't enough. Mr. Nash grabbed his hair and held his head up so that he'd be sure to see what was happening.

I turned back around to face Mr. Nolan. I took a deep breath, as if there might be courage in the air around me. I slipped my shoes off and pushed them away. I moaned in a combination of embarrassment and abject despair as I pulled off my tank top, wiped the tears from my eyes with it and dropped it on a nearby chair. My nipples hardened instantly, from the air conditioning I suppose.

I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them and my underwear off together. I picked them up and put them in the chair with my top. I stood there, totally naked in a room with four men and forced my arms to remain at my side. I knew I'd only look more foolish if I tried to cover myself with them.

"Turn around, slowly," he ordered.

I obeyed, careful not to look at Jon when I faced that direction.

When I was facing Mr. Nolan again he wiggled his finger at me. I walked around his desk on shaking legs to stand in front him. He had turned his chair to the side to face me. I stood before him, naked, and I swear I could feel his eyes exploring my body.

I stared over his head at the wall behind him while he continued to stare at me for what seemed like a very long time. I know that several long minutes passed before he pulled me closer and I found myself straddling one of his large legs.

He explored my body for a few moments, squeezing and pinching my breasts and then exploring my vagina. I've never in my life felt as totally humiliated as I did at that moment. It was all but unbearable. But I wonder if I wouldn't have changed my mind and chosen death if I had any idea what was to come.

He pushed a couple of very large fingers into me. I was dry there and it was very painful. But except for a gasp or two I remained silent and refused to give in to the almost irresistible urge to try to pull away.

Noting how dry I was he commented, "You're really going to hate your work here tonight if you can't lube that little cunt up."

"I'll try," I whispered, as stupid as that sounds. "I'm sorry."

I was apologizing for not getting aroused by his cruel prelude to rape! Until this moment, Jon is the only man who has seen me naked. Now I was naked in front of three strangers. It was NOT exciting. I was terrified!

Mr. Nolan pushed me to my knees and stood up. More than anything in the world I wanted to look away as he began to slowly unfasten his belt and then his pants. And yet, for some reason I couldn't. I stared with mounting terror as he slowly unbuttoned, unzipped and then dropped his pants and his underwear and calmly ordered me to suck his cock with no more emotion in his voice than if he were asking me for a glass of water.

My eyes were locked on his very large organ. I was only slightly less terrified than I was five minutes ago when I was certain that Jon and I were going to be killed.

When I begged him not to kill us, when I pleaded with him to let me be his sex slave, I figured I could stand letting Mr. Nolan fuck me for three months. At least I could stand it better than I could stand being killed. I hadn't thought it out much beyond that.

Now I thought to myself as if I'd never realized it before, "Of course! Guys like to get blowjobs! I'll probably have to do this often!"

It's probably a good thing that at that moment I didn't realize how often.

And unlike the kind of oral sex I enjoyed with my husband, this cruel, dangerous man wasn't going to let me suck for a minute or two and then let me get up. I know that lots of girls let men cum in their mouths. But just thinking about it is enough to make me gag. I have no choice, though, and I know it. I would just have to keep reminding myself of the alternative, death.

I reached out and gently scooped his soft, fat organ into my hand. I held it up between my thumb and two of my fingers. I couldn't help but be impressed. I hated myself for thinking that way. But it was so ... big! It looked so, I don't know ... virile I guess. And it felt so hot in my hand. I leaned forward and kissed it a few times. Then I began to lick it, just like I would for Jon.

He looked over at his two goons, chuckled derisively and said, "Are you guys watching this?! This fucking cunt doesn't have a clue!"

I blushed even more furiously when I heard them laughing at my expense. This, what he was making me do, was humiliating enough. I didn't want to be reminded that those two goons were watching.

I slid my lips down over the fat, spongy head of his cock and let it slide over my tongue. When I had the head and a little of the shaft in my mouth I started sucking on it gently. I was still doing it the way I do it for Jon. I don't know how else to suck a man's cock.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat down. He spread his legs and pointed to the floor between them. I moved forward on my knees and tried to blank out everything but the task at hand.

I reached out and gripped his cock between my fingers again. It had grown even larger by this time. It looked like it was an inch or two longer than Jon's and nearly twice as big around. I leaned down and took the head of his cock back into my mouth. That was when he ordered me to put my hands behind my back.

I obeyed. I had no choice. But it was difficult to stay bent over his crotch that way. It turns out I had no idea how difficult things were about to become.

Mr. Nolan grabbed my head with both of his large hands and pulled my head down forcefully until the head of his cock was pressing against the back of my throat. I started gagging and I panicked. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to live!

I tried to reach around with my arms and push him back so that I could breathe. I guess they've done this before. Before I could bring my arms around and attempt to defend myself, one of his goons came up behind me and grabbed my wrists. He twisted them, pulled them up and held them behind my back and I was helpless.

Mr. Nolan lifted my head until just the head of his fat cock was in my mouth and then roughly slammed my mouth down again. I was having trouble catching my breath. I was gagging uncontrollably and crying hysterically. But there was nothing I could do to defend myself against his cruel assault. I was totally helpless. I couldn't help thinking that I was going to die after all!

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