Elena Lost
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Elena has a fight with her boyfriend, who drops her off. She wanders in a forest until a woodsman finds her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Alex fell asleep in the chair after drinking a little more whisky and looking at pictures in his magazines. He was actually trying to stay awake so that he could go into the bedroom and fuck Elena again. He was imagining making her try one of the positions he had seen, but he closed his eyes to think about it and fell asleep instead. Elena fell asleep imagining Alex surprising her in his bed and making her fuck him again, with many positions possible, she thought, with his massive cock. She wondered if she could maneuver him to fuck her how she wanted and still make it look like he was making her do it. She still liked the idea of force.

She awoke sometime during the night, at first wondering where she was. Then she remembered and tried to fall asleep again. But now she started hearing sounds outside and became scared. She tried to forget them, but could not. So she got up, put on the robe, and went into the living area. The lights were still on, and she saw Alex asleep on the chair, a magazine lying on the floor. The fire was only embers now, and she noticed the cold. She was tempted to try to sleep in the warm bed again, but then she heard that sound again, this time from right outside the kitchen area.

Before she tried to awaken Alex, however, she decided to have a glimpse at a magazine. She paged through it quickly and saw photos of much fucking and many different positions. She wondered why he had not become aroused and come into the bedroom again last night. But then she saw the whisky and the position he was in and figured that he must have passed out. She had a quick thought to awaken him with a blow job, but that sound outside became louder now.

So she called his name softly and touched him on the shoulder. He quickly awakened and stood up. "What is it?" he asked as he tried to get his bearings. She told him that she was hearing sounds from outside, and they were scaring her and keeping her awake. He told her that it was probably a weasel or some other animal and not to worry.

"But I can't sleep," she pleaded. Then he heard the sound too, and it bothered him where it was coming from. He had tools outside, and he had caught campers from nearby lurking around his house before. "Sometimes I like their company, though." He told her this and added that it better be an animal at this time of the morning.

"I would rather not kill any humans right now. Oh, but don't worry if you hear a shot either. I might have to kill whatever it is, just for you." He smiled. As he walked to the door, he suddenly stopped and said, "Shit. I better get dressed," and laughed and smiled at her again.

While he was outside, Elena decided to keep herself busy so as not to worry so much. She took his glass to the kitchen and straightened that out somewhat. She noticed the time and tried to figure out when she had fallen asleep She thought to herself that she had actually slept pretty long and felt rested, so she made some coffee too. Then she decided to start another fire if she could. It turned out not to be too difficult with the warm embers still there, and soon she had a good blaze going.

Then she picked up the magazine again, saw another on the table, and was going to put them away. But suddenly, she sat down instead and started rummaging through the pages of the other. She noticed the title, Gangbangs and opened it up. There were stories inside, with pictures as well. The title of the one she started to read was "A Woodsman, Four Campers, and a Lost Girl" by Alex Chivu.

She wondered about the coincidence of this author's name, the fact that the Alex outside was indeed a woodsman, and the fact that he had mentioned campers too. As she read, she became a little excited about these four campers (of course all men), finding this girl, and offering their help. Before her boyfriend now, she had experienced two men before and had wondered about more, but had never had that fantasy fulfilled. She was also enjoying the accompanying photos as they showed each part as it had actually occurred

She had a quiver of fear and excitement as she thought, "Maybe Alex will actually find campers out there and bring them back to fuck me." But she was actually a little relieved when she heard a shot off in the distance. And soon Alex walked in the door alone.

Elena was still holding the magazine as Alex walked in. He saw her as she quickly tried to close it and make it look like she was just picking it up. He smiled at her unbelievingly as she tried to tell him this. So she told him, "Okay, I was curious. I became more curious when I saw the title and author of the first story."

He smiled as she flushed red and asked her if she had liked it. "Maybe you were hoping I would bring back four campers, "he laughed. "I do know some that go to the lake and fish about a mile away. They sometimes do visit me, and that is why I got the idea for that story. Yes, Elena, I did write it, in answer to your question. And I have written more stories too. I told you I get lonely out here, and I do like my fantasies. I write one a month for that magazine, so obviously you now know the subject I have for that one. But I write for others as well. There are a few in my room called Rape Stories. There is a story I wrote in one of them that is very similar to last night as a matter of fact. But I never seem to be able to not have the girl enjoy it in them, like some other stories in there that can be very violent. Would you like to read one and see what you think?"

Elena immediately answered no to that, and then changed the subject. "Why didn't you build your cabin on the lake," she asked. He told her that he had thought of that, but decided he wanted solitude more than anything at that time. He added that it can become quite a busy lake now in the summer.

Then he smelled the coffee and was pleased. He said he needed a cup now, even though his brisk walk and killing the weasel for her had quite awakened him. "At least it became lighter as I searched for that damn thing, or I would have never found him. Anyhow, I don't usually kill animals, but that one was starting to bother me too. And sometimes they get too curious and try to get in. Hey, did your clothes dry yet?"

Elena then realized she had forgotten all about her clothes, which Alex had hung near the fire. So Alex checked them and said, "Well, I would say another two hours or so should do it. They are still quite damp, and I wouldn't want you to have to go home in those. I have an extra toothbrush in the bedroom if you'd like to use it ... it's never been used. And I guess I have some long shirts you could use too if you want something to wear under the robe."

He went to the bedroom and brought out a few shirts. She thanked him and did say that she would try one. She went to brush her teeth first, and then looked at the shirts. She tried the first two, both t-shirts, and noticed they were a little shorter than the last, a button-down. "I bet he would love to see me walk around in one of those," she thought, seeing they barely covered her butt. So she put on the button-down one that came nearly to her knees. Then she put the robe back on, even though that was kind of uncomfortable. She did not want to encourage him.

When she reentered the room, he was putting his raincoat on. He told her he was going to walk down to the lake and that he would be back in about an hour. She was startled at this and asked him if she would be safe there without him. "Don't worry, Elena. If any more men show up, I will be the one bringing them." He saw the fear in her eyes now and added, "No, I won't, you poor dear. I don't think I want to share you." He winked as he closed the door behind him.

Of course Elena got curious about those other stories immediately and went to the bedroom to search. She looked in the closet and saw a stack of magazines. She removed one at a time carefully and finally reached the one she wanted, Rape Stories. She decided to look at it in there so she could quickly put it back when she heard him come in. Then she could pretend she was sleeping as well.

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