Rae Goes for the Money
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She wanted to spend more than he made so he told her to get a job.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow  

My sex life pretty much sucked. My wife and I hadn't been getting along all that great recently. Hell, not just recently, but for the last six months! Constant squabbles over money, specifically the lack of it, always seemed to lead in to other areas and we would end up going for days without speaking to each other which translated into no sex. For me it was a no win situation; if I worked a straight forty hours I didn't bring home enough money. If I worked the available overtime or took on a part time job I caught hell for never being home and for leaving her to raise the kids on her own. One day I'd finally had enough of her bitching and I told her that if she wanted money so god damned bad to get her ass out of the house in the evening and get a job and I'd watch the kids. She started job hunting the next day and the day after that she found one as a tele-marketer - she was going to be the one who interrupted your dinner.

Things got immediately better. I was having a good time being a father to our kids, not that I wasn't one before, but now I did not have to share time with mom, it was just me. Rae was in a much better mood and I think it had as much to do with her being able to get out of the house for a while as it did the money. And with the constant arguments out of the way I began to have a sex life again.

Rae had a small base salary, most of her pay came from commissions and she apparently had a knack for selling on the phone. Some of her checks for working part time were bigger than I got for working full time and I did make good money. Our money problems from before were not because I didn't make enough money to support my family, but because I couldn't buy Rae all the things she wanted and desired. She loved buying new clothes, jewelry, and gadgets. We had a pretty good VCR, but when the new ones came out with four track heads we just had to have one. Couldn't wait until the old one went bad and then get the new one - no sir - get the new one right now! Wide screen TV, DVD, HDTV, you name it and if it was the newest thing we just had to have it and right now. Well, with her new job she was in her glory; so much new stuff was finding it's way into our house that I began to think I would have to build an addition to store it all. But Rae was happy, I was getting laid again - life was good.

The next months passed quickly by and I began to notice a change in Rae. It was so gradual that it hadn't registered right away, but one day I noticed that Rae always seemed to be horny. As I mentioned, our sex life got better when she went to work, but by that I meant we went from zip to twice and some times three times a week. Somewhere over the course of the last six months it had gone from two or three times a week to three and sometimes four and then from four and sometimes five to six and sometimes seven times a week. She would come home from work and if I were asleep she would wake me up to make love. If I were awake and watching the TV she would walk over and turn it off and nod toward the bedroom. And she was always hot and wet when I slid into her. Like I said, it was a gradual thing and it really didn't register until one day I stayed home from work to get some jobs done around the house. Those few jobs never even got touched. The kids were in school, Rae and I were home alone, and she couldn't keep her hands off me. We made love five times before she went to work and twice after she got home. She wasn't that passionate on our honeymoon and at that time I'd thought she was a wild woman. I wondered what had happened to her to turn her into a sex maniac, not that I really cared because I was loving it.

Rae had gone from working six hours a day, four days a week to six or seven hours on five days a week with an occasional Saturday thrown in. There were times when she would go in early because they were short handed, but she was almost always home by ten. Some times she would stop after work to have drinks with her co-workers and didn't get home until midnight, but I didn't think anything of it and life would have gone on being good if one of the guys I worked with hadn't hit the lottery.

Jimmy won 1.3 million after taxes and he invited the whole crew to go out and celebrate with him. It was a spur of the moment thing and Rae had already gone to work so I had to scramble to come up with a sitter for the kids. Jimmy took us to a place called the Palomino Club, which was an upscale strip club that he liked to frequent.

"They got the best looking babes in town dancing here and most of them make pretty good money on the side if you know what I mean" and he gave a big wink.

Jimmy said the night was on him, "Babes, booze, whatever, you don't put your hands in your pockets for nothing."

The booze part was all right with me, but I had no intention of taking him up on the babe's part, at least not when we first got there. Jimmy spent lavishly and got several tables put together right down in front of the stage, arranged for a tab, and we settled in to enjoy ourselves. He was right, the place did have some great looking women dancing there and when the girl would finish her set she would get down off the stage and mingle with the crowd. She would sit with customers or give lap and table dances to whoever was willing to pay for the privilege and every once in a while the girl and a customer would disappear into a back room for a private performance. We had seen three girls since we had arrived and according to Jimmy there were six in the rotation.

"Wait until you see the next one" he said, "She's the hottest babe here. Fucks like a mink and can suck a tennis ball through a garden hose. You can have which ever one you want and I'm paying, Marla is mine."

Just then, as if on cue, the voice over the loudspeaker system said, "And now here she is, The Marvelous Miss Marla!" The music started playing and she was everything that Jimmy said and I sat there rooted to my seat as she pranced around the stage wearing high heels and two pieces of imagination which some people might call a bikini and others might call shadows caused by the stage lights. My cock got rock hard immediately and I sat there open mouthed and stared at her for all of her three songs. When the music was over she came down off the stage and headed for our table. She sat down on Jimmy's lap and said:

"Been missing me sugar?"

"You know I have baby. I'm ready for some private time, are you?"

She smiled at him and said, "Let me have a drink first lover. It gets awfully hot up there with those stage lights on my body. Give a girl some time to catch her breath, okay?"

She started looking around the table and when her eyes met mine Rae knew she was busted. We held each other's gaze and I could read the emotions that passed over her face. First surprise, then guilt. followed by resignation. and then determination. She might be going down in flames, but she would damn well do it with her colors flying. She downed her drink, took Jimmy by the hand, and looking me straight in the eye said:

"Come on sugar. Let's get you your private show" and she led him over to the door that went into the back.

Other girls came out and danced, but I didn't see them because my eyes never left the door that Jimmy and Rae had gone through. It was twenty minutes before they came out and Jimmy headed for the table while Rae went back stage. About five minutes later The Marvelous Miss Marla danced another set and, as the first time, my eyes never left her. When she was done she headed for our table again. This time she walked up to me and said:

"Got room on your lap for me sailor?"

I moved my chair back to make room for her and she sat down on my hard on. Her eyebrows went up and she stole Mae West's line "Is that a roll of quarters in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

The guys at the table all cracked up and Rae said "You like watching Miss Marla dance" and I said that I did. "Would you like a private showing?"

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost nine o'clock. "Normally I would say yes, but I need to be home when my wife gets there so I need to be leaving."

I looked around the table, and to this day I don't know why I did it, but I pointed to Billy Neubert, "He looks like he might be willing to kill for the privilege." Rae gave me a long look and then she got up and took Billy by the hand and led him to the door. Jimmy looked at me and said:

"Are you nuts? Turning something like that down?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Jimmy, my wife would kill me if she found out that I did something like that, and believe me when I say she would find out."

I thanked him for his generosity and I headed on home.

Once home I paid the sitter, put the kids to bed and then I waited. For what I wasn't sure, but I waited. Would Rae come home at her usual time, or would tonight be one of her late nights? Would she even come home? And if and when she did what was going to happen? She obviously wasn't tele-marketing like she told me. Why had she lied? There was nothing wrong with being a dancer, if that's all she did. I may have been a little naïve, but there were laws about not being able to touch the dancers. True, Jimmy did say that she fucked like a mink, but Jimmy was one of those 'good ole boys' who liked to brag about what studs they were and it could have been all bullshit.

The only thing that I knew for sure was that The Marvelous Miss Marla wasn't the Rae Ann Keifer that I had married. Rae Ann Chotin nee Keifer wouldn't even wear a bikini at the beach; she wore a one-piece suit that covered everything. My wife Rae Ann didn't even own a pair of high heels, let alone a pair of the 'come fuck me' pumps she danced in.

I'd watched other girls while they had been doing table and lap dances, and while there was lewd and suggestive behavior I hadn't seen any actual touching. But what went on in those privacy rooms? At ten after ten I heard the garage door opener start up and a couple of minutes later Rae came into the living room. She was still wearing her 'come fuck me' heels and her dancers costume:

"Miss Marla wants your cock sailor. You going to help her out?"

She started walking toward the bedroom and every question I wanted to ask was forgotten as I watched her walk toward the bedroom in those high heels. It was the most intense sex I'd ever experienced. I fucked The Marvelous Miss Marla five times that night. Every time I thought I was done and couldn't possibly get it up again I thought of her sitting on Jimmy's lap and then going through the door to the privacy room with him and with Billy and I was on her again. I finally fell into an exhausted sleep at two in the morning.

When the clock went off to get me up for work in the morning Rae was snoring so I let her sleep and got ready for work. This was Rae's day off and our talk would wait until I got home from work. It was a bad day at work. Every time I saw Jimmy (he wasn't going to quit his job just because he hit the lottery) or Billy I saw Rae walking into the privacy room with them and as much as I wanted to I could not bring myself to ask them what had happened in the room. I was a wreck when I punched out to go home. I walked into the house to find a note on the kitchen table:

"Sailor - One of the girls called in sick and they asked me to come in and cover for her. Should be home by ten." And she signed it MMM. There was a PS: "Those heels seemed to do something for you. I'll wear them again tonight."

The kids got home from school and I fixed them an early dinner and then found a sitter for them. At six-thirty I was sitting at a table in the back of the Palomino Club. The MMM was on stage when I got there and when her set was over she came down to mingle with the customers. I saw her take some money from a guy and then give him a lap dance. She left that table and went over to another and after a couple of minutes she took a guy by the hand and led him to the back room. Ten minutes later they came back out and she went back stage to get ready for her next set. All in all she danced four sets while I sat there and watched. She did five more lap dances and made three more trips to the back room before I had to get up and leave. Rae got home at ten-twenty and walked into the living room wearing only her high heels. That night was a repeat of the previous night except I only fucked her four times before falling asleep.

The morning was also a repeat of the previous morning, but even though Rae had to work that night the next day was Saturday so I wouldn't have to get up and leave. Just before I left the bedroom she gave a loud yawn and I saw her eyes open. I looked at the clock and saw that I was running late and I bent down and kissed her and she rolled over and went back to sleep.

That afternoon Jimmy offered to take us to the Palomino Club again, but only Billy and I took him up on his offer. I made some quick calls to arrange for a sitter and five o'clock found us sitting at a table down front. When we got there TMMM was performing a lap dance at a table with three guys and soon one of them got up and followed her to the back room. When she came out twenty minutes later Jimmy got her attention and she waved at him before going back stage. Five minutes later she did her set and then came to our table and sat down on Jimmy's lap:

"Been missing me sugar?"

Jimmy told her not to be wasting her time on the other tables that night, "I'm playing big spender tonight baby and we want you all to our selves. Ain't that right boys?"

Billy said, "That's right Jimmy" and I just sat there with my eyes on Rae as she smiled back at me. Two minutes later she led Jimmy off to the back room. After the next set she took Billy and then it was my turn. She came down off the stage, walked over to me and sat down on my lap:

"You have to rush home again tonight sailor, or would you like a little bit of privacy with Miss Marla?"

Jimmy laughed and said; "You'd better go. It ain't all that often that I'm going to be paying for your fun."

Rae smiled at me, "You want some fun sailor? It might be a kick for you to visit Miss Marla on somebody else's nickel."

I didn't resist when she pulled me out of the chair. I felt all the eyes in the club on me as Rae led me to the back door. Once through the door I saw that it actually opened onto a long hallway and that there were several doors on either side of the hallway, each with a girls name on it. The door at the very end had Marla on it and once inside I saw we were in a room that was 7' x 7' and all that was there was a chair and a rather substantially built table. There was a loudspeaker mounted on the wall and the music that the girls danced to was coming out of it. Rae pointed at the chair and I went over and sat down on it.

"Unbutton your fly sailor, and take out your cock."

I did as she said and she stepped out of her costume, such as it was, and started doing a lap dance. As she wriggled and moved over my lap the hairs of her pussy brushed the head of my cock and her nipples touched my face.

"Like it sailor? Like the idea that The Marvelous Miss Marla is so close that you can almost put yourself in her?" and she pushed down so that briefly her mound touched the head of my dick. Did I want my dick in her, hell yes I did and I told her so. Rae giggled and said:

"It's against the rules for me to let you do that sailor, but if you can keep a secret I might just break the rules for you. Would you like that? Would you like Miss Marla to break the rules for you?"

I said yes and she said, "Enough to tip Miss Marla two hundred if she was to suck your cock? Or would you rather tip her three hundred for her hot wet pussy?"

"I want both" I said and she laughed, "That's good sailor, lets spend Jimmy's money."

She went to her knees and took my dick in her mouth and in less than two minutes I shot my load down her throat and she just kept on sucking until I had a hard dick again.

"Come on sailor" and she pulled me up and I found out why the table was so sturdily built. She laid down on it and said, "Come on sailor, help Miss Marla break the rules."

When it was over she put her costume back on and left me there in the room. She made two more trips to the room with Jimmy and one more with Billy and then she came up to us following her last set and sat down on my lap.

"My car isn't running right sailor. Give a girl a ride home? You can stay and play for a while if you want, Jimmy's paying, right Jimmy?"

And Jimmy didn't know what to say. Finally he stammered, "That's what I said, that the night was on me."

Rae got up and said, "Meet you out back sailor."

As she walked away Jimmy said, "What you got that so special? I've been trying to get her to leave with me for six months now and she keeps she's not allowed to date customers."

I shrugged, "Just my natural charm I guess."

My mind was in turmoil as I went around to the back of the building to meet Rae. Until tonight I had convinced myself that Rae was just a dancer and that the privacy rooms were just a place for a more blatant form of lap dance, like what mine started out to be. And now I had to face the fact that Rae was selling herself for money. Or was she? Did I get sucked and fucked because I was her husband, but every body else got the blatant lap dance? There were only two ways to find out -ask some one who went in there with her or ask Rae herself. But would she tell me the truth? Would she tell me that everybody got to break the rules with Miss Marla, or would she say that every one else just got the X-rated lap dance and let my imagination run wild?

Rae was waiting for me at the back door, "Nothing wrong with my car sailor. I just thought it would be a kick to have Jimmy pay me for fucking my own husband. Race you home."

As I drove home I reflected on what Rae had said and to me it sure sounded like she was fucking for money, and that gave me a whole new set of questions that I needed to ask.

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