I've Been Naughty

by Virgil Black

Copyright© 2007 by Virgil Black

Sex Story: A man willingly entertains his fiancée's interest in telling outlandish tales and being spanked, but he's in for a couple of surprises.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

"Daddy, I've been naughty."

I looked at my watch. Right on time.

"Yes, Sweetie?" I asked, as I picked up the remote and switched off the television.

Natalie walked past the kitchen and into the room. She was wearing just a black silk camisole and panties that matched. Her strawberry-blonde hair was pulled back from her face with several bowed barrettes. She stood in front of me, her hands folded in front of her thighs and her eyes on the ground.

"Daddy, I've been naughty," she repeated.

I patted my right knee twice, and she climbed onto the couch on my right side, kneeled over me, and then lay down on my lap, her bottom thrust into the air right in front of me. I placed my left hand on the small of her back and my right hand on her thigh, my fingers curling over between her legs.

"What did you do today?" I asked, stroking her thigh lightly.

"I was thinking about your hard penis this morning on the subway, remembering how nice it was to feel it in my throat, and I missed my stop."

"Yes?" I prodded her for more, touching her higher on her legs, which she spread a little for me.

"I had to walk back four blocks. And while I was walking, I was thinking about how good your hard penis felt in my pussy last night, and I almost stepped off the curb in front of a taxi."

"Sweetie, you should be more careful," I admonished her, the fingers of my right hand now tracing small circles on her firm, lovely ass.

"I was late for work, but no one noticed, I think."

"Is that all?" I asked as my fingers dipped between her thighs, tickling her warm, plump labia through her panties.

"No. I teased the cute summer intern today."

"You did? What did you do to him?" I pressed my middle finger into the crease in her vulva. Her pussy was slippery inside.

"Not him, her. She just started two weeks ago, and she is really pretty. Her name is Amy. I rubbed against her backside in the breakroom. She was standing, facing the sink, and when I reached around her to get a coffee cup, I pressed against her. She has a really nice bottom."

That was surprising. "What did she do then?" I asked.

"She didn't do anything. She just froze until I stepped away. When she turned to see who I was, I smiled at her and made small talk, like nothing happened."

"That's very bad, Sweetie. You could get in trouble."

"I know."

"Is that all?" I asked her again. I pressed my knuckles into her, the wet silk sliding over her skin. She ground her pussy into my hand.

"No, Daddy. After that, I went back to my cubicle and played with myself."

"Sweetie, I told you not to do that again."

"I can't help myself, Daddy. Besides, no one noticed," Natalie explained.

"Yet," I warned her. She didn't say anything. She just rotated her hips, rubbing her pussy against my open palm, my thumb resting between her cheeks. "Anything else? No? So, how many do you think are appropriate?" I asked her.

"Um, ten, Daddy?"

"Try higher."


"Yes, I suppose that's enough. Take down your underpants, Sweetie."

Natalie raised her bottom up, reached back with both hands, and pushed her panties over her hips and half way down her thighs.

"Please keep count," I said. I smacked her left butt cheek, not very hard, but hard enough for it to sting for a moment.


I smacked her right cheek, again just hard enough to smart. The pale skin of her left butt cheek was starting to turn pink.


I alternated spanking her left and right as she counted. By ten she was dripping wet, her pussy nectar staining my slacks. By sixteen, both butt cheeks were rosy pink and hot, and her hands were balled into little fists, tucked next to her shoulders, as she raised her ass for each blow. By twenty, she was panting and ready to come.

"All done, Sweetie. Shall I finish you off?" I asked her.

"Please, yes Daddy!"

I slid my fingers down and through her hot vulva, picking up her slick honey, and smeared it around her hard, pink clit. I trapped the little pearl between my index and middle fingers and rubbed back and forth and in small circles. She started climaxing almost immediately, her cute bottom humping the air, gasping for breath as her legs and tummy spasmed. I kept going until she reached back over her ass and pulled my hand away.

"That's enough, Daddy," she pleaded.

"What do you say?"

"Thank you, Daddy."

She lay on me, grinding herself slowly against my cock, which had started getting hard when she first lay down over me. It was throbbing now.

"Shall I take care of you, Daddy?" Natalie asked me.

"If you wish."

"I do. I want to suck your hard penis, Daddy," she told me.

"Whatever you want, Sweetie."

Natalie pulled up her underwear, raised herself up and climbed off me. I kicked off my slippers and spread my legs as she kneeled between them. She unfastened my belt, unzipped my slacks, and pulled them down my legs and off my feet. She grabbed my erection in her small, soft hand and sucked the swollen tip into her mouth, her lips closing around the corona, while her other hand played gently with my heavy testicles. She began sliding down and backing off, her tongue tickling random patterns on the underside of my stiff prick. She took my rod deeper each time, and when her cute nose was nestled against my pubes, my cock lodged deep in her throat, she looked up at me, smiling with her eyes. I was shaking with the effort of holding back my orgasm, barely daring to breath, but I knew she wanted me to come now.

"Okay, Sweetie," I whispered.

She slid backward, the mushroom head of my shaft withdrawing from her clasping throat and I came, my belly heaving, a gushing torrent of jism spilling out of my loins into her hot mouth, deflecting off the tongue she had pressed against my pisshole. She swallowed it all, still sucking the cream from my cock and bathing it with her raspy tongue as I slowly softened inside her.

When she was satisfied that there was nothing left to clean, she let me drop from her mouth, my penis slapping wetly against my thigh.

"Thank you, Daddy," she said.

"Thank you, Sweetie," I replied, "Please try to be better tomorrow."

Natalie was my fiance'e. We'd both moved to the city only a few months before, after she graduated from college and I finished my MBA at the same school. I discovered her enthusiasm for an occasional spanking not along after we started dating. But this game was new, though it had been going on now for almost as long as we'd been in our new apartment. Not that I was complaining; the sex was fantastic! With interesting new jobs, a shared first home, and a wonderful love life, I think we were both having the time of our lives.

Her nightly stories of naughtiness got us both charged up. I had no idea how much was true - I suspected that they all had a kernel of truth, though. For example, there probably was a pretty summer intern name Amy, but I bet Natalie didn't actually touch her, and I bet she didn't really masturbate at work, especially in a cubicle! And as for calling me "Daddy?" That made me uncomfortable at first, but she assured it was only because the taboo made her feel especially sexy and naughty. Of course, I had spent a lot of time with my future father-in-law over the couple of years and I had no reason to doubt her.

"Daddy, I've been naughty."

As I clicked off the television, I looked over to the kitchen hallway, where Natalie stood.

"Yes, Kitten?"

Natalie was wearing a tight, pink baby-T. It came down to just above her belly button. Her pretty, cone-shaped tits pressed against the thin fabric, her nipples easily apparent. She had on a tiny white cotton G-string as well. She had pulled her hair back into a ponytail that rested high on her head.

She padded over to me, her bare feet making scarcely a sound on the hardwood floor. She stood before me, her hands folded together in front of her pale, lean thighs.

"Daddy, I've been naughty," she said again.

I patted my right knee, and she lay down as usual. I began caressing the back of her legs, high up on her thighs.

"What did you do today?" I asked.

"After you left for work, I started missing you. I took one of your T-shirts out of the hamper and rubbed it against my pussy until I orgasmed."

"That's not naughty, Kitten."

"It made late for work again, Daddy," she continued.

"Oh. Is that all?"

"No. I got bored at work and started thinking about the taste of penis and your come last night. You have yummy come, Daddy. So I went to the bathroom and played with myself until I orgasmed, again."

"That's better than doing it at your desk, Kitten."

"Yes, Daddy."

"I don't think you're finished yet, are you?"

"No, Daddy. When I came out of the ladies room, I saw the cute intern, Amy, making copies. When she left the copy room, I sneaked in and took my wet panties off and placed them on the copier glass. Then I went back to my cubicle and called her over and asked her to copy some reports for me."

"Oh dear."

"Yes. I'm pretty sure she found them, Daddy. She didn't say anything when she brought me the reports, but no one else had been in the copy room," Natalie said.

"That's very bad, Kitten. Is that all?" By this time I was freely rubbing her hot little pussy through the small strip of fabric covering her vulva as she rocked against me.

"No, Daddy. The panties I put on the copier? I lost them. I'm sorry, they were the little blue thong ones that you got me. That's all, though."

"Those were expensive, Kitten. All right, how many do you deserve?" I asked her.

"Twenty, I think."

"Yes, twenty is about right. Please take down your underpants."

Natalie raised her bottom and skinned the strings of her panties halfway down her smooth thighs, the wet fabric peeling away from her neatly waxed labia. "Please keep count," I told her. Each slap on her cheeks was answered with a number, until she counted to twenty. Her ass was pink and hot, and she was trembling, her pussy drooling honey.

"Shall I finish you, Kitten?"

"Yes, please, Daddy. I mean, no, Daddy!"


"I want to finish on your penis, Daddy. I want to feel you inside me when I come."

"Okay, Kitten."

Natalie climbed off me, and took off her panties and T-shirt. She bent over to unbuckle my belt and unfasten my pants, and I lifted my bottom as she pulled them down to my knees. She then straddled me, taking my turgid cock into her soft hand. Without saying a word, she slipped the head into the silky folds of her steamy, moist pussy. She rubbed it up and down, teasing her clitoris and coating me with her lubrication until she placed the glans at the entrance to her vagina and sank down on me, impaling herself fully in one smooth stroke.

"Oooohhhh, God," she whispered, climaxing right away as she settled down against my pubis, her thrumming clit mashed hard against me. I let her sit for a moment, her muscles milking my rigid member as she orgasmed, and then grabbed her tight, warm ass with both hands and began to force her up and down my slick shaft, her soaking pussy clasping at me almost frictionlessly. She leaned forward and I sucked one swollen nipple into my mouth, biting it gently with my teeth and pulling it away from her small, conical breast. She was coming again, just a small orgasm, sucking in air through her clenched teeth as her insides fluttered around me. I felt my balls tighten and I knew I would come soon, too.

"Do you want me to come inside you, Kitten?" I asked her.

"Please, Daddy, give it to me," she moaned.

I slammed her more roughly against me and sped up the pace, my cock stirring inside her warm, tight tunnel, forcing my way into her slick canal and withdrawing against a suction that attempted to pull me back inside. Her light green eyes were locked on mine when the gates opened and my nuts emptied their load inside her, blasting her cervix with a hot load of semen, which then coated my organ completely as I thrust into her repeatedly. She came again when the she felt the heat of my come melting inside her body, pressing her pubic bone hard against mine, her pearl trapped between us as she rocked back and forth. She spasmed several times, her fingernails digging into my chest as aftershocks raced through her perfect, lithe body.

Then she fell against me, her sweet bottom in my hands, her beautiful little tits pressed against my chest, as we both panted, recovering from the exertion.

"Thank you, Daddy," she finally whispered.

"Thank you, Kitten," I said, nibbling her earlobe and stroking the small of her back. "Please try to be better tomorrow."

I phoned Natalie at work the next day around 10. While talking with some of the folks from work, I had invited a few over to watch the ball game that evening. She was not happy.

"You should have asked me first," Natalie said.

"I told them I had to check with you."

"I suppose you'll want me to wait on you the whole time," she said petulantly.

"Not all all, sweetheart. We're just going to have pizza and beer. I'll take care of everything. In fact, I'd really like it if you sat and watched the game with us - you said you liked baseball, remember?"

"But what about us? Don't I get to spend any time with you?" she wanted to know.

"It's just one night, baby. Besides, my boss said he might come. It can't hurt to be friendly with him," I explained.

"No, I guess not. I'll be the only girl, though, right?"

"I'm afraid so. Becca - you remember her from that we went out after work? - said she had other plans."

"Well, okay, I guess. But I'd rather have you all to myself."

"I know, baby. It's just one evening."

"All right."

"Okay, honey, I'll see you tonight. Don't worry, we'll have fun."

"Bye," she said.

"Bye, babe. I love you."

"I love you, too."

When I got home from work, I straightened up our small, but nice, apartment a little bit. Natalie came home to find me cleaning, and asked if she could help. I told her not to worry about it. I also told her when the guys were coming over. She asked what to wear, and I just told her to wear whatever made her comfortable, jeans or something. She disappeared to change out of her work clothes, and came back a little while later, barefoot and wearing jeans that sat low on her hips and a tight red polo shirt. She had her shiny hair down, flowing around her shoulders. She looked great, and I told her so.

The guys from work showed up about a quarter to seven. I introduced them to my fiance'e, and the four of them went in to the TV room to sit and make small talk while I got grabbed some beers from the refrigerator and took requests for pizza toppings. The pizza came halfway through the first inning, and we all talked baseball while eating. Natalie had a slice and finished her beer, but got up after the second inning and never sat back down with us again. I think I was the only one who noticed. I saw her sitting on a stool in the kitchen, reading a magazine. Her back was to us. I promised myself I'd make it up to her tomorrow with dinner at the fancy Japanese restaurant she wanted to try.

The ballgame was pretty good, and although Boston started to pull away in the sixth, we were having fun after putting away several beers each. In the seventh inning, though, was when it happened.

"Daddy, I've been naughty."

Oh shit. An acid taste filled my mouth, and my heart started pounding. No one said a word as we all looked in the direction of the voice. Natalie's voice.

She was standing at the entrance to the kitchen, without her polo shirt or jeans. All she had on was a yellow mesh tank top and a matching pair of very low riding hipster panties. Both were completely see-through, her puffy pink nipples and smooth, bare pudenda apparent to everyone in the room. She had braided her hair into pigtails.

Natalie walked slowly into the room and stood in front of me, her hands folded before her thighs and her eyes on the floor.

"Daddy, I've been naughty," she said again.

"Natalie, what are you doing?" I asked, as calmly as I could.

"Daddy, I've been naughty," she repeated. She wouldn't look up from the floor.

"Natalie, I don't think we should do this now."

For a moment, she didn't say anything - she just stood there. "Daddy, I've been naughty," she finally spoke.

Hell. I motioned for Amir to get up off the couch. He was up in flash, and quickly stood next to the television in the opposite corner of the room while Doug turned the TV off.

I patted my right knee twice, and she climbed up on the couch and lay down over my lap, her bottom facing all the other men in the room. Her panties were skimpy over her ass, and aside from being see-through, showed off a lot of her tight, smooth cheeks. I placed my right hand on her upper thigh and my left on her lower back, just under her top, trying to pretend that we were the only two people in the room.

I took a deep breath. "So, what did you do today, Princess?" I began.

"I was thinking about your hard penis on the subway this morning, Daddy."

"Yes?" I was lightly stroking her thighs with my fingertips.

"I was thinking about the last time you put it way up in my butt. It made me feel really sexy, Daddy, because I started rubbing my bottom against the pole behind me."

"You shouldn't so things like that in public, Princess."

"I know. Some boys saw me, Daddy. When I noticed them watching me, I turned away from them, but didn't stop doing it," she said.

"That's very bad."

"Yes, Daddy."

"That's not all, is it?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. I was very naughty today." My hand was on her bottom now, and I was tracing the line where her panties met her soft skin with my index finger. She was rolling her hips slowly and breathing deeply. "I was sitting in my cubicle, feeling horny because I was thinking about you. I wasn't touching my pussy, though, because you told me not to."

"That's good, Princess," I assured her.

"Yes, but then I saw the cute intern go into the ladies room, Daddy, and I followed her. We were the only ones inside. I sat in the stall next to the one she was in, and I pulled down my slacks and panties. Then I started touching myself, Daddy. I masturbated until I orgasmed, loudly."

"What did Amy do, Princess?" I was softly stroking her warm labia through the mesh fabric. She spread her legs a little for me, which gave the other men in the room a small look at her pretty pussy.

"Nothing, Daddy. She stayed there until after I came, and then she got up, washed her hands, and left. Then I got up, washed my hands and went back to my desk."

"Did she know it was you?" I asked her.

"I don't know. She could have watched me come out of the ladies room. Then she would know."

"Oh dear. That is very naughty Princess. Is that all?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Are you sure? Because I can think of a couple of other things you did. Can you?" I slid my index finger down the slit of her vulva. She was very wet inside, and opening her up allowed a small stream of pussy juice to wet her panties. She moaned. "I'm waiting, Princess," I told her.

"Yes, Daddy. I was jealous of you having your friends over," she admitted.

"That's the first one."

"And then I embarrassed you by showing off my body to your friends without asking you first," she said.

"Well, that's close enough." I told her. "So how many do you think you deserve?"

"Twenty, Daddy?"

"More than that, Princess!"


"I think even more. You have been very naughty today."

"Yes, Daddy. Thirty?" she asked.

"I think that is the right amount. Please take down your underpants, Princess, and keep count for me."

Natalie complied, lifting her bottom and pushing her panties down her thighs. For a moment, her bare, wet pussy lips were clearly displayed. After she settled back down, I raised my hand and smacked her on the left cheek, harder than she liked, and she yelped before saying "One."

I gave her an equally hard smack on her right cheek, and she yelped again. "Two."

After that, I spanked her with the usual force, just enough to sting and bring a warm pinkness to her pale skin. Her face was turned away from the room, her eyes closed as she counted up. She was squirming on my lap after ten strokes, held in place with my left hand on the small of her back, her tummy rubbing against my erect cock. Her pussy was dripping wet, forming a wet spot underneath her. By eighteen, she had begun breathing fast and was having trouble saying the numbers without stammering. After twenty, I started spanking her bottom faster - she barely had time to say the number before I hit her on the alternate side. Her ass cheeks were rosy pink and hot to the touch. Natalie's little fists were clenched tight, and she bit one in anticipation of each smack. After the twenty-ninth spank, the last on her left side, her legs started trembling and she groaned, little spasms gripping her ass and belly as she climaxed on my lap. I waited for her to finish. When she had begun to catch her breath, she said, "Twenty-nine, Daddy," in a very small voice. I was surprised - she'd never come while being spanked before.

I gave her a final spank. "Thirty," she whispered. "Thank you, Daddy."

"Shall I finish you off, Princess?" I already suspected her answer.

"No thank you, Daddy." She lay over me, breathing slowly.

"All right, then, Princess, pull up your underpants and go wait in the bedroom."

She looked back at me. "But what about you, Daddy? Don't you want me to take care of you?"

"I said to wait in the bedroom. Now stand up, Princess, fix your clothes and go. I'll deal with you later."

"Daddy!" she pleaded. Her eyes were shining.

"Now!" I told her severely.

Natalie raised herself up again, her face and shoulders pressed to the couch as she pulled her panties back up over her pink bottom. Then she climbed off the couch and stood in front of me.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," she said, looking at the floor.

"It's all right, Princess. Just go and wait for me."

She left the room without meeting anyone's eyes.

Doug broke the unbearable silence by clapping and laughing. "Holy shit! That was way better than a ballgame, buddy!"

Amir began laughing, too, and even my boss, Frank, was smiling and shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, guys," I explained. "I don't know what came over her. That's never happened before. I mean, in front of other people."

"She does that all the time?" Doug asked.

"It's just a game we play," I explained.

"Damn, dude, how did you teach her that?" Amir asked.

"It was her idea. Look, all that stuff she talked about? It's all just made up." I felt like I was starting to babble.

The three of them just looked at me.

"Whew. Yeah, well, we all better get going, right?" said Frank.

"No really, you can stay. I bet we can still see the end of the game," I offered.

"Are you kidding?" Amir asked, as they all started gathering their coats.

"Boston was gonna win anyway," said Doug.

"John, listen to me." Frank held up his left hand and pointed at his ring. "Enjoy it while it lasts. Now you go in there and nail her little pink ass to the bed, or don't bother coming in tomorrow because you're fired," he laughed.

A few minutes later, I showed them to the door and told them I'd see them at the office.

I opened our bedroom door. The room was dark, except for a rectangle of light coming through the doorway. Natalie was on the bed.


"Yes, Daddy?" she replied, quietly.

"Are you all right?" I asked her.

"Yes, Daddy." I walked into the room, my eyes adjusting to the darkness away from the door. She was laying on her stomach, her legs spread slightly, and she had her right hand underneath her - it looked like she was stroking her pussy. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that in front of your friends. I am in trouble?" Natalie asked. I sat down next to her, my feet on the floor, and turned on the bedside lamp.

"No Princess, everything is all right. I'm not upset with you," I reassured her, placing my hand on her slender back. I could feel the motion of her hips just barely rocking as she played with herself.

"That's good," she said. I slid my hand lower, over her bottom and between her legs. She had her hand inside her panties, her fingers slowly teasing her clit. "They're gone now, right, Daddy? I've been waiting for you like you said."

"Thank you, Princess." I pressed my index finger into the crease of her pussy through the thin fabric. She was hot and wet inside. Then I drew my finger up between her firm cheeks, over her tight rosebud, causing her to sigh. "Will you take care of me now?" My cock was getting hard again, growing thick inside my jeans.

"I'd love to, Daddy. What do you want me to do?" I circled my finger around her asshole.

"Whatever you'd like to do." I told her, knowing she understand my hint.

"Oh, Daddy," she pushed her sweet ass up into the air, "I've been laying here, thinking about having your hard penis in my bottom. Do you think we could do that?"

"Yes. Please take off your underpants while I get undressed, Princess."

"Okay. I'm going to take off my shirt, too."

"That's fine," I said as I stood up and unbuckled my belt. I stripped my T-shirt off and sat down on the bed to remove my shoes and socks while my pants and boxers were still halfway down my legs. Naked, Natalie leaned around me from the side and took my stiffening cock into her warm mouth, her tongue tickling the glans as she sucked me. The head of my cock grew fat and hard in her mouth and bumped into the back of her throat as she pressed down.

"Princess, I need to finish undressing," I told her.

She slid off, my rod withdrawing from her wet lips. "Sorry, Daddy. You just taste so good I can't help myself," she said.

I took my clothes the rest of the way off. "Princess, I want to watch you get your bottom ready for me."

"Okay. Can I suck you some more while I do it?"

"How will you do that?"

She smiled. Natalie reached into the nightstand and took out a bottle of silicone lube. She stacked two pillows up on the edge of the bed and lay crossways on the bed, her shoulders resting on the them. Holding her head up, she wet the fingers of both hands with a lot of lube, snapped the cap closed, and dropped the bottle. She then leaned her head back so it was hanging over the edge of the pillows and bed, her chin pointed at the ceiling. "Now fuck my mouth, Daddy,"

I stepped up and, crouching slightly, guided my hard cock between her lips. She sucked me hard, drawing my rod further inside. At the same time, she lifted her legs up, her knees to her chest, and spread her thighs, exposing her flawless pussy and asshole. With both hands she reached around her hips, resting her hands on her bottom. I watched her as she teased her sphincter with her left index finger, dipping it inside the tight hole to the first knuckle and then drawing it back out. She moaned around my cock as she nursed on it, her tongue sliding around my swollen head. She slowly finger fucked her ass, inserting the digit deeper and deeper until she her hand was nearly flush against her bottom on each stroke, all the while using the fingers of her right hand to spread lube around her asshole.

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