And The Other Stepdaughter Too

by biman4321

Copyright┬ę 2007 by biman4321

Erotica Sex Story: This is a sequel to the story about getting to know my stepdaughter better. Here I get to know her sister a little better also.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .


Judy climbed over unto the bed where I was lying and got under the sheet with me. Without a word, she started to kiss me gently at first, and then sucked my tongue in and twirled it around hers and pulled hard on it. Wow, she was still hot. I started to roll over and enter her but she stopped me and said, "No, this is my show." She got on top of me and rubbed those sweet tits right up against my chest, up and down, teasing me. She would kiss me and then gently rub my dick. She finally moved down and took the head into her mouth and again gently licked and sucked just the head. I was getting so hot, I felt already that I was about to cum, so I told her to slow down. She then decided to move back up and placed the dick inside her and began to milk me with her cunt muscles. She would start at the base and pull her body up to the fullest extension with the cunt muscles so tight around the dick. It was pulling it up with her and was the absolute best feeling I had ever had. She continued this for just a few minutes before I told her I was ready to explode. She then just rested on me for a few minutes so that I could calm down a little, and then resumed her milking but quicker. She told me that she was cumming too and to let it go. I did!! I felt a huge shot of cum blast out of me into her while she was almost crying she felt so good. Unbelievable!!!

That did it for both of us. We collapsed together and lay there for about 30 minutes without a word being said. I then told her that we had better get cleaned up and leave so that Mary and Jim would not suspect anything. Judy laughed. I asked what was so funny and she replied, " Do you really think Mary won't know what we did?" I said," well, I sure wasn't going to tell her so how would she know?" Judy replied " You have been around Mary long enough to know how discerning she is. She will know by simply looking at us." "No. No, No, she can't'" I said. But Judy responded, " Listen. Mary will know, and I'll bet that she wants to do exactly what I did.". "What?" I replied. " Ron, We both know Jim is a great husband and she loves him tremendously but frankly, He apparently isn't so great in bed, according to Mary." Judy continued " and I know she is a very horny girl most of the time, so why wouldn't she want to do it also?" " Well, for the very good reason that I am her stepfather." Said I somewhat reluctantly " HA, that didn't seem to make much difference to me, did it?" Judy said. " No, but Mary is different from you. She seems more controlled than you are sometimes." Said I hopefully. " That is because she wants people to think that but, believe me, she is really into sex big time, and she ain't getting much lately." Judy revealed " I think she will find some reason to be alone with you sometime today so you had better recover your drive quickly."

Now what to do? Apart from the fact that Mary is a very sexy woman with breasts even bigger than Judy's, She is still my stepdaughter. It was bad enough for me to fuck one of them, but to fuck both would be terrible. Of course, Judy seemed to feel absolutely fine about the evening so how would Mary feel? I know I would feel guilty but I doubted that would stop me if Mary offered the opportunity to me and maybe it was better to fuck both rather than just one. Anyway, I doubted that Mary would even notice.

Judy and I showered, cleaned up, and went to the restaurant to meet Jim and Mary. I noticed that Judy was glowing and I was sure I was too. They were already there and we joined them, asking for coffee. Please. They said hello, and got some cups so we could share their coffee. When I looked at Mary, she had the strangest look on her face while she was staring at Judy, and Judy put on her biggest grin of the trip. She didn't have to do that!! Then Mary looked at me but I looked everywhere but at her. I was thinking she already knows and, from just looking at Judy, who wouldn't have known. Mary then said," I trust you both had a great nights sleep last night." " I said," yeah, we both kind of passed out, we were so tired" " Really?" said Mary. " Yeah" I said. "Then you must be ready for a long day's work then at the house." "Of course" I replied. Luckily breakfast arrived and we didn't talk much more except about the house and the chores.

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