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Romantic Sex Story: A true story about when I met a younger woman online

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I drove up outside Cheyanne's building and as I turned off the motor, I wondered what she'd be like in real life? I'd met Cheyanne in an Internet chat room a few nights before and we seemed to get on very well together. Sure, she was younger than me, but while we chatted, age didn't seem to matter to either of us.

I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror and satisfied that I looked halfway human; I stepped out of the car. I'd brought a bottle of Southern Comfort for us to drink as she'd told me she liked it as well. I knocked on the door to her unit and waited. When Cheyanne opened the door, I couldn't get over just how lovely she looked in real life.

Yes, I'd seen the picture she had of herself in her profile, but here, standing before me, stood a vision of loveliness. She stood a few inches shorter than me and when she smiled, it lit up her whole face.

"Hi there." She said, allowing me to enter the lounge room.

There'd been a hint of nervousness in her voice, which was expected as she was inviting a stranger into her home.

"Hi there yourself Cheyanne." I replied, leaning forward to lightly kiss her on the cheek. I didn't want to rush things with her.

Even though I came on as a stud on-line, in actual fact, I tended to be quite shy in real life. Cheyanne lead me to the lounge and as I sat down, I checked out the unit as one does when they first enter a new dwelling. I saw that she'd decorated her unit quite nicely and in good taste. Just as well that we were meeting here instead of my unit, as my place didn't look quite so good.

Cheyanne poured us both a drink and as we chatted about the people we'd met on the Internet, I saw that she was starting to relax in my company. Looking at her sitting there on the lounge beside me, I couldn't help but be very impressed with what I saw. Her blonde hair came just below her shoulders. But it was her eyes that totally captivated me; they seemed to draw me into her. I still didn't bother to make any moves on her. I wanted her to trust me fully before anything like that happened.

After we'd been speaking for a while, I remembered that I'd promised her I'd show her another chat site I was using at the time.

"Would you like me to show you that chat site?" I asked her.

"Yes please, it sounds exciting." Cheyanne replied, smiling at me.

So she turned on her computer and I started to download the chat site for her. I could smell the perfume that she'd put on and my nose wanted more of it, but not yet. While we were on-line waiting for the chat site to finish downloading, Cheyanne went into the chat room that we met each other in. While we were in there, someone brought up the fact that there was chat rooms meet in town tonight.

"Awe... can we please go to the meet, Brian?" Cheyanne asked me with a winning smile. Who was I to refuse this lovely lady?

"Sure we can." I replied, even though all I wanted to do was be alone with this beautiful lady.

So I waited until Cheyanne had gotten ready to go into town. It was decided that we'd go in by train and leave my car at her place so that I could have a few drinks as well. I won't drink and drive.

When we arrived in town and were walking down towards where the chat meet was, Cheyanne said to me; " I hope you don't mind, but can we just be friends tonight?"

Even though I was disappointed in the turn of events, I wasn't about to ruin a good night with her anyway.

"Sure, that'd be fine." I told her.

Maybe she didn't like older men? Maybe she didn't like me? But then that happens from time to time, so I wasn't all that put off. I didn't know too many people at the party, so mainly just stood back and watched Cheyanne as she danced and chatted to the other chatters. I couldn't believe how someone hadn't snapped up Cheyanne yet. After all, she was gorgeous and smart to boot.

As I stared at her beautiful body, I wondered at what might have been if she'd not decided to just be friends? Somehow I just knew that she'd have made a sensational lover. She certainly had the body for it. Finally, the party began to break up. I'd had far too many drinks to drive safely, but as Cheyanne wasn't interested in me, I knew I couldn't spend the night there with her.

We caught a taxi back to Cheyanne's place and just as we were pulling up behind my car, I said to her; " If you don't mind, I'll just crab a cup of coffee before heading home ok?"

"Oh, Brian. I couldn't let you drive home like that." She replied; " you can stay the night here." She added.

"Are you sure?" I asked, no wanting to push my luck with her.

"Yes." She smiled.

I paid the cabbie and walked behind Cheyanne into her unit. As I walked into the unit, Cheyanne went over to the kitchen to make us both a cup of coffee. I sat down on the lounge and studied her profile. God, she looked gorgeous. I checked her arse and legs out. What I'd have given to have her naked right then.

Cheyanne handed me my cup and we sat there chatting for maybe another 10 minutes and I could see that she was tired.

"I'll sleep on here tonight, Cheyanne." I told her, indicating the lounge.

"No Brian, you can sleep with me, so long as you behave yourself." She giggled.

That shocked me; I wasn't expecting Cheyanne to offer her bed to me. As Cheyanne used the toilet to freshen herself up a bit, I stripped off and got into her bed. Cheyanne walked into the bedroom a few minutes later wearing a nightie. She slipped into bed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Good night, Brian." she said turning away from me.

"Night Cheyanne." I replied moving closer behind her and placing my arm around her waist.

Cheyanne didn't complain about me spooning in behind her. I could feel the heat coming from her body through her nightie onto my naked chest. I'd left my underpants on, not really expecting to make love to Cheyanne tonight. Not that it stopped me from becoming horny. Who wouldn't have gotten horny with this lovely creature beside them?

There was just enough light coming in through the bedroom window from the streetlight outside for me to be able to see Cheyanne's body lying beside me. I could hear her softly snoring in her sleep. I was glad she'd fallen asleep first, as I tended to snore rather loudly.

I raised myself up onto my elbow and looked down at her sleeping peacefully beside me. I couldn't believe that I'd been lucky enough to have had her lovely company tonight, let alone be in the same bed as her. Just then, Cheyanne rolled over onto her back and at the same time, kicking the blankets off us both. She was still fast asleep and I looked down onto her beautiful face.

Any man that finished up with her would have to be one of the luckiest men alive. Because she'd kicked the blankets off us, I was able to study the outline of her body, covered just by her nightie. I could see that her nipples had become erect in her sleep and were pushing upwards against the silky material of her nightie.

I let my eyes drink their fill of her proud, upstanding covered breasts and nipples, then, I allowed my eyes to travel downwards. Cheyanne had raised her left leg away from her body, causing her nightie to be pulled up away from her crotch. I couldn't believe my luck.

There, spread before my greedy eyes, was Cheyanne's exposed crotch. She was wearing a pair of pink G-strings. Because she had her left leg away from her right leg, I was clearly able to see one of her outer vaginal lips! From what I could see, she shaved herself down there. Which is something I've always loved.

I checked that Cheyanne was still fast asleep before I made my next move. I moved my body downwards until my head was now level with her crotch. Even though I wasn't about to abuse her trust in me by touching her, I thought that if I were to sneak a peek at her naked vagina, it wouldn't hurt either one of us. Leaning forward just above her crotch, I could just smell the sweet fragrant coming up from her vagina. I felt my penis stiffen inside my underpants.

I knew that if I stayed where I was, then I would finish up doing something to her, but I couldn't pull my eyes away from her beautiful crotch. Suddenly, I felt my head leaning forward as if on its own, until I found my mouth just inches above her vagina. I snaked the tip of my tongue out and gently licked her exposed outer lip. Then was no response from Cheyanne.

Then I gently hooked one of my fingers inside her panties and completely exposed her naked vagina. Slowly I began to lick and suckle at her sweet tasting vagina. Cheyanne moaned softly in her sleep and started to rise and lower her hips in time with my tongue working on her moist vagina. I shoved my tongue as deep inside her as it'd go, making Cheyanne groan loudly with pleasure. I knew then that she was fully awake.

I expected her to stop me from what I was doing, but she didn't. Instead, she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her wet pussy.

I teased and sucked at her clitoris making Cheyanne twist and turn on the bed. I knew then that she was ready for me to make love to her. But I wanted her to orgasm on my tongue first, before I actually made love to her. So I placed both sets of fingers either side of her pussy and gently pulled her outer lips apart. Then I plunged my tongue as deep inside her as it'd go and Cheyanne cried out as she began to orgasm onto my tongue. I greedily drank her juices as they flowed out of her.

Cheyanne was pushing herself down onto my face, trying to get my tongue as deep inside her as it'd go. She was moaning and groaning softly to herself as wave after wave pf pure pleasure shot through her whole body. Finally, Cheyanne stopped shoving herself onto my wet face and I lifted my face towards her and saw that she was smiling down towards me.

"Boy, did I ever need that." She said with a big grin on her face.

"I'm sorry about taking advantage of you while you asleep, Cheyanne." I said, though I'd enjoyed making her orgasm.

My cock was still touching her thigh and when I felt Cheyanne's thigh twitch, I felt she could feel it there also.

"Don't worry about it, Brian. I loved it." She replied, grinning down at me.

I slowly moved my body up level with hers and lay on top of Cheyanne's wonderful body, making sure that I kept my full weight off her. My cock was now pressing into her crotch. Our lips meet and as I tasted her lips for the first time, I felt my cock getting even harder, if that was possible.

I couldn't think of any other woman had ever turned me on this much before. I wanted her badly. Cheyanne slipped her tongue into my waiting mouth and as our tongues danced inside each other's mouths, I felt Cheyanne's left hand moved down in between our bodies. She gripped the shaft of my cock and moaned with pleasure at the thickness she felt down there.

"Mmmm, that feels like it needs to be buried deep somewhere wet and warm." Cheyanne joked, giving the shaft of my cock a squeeze.

"I agree with you, lovely lady." I replied moving down the length of her body again and gripped each side of her panties and slowly rolled them down off her hips.

Cheyanne helped by lifting up her backside, so that I could slip the panties off her. I couldn't take my eyes from her beautifully bald vagina. I love a woman shaved. As I slipped her panties off her feet, Cheyanne sat up in the bed and pulled the nightie up and over her head. I too, had taken my underpants right off and we both dropped our clothing onto the floor beside the bed.

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