A Friend Helping A Friend

by Bakerman

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: Two friends meet after many years and begin discovering how different their lives have become.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .


Cara and I had been friends in high school but had drifted apart over the years. All that changed about 18 months ago when we ran into each other at one of the cities finer eateries. Since then we have made up for lost time and were regulars on the morning coffee and shopping set.

We had travelled different roads but had both ended up at the same place. Mid-twenties, married to older, successful, career men. My husband is a concert promoter / band manager and is in a prime position to get the pick of the up and coming, barely dressed, blond bimbo's who are looking to break into the music biz.

I must admit this was me when I first met him, dancing around a pole as I sang Tina Turners Private Dancer. He was checking out the club for an upcoming gig for a band he was promoting and hung around to meet me when we were both through. I fell for his line and he did get me a few single releases, none of which charted highly and our wedding was really a PR exercise to boost sales of my one and only album. All too quickly I was a pop trivia question and living alone in a big house as he lived the high life on the rock stage.

All this means my sex life is populated by a string of tradesmen and semi professional sports coaches who are willing to waive their fee for services rendered in exchange for a bit of rough sex and a grope session with yours truly. It is all soulless, passionless sex just a means to kill the urge and ward off the black depression I was slipping into.

At the other extreme Cara's husband is an engineer for a mining company and is usually away from home for 2 or 3 weeks each month. When he does come home Cara says the sex is passionate and intense but she also found diversions with strangers when her sexual urges became too much for her to hold on till he got home. But she also admitted it was fun to have sex this way as the men's esteem was improved by having a woman throw herself at them.

As I caught up with Cara and her lifestyle I discovered she was a gadget junkie and had to have the latest of every thing. In exchange for a few blow jobs and sex sessions with a local electrician she had all the gadgets in her bedroom wired up to a central control built into her bedhead. From her bed she could activate the plasma TV, DVD player and most importantly, for her, she could have hands free phone conversations. On more than one occasion Cara has called me after her latest tradesman fuck session to give me all the graphic details and let me know if the guy gave value for money both vertically and horizontally.

About two months ago Cara rang at 8:00 PM to tell me her hubby was taking a stop over on his way to his next job and would be home within the hour. She was describing the lingerie she had on, red lace peek-a-boo bra and matching crotchless panties when suddenly she giggled that he was home. I was going to hang up but Cara told me to stay on the line and that I would be able to hear them but they couldn't hear me. I heard a click then Cara called to her husband to lead him to the bedroom. From the whistle I heard he must have been impressed by the sight that greeted him on the bed.

Cara told him to undress right away, as she needed him badly. It was like I was right there and I was getting a little flushed as I listened to them kiss and moan. Cara mentioned her nipples poking through the material of her bra and that it wasn't because she was cold. Then she told him the panties were crotchless so he could get his tongue into her cunt right now.

I heard the bed squeak as he added his weight to it and when Cara let out a deep long growl I knew he had his face buried in her pussy. I was getting turned on myself so I put my own phone on speaker so my hands were free to explore my own body. From then on this is what I heard...

"Oh yeah, stick that tongue in my cunt. Finger me, flick my clit." Cara gave her husband explicit instructions. "You haven't shaved for a while and that stubble is scratching my arse, grind your chin in my slit." Cara's voice trembled as her husband worked to oblige her.

"Aah gawd, it's soooo good, please slip me a finger, no make it two. Stretch my cunt. Get it ready for your dick to rip me in half." Cara rattled off instructions as the bed continued to shake.

Then it was a succession of grunts, groan, oohs and ahhs as Cara and her hubby gave themselves over to the moment.

"Come up here and bite my nipples. Squeeze my boobs, leave finger marks. Pull my nipples with your teeth, they are sooo hard and stiff just like your dick." Cara was getting assertive and loud.

"Kiss my neck, nibble my ear. Oh yes that's it. Oh fuck, I can't take any more slip your dick to me." Cara was almost pleading to be fucked and I was equally excited.

Cara's screams of pleasure were matching my own as I worked my fingers in and around my pussy. I was imagining her husband penetrating her pussy with one violent thrust and then continuing to pound her till he came emptying his balls after weeks without pussy.

Again Cara screamed with pleasure but from then on it was mostly grunting and heavy breathing. The bed continued to bang against the wall between Cara's swearing and calls to be fucked harder and faster.

As for myself, I was now naked on the lounge floor and had 3 fingers ramming in and out of my pussy as I worked myself into an orgasmic frenzy. I was trying to hold back my orgasm, willing myself to cum in time with my friend but not sure how much longer I could last.

Then as Cara's voice tailed off into a series of shortening yips I heard her husband give a final grunt and a yeah baby so I guessed he had cum at last. Cara followed with a long slow cry of oohhh and then my body shuddered as my own orgasm swept over me.

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