More Than Just A Job - Book I
Chapter 7

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7 - A story in 8 parts that tells of 2 women who find themselves in awkward positions and then their positions get really awkward. Many story codes, different for each chapter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Enema   Exhibitionism   Doctor/Nurse   Body Modification   Needles   Slow  


Jackie and Sandy walked hand-in-hand to the Prairie Star restaurant. They were seated for lunch without a wait. Sandy let Jackie order for the both of them and they were soon enjoying Cilantro-Braised Chicken Relleno and a Prairie Star Romaine salad. The meal was excellent and soon the ladies were sipping daiquiris and talking.

"I know you've had it rough, Sandy. What I really need to know, are you ready to go back to work tomorrow? It'll be a one-on-one and it is important. He won't be a beast like Hito was. I need to know so I can brief you."

Sandy pursed her lips and thought for a moment. She looked at Jackie, who was just waiting for her to speak. Sandy assumed a thoughtful expression and waited a few more minutes. Jackie's tolerant expression hadn't changed. Sandy chuckled, "I give up! It looks like you've got this 'patience thing' down. Yes, I'm ready to work."

"I should spank your impertinent ass! Keeping me in suspense like that." Jackie threatened.

"I'll hold you to that Jackie, but something tells me you're too busy right now."

Jackie wiped her brow in an exaggerated motion. "Too right, I have to pick up a group of, you guessed it, Japanese guys in the lobby once I'm done talking with you. Now to hostess business; there is a Very Important Person arriving tomorrow afternoon. I cannot tell you too much that you have to be extra-special to our guest." Jackie gave Sandy a hurt look. "No, not that special, it's not like you have to sleep with him. He is just deciding if he wants to be a shareholder or not."

"He is Theodore Carmichael, the owner of Carmichael Farm Products Inc. He is the largest producer of meat products in the U.S. If he becomes a shareholder, he will supply all of the RR Entertainment properties with meat. He will give RR a special price if he becomes a share holder, so millions are at stake. You will be making a lasting impression on Mr. Carmichael. With Sue gone, the hostess situation is tight. Just be relaxed and professional, you will do great." I knew that Sue had been one of the few hostesses and that her contract was up. She was going home to marry and raise a family.

Sandy nodded, letting Jackie know that she was up to it. "You will only be spending a couple of days with him. Just meet him late tomorrow afternoon, get him checked in and let him take you to dinner. He'll probably be tired and make it a short night. The next day just show him around and be sure to answer all of his questions the best you can. Above all, be honest. He will be leaving the next day, so just see him off then. Any questions?"

Sandy shook her head "no". "Well then I'm off to greet our little yellow brothers from across the sea. Wish me luck." Sandy watched Jackie float off towards the lobby. I know Jackie and if they try anything foolish they're the ones who will need the luck!

When Sandy got back to her room she found a folder with all the pertinent information on Mr. Theodore Carmichael. She knew it was to help her learn about him to make his stay better, not to come off like she knew everything about him and was just trying to impress him. In other words she was supposed to impress him without actively impressing him. Sandy went down to the shopette and bought some stuff she didn't really need. While she was there she looked in some catalogs and ordered some clothes. I wish Mr. Carmichael was arriving today, I have been bored out of my skull for the past week.

Being bored and not yet tired, Sandy thought she would relieve a little tension before she tried to sleep. She went to her vanity and selected an anal vibrator and a big, fat dildo. I have already had my anal cherry taken against my will. I want to use it for MY pleasure now. Jeanie won't be off for hours and I am too horny to wait.

Sandy took off her pink sari and tossed it down the laundry chute. She sat on the edge of her bed lubing the little white missile and then turned the vibe on. A pleasant hum projected from the thin plastic tube and Sandy felt the thrilling vibrations as she inserted it into her ass through her tight sphincter. Sandy felt a warm glow as the alternating waves spread to the rest of her body, especially her throbbing cunt.

She moaned as she pushed the large, realistic dildo into her wet folds. Once it was filling her snug cunt all the way up, Sandy gripped the dildo by its large plastic balls and fucked herself with it. In and out the shaft went, working her seeping girl-juice into a frothy broth. The smell of Sandy's arousal and the ceaseless pulsations from the anal vibrator were ramping her closer and closer to orgasm. Every time Sandy thrust the dildo into her leaking quim, its balls would rake across her swollen clit.

Those sensations and her feverous imagination finally carried her into a strong climax that left her gasping. Sandy's body tingled and she lost all motor control with the giant dildo jammed deep in her spasming cunt. The anal vibrator kept on humming, shaking the dildo against her swollen clitoris. Sandy lay in a heap on her bed experiencing orgasm after orgasm until she passed out and the batteries finally ran down.

Jeanie entered her room as she had done for every night since Sandy had gone into isolation. She noticed her 'sister' lying on her bed through the open bathroom doors. Jeanie shivered with glee as she peeled off her corset and kicked off her heels. She loped over to Sandy and dove onto her body.

Jeanie showered Sandy with kisses while holding her tight. "I missed you so much, Sandy. I had such a hard time sleeping alone." Jeanie leaned back as Sandy was struggling awake. She saw the base of the dildo sticking out of her weary cunt and gasped. "Sandy, what have you been up to? You're such a naughty girl."

Sandy groaned and started to sit up. She stopped part of the way up with a groan. The dildo made a loud squelching sound as Sandy pulled it from her sticky cunt. She started to sit up again and stopped right away. Rolling onto her side Sandy reached behind her and pulled the anal vibrator from her tight ass-hole. She tossed the vibrator streaked with shit and lube into the bathroom.

Jeanie's mouth opened wide in shock. "You've been a very naughty girl." Sandy managed to sit upright. Jeanie grabbed her in her arms and squeezed her tight. "Don't worry about it 'sis'. You have been through a lot. Let's just lay here and cuddle."

Sandy awoke the next day feeling refreshed. She managed to inch her way out from under the naked woman sharing her bed without waking her. She rose to her feet and stretched her lithe body. I feel great! Especially after Jeanie and I got reacquainted last night. Sandy went to her phone and dialed a number, canceling her wake-up call. She douched herself and used an enema. After shaving Sandy showered and performed the rest of her morning self-cleaning.

As she stood by her closet Sandy wondered what to wear. She had decided that evening gowns were Jackie's signature and that she needed something different. With her fantastic legs, Sandy decided that mini-dresses were her ticket. She would have to order more, but for today she had to decide between a black chiffon halter style mini-dress and a white one sleeve mini-dress.

Whichever one she didn't wear today, she would wear tomorrow. Sandy decided to wear the white mini-dress with five-inch high white fuck-me pumps. She left her legs bare and wore some dangling diamond earrings. A couple of spritzs of 'White Diamonds' perfume and she was ready for Mr. Theodore Carmichael.

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