Doctor's Orders
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What he told me was simple and straight to the point - get your head out of your ass or die.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow  


"I'll give it to you as straight and simple as I can. You have to stop smoking, quit drinking, lose fifty pounds and eliminate caffeine from your diet or die! And I don't mean in a couple of years. You are on your way to a coffin within the next six months if you don't get your head out of your ass and do what I just told you to do."

The doctor's words rattled around in my head as I drove home. I knew I smoked too much and I had tried to stop half a dozen times. And the doctor wasn't the first to tell me that I drank too much; my wife Marlene did that on an almost daily basis, but what the hell, I could handle it and it relaxed me when I got home from a hard day at the office. I did not believe the overweight part though; I was comfortable with what I carried and I'd always felt that a man's best weight was what he was most comfortable with. But, and it was a pretty big but, I did not want to die; at least not within the next six months and preferably not within the next forty or fifty years.

Regardless about what I thought about my weight and drinking I paid good money for the doctor's opinion and I had learned over the years that it is stupid to pay for an experts opinion and then not put it to use. I walked into the house, put my briefcase in the den and then headed for the wet bar in the family room. I actually had the scotch bottle in had and the stopper out when Dr. Hartmann's words came back to me -"or die!" I put the bottle back in the cabinet and my wife, who was in the kitchen, said "Something wrong dear?"

"No" I said, "I'm trying to cut down on my drinking."

She gave me a little half grin, one that said, "Fat chance" and then she said, "That's nice dear. Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes."

I went back into my den and sat down at my desk. I opened my brief case and took out the pack of Pall-Malls and shook one out and was reaching for the lighter when Hartmann's voice came back at me again -"or die!" I looked at what I was holding in my and then threw the pack and the lighter into the wastebasket. I stared at the wall for several minutes and the made a decision. I picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory.

"Michelle? Paul. I need to talk to you. Can I come over in about an hour? Thanks."

Michelle and her husband Bob were our next door neighbors and Michelle worked at the local recreation center as a personal fitness trainer. If I was going to do what Hartmann wanted me to do I was going to need help. After dinner I told Marlene that I was going next door to talk to Michelle and I thought I saw a trace of worry cross her face. She asked me why:

"Just something personal that I need to discuss with her."

Again the touch of worry, or was it just my imagination?

Michelle met my knock and invited me in. She asked me what this was about and I told her about my visit to the doctor and what he'd told me.

"My problem is that I know what I have to do, hell, I've always known, but I just can't seem to do it. I'll start an exercise program and then something will come up and I drop it. I always mean to go back to it, but somehow I never do. I'm sure that you see this in the people you work with; how do you get them to overcome it?"

She smiled and said, "Usually you set up a system with rewards. You set up a program, define your goals and then you break the program down into sections. You complete section one and you get a reward. Finish section two and you get a reward and so on."

I must have looked mystified and she laughed and said, "I don't reward you, you reward yourself." I guess I looked confused so she said, "Let me give you an example. Mr. Jones wants to lose fifty pounds and then do some weight training to tone up after the weight loss. However he has the same problem you have - he just can't seem to stay with it so I made a suggestion. I asked him how much it would be worth to him to meet his goal and what would he consider as a penalty that he could not afford to pay. He thought about it and then said if he was in a legal battle he could not afford to be fined five thousand dollars. So I said to him fine! You give me five thousand dollars. You meet your goals within the agreed upon time frame and you get the five grand back." By the time he meets the goal he has adjusted to not having the five thousand so when he gets it back, it's a gift - a reward for meeting his goal. If he back slides and doesn't follow through I give the five thousand to charity in his name so he at least gets the tax write off, but he is still out the five grand."

I must have looked skeptical because she said, "That was what worked for Mr. Jones. Other people have different ways of doing it, but the principal is the same. You just have to come up with the plan that works for you."

"Okay" I said, "I'd like to become one of your clients. Think you can help me?" She grinned and said, "I know I can help you and I know just what reward system we can use to keep you on track."

"What's that?" I wanted to know.

"Not yet. Let's work out a program first and once we set your goals we will talk about rewards. Here is what I need you to do."

The next morning I was at the rec. center and signed up for a full year membership. I met Michelle there at nine in the morning and we sat down and discussed what I needed to do. The drinking was not going to be a problem; I drank because I liked to, not because I needed to or had to. Diet and an exercise program could handle the weight loss and while smoking was not something that Michelle usually addressed as part of a fitness program, other than to discourage it, she thought that in my case she could help. We decided that my primary goal would be to lose the fifty pounds that Hartmann wanted me to lose and then work on toning up the loose skin that weight loss would bring.

"It's all doable if you stick with the program" she said and then she took me to the centers exercise room. She led me through a series of machines and showed me how to use them, filled out a card showing me the weights she wanted me to use and how many repetitions she wanted me to do. The last step was to weigh me and then we sat down to discuss how to keep me on track.

"First" Michelle asked, "How is your love life?"

"Non-existent" I answered. She gave me a questioning look and I said, "Marlene and I haven't been getting along for some time now. I still love her, but she doesn't seem to care for me anymore."

"Ever wonder why?"

"Every waking hour."

"I'm going to tell why, but I want you to remember that this is coming from a friend - someone who likes you - so don't get pissed at me. First, Marlene doesn't smoke while you are a heavy smoker. Smokers don't realize how offensive they smell to non-smokers. It's in your hair, on your skin, in your clothes and in short you stink - literally! Next is your weight. No woman wants an extra fifty-pound of flab bouncing on her when she is making love and when you put that together with your smokers stink it is a definite turn off. Lastly, you drink too much and it affects your motor skills. In short, everything that your doctor has said is wrong with you has made you a lousy lover. So there is part of your reward. You quit smoking, quit drinking and lose your fifty pounds and you can probably put things back together between you and Marlene.

"Now, here is my reward program for you. You stop smoking today and not touch another cigarette and in two weeks I'll give you a blow job."

I'm sure that my face showed the shock that her statement caused. She grinned and said, "There's more. For every ten pounds you lose I'll give you another one and when you have lost all fifty pounds I'll fuck your brains out." She laughed when she saw the look on my face, "No, I don't do that for any of my other clients, but you are a special case. You see, I'm not only giving you a reward, I'm taking revenge on my husband. He has been fucking your wife for the last two months now, so we both want you to succeed, right?"

"You know that your husband has been fucking Marlene and you haven't done anything about it?"

"No, I've been waiting for the right set of circumstances to come along. I plan on getting my revenge by letting him know I'm fucking some one else, but I'm kind of particular about who I spread my legs for and until you came along I hadn't found anyone I'd be willing to screw. You are a gift from Heaven baby and I can't think of anything more fitting than having you as my revenge fuck."

I left the rec. center and headed to my office with a lot on my mind. Yesterday Hartmann tells I'm going to die if I don't get my head out of my ass and this morning Michelle tells me that my wife is having an affair with her husband. All of a sudden I realize what those traces of worry on Marlene's face meant when I told her I had something personal to discuss with Michelle. I had promised Michelle I wouldn't say anything about it, at least not just yet, but I promised myself I would at least jerk Marlene's chain when I got the chance. The chance came sooner than I expected. When I got home that night Marlene was in the kitchen fixing dinner and for the second night in a row I surprised her by not heading for the wet bar. Dinner was a quiet affair and it wasn't until we were clearing the table that Marlene casually asked:

"So what did you need to talk to Michelle about last night?"

I gave her a non-committal look and said, "A personal matter that concerns both of us. I needed her slant on something that has been bothering me for about two months now."

"What's that?" she wanted to know.

I said, "I'll give you a hint. Your name came up in the conversation a couple of times. Now if you will excuse me I have some work I need to catch up on" and I left a worried looking Marlene standing in the kitchen.

I was up and out of bed at five the next morning and was waiting at the front door when the rec. center opened at five-thirty. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to run through the program that Michelle set out for me and then I showered and headed off to work. That night dinner was again a quiet affair and as soon as I finished helping to clear the table I went into the den to work on some papers I'd brought home. Disappearing into my den in the evening was not usual for me, but it seemed to be keeping Marlene on edge and so I decided to keep doing it until I got around to confronting her on her affair. The next night I was a half-hour late getting home and it gave me the chance to jerk Marlene's chain again.

"You're late" she said and I replied, "Yeah, those damn lawyers always take up more time than you schedule them for."

It was the truth, I was late because a meeting with the corporate legal staff ran longer than expected, but Marlene didn't know it was business and not personal. For the next several weeks my schedule was basically the same; up at five to be at the rec. center when it opened, run my program and then head to work. It sounds a lot easier than it was. The days were absolute hell as I worked at kicking the nicotine habit. I was chewing three and four packs of gum a day, drinking black coffee by the gallon (even though Hartmann had warned me to give up caffeine) and by the end of the second week I had calmed down to the point where I actually thought I could kick the habit for good.

Also during that period I kept hitting Marlene with little digs about things to keep her worried. One night I asked her to estimate the value of her jewelry and when she asked me why I said my lawyer wanted a statement of our net worth. Another time I told Marlene that I needed her to be at home at a specific time and when she asked me why I told her I had made an appointment with a contractor to come in and give me an estimate on getting the place fixed up. When she wanted to know why I told her that it was something else the lawyer wanted done.

Wednesday, the end of the second week I got to the rec. center at five-thirty and found Michelle waiting for me. She asked me to follow her to her office and then she shut and locked the door.

"What have you been telling Marlene?"

I told her about the mind games that I had been playing and she laughed, "Well, you'll be pleased to know that they are having an effect. She has been talking to Bob and he has been very nervous around me lately." Then she came over to me and sniffed my hair and my skin and asked, "How long has it been since you had your last cigarette?"

I told her it had been sixteen days. She smiled and pushed me back until I was sitting on the edge of her desk, "Time then for your first reward" and she went to her knees in front of me. It was some of the best head I'd ever received, but unfortunately it had been some time since I'd had sex of any kind and I came much too quickly. I warned Michelle when I was about to cum and she just pulled me deeper into her mouth and swallowed all I had to give. It was a new experience for me. Marlene used to suck my cock, she even said she liked it, but she never let me cum in her mouth. Michelle looked up at me:

"Poor baby. It's been a long while for you, hasn't it?" I nodded a yes and she said, "Don't worry baby, you'll last longer next time. How close are you to your first ten pound loss?" I told her that it had been eight and a half pounds the day before and she smiled, "Work hard today baby and I'll look forward to seeing you on Friday morning. I was eleven pounds down when I saw her Friday and by the time she got done draining me I felt like I'd lost another ten. A man could learn to like her reward system.

During that almost three-week period things had been a little tense at my house. Marlene was on pins and needles over what she thought I might be doing about what she thought I thought she was doing. I, on the other hand, was barely talking to her. I got up to go to the center before she did, went to work from the center, came home ate dinner and then went into my den to work on things I'd brought home with me. Basically I ignored Marlene, determined to make her make the first move. What would happen then I didn't know. I hoped that we might be able to work things out because I did love the silly bitch, even if she was fucking someone else behind my back. In a way I could hardly blame her; everything that Michelle had told me about why Marlene might not find me physically attractive anymore was true, but I was still pissed. Marlene could have said something about it to me and maybe we could have corrected the problems. Well, probably not; I'd have just gotten my back up at the suggestion that I drank too much and smoked too much and we would have just argued.

By the third week I had my schedule down pat. Even though I was only supposed to work my program every other day on M-W-F I still went to the center on Tuesday and Thursday and walked the treadmill, rode the bicycle, or swap laps in the pool. On Thursday of that third week I got up at five as usual, but decided to skip going to the center that morning. I was in the den working on my income tax when I heard the front door open and close. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was a quarter after six and I knew that Marlene never got out of bed before seven. I got up and opened the den door a crack and saw Michelle's husband Bob go up the stairs and into our bedroom. Marlene must have given him a key. I waited a minute or so and then I quietly went up the stairs. The bedroom door was open so I stood off to the side and listened. I heard noises, but nothing I could make out so I cautiously peeked around the doorframe.

Bob and Marlene were in a sixty-nine with Bob on top. The bedside lamp was on and I got a good view of Marlene's mouth sliding up and down on Bob's cock and I suddenly found that, in addition to the anger that the sight caused me, I also had a very stiff dick. I watched as Marlene sucked that cock and was suddenly sorry that I wasn't going to be able to watch the rest of what was going to happen. Once they stopped going sixty-nine they would probably notice me and I wasn't ready for the confrontation - not just yet. I quietly went back down the stairs, left the house and drove to the center. Marlene was in her office and I told her what just happened.

"I don't know how much longer I' going to be able to hold off from doing something about it."

Michelle looked thoughtful and said, "I was hoping you could put it off until you earned your final reward for losing the full fifty pounds, but realistically that could still be a couple of months down the road. Oh well, do what you have to do, just let me know when because I'm going to ding Bobby at the same time."

The following Tuesday I got up at my usual time, went downstairs to give Marlene a chance to fall back to sleep and the I quietly went back upstairs and into the bedroom closet. It was almost a half-hour wait until I heard Bob coming in the front door. He came into the room, turned on the bedside lamp and then bent over and started to lick and suck one of Marlene's tits. She slowly woke up and rolled over onto her back and Bob stripped off his clothes and then got in bed with her in the sixty-nine position. I saw Marlene open her mouth and swallow Bob's cock even as she spread her legs to give him access to her pussy. After about five minutes they changed position and Bob moved between her legs and I watched as he slowly sank his length into what I used to think was mine. Her legs clamped his thighs and her hands came up to grab his shoulders and he started to fuck her. She was fucking back at him, pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts and moaning:

"Oh god, oh god, oh god."

Bob fucked her for a good ten minutes before he grunted, "Here it comes honey, here it comes" and several seconds later he pulled himself out of Marlene's cunt. When he pulled out I saw a drop of cum fall from the head of his cock onto her stomach and then I watched her wipe it up with a finger and then lick the finger. I absolutely could not believe how hard my cock was when I saw that, and how turned on I was. It took all of my will power not to charge out of the closet and fall on her.

Bob said, "Tomorrow, same time?" and Marlene said, "Sure honey, if that's what you want."

When she got out of bed to go and take a shower I got out of the closet and left the room. I was in the closet again on Thursday and watched as Bob woke her up by sucking her tits, then moved into a sixty-nine, but this time Bob moved her onto her knees and fucked her for a few minutes dog fashion. I was as hard as a rock watching the two of them. Then he pulled out of her pussy and did something that I had only done to Marlene once - he pushed his cock into her ass! I saw her grit her teeth and silently let him stuff her butt with his cock. I'd only tried it with Marlene once and she had screamed in pain and begged me to stop, but she sure didn't seem to mind it now. It was about five minutes before Bob emptied himself into Marlene's ass and then they both fell back on the bed. "That was great babe" Bob said, "Same time tomorrow?"

Friday when I finished my work out I stopped in to see Michelle and told her about my two mornings in the closet. She laughed:

"Why you old pervert you. Did you get a kick out of watching?"

I admitted that I did, but then I said, "I can't let this go on any longer. If you plan on nailing Bob at the same time I hit Marlene then tonight's the night. I plan on confronting her right after dinner."

That night I waited until we had finished dinner and then I said, "You planning on getting a divorce or what?"

Marlene looked stunned and then she said, "Why in the world would you ask me something like that?"

I let the silence build and then I said, "You are obviously unhappy being married to me. We haven't had sex in over four months. The last three attempts I made you rebuffed with excuses and yet you have been fucking the next door neighbor for almost three months now." Marlene's face went pale when I said that and I continued on, "To me that indicates one of two things - you intend to leave and get a divorce or you plan on continuing your affair with Bob behind my back."

I stopped talking and let the silence hang in the air for several moments and then said, "I'm here to tell you that I will not allow that to continue. You will not stay married to me and continue to fuck him, at least you won't as long as I'm not getting laid. You want to fuck us both fine, but from this day forward I don't get any, he doesn't get any or you can hit the fucking street. You need to figure out what the fuck you are going to do and then let me know" and then I got up and left the kitchen for my den.

It was almost half an hour before I heard her come into the room behind me and sit down on the leather couch. I sat at the desk and shuffled papers, arranging bills I had to pay and waited for her to speak. There was five minutes of silence before she said in a quavering voice:

"How long have you known?"

I turned in my chair to face her, "Much longer than I've wanted to. At first I didn't believe it, but when I was late getting out of here one day last week and saw Bob come in the house and go up to our bedroom I was pretty sure that something was going on. Still, I walked up the stairs and peeked around the doorframe to be sure and when I saw you in a sixty-nine with his cock in your mouth it kind of firmed it up for me. And I know it has been going on for three months now because Michelle told me. How she found out I don't know. The only question on the table right now is what are you going to do."

Marlene's chin quivered and her voice was shaky as she asked, "What are you going to do?"

I didn't offer her any help, "I'm not going to do anything. What happens will be because of the choices you make. You decide what you are going to do and then you tell me. I'll give you this much to work with. I have a good idea of why it happened and I'm working on it. I don't care how it happened and I'm only marginally pissed that it did happen and that's mostly because I've been going without while you and Bob have been getting plenty. When I married you I said 'for better or worse' and to me that meant hanging in there with you even during the bad times and I think we can consider this to be about as bad as they are going to get and I'm staying. Whether I'm staying by myself is going to be up to you."

I turned around and went back to my papers and a couple of minutes later I heard her get up and leave. Half an hour later I heard her come back into the room and I turned around to look at her. She was standing there in only a pair of high heels.

"Are you coming to bed anytime soon?"

It was a long night. We made love and then we talked, made love and talked some more. I went four times that night and it was a personal best for me. Even though I'd told Marlene that I didn't care how things that started between her and Bob she felt the need to explain. Michelle had hit the nail right on the head - it had been the smoking, drinking and the excess weight that had turned Marlene off and added to that was the fact the I no longer seemed to have the staying power to get her to the point of orgasm. She still had her sexual needs though and one morning she was sitting on the living room couch using a dildo on herself when Bob had walked in on her. She froze, like a deer caught in headlights, and before she realized what was happening Bob had his cock in her.

After that the affair just seemed to take on a life of it's own. When she was done I told her that it didn't matter and then we fell asleep.

The next morning Marlene woke me with a blow job (it was a Thursday and not a rec. center day) and when I was nice and hard she swung herself over me and lowered herself down on me. She began rocking back and forth and then she said:

"Did you really mean it when you said you didn't care whether I fucked Bob as long as I fuck you?"

"As long as you stay mine I don't care."

"Why don't you care?"

I confessed to my having been in the closet and watching her twice and I told her how much it had turned me on.

"Would it turn you on to fuck me after I had fucked someone else?"


"Would it have turned you on last night to know that Bob had fucked me about half an hour before you got home?"

"You bitch," I cried and I rolled over on top of her and fucked her as hard as I could and when I came I stayed hard and kept on fucking her. She was breathing hard and she looked up at me and said:

"What do you think Bob will do when he walks in on us?" I looked down at her and she looked up at me and chuckled, "That's right lover. He doesn't know you stayed home today and he should be walking through that door any minute now."

Her laughter followed me as I hurried to the closet and I couldn't but think on how everything had done a 180-degree turn in the last ten hours. At eight-ten last night she was weeping and I was laying down the law after four months of barely speaking to each other. At six in the morning she was laughing at me as I scrambled to hide myself in the closet so I could watch her fuck her lover. I had no sooner situated myself in the closet than the bedroom door opened and Bob came in and Marlene showed me an evil streak that I'd never known she had. As Bob approached the bed Marlene said:

"Hurry lover, my pussy's on fire and I want you to eat me."

Bob hurriedly undressed and soon they were in a sixty-nine position with Marlene on top and facing my direction. As her head Bobbed up and down on his cock she had her eyes on where she knew mine would be and she winked at me. The Marlene that was on that bed was a Marlene that I never knew existed and I wondered if it was something new or something that had been there all along waiting for me to discover it. They had been at it for about three minutes when Bob pulled his face out of her pussy and said:

"God, but you sure are wet this morning."

Marlene took her mouth off his cock and smiled at me in the closet, "I should be. My husband fucked me just before you got here."

Bob made a face and struggled to get out from under Marlene, "God damn it! Why didn't you tell me?"

Marlene gave him an innocent look and said, "Because I wanted you to eat me."

"Bitch" he snarled and he got behind her and rammed his cock into her pussy and began fucking her. She kept her gaze on the closet door and winked at me again. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of her cunt and pushed the head of his cock at her asshole and I saw her grit her teeth and the wince as he shoved his cock into her. As soon as he began fucking in and out her face relaxed and she looked toward the closet and blew me a kiss and I lost it. I blew my load all over the inside of the closet door. Back on the bed Marlene was moaning and begging:

"Oh yes, oh god yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass Bobby, fuck my ass" and all the while she never took her eyes away from where she knew mine would be. She looked right at me as she begged her lover to fuck her and I saw her mouth the words, "Is this what you want baby? I'm doing it for you."

It was a good ten minutes before Bob pumped his seed up Marlene's ass and then pulled out of her. As he dressed he said, "Same time tomorrow, or should I stop by this afternoon?"

I saw Marlene smile at me and then she said, "This afternoon lover, I want your cock in me this afternoon. Get here early and stay later. I'm hot today and I want to fuck."

Bob gave her a curious look, "I don't know what's come over you, but I think I like it."

As soon as he was gone I burst out of the closet and fell on her. "In my ass baby, I want you in my ass. Your cock is bigger than his is, but he's got me opened up for you. Fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass."

I didn't go to work that day and Marlene and I spent most of it in bed making up for lost time. She had undergone a major personality change, from quiet and dutiful wife (all be it an unfaithful one) to an absolute cock hungry slut and she seemed to glory in acting and talking like one.

"Did you like following him into my ass? How did your cock feel soaking in his cum? Did it turn you on to watch me sucking his cock? Did you laugh at the way he behaved when he found out he was licking up your cum? Would you like to taste his cum when he finishes with me this afternoon?"

The questions and button pushing went on all day and when I went back into the closet that afternoon I just knew my cock was done for the day. Marlene soon proved me wrong on that; the first thing she did when Bob got there was say:

"I want you to cum in my mouth, my pussy and my ass before you go. When hubby comes home tonight I'm going to kiss him with your taste still in my mouth and on my tongue. I'll tell him how hot and wet I've gotten waiting for him to come home and fuck me and I'll have him eat my pussy while your cum is still inside me. Will that turn you on? Will you get hard sitting at home and knowing that my hubby is getting sloppy seconds and soaking his cock in what you've left in me? Will it make you so hot that you'll hurry over in the morning after he's gone? Will it make you so hot that you'll fuck me really hard?"

She had pushed our buttons and now I was hard again and Bob was so inflamed that he pushed her down and fucked her on the floor. He came twice in her cunt, once in her ass and just before he left he blew a load down her throat. When I came out of the closet she was lying on the bed working a finger in and out of her pussy. She gave me a wicked smile and said:

"I've still got his cum in my mouth, are you going to kiss me?"

I did, and then I ate her pussy. I was fucking her in the ass when she said, "You've made me into a slut, your own personal whore. You want me to whore for you baby? Tell me who you want me to fuck and I'll do it. You want your clients to fuck me? Want to give me to your friends? I'm your whore baby, I'll fuck whomever you want."

It was another long night and I almost didn't have the energy to drag myself away from an insatiable Marlene. When I left for the rec. center I didn't feel guilty about leaving a horny Marlene lying on the bed because I knew she would probably have Bob's cock in her before I was half way through my routine. When I was finished with my routine I stopped by Michelle's office:

"How did your confrontation with Bob go?"

She shook her head, "It didn't. I decided to wait until after I've fucked you so I can rub his nose in it. How did it go with you?"

I told her what had happened and that, at least until she pulled the plug on Bob, it looked like the two of us would be sharing Marlene.

She looked at me in amazement; "You would do that? You would share her with another man?"

I told her about what Marlene had said about being my whore from now on and she just shook her head. "Oh, by the way, the other reason I had for stopping is that it is reward time again" and I took out my cock. Michelle got up and went to the door and locked it. She came back and went to her knees in front of me and as she gave me my reward I thought that it was too bad that I didn't have to lose a hundred pounds.

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