by L.A. Wicker

Copyright┬ę 2007 by L.A. Wicker

Romantic Sex Story: A single Mom meets a wonderful, older man!

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This is kinda old, but a dear, sweet lady want it on here. This is for Andrea.

"Andy, No!' the young woman screamed as her small son ran quickly away from her. He looked about 3 years old, but ran like Jessie Owens.

I jumped from my truck and held him by his little suspenders. 'No you don't little guy!' I laughed out holding him as he still tried running away. He looked like one of those cartoons on the TV. 'Your Mommy will kick your little butt.' I laughed again as his very, pretty mother ran up to me.

'Thank you so much!' She panted trying to hold her purse and a giant diaper bag and a few nicely wrapped presents. 'I'd be just a little pissed if he'd got run over on his birthday, ' she smiled and attempted to take him from my arms, but with all the other things, she was carrying it looked impossible for her.

'I'll take him in for you, ' I smiled looking through her small glasses and into her pretty, blue eyes. 'I'm John, I'll be more than glad to help out, ' I smiled to the young girl giving her perky breasts a quick look, wondering what size they were. I guessed a small 36.

'I'm Tammy and this wild man is Andy, ' she replied reaching to tickle his belly. 'As you can see, he really hates coming here!' She laughed looking to all the kids and their parents running after them. 'I love bringing him here, but it just cost too much. It's real hard for a single mother, ' she said with a little frown on her extremely, pretty face.

I hadn't even really noticed myself. I'm a single man that makes just over 80 grand a year. My home is paid for and so are both of my cars. 'I just come here when one of my friends' kids have a birthday or something, ' I paused and remembered I left the present in the truck. 'Hold on a second. I left something in the truck when I ran after this guy, ' I said lifting him to blow a big raspberry on his tummy.

We walked inside and received our family tag. You know the thing they put on you to make sure nobody steals a kid.

'I love how they do that. It makes me feel so much better the way he runs off and all, ' she smiled up at me with a lustful look in her warm eyes. I was an older guy that loved it when a pretty, young thing like her seemed interested in me. Hell, what normal 45-year-old guy would turn away a 20-year-old girl?

I looked down at the silly wristband they put around me. 'I came in single and looks like I'm leaving with a family!' I said giving her a wink and couldn't help but enjoy the embarrassed look on her face. 'Well, now that I think about it, ' I said looking up and down her slender body. 'It might not be a bad deal, ' I winked again and thought her face was going to catch fire she was so red.

'I can take him now if you want?' She smiled and again looked up to my eyes with a look I hadn't seen before. We walked up to the counter to place our order. I saw her eyes get big as she read through the price list. 'I'll just have the number 5 deal, ' she said to the girl behind the counter.

I stepped up and looked quickly. 'No, she'll have the number one with $30 extra dollars worth of tokens, ' I looked to her with a smile. 'It's his birthday and I don't mind at all, ' I told her as I gently touched her arm and handed the cashier $100.

'You don't have to do this, ' she said giving me a warm smile. 'I've been saving and I have enough, ' she added as she softly returned my touch.

'It's my pleasure. I don't have a family and I enjoying helping pretty moms and wild little boys'!' I said lifting Andy up to blow another raspberry on his belly.

'Well, thank you very much, ' she replied reaching to take my change back from the girl. 'You said you were meeting some people here? I could help you carry this to where you need to go, ' she smiled holding up the present looking around the very crowded place.

'I'll get you settled in and go find them, ' I replied as we looked to find a place for her to sit. 'How about over there?' I asked seeing a nice table by the big caged in ball thing. It was great, toss the kid in and let them throw little foam balls at each other for hours.

She saw it and shook her head yes. 'That'll be great! I'll put his little butt in there!' Tammy smiled at me as we moved to the table. She sat everything on the down and took Andy from me. 'I sure do thank you, ' she said softly reaching to place a soft kiss on my cheek.

'No problem at all, ' I smiled running my hand over her soft, auburn hair. 'I guess I better go find my friends, 'I said not wanting to leave this beautiful girl and knew I'd have to find her before I left and see if I could get her phone number.

I found Ron, Angie and their spoiled kid Nick. Like every year, there were enough presents for at least five kids stacked on the table.

'Well hey there, ' Ron said reaching to shake my hand. He was a nice guy that had got his 'bitch' wife pregnant by mistake and being the nice guy he was, he married her. Most other men would have left her over-weight ass years ago, but good ol' Ron stuck it out. 'I was beginning to wonder if you were going to make me do this by myself!' He whispered with a dreadful look of pain on his aging face.

More people began to show up, most were his wife's family and like her, they were over-weight with big mouths just like hers. I smiled, shook hands and kept looking to Tammy and her little boy having the time of their lives.

Somewhere in all the yelling, bickering I slipped away looking for Tammy. I looked high and low, didn't see her anyplace, and started to worry that she had already left before I had a chance to get her number, when someone crashed into me.

'Oh my God, I'm sorry, ' I heard a sweet voice and it was her. 'I thought you left.' Tammy said with a relieved voice. 'I was wondering if you'd like to watch Andy open his things.' She asked with hope.

I looked to her table and the three little boxes and thought of my friend Ron's spoiled son with two tables full of things. 'Heck yes!' I replied sliding my arm around her very thin waist and we walked to her table just as her pizza arrived. 'That's just now getting here?' I asked giving the server a funny look.

'Yes!' Tammy said as she put Andy in his seat. 'I thought they forgot about us or something, ' she laughed giving him a big slice. 'How are your friends doing?' She asked and smiled when I had a look of pain cover my face.

'You'd have to meet this kid to love him as much as I do, ' I laughed out as I put a slice of the pizza on a plate and handed it to her. 'I hate saying bad things about kids, but he is nothing but a spoiled brat!' I added serving myself a nice thick slice.

We talked and had a great time as Andy ate, tossed various assortments of pizza on the floor and across the table. I found out she had only been 18 when she had the little guy and that his father denied him.

'I don't know the guy, but I'd say he really is a dumb ass and is missing out on a great girl and a good boy.' I told her as I rubbed his head and looked into her pretty eyes.

'Thank you, ' she replied wiping her mouth and returned a warm smile. 'You're going to spoil me saying all these sweet things, ' she added as a hint of pink covered her pretty face.

I just smiled and knew I had to go on. 'Someone as pretty and sweet as you deserves everything you get and then some, ' I said watching her really turn red. 'Would I be out on line if I ask for Andy's phone number? I thought we'd go do lunch at Hooters or maybe a good strip club, ' I teased and saw a disappointed look on her face.

'My phone kinda got turned off a few weeks back, ' she replied with a sad face. 'Hooters?' She laughed out reaching to give my arm a playful slap. 'I think you should give him till next year before you drag him there, ' she teased more and a big smiled covered her face.

'I hate being pushy or anything, but is there a chance that we could do something one night?' I asked hoping like hell she would say yes. There was no way I was going to let her just slip from my life without a good try to get her to go out with me.

She looked to me and I could see her thinking. 'It would have to be in a few weeks. I won't have any money for a baby sitter, ' she said with a frown.

'Any decent guy would pay for a sitter for you, ' I replied wondering what kind of guys she was used to going out with. 'I'd take care of everything and if you wanted we could even just stay at you place, ' I added seeing a smile on her face.

'My place looks like a big broom closet, ' she laughed out wiping off Andy. 'You ready to go play in the balls now?' She asked giving him a tickle. 'You wanta come play with us?' Tammy asked putting out her lower lip.

'Heck yes! What kinda guy would pass up playing with you?' I teased and watched her pretty face turn red again. I grabbed Andy up on my shoulders and we ran to the balls. We were inside chasing each other by the time Tammy had caught up with us. She slipped off her shoes and was climbing in. 'Get her!' I yelled out to Andy as he jumped in her arms and I started bombarding her with the foam balls.

'You cheater!' She teased and starting throwing them back at me just as fast until she rushed forward. She slipped and fell right in my arms.

I grabbed her and held her down. 'Come and get her bud!' I said to little Andy and he tried to cover her with the balls. 'Let me help you!' I said and in just a few seconds, she was covered completely and laughing, so hard I couldn't help but laugh myself.

'When I get up you've had it!' She teased giving me her motherly pointing, finger as a big smile covered her face.

'What do I get?' I asked pulling her out from under the hundreds of balls. I hadn't had this much fun in my life and I loved every second of it.

Her face turned red again and she gave me another little slap. 'Men!' She laughed and crawled after Andy. She must have forgotten she'd worn a very short skirt until she stopped and quickly turned to see me checking out her fine little butt and a great pair of blue panties. 'Oh I'm sorry!' Tammy said covering her butt.

'It's okay, ' I smiled at her. 'I didn't look. I promise, ' I teased and watched her face turn red. 'I didn't!' I lied moving my eyebrows up and down a few times.

We played and played until Andy slipped and bumped his head. 'Come on, it's okay.' Tammy said as she rocked him in her arms and lovingly caressed his back. 'Shoot! I hate to say this, but I guess I should be getting him home, ' she added as I helped her from the balls.

'Can I get your address or something?' I asked and must have sounded like a little boy, but I just couldn't let her go. In just a short time, I knew I could fall in love with her so easy and I already was crazy about Andy.

She started gathering up her things and saw the present I had brought. 'Oh no! You forgot this, ' she said with a sad face and reached to give it to me.

"Shoot, that kid had two tables full of stuff and I bet by morning half of it will be torn up, ' I replied putting it down in her bag. 'You give it to him, ' I said rubbing Andy's back as he lay in Tammy's arms and I picked up all of the things for her. 'I'll help you out. I still haven't got your address, ' I teased as we walked out in the warm, summer night.

She led the way walking to a little car that looked as if it was on its last mile. 'You can sit all that in the back seat, ' she whispered opening the car door and gently set Andy into a car seat. 'I just wanta say thank you one more time, ' as she moved closer to me. 'If it hadn't been for you, we'd left hours ago, ' she said and I could see tears forming in her gorgeous eyes.

'It was all my pleasure, ' I replied reaching to move a long strand of her hair from her left eye. 'Am I out of line asking you for your address?' I asked taking a step closer to her, but something just told me I'd get a chance to hug or give her a goodnight kiss.

She smiled and reached up and gently kissed my lips. I'd been kissed before, but never anything like this. My ears began to ring and I could swear I saw flashing lights. After a few seconds she pulled away. 'Wow!' was all I could say and saw her fanning her face.

'Ohhhh, you can say that again!' she replied and reached into her little purse and pulled out a small piece of paper. 'Here you go. I hope you don't take too long to stop by, ' she added softly placing the paper in my hand.

I looked at it and knew right where it was. 'Would tonight be too soon, ' I said with a laugh slipping it into my shirt.

'No!' Tammy quickly said. 'I mean, no tonight would be just fine, if you wanted to, ' she added in a little girl voice and kicked her foot on the ground. 'Andy will be asleep and we would have a chance to talk without a bunch of screaming, little kids running all over the place.'

'Sounds good to me, ' I replied caressing her pretty face. 'Would it be okay if I stopped for some chips and maybe a six pack of beer or some wine?' I asked looking in her sparkling eyes.

'I think that'd be very nice. I like them little wine coolers in the red pack. Do you?' She asked with a smile.

'That's fine. I'll follow you until I see a store and be at your place as soon as I can, ' I said and couldn't resist taking a chance. I leaned down and moved my mouth to hers, gently kissing her.

After a few seconds Tammy pulled from me. 'Let's get going. He needs to get in bed, ' she whispered and moved in her car. 'Don't be too long!' She smiled and drove away.

Tammy hurried in her apartment, she had to change Andy, clean up the place and freshen herself before John got there.

Finishing Andy, she rushed to clean the living room and bath, all the while wondering if he was really so nice or if he just wanted to jump her. Ether way she didn't care. He was so nice and sweet to her. She was a single mom that didn't get to date much and if she did, all the guy ever wanted was a piece of ass.

'Guess it's my turn now, ' she said giving the place one last good look before running in her room. Tammy rooted through her dresser looking for a pair of sheer, white bikini panties that she'd bought herself for Christmas last year. She'd been saving them for a special night, this certainly was a special night, and not with one of her toys she kept hidden in the back of her closet.

She sprayed herself with some cologne that she'd found on sale and headed to the bathroom. 'Can't be all wet and nasty for this guy, ' she whispered rinsing out a wash cloth. 'I hope he really likes me, ' she added feeling tears forming in her tired, young eyes. 'He's so handsome!' Tammy said wiping her face and eyes and could feel a warm tingle between her lonely legs. A tingle that guys like John was sure to know how to please.

Tammy slipped off her wet panties and tossed them in the clothes hamper. 'Shit! I'm surprised it wasn't running down my legs!' She laughed wiping her burning, bare flesh, insuring she was nice and clean for John and what she hoped would turn into a night of total rapture.

Then she heard a sound that sent her lonely heart into a flutter. A soft knock on the door. 'Yes!' She squealed with excitement quickly pulling up the very snug fitting panties raced to the door. 'Hey!' She smiled when she saw him standing there with 7 or 8 bags in his strong arms. 'What did you get?' She asked reaching to help him.

'I knew it was late and thought you might have needed a few things, ' I lied having a good idea she could use some help. 'Hope you don't mind?' I added following her pretty, little butt to the kitchen and couldn't help watching it wiggle from side to side under her skirt.

Tammy turned to see him looking at her behind and heat began to build between her thighs. 'No, it's just fine, ' she replied with a warm smile. 'Every single mom needs help, just that not many guys are willing to do it without something in return, ' she added with a frown on her beautiful face.

'I expect something for all this, ' I said in a firm voice and when I saw her turn with a hurt look on her face, I about died. 'I'm kidding. I'm sorry. I was going to say 'I expected a nice kiss', but you looked heart broken when you turned around, ' I quickly said reaching to caress the side of her face.

'I thought you were going to be like some of the guys I used to date, ' she replied reaching to hold his hand to her. 'I should have known better, ' she smiled. 'I'd be more than happy to kiss you, ' she said gently biting her lower lip with anticipation.

I pulled her into my arms, looking deep into her soft, blue eyes; I knew that I was lost. 'You're beautiful!' I whispered leaning to her welcoming mouth. We kissed, looking into each other's eyes wondering if this would only be one night, but praying that it would go on forever.

Each time his lips touched hers, Tammy knew he was the man that she had been dreaming of all her lonely life. Someone, who would love and please her, and not just, want to use her to relieve himself and run for the door. 'Thank you, ' she whispered back and hugged him as tight as she could.

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