Teacher's Pets

by Ernest Bywater

Copyright© 2007 by Cazna Rochester & Ernest Bywater. All rights reserved

Erotica Sex Story: A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how she made them her slaves. It includes a few incidental things as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vignettes   Workplace   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

The titles I use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents


The Club
Changing Room
At Home
Lena’s Lesson
Bed Games

Hospital Visit

Moving House

I wrote this story in response to an email, copied below. Be warned, this a new genre for me, plus it’s about a part of the world, culture, and country I have never visited. I have tried to write this in the style of English as a Second Language to match the requester’s style. So apologies for any errors.

hello, i am Cathy 25 y.o. girl, longhaired blonde, petite, 52kg 168cm, I study university for teachers, 2 years ago i was on my practice in school and teached 2 month young boys about 15 years old. Now i meet them in dance club, they are about 17 and horny. i have fantasy about they persuade me to show them my tits and then jerk their cocks, i think 2 boys i let them fuck me. could you write story with my theme???

Story written April 2007 with a major revision by Ernest Bywater requested by Cazna Rochester in 2013.


My name is Katerina Antinov, I teach high school. I stand 1.65 metres tall, fair skin, slim, athletic build, 34-24-28 with C cup breasts, long blond hair that reaches my bottom, light blue eyes, pretty face. My legs are a little longer than average for my height. My breasts are not big, but they are bigger than average for my frame, and are very perky. The men and boys find their solid, conical shape irresistible. I like the attention, so I often wear half bras that finish just below my nipples, with thin cotton tops. The result is my firm breasts stand up and are noticed with my stand-out nipples making it clear there is only the one cotton layer between the air and my skin. I keep fit by running and doing martial arts, I have a black belt in Tai Kwon Do, which is very handy to keep the boys in line.

Two years ago I was doing my final year of studies to be a teacher at the university in Kiev. Part of the studies is to attend a school to watch experienced teachers at work, and teach classes under their direction. This is called work experience and in-class assessment. My teacher will observe me in the classroom, and rate my performance at the end of this time, as will the experienced teacher I work with.

For my work experience I am sent to a school halfway across the city. This school is like most of the government schools, a mix of boys and girls. For four weeks I work at the school two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, just watching the experienced teacher. This is followed by eight weeks working three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; preparing lessons in the morning and teaching classes in the afternoon. It is fun work I like. I love being the centre of attention.

The first day I was at the school I was introduced to the experienced teacher, and he told me to wait until the class were all seated before entering the classroom. The first class was of fifteen year old students, and I had all their eyes on me when I walked into the room. By the time I was standing in the middle of the room and being introduced I could see all the boys had erections. After being introduced I took off my warm coat, it was a very cold day, and placed it on a coat hook on the back of the door. Walking over to the chair the teacher had set aside for me I noticed most of the boys now had damp patches on their pants instead of erections. Some of the girls were squirming in their seats too. I was very touched, and excited, knowing I had done that.

The time at the school was very good. All the boys and male teachers tried to get me to go out with them, and so did many of the girls. But it is not allowed for teaching staff to date students, and none of the teachers interested me as much as did most of the students. All the students were fit, very fit: the boys were real hunks and the girls were very sexy. Physical fitness was a major thing in this school, because many students from this school went into military service. It was a way out of the poor areas of the city in which they lived.

If it was not for the rules I would have dated several of the students. But, alas, that was not to be - then.

After graduating as a teacher I had to teach at a school in Kiev for two years. After that I was sent to teach at Odessa on the Black Sea. A beautiful place to live and work, a nice holiday destination for many people. I soon find a very nice place to live, and settle into the local community.


I find it interesting to be living and teaching in Odessa. A nice city with plenty of recreational facilities, and a good flow of international tourists as well as holiday makers from all of the Ukraine. The students are the average mix of high-school students; some low achievers, some high achievers, some slobs, some hunks, even some nice looking girls (some were very tempting). But no matter how tempting, nothing happens with students, because it is not worth the risks. What a pity!

I had been in the city about three months when I decided to go to Chkalovo Beach on a weekend, how refreshing, how nice. Most nudist beaches you see all the women are nude and the men are covered up. But at Chkalovo, although it allows people to go nude or in a swimsuit, it is the men who often go nude while all the women go topless. Very refreshing, I love walking along the beach nude, watching all the men stand to attention while I go by, much more so if they are lying down at the time.

Walking along the beach I see a young couple I recognise. Walking up to them I say, “Sveta, what are you doing here?”

My cousin turns around, smiles, and gives me a hug. She says, “On our holiday, and you? This is Michail, my boyfriend.” I give him a good hug. When he stands back his dick is at full attention, looking down she says, “Damn you, Cat, I have spent all morning getting that down, and you awaken it again.” We all laugh.

I reply, “I work here in Odessa, teaching high school in the northern part of the city, and living over that way, as well. Not far from the school.”

We chat for some time while we walk down the beach. They tell me of a dance club they found a few streets back from the beach, and suggest I go there. I will not tell you the name of the club, because I do not want to be sued, or worse - since you never know who owns a club like that. I have arrangements for the rest of this weekend, but arrange to meet them and go to the club next Friday night.

The Club

We arrive at the club, and the entrance fee is stiff, almost double for most of these types of clubs. But inside, what a club. The latest in lights and equipment, the music is loud enough to dance to on the floor, and be background music while seated, because it is not so loud it drowns out talking. Wondering how they do this I look very hard at the ceiling, and find they must have over a hundred speakers in the ceiling. The tables and chairs are top quality and comfortable, well worth the cover charge. But what makes it a very good deal are the staff, all young men and women in very skimpy clothes. And so tight I have to look close to make sure it is not just paint. They are all hunks, and well worth taking home for the night.

I am still looking around when a voice says, in my ear, “Well, teach, what do you want?”

Turning, I see one of the waiters standing beside me, he is looking down the front of my dress, and his erection is adding a more pressure to those tight shorts he is wearing. After a few moments of working my way up his body from his crotch to his face I recognise him - Gregor, one of my students from my student teacher days.

Smiling, I reach out, and say, “I will start with a straight coke and this,” while I rub his erect organ. He sighs, and wiggles when he writes the order on his pad. My cousin and her boyfriend place their drink orders, and include some snacks for us to eat.

Turning to Sveta I say, “He has grown a bit since I used to teach him, and nicely too.” She laughs.

Looking about the club I notice Gregor at the bar talking to another ex-student, Olav, and he is a real hunk now as well. They must work out a lot. Gregor turns, and points at me. Olav turns too, so I wink at them both, and lick my lips. They both smile back.

For the next three hours Sveta and I take turns dancing with her boyfriend. We know each other well, so we do not poach, but do enjoy winding up the other’s catch. Finally it gets too much for him. He says, “Sveta, either we leave for the hotel now, or I fuck you on this table.” Smiling, she stands, takes his hand, and leads him toward the exit.

Seeing my drink is empty, and my friends are leaving while I stay, Olav comes over to ask, “Want another drink, Miss?” I nod yes and I order a coke while he picks up all the empty glasses to take them away.

When he brings me my drink he says, “What do I have to do to see your tits without any clothes?”

Smiling at him I say, “Become my slave, for life.” He laughs, and walks away.

When I finish my drink I look around, Olav is at the bar. I catch his eye, and tap my empty glass. He nods, and turns to the bar. Soon he is walking across with my new drink.

When he leans down to place it on the table I hand him the money with my right hand while I take hold of his stiff dick with my left hand. While rubbing my hand up and down I say, “Be my slave and you get to see my tits. I may even let you play with them.” He gulps while his dick throbs under my palm.

I soon finish my drink, and order another by eye. He is spending almost all his time looking at me now. When Olav delivers it I rub his erection, and say, “Talk Gregor into being my slave as well, and you may suck on my breasts.” I can feel his dick responding to that, and let go, because I do not want him to come in his pants. At least, not yet.

Several minutes later Gregor delivers my next drink. When I play with his dick he says, “What is this about being able to see your tits?”

I reply, “Beg me to take you as my slave and you can see my tits. But you must be serious about being my slave for life.” I give his dick an extra squeeze. He gulps, and returns to the bar.

All through this little game I am approached by a lot of men, but many are slobs, some are drunk, and some are looking to pick up a new girl to make into a street walker for them.

One of the men will not take no for an answer. He returns for the fourth time when Gregor leaves. I tell the man to go away.

The fool grabs my chair, and drags it away from the table. Grabbing my arm he starts to pull me out of the chair. I stand up, and go with his movement; he turns to smile at his friend nearby. When I reach my feet my clenched right hand whips up and across the space between us to slam into his balls. He makes a gurgling sound when I hit him so hard I squash his balls. I feel them go flat and gooey. He starts to slide to the floor, and I say to him, “Now, maybe you will take no for an answer.” He drops to his knees in obvious pain, I say to his friend, “Drag this garbage out of here before I give you the same.” The man nods yes, reaches down, takes his friend under the arms, and drags him away. I sit down, damn that felt good, so good it almost made me come.

I sit down, and sip my drink while listening to the music. A well-dressed man sits down opposite me, not bad looking, but I have my targets for tonight. He shows me an ID card, he is special police. He says, “I saw that. Did you have to hit him so hard?”

I reply, “Four times I said no. He comes over and grabs me. Enough is enough. He deserved what he got. It will be a long time before he raises a smile again, and that will be all he will ever raise, now.”

The man laughs while saying, “I have spent two weeks tracking him, waiting for him to lead me to his boss. And now it is all wasted. Tell me why I should not take out my frustrations on you.”

Smiling, I say, “Because you want to live. I think you may be good enough to give me enough of a fight for your extra weight to make a difference. But before you try that you may want to try ringing your headquarters, and ask to speak to ‘The Ant.’ Wish him a happy birthday for tomorrow, for me.”

The man looks at me very close, I can see him weighing things up in his mind. He says, “All his family photos at work are old, are they not?” I smile, and nod yes. He says, “Katerina?” I nod yes again. Grinning, he stands, and says, “Well, I will not worry about anyone else bothering you. But I will wait around outside to shadow you home. Just in case that fool has some stupid friends.” I smile, and nod my thanks. He leaves.

Finishing my drink I stand, and walk to the bar. Gregor and Olav are standing side by side. I stand in front of them, and grasp a stiff dick in each hand while saying, “I am sure you saw what happened to the man who kept annoying me.” They both nod yes. I say, “Lie to me and you will wish crushing your balls is all I do. Well, do I have any slaves walking me home tonight?” They both gulp, look at each other, and nod yes. Smiling, I say, “How long before you both finish for the night?”

Gregor swallows, and says, “In thirty minutes.”

I reply, “Good, get me before you leave the floor, and I will help you get changed while you beg to be my slaves.” They both nod yes. I continue, “You may choose who gets to bring me my next drink.” Turning, I go back to my table, and sit down. Soon after that Olav brings me a new drink. I rub his dick when he puts it down.

A little later two girls from a group sitting at a table a few tables away walk over, and ask if they can join me. I nod yes, so they sit down.

One is very shy when she asks, “How can you play with their dicks so blatantly?”

I reply, “The management give them such outfits to encourage me to, so I do. It is easy.” She stares at me very wide-eyed. I signal for a nearby waiter to come over, and he does. Taking her hand I hold it against his dick, and rub it up and down while I say to her, “Give him your drink order, and squeeze his dick.” Gulping, she does as told, and he smiles at her. When he walks away I say, “See, it is not so hard.”

He returns with the girl’s drink, when he puts it down she reaches out and rubs his dick again. He says, “I finish in twenty minutes, if you want to give it a good feeling.” Gulping, she drags her eyes away from his dick, looks up into his face, smiles, and nods yes.

The other girl started blushing when I called him over, and she is still at it. Looking her in the eye I say, “I would like a slave girl, do you wish to apply for the position.” She gulps, and stares at me.

Changing Room

Twenty minutes later Gregor looks over at me, and nods toward the back of the dance floor, the other fellow is giving the girl the same nod. We both stand, I look down at the embarrassed girl. I say, in a short and sharp manner, “Come with me, Slave.”

She gulps, and stands while saying, “Yes, Mistress.” Her friend’s eyes almost pop out.

In the change room the boys are standing beside some lockers with their shirts off. A delicious sight. Glancing at me the first girl walks over, and kisses her boy while rubbing his dick. He tells her to take his shorts off. She slides down while kissing his chest, slips her hands into his shorts, and slides them down his legs. My new slave girl goes from deep blush red to radioactive blush red.

The girl is squatting there admiring her prize while it sticks out at her. Passing behind her I place a hand on the back of her head, and push her mouth down onto his dick. When she pushes against my hand his hands joins mine, and his hips move forward. Before I reach Gregor with my slave girl I can hear the girl sucking away. She is doing some serious slurping.

Standing in front of Gregor I say, “Slave girl, what is your name?”

She replies, “Lena, Mistress.”

“My name is Mistress Cat or Mistress to my slaves, understand?” All three nod their heads. I say, “Lena slide their shorts down.” Gulping, she leans forward, and slides Gregor’s shorts down. He starts to reach forward; it is obvious he intends to have her suck him. I slap his hand, and he pulls it back. She moves over, and pulls Olav’s shorts down. On my orders the boys step out of them, and place them in their lockers.

Smiling, I have Lena sit leaning back against the lockers, and the boys stand on either side of her. I look at them, they say, in unison, “Please, Mistress Cat, may I be your slave for life?” The other waiter looks at them with great surprise.

Leaning forward I reach down, and grab a dick in each hand. Rubbing my hand up, and down I say, “You may, but if you ever lie to me or disobey me I will start hurting you by cutting your balls in half.” They both gulp.

I move them around to be standing a little bit in front of Lena and facing her. Their dicks are almost in her mouth. I reach back, and undo the top of my dress, it falls free. My breasts are on display, and both their dicks jerk while they lick their lips. The other boy moans. I glance over to see him coming in the girl’s mouth while he stares at my breasts. I have no bra on, because the dress has two part-cups built-in.

Looking down at Lena I can see she is scared. I say, “Lena, are you scared the boys may accidentally come on your face or in your mouth?” She nods her head yes, I reassure her by saying, “Do not worry, they will not do that accidentally, because it will be on purpose while I make them do so.” Her eyes go wide.

Moving the boys closer I place the heads of their dicks in her mouth, one in each side. Reaching down I start to jerk on both dicks. I tell them both to fondle my breasts. In a few minutes they are both coming in Lena’s mouth, and she is swallowing it all. It is not easy for her, but she is doing a very good job. On my orders she licks them clean, and they get dressed. With my slaves dressed we turn to leave. The other fellow is fucking his new girlfriend with her against the lockers.

I pat his bum, and say, “I think you best take her home to meet your parents this weekend.” He stares at me while he fills her pussy with sperm. She smiles up at him. He turns his head, looks at her, and nods his agreement. We leave them to it.

It is only a short walk to where I left my car. I notice the police officer follows us. He saw us all safely to my high security apartment. I sign my guests in, and we go to my apartment.

At Home

Entering my four bedroom apartment I close the door, and sit in my lounge chair. I tell the boys to sit on the lounge, and I tell Lena to do a strip tease. She does a lovely strip tease. Then I have her sit on my lap with her legs spread wide over the chair’s arms. I order Olav to do a strip tease while looking at Lena’s spread pussy while I play with it. In no time she is wriggling and breathing hard. By the time both boys have done slow strips she has come three times, and they both have stiff erections. Standing up it is my turn to strip, Lena brings herself to another come while watching me strip.

Leading my slaves into my playroom I enjoy the look of shock on their faces. The room has three distinct areas. The nearest area has a very large bed sitting one metre off the floor. The second has a few lounge chairs on one side with a wooden chair one and a half metres in front of them. The third has a padded wooden frame with straps in the centre of its section, with some more frames with chains on two of the walls. The third looks a lot like an old style dungeon. All the areas have a large number of video cameras set up around them, all focussed on the equipment. Two doorways lead from the room, one is open and shows a complete en-suite with an over-large shower and bath, both with a multitude of cameras focussed on them as well. They cannot see it, but the other door opens into a room for controlling the cameras, and editing the recordings. Opening the door starts the camera that faces the door so I will have their expressions recorded for review later when I edit tonight’s video recording.

They all gulp, and look at me. Gregor says, “I am beginning to think you are serious about us being your slaves for life.”

Turning to him I take a good hold of his balls while saying, “Do not think that, know it with every fibre of your body. I made a very strong point of it back at the club. You are now my property to do with as I like. Disobey me and it will hurt. Try to run away, and I will hire detectives to find you, then you will wish you had killed yourself first.” He gulps again. I continue, “Be obedient, and we can all have a good time. You are my property until I say otherwise, understand?” I give his balls a gentle squeeze to emphasise the situation. He nods his head.

Taking him over to the chair in the middle section I have him sit down. The chair is bolted to the floor; it consists of four sturdy legs, a sturdy back, and two narrow short planks joined at one end in a wide ‘V’ shape. He sits down with his legs on the planks. His legs are spread apart at about one hundred and thirty-five degrees, not comfortable, but not uncomfortable, either. His dick and balls hang down in the open area of the ‘V.’ I have Olav stand in front of him.

Going to the lounge chair I turn on the switch on the wall beside the chair (this turns the cameras for this section on), sit down, and pull Lena into my lap. She is a fast learner, and immediately spreads her legs wide over the chair arms to give me easy access to her wide-open pussy. Grinning, I lean her back against my breasts, fondle one of her breasts with one hand, and slide the other into her pussy.

Oh, I have forgotten to tell you how my slaves look. Lena is a cute brunette, 1.60 metres tall, very fair skin, average build, 38-26-30 with D cup breasts and only a bit of droop, shoulder length hair, brown eyes. Fit, a bit of padding, but not fat. She has nice legs and a pretty face.

I think Olav and Gregor are cousins, because they look very much alike in body and facial features. They are both 1.70 metres tall, light brown hair, cut short, well-muscled, but not over muscled like the competition body builders are, the only fat they have is when they have an erection (if you get my meaning), light olive skin, fair to look at, not really handsome, but not far off it. Both boys’ dicks are 65 millimetres wide and 225 millimetres long - when erect.

All of them a very pleasant on the eye, and feel nice to touch.

On my orders Olav kneels in front of Gregor, and licks his dick when he cups his balls in one hand while playing with his nipples with the other. Gregor gulps, and looks at me, he knows he will be returning the favour later, and he does not like it. But he also knows it is too late to back out now. Lena is really getting off on watching the boys play together. She has four orgasms in the time it takes Olav to give Gregor a blow job, swallowing it all, and cleaning him up afterwards. He was very good at it, and I think he has done it before.

I say, “Olav, that is not the first blow job you have given, is it?”

He replies, “No, Mistress, I am bisexual, and I had over a dozen male partners in the past.”

I respond, “Good, then you know exactly how to train Gregor in what to do.” He nods yes.

Opening the drawer of a table beside my chair I take out a condom and a tube of lubricant. Smiling, Olav walks over. After taking them he turns to let Gregor watch when he puts on the condom, followed by well lubricating it and placing a large amount of lubricant in his hand. He smiles at Gregor the whole time. When he places the lubricant on the table I get another condom from the drawer, and place it beside it. Gregor knows exactly what is going to happen next, and what will follow that. He is not happy, but he says nothing.

I order Gregor to stand, turn around, and bend over, holding onto the back of the chair. He does so. Olav walks over, and lubricates his arse. After placing his dick at Gregor’s arse hole he slowly pushes in. He takes several minutes to enter him. Lena comes three times during this. With his groin against Gregor’s arse Olav reaches around, and plays with his nipples, dick, and balls. He is slow when he withdraws and enters, out and in, out and in, each movement a bit faster than the previous one. Within a few minutes he is fucking Gregor’s arse hard and fast, and Gregor is mortified to find the action has given him an erection.

I say, “Olav, do not come in his arse. When you are almost ready pull out and remove the condom. Gregor, when he pulls out, turn around, sit down, close your eyes, and open your mouth wide.” Both nod yes.

A couple of minutes later Olav pulls out of Gregor. He sits down with his mouth open wide just in front of Olav’s dick. Olav knows what to do, and takes a step closer while he masturbates. A few pulls later he is coming on Gregor’s face and into his mouth. When he is finished he steps closer, slipping his dick into Gregor’s mouth while instructing him on how to lick and suck it clean.

When he pulls out of Gregor’s mouth he tugs him from the chair, brings him to my chair, and instructs him on placing the condom and lubricant on his dick. Returning to the wooden chair Olav take his place, and instructs Gregor on how to lubricate his arse hole and fuck him. With a pained expression Gregor does exactly as told. Soon he is balls deep in Olav’s arse, and mortified to be liking the tight feeling on his dick.

Both Lena and I come when he enters Olav. Gregor fucks him for several minutes, sensing he is about to come he pulls out. Olav takes control, and instructs him. With all in place it only takes Gregor a few jerks on his own dick to be coming over Olav’s face; Gregor’s aim is not as good, so not much goes in his mouth. Olav pulls Gregor to him to clean his dick. Then he pushes down on Gregor’s head. Slowly Gregor drops to his knees, and starts sucking on Olav’s reawakened dick. In a few minutes, he is swallowing while Olav comes in his mouth again.

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