The Admiral's Aide

by TheMoose63

Copyright┬ę 2007 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: 50 year old Jo Ann Hunter has been selected for promotion to Rear Admiral and a group of Pentagon naval officers have taken her out to celebrate. Late that evening she meets a sexy stranger and a tryst ensues. What will it mean for her career and marriage?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .


Jo Ann Hunter set her martini down on the table and leaned back in the booth and let the soft leather envelop her body making her feel like she was being held by an old lover. She sighed at the comfortable feeling and tried to think of what the next year or two might bring in her Navy career. Jo Ann had been the focal point of tonight's celebration at the Crystal City Marriott. That afternoon after everyone had changed out of their uniforms and into civilian clothes in the locker room in the E Ring of Pentagon they had taken cabs for the two mile ride to the Marriott. The reason for the celebration was the recent announcement of Jo Ann's promotion to Rear Admiral. There were several of her contemporaries at the dinner table, plus two admirals that Jo Ann worked for and even an Army general came to help her celebrate. The group had presented her with a crystal box that contained the two star blue and gold shoulder boards of a Rear Admiral and then they all shared several bottles of Champaign before dinner toasting her promotion. During dinner they consumed six bottles of wine and then they all moved into the hotels lounge for after dinner drinks. As a group they had all drank too much but for Jo Ann it wasn't going to be a problem, she had told Jim, her husband of 25 years, that she would be staying overnight at the Marriott and had booked a room.

The celebrants thinned then after the last of them left for the evening Jo Ann sat in the booth and reflected back on her naval career. At just 50 years of age she had been one of the first female graduates of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis and was the first member of her class to be selected for promotion to admiral which was quite an accomplishment in itself but to have also been selected to become the Deputy Commander of the Pacific Fleet was even more amazing! God it just didn't get any better than this she thought as she sipped on her martini. Although uprooting and moving to Hawaii would be a bit of a problem for her husband and his job it fortunately wouldn't be a problem for their 22 year old daughter who was just beginning her master's program in international relations at Georgetown. Lucy had agreed to remain behind and live in their condominium in Old Town Alexandria and commute to school. God damn she was one lucky sailor she thought as she took another sip of her martini... her third martini.

"Excuse me?"

Jo Ann's thought train was broken and she looked up and saw the smiling face of a thirty-something year old man looking down at her. "Uh... yes. Can I help you?"

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be bothering you but I sitting at the bar admiring you and was wondering if you would care to dance with me?"

Jo Ann blushed at the compliment as well as the brashness of the young man. She realized that she hadn't been listening to the trio that was playing in the lounge until the man asked her to dance. The band was playing the low key 'elevator music' you heard in most of the lounges around Washington, D.C., music that was nice but wouldn't interrupt the important conversations of the politicians and businessmen as they consummated their important deals. "Well I don't think that I..."

"Oh come on now. A pretty woman like you shouldn't be sitting all alone on a beautiful Friday evening. Come on and let me squire you around the dance floor... please... just one dance."

She looked into the deep brown eyes of the man, a very handsome man she noted, tall and well built, and she smiled up at him. "Well alright but just one dance." Jo Ann unsteadily scooted out from the table and took his hand and they walked onto the dance floor.

"My name is John and yours is... ?"

"Oh... nice to meet you John, I'm Jo Ann... Jo Ann Hunter."

He didn't offer his last name and for some reason that didn't seem to bother Jo Ann. He took her easily into his arms and they began to dance. He was a very good dancer, very nimble and very gentlemanly she noted, holding her cradled to his chest but not too tightly. They danced to the first number and then the music segued into another song and they continued to dance. She was relaxed and it felt good to be held by such strong hands and she leaned her head onto his shoulder and relaxed. He leaned his head down towards hers and began whispering into her ear. He told her what a good dancer she was, then he moved on to other topics like how wonderful she smelled, how good she looked and Jo Ann ate up his compliments - one after another. When the dance was finally over John escorted her back to her table then slid in beside her and ordered a drink for himself. At first Jo Ann was concerned that she was out in a public place with a man who wasn't her husband and one who had to be twenty years her junior but then the effects of the alcohol overrode her judgment and she reasoned that not knowing anyone in the lounge and being in civilian clothes no one would recognize her anyway.

They talked, laughed and flirted their way through the round of drinks on the table and then magically another pair appeared in front of them. She knew that she should stop and go to her room and end this flirting but for some reason she was enjoying his attention too much to quit so she didn't make any move to leave. It was half way through her next drink that he leaned over and sniffed the nape of her neck then gently kissed her neck as his hand found her knee just below the hem of her skirt. She stiffened at his touch and knew for sure that it was time to call a halt to this evenings flirtatious festivities and she gently removed his hand from her knee and turned to him. "Please John, I'm married."

"I know Jo Ann but it's just that you're so... so damned beautiful." His hand was back on her knee and this time she didn't remove it, instead she smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He picked up his glass and toasted her, "to the most beautiful woman I've ever met." They clinked glasses and she smiled. His hand moved slightly up under her skirt and started to gently caress her thigh. Jo Ann knew she should stop him but the effected of the alcohol was clouding her judgment and besides his fingers felt so damn good, besides she thought, it was nice to have someone who was so young and attractive who was actually interested in her as a woman and was paying attention to her sexually, now if only Jim thought about her this way... Jo Ann softly moaned as his hand advanced higher up her thigh until she felt his fingers touch the edge of her panties. "Please John... we... I... can't..." His lips gently touched the sensitive part of her neck, right below her left ear and she leaned back and closed her eyes and luxuriated with the warmth she was feeling from his advances. When his fingers caressed the front of her panties she turned to look at him and he kissed her. It wasn't a peck on the cheek, it was a full-fledged French kiss and without even thinking Jo Ann turned and pulled him to her and kissed him back. His fingers slipped underneath her panties and began caressing her pussy, and then they found her already moist pussy lips and easily slipped inside and rubbed around until they found her clit.

Jo Ann's body was in heat with pure sexual passion. She could feel herself responding to his ministrations and she broke the kiss and leaned back in the booth and let his fingers explore her sex. It was somewhat surreal she thought, kind of like being inside a Salvador Dali painting. Here she was out in public, a married woman and naval officer who was about to be promoted to Rear Admiral and with a daughter in graduate school being fondled by a man who wasn't her husband and couldn't be much older than her own daughter... still she didn't stop him. In fact Jo Ann encouraged his wandering fingers as she spread her legs apart to give him easier access to her womanhood. After less than three minutes of his caressing her back arched up and she climaxed. When she realized what was about to happen she put a knuckle in her mouth and bit down so she wouldn't scream out with the pleasure her body was feeling. Again and again her hips lifted to meet his thrusting fingers then her whole body shook again and she sank back into the leather cushion of the booth. "Oh my God, oh my God, Oh sweet Jesus... John" was all she said as his fingers continued to work their magic on her pussy. Then she pushed his hand away and turned to face him. "I've... I've got a room here." She said as she grabbed his hand and pushed him out from the booth and they walked out of the lounge and over to the elevator banks where she pushed the UP button.

In five minutes they were inside her room their hands exploring each other as they kissed. John pushed her back against the door and unbuttoned her blouse and she just stood there and let him begin to undress her. Once her blouse was off John reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and when her breasts came free of their confinement he bent down and lifter her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth. His fingers were busy again, sliding under her skirt and inside her panties and caressing her sex as she squirmed against the door.

"Oh my God John, oh fuck me... please... I have to have you inside me," she said as her pussy gushed and her body shook with another orgasm.

"Not just yet baby." He mumbled as he released her breast and pushed gently on her shoulders. She knew what he wanted and she slid down onto her knees and looked up into his eyes. She reached out and caressed his manhood through his trousers and was surprised at how big he felt. Jesus, how big was he she thought to herself. Jo Ann's experience with men was limited having had had only one lover in her life, her husband, and she thought Jim was big at six inches but by the feel of John's cock he had to be eight inches or more and he was thick too. Would he fit inside her? What would it feel like having something so big fucking her hot pussy? She smiled as she felt him getting harder and harder. "Is this what you want?" she giggled as she bent forward and gently nibbled on his cock through his trousers.

"Fuck yes it's what I want." He reached down and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and let them slid down his legs to his ankles. His cock was straining to gain its freedom, obscenely pushing out the front of his Jockey shorts until he pushed them down over his hips and to join his trousers around his ankles. His cock veritably jumped up into her face and she opened her lips and sucked the red circumcised head between her lips, closed her eyes and began bobbing her head. With her eyes closed and a cock in her mouth her fingers went up under her skirt and she began playing with her pussy. She didn't see John reach into his shirt pocket and take out his cell phone and she never realized that he took a picture of her reflection in the wall-mounted dressing mirror. The picture clearly showing Rear Admiral to be, Jo Ann Hunter, naked from the waist up, her fingers buried deep in her pussy and a cock that was definitely not her husbands sliding in and out of her mouth.

John took another picture to make sure he had a clear photo of Jo Ann sucking his cock then pushed her away.

She looked up at him. "What?" she said.

"Let me get these clothes off then..." he panted. He kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his pants and underwear and took her hand and helped her to her feet and then they walked over to the bed. John knelt down on the floor and unbuttoned Jo Ann's skirt and let it slide down her legs to the floor then he slid her panties down and off too revealing her very wet and puffy pussy. She kept her pussy hair well trimmed and John could easily see her blood engorged lips and the wetness seeping out from between them as his tongue entered her. She leaned backward on her elbows and let him lick her pussy and sucked in a deep breath when he sucked her clit between his teeth and slowly jacked off her clit until she came again. "Ohhhhhhhhh ffuucccckkkkkkk," she wailed in the privacy of the room. "Oh fuck John, don't... don't you dare stop!" He inserted two fingers in her pussy and fingered and licked her until she lifted her hips in the air and came one more time. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed as she mashed her pussy into his face.

When she finally finished coming John stood up and pulled her to her feet and they kissed and she could taste herself on his lips. She reached out and helped him out of his shirt and tie and they continued to kiss as John walked her around to the side of the bed and he pulled back the cover and they got in the bed. John pulled Jo Ann over onto her side and slid his body underneath her tented legs until he was positioned directly in front of her pussy. Jo Ann reached down and took his cock and positioned him until he could slide forward then suddenly he was deep inside her and in a slow rocking motion, fucking her as she lay still and she enjoyed the sensation. It didn't take long until she felt him swelling up deep inside her and then his cock spewed forth and he filled her with his cum. She lifted her hips to take all of him inside her and then she came too then her body relaxed and the last thing Jo Ann remembered was kissing him and rolling over and going to sleep.

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