by J-God

Copyright┬ę 2007 by J-God

Erotica Sex Story: This was my first short story, inspired by a lovely woman who fills my mind with these erotic thoughts.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Size   BBW   .


You are standing on the balcony from our bedroom, wearing a pale negligee and a diaphanous robe of some sheer material that lets me see your curves silhouetted by the sunlight pouring over you. I just stepped out of the shower, still slightly damp but wearing only a blue terrycloth robe, loosely belted. I walk towards you as you bask in the glow of the sunlight and you turn to gaze at me with adoring eyes, looking at how the robe is loose enough to show you how my smooth, moist skin gleams in the sunlight.

I lock eyes with you and with sure strides reach you to cup your face in my hands and kiss you- at first a sweet, chaste pressing of our lips that quickly progresses into a purely amorous experience as our mouths and tongues dance and we caress each other's bodies over and under our garments. I feel your moan against my lips and your body melt against mine, pressing firmly against my rapidly swelling manhood through my robe. I smile into your eyes, confirming to you that it will definitely be satisfying you in many ways before our time is over.

I reach below and free your breasts, eagerly feasting on your stiffening nipples as well as kissing and licking every bit of your succulent breasts that appears before me. You coo softly to me as the sensations of my lips, teeth and tongue on your bountiful breasts shivers throughout your body and a warm, electric current from your nipples directly to your clit. Shaking as the rising passion runs rampant, your hands grab my bald head, guiding my mouth over your now-slick breasts and nipples, relishing the difference in sensations of my soft lips and goatee brushing your sensitive skin.

I reach between your thighs, feeling your moist heat emanating in waves from you to undo the bottom of your very attractive garment, I moan in anticipation as I see your womanhood exposed before me. I trail a finger up between your already wet lips and over your clit - causing a mew of delight to escape your lips - and directly into my mouth to taste your musky-sweet juices. Rising up to your face, I kiss you deeply, pushing my tongue deep into your mouth so you can suck your own juices off of me as we kiss; the sheer sensation brings you so close to a massive orgasm that you can barely stand.

I reach around you to squeeze your round, soft ass and tell you that I want you to turn around, leaning against the banister of the balcony with your legs spread and kneeling on the bench- which leaves your incredible ass pointing up in the air towards me. You look back to me, wondering what I'm about to do, but I merely give you a mischievous grin and a nod of my head that silently instructs you to turn around and relax, which you quickly comply and ready yourself for whatever I have up my sleeve.

I quickly shed my robe, using it as a cushion for my knees and I begin to kiss and lick all over your ass and massaging your thighs and hips. I leave no parts untouched as I explore your wondrous body in ways I've always fantasized about. You are moving around, trying to get my mouth to your most intimate parts, but I coyly pull back and stop every time you turn around and try to reach for me, eventually convincing you to let me continue at my own pace and I tell you that it will definitely be worth the wait. Sighing in mock frustration, you lean forward again, not believing I could keep you on the fine edge of orgasm for so long without allowing you release- though you are very curious as to what I am going to do next...

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