So I Was Wrong

by Pagan

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Pagan

Sex Story: don't play the game if you don't know the rules

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .


Alright so I was wrong.

As she came down the lawn she was giggling like a schoolgirl, her husband heard her and turned his head to watch her. His lovely wife headed his way; in each hand she held a glass of orange.

He looked at her as she skipped over the grass, she was really lovely, they had been married four years now but they had decided to wait until they were in their thirties before children, build a secure future and all that.

He laughed as she skipped and span balancing the drinks, her little beach robe opened showing her skimpy bikini and her lovely nubile body, "What's got in to you?" he cried.

She put the glasses on the garden table and straddled him, squashing him down in to the lounger, "What's got in to me, you soon, I hope, god I'm horny," she was panting. He couldn't help but notice the erect nipples pointing up under the bikini top.

He struggled to say, "What's brought this on?" she continued to grind her hips in to his crutch.

She smiled down at him then licked his face, "I've just given the delivery man a hard on he won't forget."

He smiled up at her and shook his head, "Naughty Tanya, what have you been up to?"

She carried on rubbing herself on him, "Well you know Mr Russell?" Rickie nodded, "Well I was just getting the juice from the fridge when he called with the groceries, I could see him looking at my legs, so when I bent to get the money from my purse I pulled my robe up a bit giving him an eyeful of my ass, I'd pulled the G-string up my bum crack, wasn't I wicked?"

Rickie cocked his head to one side, "That's not all, is it?"

Tanya bit her lip, "No, I let some of the money fall, as I bent he got a good view down my top, I felt so hot with this man staring at me".

Rickie still looked at her, "Alright I went one more. As I turned to pick up some change, that was behind me, I pulled my G-string front sideways and he got a little shot of my pussy lips, and you feel as hard as he looked, so fuck me."

His face was a mixture of stern and horny, "What on earth made you do that?" she bent forward, opened his shirt and sucked his nipple.

"Because I wanted to, don't you think our sex life needs a jolt now and again, besides what's the harm? Now fuck me before I go and find old Mr Russell, I bet he's still got a hard cock."

Rickie smiled at her, "You want it, you go find it, and by the way, is that before or after we go in the house"? She slid down and pulled at his shorts releasing his hard cock,

With a wicked smile she said, "The way I feel, both."

Rickie lay back his hands behind his head as his beautiful wife bounced up and down on his hard rigid cock; she orgasmed twice before he shot her full; he didn't even have time to pull his shorts back up when she was dragging him back to the house. No sooner were they through the door then she was on her knees sucking at him. His cock was quickly getting hard again as she pulled it down her throat.

They fucked in the lounge, her over the sofa Rickie banging her from behind, then she insisted they shower together. She worked his cock hard again, stroking it with her soapy hands then, as the water cascaded over them, he gave her one as she stood open legged in the cubical.

As they dried off in the bedroom Rickie cuddled her, "Can't wait for old man Russell to come here again, or maybe?"

She looked at him, "Or maybe what?"

He smiled at her, "Oh just a thought, what if I took you to the pub for lunch tomorrow and you wore something, shall we say a little revelling, do you think the old lechers there would turn you on?"

She bit her lip, "Do you think that it would work, do you think it would be alright?" Rickie moved up to her and kissed here,

"Of course I do, I'm I ever wrong?"

Sunday lunchtime was always busy in their local; Tanya wore I very low cut top and no bra, her little tartan skirt was way too short and she had on suspenders with her lace topped stocking. She knew the skirt didn't hide too much, that was obvious, because as soon as she walked through the door there was a slight hush.

She deliberately sat on a high bar stool; almost before she sat two men that they both new came over. As they talked to Rickie they couldn't keep their eyes of the long expanse of leg and stocking top, she smiled to herself as drink after drink was bought for them and when it was time for them to eat, pushing through to the restaurant excited her as so many hands groped her.

Sitting beside each other she made it difficult for Rickie to eat, she kept getting hold of his hand and pushing it up her skirt, she wanted him to feel her wet pussy. Then when she got up to go the ladies, she deliberately made it the long way round, going through the crowded bar so that more old hands could get themselves a sneaky handful of her near naked ass.

Tanya took the same route back only this time they did get a handful of naked ass. Laughing she sat back down and immediately grabbed Rickie's hand, "Feel this quick feel it", he slid his hand back up, moving over the stocking tops on to her naked pussy, she smiled at him as she showed him her pants clasped in her hand.

They left half of the meal, paid and went to the car. They had already parked at the far corner and soon he was fucking her on the back seat. The drive home was fast and the rest of the afternoon was spent in bed, fucking each other's brains out.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went on as normal, the only thing different was they had a lot of sex each night, Rickie was enjoying this new lease of sex life, it had been getting a little dull this last year, but it wasn't until Friday that he brought the subject up again, "Do you know the Quintrix club?" Tanya looked from behind the paper, "No I don't think so, why?"

Rickie said, "Oh it's got a advert here, fancy going? I hear its good, loud and not full of kids and you could buy yourself a little flirtatious outfit for a bit of fun, if you know what I mean".

Tanya put the paper down, "Are you sure about this? I mean its one thing down at the local bar but at a nightclub, with people we don't know, are you sure it will be alright? I don't want to be arrested".

Rickie laughed, "Of course it will be alright and I'll pay for the little number, we will go shopping for it in the morning", he grinned at her, "That's if you're a good girl tonight".

Tanya looked at the dress, well it was supposed to be a dress, the low neck had a small chain to keep the two halves decent and the short bottom had slits ether side with matching chains to hold them. Rickie looked at it, "Imagine this with high heels and hold up dark stockings, oh and how about an old fashioned choker? God you'll look stunning".

She looked at herself in the mirror, it was a little revealing but Rickie just smiled and gave her a wink, "You look fabulous", she looked again in the mirror, "Are you sure we will be alright? I mean you won't leave my side", he went to the side of her and pushed his hand under the little chain.

Squeezing her naked breast he said, "Of course it will be all right and I won't be able to leave your side, why should I?"

As they entered the club the noise was loud but not uncomfortable, they looked around the dimly light bar and found a table in the corner, people were dancing and the one thing that Tanya noticed was there was definitely more men than women because of lot of the men had noticed her.

Nervously Tanya drank her first two drinks very quickly, Rickie told her to slow down a bit, as they were doubles.

He went to the bar to get her another; as he stood waiting he saw a man go over and speak to her, she shook her head and he moved away, Rickie went back with the drinks, "What did he want? As if I should have to guess".

Tanya replied, "He ask me to dance".

Rickie put the drinks down, "Why didn't you? Your supposed to be flirtations, you should have given the poor lonely sod a thrill".

She looked at his eager face, "Maybe after a couple more drinks".

She drank that one then another by then she was getting a little more in to the music; Rickie waited for her to finish the fourth and he made his way to the bar, deliberately slowly, as he reached the bar a man headed for Tanya, this time she nodded and went to the dance floor with him.

She gyrated to a Rod Stewart number, Rickie thought it strange to watch his beautiful wife dancing with this older bald headed man but as he watched, her thighs showed between the chains, her dark stockings looked so sexy, especial as he caught glimpses of the white skin above them; her tits bounced freely around under the thin material. His eyes scanned the room, he saw several other men watching her and when she came back she was actually glowing.

Rickie wanted to know if the man had said anything, made a pass or worse. She told him he'd only asked if I was with some-one and could he take me home, Rickie asked about her replay, she giggled, "I told him I was with my brother as my husband was away", they both laughed.

Rickie waited for a slow dance then he told her he needed the loo. As he expected when he came back she was dancing but with a different man from the first. He left their table and got a better position, he watched as the mans hand slide up and down Tanya's back, getting lower until he held her ass.

He made sure Tanya could see he was watching over her, so she intern didn't stop the groping; when the music stopped she went back to the table, Rickie was there, "See I told you it would be alright, what happened?"

Tanya was giggling by now, "He really had a big one, kept pressing it in my crutch, his hand squeezed my ass, then he asked if I wanted to go outside with him, I could see him looking down my dress, he promised me a good time".

Rickie asked, "And you said?" she giggled some more, "Maybe later".

She finished another drink; Rickie didn't know if she was flushed with excitement more then drink. Most of the music was now slow stuff so Rickie went to the bar again, sure enough another came over to Tanya and she walked a little unsteadily to the floor, Rickie put the drinks down and went to a discreet corner to watch, he was out of sight of the table and the bald man standing by their drinks.

Rickie eyes were fixed on the dancing couple, this man was more persistent or was it the drink in her; straight away he was groping her ass, then his hand travelled up her body and in between fastening on to her breast, she made moves to try and stop him, Rickie thought she was trying to stop him but not to make a scene.

The man grabbed her hand and dragged it down, his knuckles rubbing on her crutch as he forced her hand on to the bulge in his trousers; as she protested he bent forward and covered her mouth with his. Thankfully the music stopped and she moved back towards the table, he followed, she had difficulty getting through, she got trapped, that gave him time to put his hand round her and give her tits another squeeze, he rubbed up behind her and whispered something to her, she broke free and quickly sat at the table. Rickie came over and the man moved away.

He looked at Tanya, he could see she was shaking, "Well what did he say?"

Tanya took a sip of the drink, "Can we go? I'm so wet and I want you".

Rickie said, "Ya, ya in a bit, but what did he say?"

Tanya took another sip, "Oooohh this drink tastes funny".

Rickie laughed, "You've still got the taste of his tongue in your mouth, anyway, what did he say?"

"He wanted to fuck me, he said he'd take me home and fuck me all night and I'd enjoy it, he'd make sure I did".

Rickie said, "Ya and what else, and how did you feel?"

Tanya tried to remember, "He said he could smell my wet cunt and he knew I was gagging for it and he would love to lick me dry, now come on, it made me wet and I want you to take me home, please".

Just then another slow record came on, another man moved to the table and asked Tanya to dance, she looked at Rickie, he said, "Ya go on, I'll finish both drinks and get our coats", reluctantly Tanya got up.

Rickie finished his drink and Tanya's before he went to the desk via the dance floor, Rickie saw her with the man his hands were every where, he couldn't see too much due to the amount of people on the floor but he was sure there was a man behind her holding her arms down while the man in front must have had a hand up under her dress.

Rickie suddenly felt sick and dizzy, he had all on to get to the door as he looked back he couldn't see Tanya. He stumbled backwards.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at the door man, "Come on sir, I think you have had enough", Rickie took exception to his heavy handed attitude and swung at him, next thing he knew he was in a police van heading for the cells, the policeman saying to sober up he could spend Sunday with them.

Tanya was struggling to free her arms; she kept pleading with the man, begging him to stop, to take his hand away from under her skirt but he just smiled at her helplessness as he pushed his fingers under her pants and into her wet sopping hole.

He grinned at her and she wiggled her legs trying to dislodge him, she to was beginning to feel dizzy and was trying to focus. She was aware of another man standing beside them; he held her up and nodded to the man behind her.

She had no time to react, in her weakened state Tanya was propelled out of a side door along a corridor and through in to an alley.

There a big S U V was parked, a door flew open and she was pushed and dragged inside. Tanya was pinned between two men as the vehicle screeched away.

She tried to focus, her hands were held ether side and as she tried to scream, a pair of hands appeared from the rear and held her head while another pair fastened tape across her mouth; unable to scream or cry out she looked round.

A blind panic seized her as she counted seven men.

Still dizzy she tried to concentrate on where she was going but hands kept touching her, only through her clothes but that and being unable to focus made it imposable for her to know where they were taking her, she did know she had left the town.

The vehicle pulled in to a large drive way and then behind an old stone house, as soon as it stopped she was dragged gently from the seat and pushed in and through two big door to a large ornate lounge, a voice boomed, "Stand in the middle, lets have a proper look at you".

Tanya stood there, to frightened to remove the tape on her mouth as the seven men poured drinks or found cans then sat around the room, the bald headed man walked up to her and ripped the gag from her mouth, "So what's your name?"

"T, Tanya", he sat back down, "Well Tanya, my associates and me seemed to be under the impression that you need a dam good fucking, is that right?"

Tanya looked round the room, "No, no this has all be a mistake, I want to go home, my husband will be worried".

He smile, "But your husbands away and with what we have felt between your legs, you need some hard thick cock".

She started to panic, "No, no that was my husband, he was with me we, errr, we".

Another man spoke, "If he was your husband, how come he sat there while you had your tits and cunt played with on the dance floor?"

She stood there ringing her hands, "Its a little game we play, you know".

The bald man carried on, "No we don't know, elaborate for us".

Tanya looked down, "It, eerrr it gets us excited when I dance with strangers".

There was a little snigger from most of the men, "Oh he likes to watch you, he likes the idea of other men fondling you".

She whispered, "Yes".

His voice got louder, "So you lead other men on, get your cunt all wet so he can fuck you, is that it?"

Another whimpered, "Yes".

He still kept at her, "And as for the poor sod that got a hard cock from feeling you up, that poor bastard has to go home and have a wank at what might have been, am I right?"

She tried not to cry, "Its not my fault".

He carried on, "Ya I see, you and hubby go home and he fucks you while you both take the piss out of us.

"Please no, I said it's not my fault".

He laughed through his next remark, "Good because it's not our fault that we don't want a wank and as you're here we might as well have the real thing".

The dizziness and the drink finally caught up with her and she sank to her knees, the bald headed man stood, "Oh for fuck sake, you will be on your knees a lot more tonight so just get up and take that half dress off, just show us what your going to give us".

She struggled back up, "Please, no don't do this to me".

He took his jacket off, "To late you should have thought about this earlier, now strip or we will take it off for you".

He walked up to her and slipped the thin strap down off her shoulder, "If you need something to wear when we finally let you go, I suggest you do it, just leave the stockings, shoes and choker on, we only want what you have between them".

She looked round at the men now taking their jackets off and realized she no choice. Tanya undid the tiny chain and lets the dress drop off her shoulders; the men stopped and looked at the magnificent sight, this stunning 27 year old beauty in black ankle strap shoes, dark hold up lace topped stockings and tiny pants, her dark wavy hair cascaded round her neck accentuating the red choker, her amble sized breasts raising and shaking as she took deep breaths to stop herself from crying, she truly was a beauty.

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