Lord, What Fools....
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Was he cheating? was she? Misinformation can be a killer.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife  


The next few days were busy at the office, thank goodness. It didn't give me a lot of time to think. What the fuck was there to think about anyway. Like, how is Emily doing? Is she ok? Is she still seeing and fucking her boyfriend?

On Friday afternoon I called Terry Oldham, my lawyer. Terry is one of my oldest friends. We both started at my firm at about the same time, he in the legal department, and we became buddies for some reason. You couldn't meet a nicer guy. Emily and I had become close with Terry and his wife Julie. He left the company about ten years ago and had opened his own practice.

I told him to start divorce proceedings. There was dead silence on the phone. I was getting kind of used to that.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" he grated. "Get your ass over here now. I'm clearing the rest of the day."

Half an hour later I was seated in front of Terry's desk. He got up and motioned me to the couch in his office. He moved to the bar and mixed us both a couple of drinks.

Looking over to me, he muttered, "I think we're both going to need some Dutch courage." Seating himself, he stared at me and said, "Ok, begin at the beginning, don't leave anything out."

I took a large swallow of the scotch. "Emily has been cheating. I confronted her and she told me to drop dead. You want to know anything else?" I added a bit sarcastically.

"Knock it off, Paul. Don't be a wise ass, I've known you too long. Why don't you start from the beginning. Whatever triggered this off didn't start now. Give me some background."

I sighed, I was getting good at that. So I went back and told Terry how things had deteriorated in my house. We couldn't seem to get along anymore. It was difficult for Emily to even talk without some smart aleck remark. I would also often snap at her for nothing. We were both at our wits end. Then I discovered that she had been cheating. I told him that I didn't know how long it's been going on.

"Paul, do you know, or are you guessing? If you're just guessing you could be making a huge mistake,"

"Terry, I know, ok? I know. There is no doubt. Look, the reason I came to you is that I anticipate no problem with this divorce. Emily will be taken care of very nicely. She won't have any money worries. She can maintain her lifestyle and she will be able to fuck anyone she wants without worrying about me." I said bitterly.

Terry just looked at me and shook his head sadly. "Paul, at the very least, let me talk to Emily. No, don't get your balls in an uproar, all I want to do is talk to her. If I'm going to represent you, I'll have to speak with her anyway."

I just shrugged, rose, shook his hand and left.

Three days later Terry called and asked me to stop drop over to his office when I finished for the day. I told him that I would and didn't ask any questions.

He had an solemn look on his face. "I spoke with Emily, Paul. She didn't seem surprised and she told me that she would go along with anything you wanted in terms of a final settlement. I tried to get her to discuss your problems, but she was tight lipped. She refused to engage in any discussion."

"Doesn't surprise me one bit. File the necessary papers, Terry. I want this over with as soon as possible."

Terry nodded, looked at me searchingly, and then asked, "Do you still love her, Paul?

The question threw me and I sat silently for a moment. I really hadn't given that any thought recently.

"I truly don't know, Terry. I am so fucked up emotionally that I don't know how I feel. No, strike that. I know that I feel hurt, humiliated, betrayed - you know, all the things that a husband feels when he finds his wife has been unfaithful. But it's not only that, although "that" is bad enough.

"It's gotten to the point that we just can't seem to get along. Living with her was really getting to me. The tension, the stress, the gulf that had opened between us - it was just too much. Do I love her? Yeah, I guess I do - it's just that I can't live with her.

So that's how it all ended and I still don't really know why. How could two people, so happy and so in love with each other, suddenly find themselves in this kind of situation?

Telling my daughters almost tore me apart. They had already spoken with their mother and were terribly anxious to fly home and speak with us in person. Emily, it seems, had emphasized that that would not be a good idea. I told them the same thing and promised that we would get together soon. I finally placated them and told them that I would be in touch with them as frequently as before. They hadn't lost their father.

I spent the next few months totally immersed in my work. I became obsessed with my job, to the exclusion of anything else. Sales increased dramatically and I was the golden boy of the company. I was also making a ton of money that I really had no use for. What was I going to spend it on, a bigger headstone?

The divorce became final a couple of months later and life moved on. Approximately six months after the final decree I decided that I would take a few months and visit every sales team we had in the country. The CEO knew why I suggested this and he didn't put up any objections. He knew it would help me emotionally and he also knew that it would probably be very good for the bottom line.

The next two or three months were spent on the road. I would return every few weeks to check in, and then be off again. It also gave me the opportunity to see my daughters and reassure them that I was ok and that things would work out. Yeah, work out for Emily and I, but apart.

I really think that my job saved my sanity. I may hate to admit it, but I missed Emily, I missed her terribly. Even with the bickering and the tension, I realized that I still loved her. But that wasn't going to allow me to get past her adultery, that I could not, just could not forgive. You may think me an old fashioned ass, but to me it was a total betrayal of our love and our marriage. How long has she been screwing this guy? How could I ever trust her again? I would just have to get over her, one way or another.

Now here's where my life took an interesting turn. I had made it a practice, when I was in town, to stop at a watering hole on the way home from the office. It was a small, sophisticated spot with a upscale clientele. A small scotch and water always seemed to help end the day.

Halfway down the bar sat a couple; he was halfway to being drunk out of his mind and the woman he was with was obviously more than upset. He was pawing at her and she was trying unsuccessfully to keep her clothes on

I heard her hiss at him, "You bastard, keep your hands to yourself," as she again removed his hand from her jacket covered breast.

So help me, to this day I don't know why I did what I did. I walked over and just kicked the bar stool out from under him. He went down quickly, hitting his head on the edge of the bar. Looking at him sprawled on the floor I turned and looked at Joe, the bartender.

"Joe, it looks like this guy had an accident. You had better call the cops, or an ambulance."

Joe looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, I saw him slip right off his stool. Guess he had a few too many," he said as he moved to check on the ass's breathing. He then called 911.

I turned to the woman who was staring at me with her mouth open. I muttered, "Look, I'm sorry, miss. I guess I shouldn't have acted so precipitously, but..."

She interrupted, "Sorry? Sorry? I owe you big time. Please, let me buy you a drink, and no, I'm not a hooker," she smiled broadly.

She led me to a table and, shaking my hand, introduced herself. "My name is Kathy Gitane and that asshole is an intern at the hospital where I'm an administrator. It looks like he gets smashed after two drinks and I really do appreciate your intervention."

I was examining her as she spoke. Very, very nice. Average height, nice figure from what I could see. Age? hmmm, in her late 30s, I would guess. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Yes, a very nice package.

We had a drink and a nice chat, interrupted only by a team of paramedics who came in and toted away someone who had fallen from his bar stool.

I told her my name and we spent a very enjoyable hour just telling each other a bit about ourselves. It seemed that she was also a divorcee, and was, after two years, still coping with being a single again. Yep, her ex was a skirt chaser and after his third fall from grace, she had had enough and dumped him. No children, it seemed she couldn't have any. I gave her the condensed version of my background and we then moved on to less sensitive topics.

I liked her, she was interesting to talk with and very easy on the eyes. We made arrangements to meet again the next day for a drink and it got to be a regular thing. After our third "date" I asked her to dinner and she accepted. After our third "dinner date", I was asked to come back to her apartment for a drink.

You know what's coming next? Yeah, it's kind of obvious. Don't think that I had been totally celibate after my divorce. I had the occasional date and occasional piece of ass, but certainly not as frequently as I may have wanted. But I was now older, yeah, I had "celebrated" my 50th birthday, and while I still had lust in my heart, not getting laid on a regular basis was not driving me up a wall. At least I told myself that.

Kathy had a nice place. It wasn't frilly and feminine, at least not overly so. It looked functional, but not very personal, almost as if she hadn't wanted to spend a lot of time decorating.

She made us drinks and we sat on the sofa. Turning to me, she leaned over and kissed me softly.

"Let's cut to the chase, Paul. I want you, and I hope that you want me. But please remember, it's been awhile for me, so let's take it nice and slow. Is that alright?"

I smiled and nodded. Taking her in my arms I started to nibble at her ear and then down to her neck, nuzzling her. She had on a silk blouse and linen skirt, cut just above the knee. As my lips moved to hers, I moved my hand and gently cupped the underside of her breast. I head her let out a sudden breath of air and felt her press her breast to my hand.

While kissing and nibbling, I unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it from her shoulders. Her breasts, quite ample, strained against the fabric of her lacy bra. I allowed my fingers to gently toy with her nipple, which was now quite erect and then my hand moved to her back and I unfastened the bra and let it fall from her.

Her breasts were full and milky white. The areolas were a pale beige as were her nipples which were jutting up at me. I lowered my head and softly kissed each one. I could hear Kathy breathing heavily as I laved the points of her breasts. I suddenly felt her hips shift and realized that she had unzipped her skirt and was now slipping it off her legs.

I placed my hand on her leg, just below the juncture of her thighs and felt the heat emanating from her sex. Slowly moving my hand I covered her mound and felt that her panties were moist, she was obviously very aroused. I moved my finger lightly along the crease of her vulva and felt her become even wetter.

Startled, I felt her hand on my zipper which she quickly lowered. Reaching in, she extracted my cock which was leaking like crazy, and covered the head with her palm.

"Paul, please let me" she pleaded unnecessarily.

With that she unbuckled my belt, opened my pants and lowered them and my shorts to my knees. Bending, she kissed the head of my cock, tonguing the small slit which was now leaking a torrent of fluid. She then engulfed the head and sucked gently.

Slowly she continued her downward descent until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Fortunately, I am of average size, so she didn't seem to have a problem taking me so deeply.

I lay back and just luxuriated in her ministrations. She slowly worked her way up and down my cock, licking, nibbling and sucking. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, when...

Ooops, yeah, you guessed it. I couldn't hold back - that would have been a physical impossibility. I tried to warn her, but she just jammed her mouth down firmly and allowed me to ejaculate into her. I thought that the top of my head would explode, I came so hard; but she wasn't finished with me. She held me in her mouth until I sank back with an exhalation of total exhaustion. I suddenly felt really embarrassed.

"Kathy," I began. "I'm really sorry, I really didn't mean..."

"Shhhhh, shhhhh," she soothed. "Don't worry, Paul. I wanted this. Knowing that I aroused you to that extent is a total turn on for me. It's a real ego booster."

"I usually have much more control than that," I said. "But, you're right, how could any man not lose control with a woman like you. You are really something special."

Kathy smiled at me and suddenly rose and took my hand.

"Now it's time to take this to a more appropriate room," she teased, and with that led me to her bedroom and the large bed that awaited us. We quickly shed our remaining clothing.

Lying with her nestled to my side, I said softly, "It may take a little while for me to be able to perform again."

Inside my head I was praying that the "little while" would not be a day or two. I was very aware that I was now over 50, not 20.

"We have all night, Paul," Kathy murmured into my neck. She had taken my very flaccid penis into her hand and was slowly stroking me. While I realized that that organ was going to be out of commission for awhile, I had other resources that could be utilized, if you get my meaning.

I rose on an elbow and kissed her passionately. My lips traveled down to her neck where they spent a few delightful minutes nuzzling and nibbling again. I took my time exploring that area just above her breasts until she took my head and brought my lips to the nipple of her left breast. I didn't need any more encouragement. I licked, gently bit and suckled to my heart's content. Not to cause any jealousy, I spent an equal amount of time with her other breast.

I don't know how much time had passed, but I suddenly became aware of Kathy breathing heavily and moaning softly. I paused in my adoration of her bosum and allowed my mouth to travel down to her belly button. I spent some time just playing orally with that delightful cavity. Kathy was now writhing and gasping.

"Shit," she moaned. "Enough Paul. You're driving me crazy," and with that she took my head and brought it forcibly down to her pudenda.

She was sopping wet, her juices flowing freely and running down the crack of her ass. I quickly inserted my tongue between her lips and moved it up to her clitoris. I found the little nub and laved it gently. Kathy tensed, her thighs gripped my head almost painfully.

Her body rose, supported only by her shoulders and the heels of her feet. Despite her thighs that were clamped against my ears, I heard her keening, in the throes of a massive orgasm. She remained in that frozen position for quite awhile before she suddenly fell back to the bed, gasping for breath. She reached for me and moved into my arms. I saw the tears that were flowing down her cheeks.

I smiled, suddenly proud of myself. I held her gently and stroked her hair. It didn't take long before she was fast asleep. We slept through the night, in each others arms.

The next morning I awoke to discover Kathy lying next to me, gently playing with my cock which was fully erect and leaking.

"Well, you're finally awake," she teased. "I thought that Mr. Big down there would rouse you earlier."

Mr. Big, I wondered? What Mr. Big? Believe me, I am very average in size and I also don't believe that guys with monster cocks necessarily make better lovers than my "Mr. Big."

"If you're trying to inflate my ego, it's working," I laughed. "Mr. Big, as you so kindly call him is, I'm happy to say, very eager to continue. Should we take up where we left off last night?"

"Yep," Kathy murmured into my neck, "but first into the shower. Come, join me."

Did you ever notice how much fun it is to shower with a beautiful naked woman. I know, the question is purely rhetorical. It doesn't require an answer.

We soaped, we rubbed, we played, we got excited as hell. I stood behind her and allowed my cock to slide through the cheeks of her ass and down along her pussy. Jeez, it was like butter. Almost without trying the head of my cock entered her. I leaned back against the wall of the shower and just allowed her to move herself gently up and down on my phallus. It was very, very nice. I would recommend it to anyone.

We decided that it was time to wash and dry off. We used the huge fluffy towels and almost ran back and jumped into the bed.

Kathy kneeled over me and whispered, "Paul, I want to sit on you."

"Your slightest wish is... etc. etc." I smiled.

Looking into my eyes she moved her leg over me and sat on my stomach. I could feel the heat from her groin as well as the moisture. She lifted herself up slightly and moved over my now very erect cock. Grasping it by the base, she lowered herself on me. I felt the head slowly spread her labia and then enter that sweet, dark passage.

Kathy placed her hands on my shoulders and worked her hips up and down slowly, allowing my phallus to slide into and out of her in time to a tempo she wanted. Sometimes I thought that it would come completely out of her, but she would stop in time with just the head nestled between her nether lips.

She suddenly sat straight up and started to move quickly up and down. Leaning back, she grasped my thighs and ground up and down on me rapidly, then slowed and stopped. She sat there and smiled at me wickedly.

"Mr. Big feels so damn good, Paul," she said faintly.

"You keep calling him that, you'll give me a big head," I joked, not realizing that I had made a pun. Ok, a bad one, but a pun nevertheless. Hey, I felt great. 'Mr. Big' was doing his job, and I had control.

Kathy then just held me by the waist and started jamming her pelvis up and down on me. There was now a look of concentration on her face and I could see the sweat beading on her face and her breasts. I felt my cock sliding rapidly in and out of her and I recognized that I wouldn't be long able to maintain control of my passion.

I grasped her hips and held on. I soon felt the pressure building in my balls and looked up at Kathy in anticipation. She had her eyes closed and was moaning almost continuously. She suddenly clamped down on me and I could see her mouth in what appeared to be a rictus of agony, but the agony was of intense ecstacy. That put me over the top and I exploded with her still clamped firmly on me.

Kathy collapsed on me and just lay there, trying to recover her breath and her senses.

"Damn," she whispered. "That was so fantastic. I don't think I ever had orgasms as intense as you have given me. Are you some kind of sex genius?" she asked breathlessly.

Son- of -a- bitch, this woman made me feel like Superman. I believe at that moment I actually thought that I could leap tall buildings in a single bound. I suddenly felt a wave of affection for this glorious creature who made me feel more alive than I had in months, or longer.

So began a relatively tranquil period after what had been a rather tumultuous time in my life. Kathy and I formed a close and co-dependent relationship. We saw each other frequently and most weekends found us spending the night in either her or my apartment. She was comfortable and totally undemanding. Sure, the sex was phenomenal, but the times we spent just talking were like a tonic for me. It was during this time that I learned to relax and bury the angst of the end of my marriage.

I also maintained a close relationship with Terry Oldham, my lawyer and my friend. We would meet at least once a week for a drink after work. He quickly got the message that I really didn't want to know anything concerning Emily. The bitterness still simmered below the surface and I didn't want to stir up that kettle of fish.

Then, when I expected it least, fate threw me a curve ball. Kathy and I were relaxing in her living room over a glass of wine when she turned to me...

"Paul," she began tentatively. "I've got something I have to tell you."

I sudden chill ran down my back. Why did I feel that bad news was coming? Was it because things were going too well right now? I just stared at her.

She took a deep breath and let it out. "Honey, I have been offered the position of chief administrator of a hospital on the west coast. After giving it a hell of a lot of thought, I accepted the offer."

It was as though I had received a blow to the solar plexus. I just sat there, unbelieving. I didn't know how to react, I was stunned.

I just blurted it out, "Kathy, don't go. Let's get married."

Where the hell did that come from? The thought of marrying Kathy was something that had never entered my mind. Of course, the thought of losing her had also never entered my mind.

Kathy had moved over to me and stroked my cheek.

"Dear, sweet Paul. I truly do care for you. You have become such a dear friend and I truly value our time together, but I won't marry you. And there are two very good reasons for that decision."

She held my eyes with hers and I saw that they were shining with unshed tears.

"First, I do not love you and you don't really love me. We are friends with benefits, as they say. That's not to minimize my feelings for you. In some ways, I feel closer to you than to anyone who has ever entered my life, except perhaps my parents.

"The second reason," she continued, "is the fact that you're still very much in love with your ex-wife." She let out a little chuckle at my shocked expression.

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