Her Satisfaction

by Anna Starr

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Anna Starr

Romantic Sex Story: Can cyber fantasy become reality when online friends become "real life" lovers? See what unfolds in this sequel to Guest Satisfaction.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .


"Ok and then we have the Johnson-McPike Wedding in the Grand Ballroom next Saturday. Anyone have anything else to add."

Cynthia was rocking back and for in the high back leather chair. She looked around the mahogany conference table.

"Blah... blah... blah... another weekly staff meeting", she thought to herself. "I wanna get home so I can play."

"Ok, well I guess that does it" Mike was saying as he got up from the conference table. "Oh there is one more thing"

Cynthia popped the last bite of her cinnamon bagel into her mouth.

"Cyn, corporate called and they want you to go help our property out in Denver for a few weeks."

Cynthia gasped and almost choked on her bagel. Her eyes grew wide and her face turned a bright read.

"Oh my God, she's choking!" the head Chef shouted and ran to her side. Just as he was about to start the Heimlich, Cynthia started to cough and regained her composure.

"Are you alright", Mike asked with great concern in his voice.

"Yeah... ummm... sorry... went down the wrong pipe", Cynthia said sheepishly as the red in her cheeks deepened realizing everyone was gathered around her.

"Alright then everyone back to work, Chef can you get Cyn a glass of water please?" Mike requested as the department heads started to shuffle out of the boardroom and back to their respective departments.

"Cynthia... really... are you OK?" Mike asked with concern in his eyes.

"Oh yeah, thanks, I am fine... really." Cynthia replied as she gathered her papers together and headed back to her office.

She dropped her legal pad and meeting notes on her desk with a bang.

"Holy shit", she said under her breath. This was too damn good to be true. Cynthia threw herself into her large leather chair and started to reminisce about the past few months and how much her life had changed.


Ever since her sexual escapades started with Kevin, the cowboy guest who helped her discover a whole side of herself that she knew existed but never dared share with anyone, Cynthia was a new woman. She had started working out, lost 20 pounds and was really starting to feel good about herself. Cynthia also discovered the wonderful world of cybersex. The first time she tried it was back in college and it was something to do in-between classes in her dorm room. Now it was her favorite pass time. Cynthia loved to log on and talk to people from all over the world in the chat rooms. She was hesitant at first about trying cyber sex, but she took to it very naturally and found herself enjoying giving men pleasure, even if it was just in her mind. But now, she had a chance to make her fantasy a reality.

From the first time Aaron and Cynthia chatted, she felt a connection to him. He was different from the other men she had spoken to. He did not jump right into the "what are you wearing" or "do you like to suck cock" conversations. Cynthia found herself chatting to Aaron for hours about anything and everything. Work, dreams, goals, fears, there was no topic that they did not discuss. As the weeks and months passed by, Aaron asked Cynthia if he could call her and have a "real" live talk. She was leery at first but agreed. Her stomach was in knots when the phone began to ring.

"Damn it... what were you thinking" she thought to herself.


Finally, on the fifth ring she answered the phone.

"Hello", Cynthia said meekly whispering into the phone.

"Hi... it is so nice to finally hear your sweet voice", Aaron replied.

That was all it took. Cynthia let her tense muscles through her body relax and they began the first of what was to become many long phone conversations.


Now, after two and half months of long phone calls, Cynthia was going to be in the same state as Aaron. Aaron was a sheriff in a small town 50 miles outside of Denver called Little Springs. During many of their phone conversations Aaron would look out of his window and describe the natural wonder and beauty of the mountains around him. Cynthia longed to be leaning against Aaron's chest with his arms around her looking out onto the phenomenal mountain setting.

"Snap out of it"... Cynthia said to herself. "Are you crazy? You can't go to the other side of the country and hook up with some guy who you have only talked to on the phone and had sex with online!"

Cynthia shook her head and brought herself back to reality. She sighed and looked outside from her office window.

"Now you will go to Denver, work twelve hours days, get the hotel back on the right track, and come back home to Springfield", Cynthia told herself, scolding as a mother would a child.

With another deep sigh, Cynthia nodded, "yes" she thought to herself. That is what I will do.


That night Aaron called Cynthia at 9 pm on the dot. They tried to call and talk to each other at least every other day. This was sometimes hard to do with both of their busy schedules, but they agreed that their phone calls were always the best part of their day.

"Hey sexy, how are you today? How was work?" Aaron started chatting about his day and the drunk tourist that he picked up last night on duty. All the while, Cynthia kept quite.

"Then he offered me $100 bucks to not tell his wife that he had been arrested." Aaron started laughing.

Cynthia did not respond.

"Hey, what is wrong with you tonight, you are so quiet? Did I say something wrong?" Aaron asked puzzled by Cynthia's silence.

"Honey, what is it, you can tell me", Aaron continued to question.

"Ummm... well... I have... to do some traveling for work again."

"That's great", Aaron replied, "Are you going to Chicago again?" knowing that Cynthia had been there before a few months ago.

"No" Cynthia replied, "I am... um... I have to go out to Denver."

"What?" Aaron replied.

"Yeah, I am going to go to our property in Denver and help train the new General Manager for two weeks. I leave next Monday", Cynthia said quickly, anxiously waiting to hear Aaron's response.

"I can't believe it" he replied. "I am so happy".

Cynthia sighed with relief.

"Really?" she asked, "I did not know if this would freak you out?"

Aaron started laughing. "Cyn, we have been talking for months now, I want to be able to make our fantasies that we talk about, come true."

Cynthia's face lit up and a huge smile crept across her face. The two continued to discuss the details of her trip and it was decided that he would pick her up from the airport when she flew in.


The days before Cynthia's departure dragged on and on for her. Her excitement and anticipation was almost too much to bear. Whenever anyone asked her about the trip, a mischievous grin would appear on her face.

"Oh, yes, I am so excited about my trip" she told fellow co-workers, her heart racing at the thought of being in Aaron's arms.

Then the day finally arrived. Cynthia took the hotel van to the airport and gave her bellman a quick hug before running into the airport. Cynthia's adrenaline was racing as she stepped through the doorway at the end of the ramp. Her heart stared to race and her face became flush when she saw Aaron standing at the gate with a single long stem red rose. Her face lit up and she smiled as she quickly walked over and gave him a hug. She took a deep breath wanting to capture his scent. Aaron held on to her tightly and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. Cynthia's knees began to buckle and she held on to Aaron.

"I am so happy... I feel like I am going to float away... like I am dreaming." Cynthia whispered.

"Oh sweetie, this is very real, I promise you that", Aaron took her chin in his hand and kissed her slowly on the lips. She could feel his tongue gently running along her lips.

"Mmmmm, what a welcome", Cynthia said when they finally broke their embrace.

"Let's get your luggage and get going. I have a surprise for you", Aaron said as he took Cynthia's carry-on from her and head to the luggage carousel.

Cynthia and Aaron chatted happily as they left the airport and headed out of town. Aaron laid his hand upon her thigh as they continued to talk in his car.

"I really can't believe that I am here with you", Cynthia said. "I have dreamed about this since we started talking on line".

Aaron grinned, took her hand and kissed it softly.

"I have been dreaming of this too", he replied and turned down a dirt road leading deep into the mountains.

After another ten minutes, they pulled into a parking spot in front of a bed and breakfast in heart of the mountains. Aaron got out of the car and came around to open the passenger door. Cynthia was already halfway out of the car.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Getting out of the car" Cynthia replied sheepishly, realizing that Aaron was trying to be a gentleman and open her door for her.

Aaron reached out his hand and took Cynthia's as they walked into the quaint home. Cynthia's skin tingled and her heart began to race with anticipation.

"Reservations for Mitchell", Aaron said to the elderly lady sitting behind the desk in the entryway.

"Ah yes, Mr. Mitchell" the woman replied and she set down her knitting needles and yarn. "We have you in the master suite. Take the stairs to the second floor and your room is the first one on the left."

"Thank you", Cynthia said as Aaron held out his hand to her and led her up the staircase.

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