Ruth's Secret Story

by dawn1958

Copyright┬ę 2006 by dawn1958

Erotica Sex Story: Ruth goes to college and meets an older teacher who has gothic, Greek looks and a body to match. Ronny is the boy's soccer coach and travels with the boy's and girl's teams when the teams play away games. Ruth plays on the girl's team and with the help of her friend Jane, she decides to go for it. Ruth is a young woman who is anxious to experience life to the fullest and see what sex and love has to offer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   First   Oral Sex   School   .


I wrote this for Ruth and I truly hope she likes her words put into story form. Readers can send their comments and suggestions to for writing the story. They can also contact Ruth directly at her email address, which is and I am sure she would be happy to hear from you.

I am a current posting author by the name of dawn1958 and I enjoyed writing this story for Ruth. She gave me the most intimate details and I have tried to put them into words a reader will appreciate. Hopefully the story is pleasing for Ruth and readers alike.

My name is Ruth and I am 18 going on 30. I have just finished two years of college where I was quite popular with my fellow students both, boys and girls. But I have never had a steady boyfriend although I have had many fancies like most girls and tend to keep them to myself. Sometimes I can work up enough courage to confide in my best friend, Jane, but she is much more outgoing than I could ever imagine being.

I have experimented sexually and didn't see anything wrong with shagging a boy if I found him attractive and desirable. The one thing that I guard against is becoming a young, man's slave so I hesitate to be too adventurous. I have also slept with my best friend Jane on many occasions over the years. We have been friends since we were 9 or 10 and gone to school together while developing a special friendship.

At nine, we became friends and have been inseparable ever since. We had sleepovers and things between us started with touching and experimenting with each other's undeveloped, scrawny bodies. The feeling and touching was considered harmless and we were both at ease with each other. At 11, Jane licked me between the legs and I felt, funny feelings go through my body that I had never experienced. She encouraged me to do it to her and she confirmed it did the same thing to her. We decided that although they were funny feelings, that indeed they were not really funny but extremely gratifying.

We spent every opportunity between each other's legs after that and it was most likely due to the fact we had not developed boobs by age 11. But we did inspect each other on a daily basis and it wasn't long before Jane grew sparse pubic hair. Well you would have thought she had won the cup and would always tease me for not having any of the velvety bushes. Oh yeah, after that, she was the queen of the house and I was her devoted subject, so to speak. That could be one reason that I am not very out going and tend to let people do things to me sort of against my will.

We are both comfortable with what we do with each other and don't consider ourselves as lesbians. Maybe we are and maybe we aren't, but mutually we love being close to each other at times. I guess we use sex to relieve the everyday tensions that builds up in a person and I find holding someone dear is the most relaxing thing in the world.

Since I am on a guilt trip, I will confess about relationships with one of Jane's girlfriend's. Her name is Liz and she has joined us on a few occasions. She is an absolute bombshell and totally what one would classify a bona fide lesbian and doesn't care if the world knows. Liz has shown me things about a woman's body that I didn't know existed. Although it makes me uncomfortable when she comes on to me, I don't resist her advances. She seems to easily find a way into my knickers even when I am not horny.

But that takes me away from what I really wanted to write about, so best I get back on topic. It reminds me of what Jane keeps saying to me, "Ruth, we are naming you 'Run on Ruth' from now on. You just can't stop talking and I do believe it's because you are afraid." Maybe she is right; I am afraid to let others control my life or get too close to me so I keep talking.

Maybe I should explain a little about what Ruth looks like. I am 5"5" and weigh all of 110 pounds, which means I have quite an attractive body. Boys seem to like my slim features and they do hit on me. I have a long, slim face with sharp, defined features and I do look a lot older than 18. That is nice in some ways but can be a curse at times. My back is fairly broad and my shoulders look almost like a boy's as they are nicely rounded and high.

My boobs are a firm 36C and the nipples are sort of upturned, which makes them quite pronounced on my chest. The nips are a dark, pinkish color almost like cherries sitting on the end and my tits hardly jiggle when I walk or jog. I do love the way my buds get extremely hard when I get aroused or when they hit cold air, and they do get reasonably large in size. That can be a problem for a young athlete but I do try to wear thick padded, sports bras when I exercise.

I have a 24" waist and a nice flat tummy the result of much squash and football. My hair is shoulder length, which is naturally light brown, but I have tinted, blonde strands. My eyes are a smoldering green so Jane likes to call them but I really don't feel they are that way. She says they radiate sex and make her feel I am nothing but a slut for which I feel like slapping the cow. I really don't mean that but use that kind of term a lot with my friends so it doesn't mean I don't like her.

Probably my best features are my legs, which are long and slim but have extremely well defined calves and thighs. Most people find them attractive and I get many lovely comments about my nicely shaped legs from guys and even some girls.

Like I explained, I am heavily involved in sports and my body has excellent muscle tone to give me a very athletic appearance. Squash is really my passion and I play it almost every day to stay in shape. Being an individual sport, I relish the opportunity to squash (my rare puny quote) an opponent and I do have a very intense fire to win. Again to get off topic, I have another story sprouting regarding squash experiences, but that can wait.

I do enjoy football and like how it keeps you running around the pitch. Another thing I love is running. I try to run everyday and as long as I don't have any injuries, I will do 6 or 7 miles at a time. While some people find jogging all by themselves boring, I cherish the quiet loneliness. It gives me time to fantasize and wonder what is happening in my life. I am sure these dreamlike moments keep me sane and allow me to function in the everyday world.

The reason for my story is that I have had the hots for a part-time boy's Physical Ed teacher named Ronny. I have fancied him for my two years at college and dream about being with him all the time. He is very popular with all the boy students and coaches the boy's football team. Ronny is a super guy who never has a bad word to say about anybody and always sees the best in everybody.

He is a lot older than me but he looks like a very fit 30 year old. Jane was the one to find out that he was really 50 and married to a woman 20 years young than he was. That part didn't bother me and I found it only increased my attraction for the man. His ancestry is Greek and he has the classical Latin looks, which I find most appealing. He has loads of dark, curly brown hair with a hint of gray at the temples. Probably his most attractive feature is his sexy, smoky eyes that melt my insides every time he looks at me.

Ronny is 5'9" and 11 stone, and being an athletic director, he is very fit. I truly love his muscular, rugged look and will admit that sometimes I get extremely wet just dreaming of his lean, muscular body. This is odd for me as I really don't admire too many people but am finding out that I am more attracted to older men. They seem to have far more charisma than young men and have grown out of the typical, youthful exuberance where they look at every woman as a notch on their belt. Ronny wasn't like the teenage boys, and he treated a girl with respect and dignity.

Not long after meeting Ronny and falling deeply for the man, I started masturbating. Not that I didn't do it before meeting him, I just began doing it on a regular basis. It made me feel perverted and dirty but I grew to accept the sessions as a wonderful way to relieve pent up tensions. And Jane kept reassuring me that it was only natural for girls to do it, and in fact, so did all boys.

Maybe I should explain more about my anatomy. When I get thoroughly aroused, my pussy swells and my lips open up like a budding flower. This, of course, exposes my most sensitive thingie, that girls can't stop thinking about, and I have great difficulty walking. My knickers will slide inside my openness and it gives me the most uncomfortable feeling. Not that I am complaining about this occurrence because I'm not. It is just that whenever I move a muscle after that point, it's as if someone is touching me down there.

Well, I should get on with my story. Not long after joining the girl's football team, I became infatuated with Ronny. He was the coach who traveled with our teams on football tours and was required to chaperone both boy's and girl's teams. Although he was the boy's coach, he was the first aider for both teams as well as the sports therapist so he was kept busy before and after all games and training sessions.

These trips consisted of four days and three nights on the road and it garnered me the perfect opportunity to get to know Ronny better. After the first or second trip, I think I fell in love with him, if not love, then I was drawn by his powerful, male magnetism.

I know I fancied Ronny more than any of the young men or boys in my life, and on one trip, I even faked a leg injury. Since Ronny was the therapist, I picked an injury that would require him to give me massages and rubdowns. I chose a hamstring injury knowing it was a lot like a back injury where you couldn't tell how serious it really was. As only a young girl can do, I convinced Ronny that I was hurting too badly to attend any therapy session other than in my bedroom of our hotel.

We would set up the time for therapy and my heart would almost burst whilst waiting for him. Ronny was always the perfect gentleman when he was in my bedroom and attended to my fake injury in a professional manner. I found the times he was with me the most exhilarating and exciting of my life and it deepened my affection for him.

The number of times Ronny attended to my supposed injury, even taping it before every workout, was a credit to his devotion and it got my passions soaring every time. The thing that I found frustrating was my lack of adventurism. I wanted desperately to wear clothes that were revealing, and take a chance for once in my life. But when Ronny came calling, I wore my most unattractive, football uniform, which concealed everything I wanted Ronny to see.

When he touched my leg and massaged it like the true specialist he was, he never understood how it affected me inside. With just me and Ronny in the room, I wanted to fling my arms around his neck and kiss the man to death. I cursed myself for not having the courage to carry out my fantasies. I did however remove my bra and knickers, which got my blood racing, but surely he didn't realize what I was doing. What a cow I was for thinking I could entice such a genuine man into betraying his oath with the college. But surely he must have noticed my nipples, which were so fucking hard they were like beacons sticking out in the night.

The fact I was reserved and raised in a very conservative family merely had me sitting on my bed with my heart in my throat trying not to suffocate. It's funny how ones heart can block oxygen going to the brain and a person gets so silly and confused when the world closes in. Lord knows I wanted to rip my shirt open and beg Ronny to take me, take my titties. "Can't you see how hard my nipples are and how much they need your hot mouth to suck them?" I wanted to yell at him but could not find the nerve.

How many times did I fantasize about Ronny ravishing my body, kissing my tits and feeling my burning flesh? I wondered. My dreams and fantasies are the main reason I started to masturbate using my very own fingers to relieve my pent up passion. Every time things quieted for the day, my mind went to work and I would get soaking wet. Then I would have to masturbate and this happened until I was doing it almost every day. Okay, if the truth were known, every day and some days I did it twice. But I smile with the funny suggestion that it's never more than that.

I guess I am at a loss to figure out my true feelings and emotions. The satisfaction I get from the self-gratification is earth-shattering and if Ronny only knew how much he meant to me, I reasoned he would become my lover.

That's how my dreams transpired until one day my closest friend got me talking. Jane knew me well enough to know that something was bothering me and pestered me until I told her all about Ronny. Time and time again she probed into my subconscious mind until she knew every incriminating detail of how I felt about Ronny.

Jane never let up on me and all the while I visualized Ronny's muscles flexing and his handsome face right in front of me. Maybe it was lust but I wasn't thinking straight when Jane suggested a plan for me to have my dream man. She must have loved me to pieces and wanted to ensure my happiness even if it meant breaking the rules for once.

I confessed to Jane that I desperately wanted to fuck Ronny and she told me that she would search for a sure-fire way for it to happen. Of course she built up my hopes and made my dreams even more vivid and traumatic which meant more masturbating for poor Ruth. But I really didn't think she was serious and went on with my dull, boring life as if nothing would happen.

One fateful day, Jane rushed into my bedroom so excited she instantly gave me the biggest hug. It did sort of shock me when she suddenly gave me a French kiss but I soon found out all about her enthusiasm. "Ruth honey, I have the perfect solution to your dilemma," she told me and then went on to explain her devilish plan to me.

Our college has a prom every year for all outgoing students and that time was approaching. All the professors and teachers were required to attend the big event and it was a widely known fact that Ronny was a good ballroom dancer. Jane's plan was for her, Liz and I to seduce Ronny into spending the night with me. Well maybe seduce isn't the correct term but it is in my shattered mind. The prom was always held in a city about 25 miles from our college and everyone that attends the gala function stays over in a local inn. The girls all dress in royal gowns and the boys in ties and tails.

Jane begged me to go for it, do something for once in my pathetic life that made me happy even if it was sinful. Why I agreed while knowing it was wrong, I'll never understand but I did. An element of danger most likely added the needed adrenalin to my system that corrupted my thinking. When the days passed and time grew closer to the prom, my stomach quivered in anticipation and I eventually was at peace with what we were going to do.

The week before the prom, I got up enough nerve to ask Ronny if he would save the last two dances for me. I had planned to compliment him on his excellent dancing and tell him how much I admired his coaching ability. He agreed right away with my request and it blew me away that he was so pleased to oblige.

It took everything I had to not look away when he looked me right in the eyes and smiled. Such a handsome face and smile that I had goose bumps the rest of the day. It almost appeared to my frustrated brain that the man liked me and even had a crush on me.

I was so excited and worked up over the upcoming date that I was soaking wet all week. My pussy lips were so puffy and uncomfortable that I had a terrible week as far as my body was concerned. My knickers were buried so far inside of me that it gave me the most erotic feeling whenever I moved or walked. Funny how everything I did that week had a sexual connotation to it. I am sure I must have masturbated so many times it threatened to wear my delicate pussy out even before I gave it willingly to Ronny.

Sleep was not happening either and I was forced to function on very little of the restful zzz's. I tried not to pay too much attention to Jane's exact plan and decided to leave all the details up to my best friend. I reasoned that if I couldn't trust Jane, who could I trust?

Jane, and her friend Liz, had met a couple of boys and of course as was her custom, she was intimate with them on the very first date. Sometimes her promiscuous nature infuriates me but that's another story all together so I will leave it alone. Anyway, these two boys were willing to provide Jane with a couple of pills that would knock a person out without actually making them pass out. They assured her that the person could still feel things and consciously could do things but it would not register in their subconscious mind.

I made arrangements to rent a gorgeous, green, imitation silk gown that was a full-length strapless ballroom dress. The color made my eyes look even greener and I decided to wear pillar-box red lipstick. The top of the dress clung to my perky breasts so I didn't have to wear a bra. My cleavage would surely entice any of the men who attended the ball that there was something charming below the green tarp. When I tried on the dress for Jane and Liz the day before the event, the evening turned into a night of erotic, girlie bliss. Again, I keep getting away from my story about Ronny, which seems to be a characteristic of my scatterbrain.

If heaven was the college prom in West Haven, then I was in it. Jane, Liz and I dressed for the gala knowing damn well that the night was full of promise. When I entered the party, the boys I met looked not at my sultry green eyes but at the swelling of my breasts not covered by my dress. Even I knew my tits never looked more seductive and the night only got better after that.

It quickly developed into a special night and Jane could tell I was extremely excited. I was all flushed up and I commented to her that I was lucky to bring a spare set of knickers. That made her laugh out loud and she gave me some valuable advice that served me well the rest of the evening. "Put some toilet paper or kleenex in the crotch honey, it will keep your knickers dry," she said and pinched my arm for effect.

The party was loud and the floor was always filled with bodies that soon became sweaty from many fast dances. I chatted and made friends with numerous students I had never met in the two years at the college and thoroughly enjoyed the whole night. Once or twice I ran into Ronny who was trying his best to stay on the sidelines doing his chaperon thing. I even thought he had noticed me and kept looking at me but that could have been my vivid imagination.

I did dance with a few boys during the evening but they most likely danced with me trying to get closer to what I had to offer. I'll admit that I am not the best dancer in the world probably because I don't do it very often. I do like dancing with Jane, or even one of her girlfriends, and we did dance during many songs.

I never thought the band would stop playing sets and when the lead singer announced that they were quitting in 15 minutes, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It heaved and beat so fast that I had a hard time breathing but I rushed to find Ronny. He was standing by an open doorway and I secretly hoped he would rush away so I wouldn't have to embarrass myself. He didn't run so I slowly walked over to him, admiring his princely stature, which was like a Greek god to me.

Ronny looked at me as I approached and I started to say that I was there to collect on his promise for two dances. He cut me off merely by reaching for my shivering, damp hand and then led me off into the sunset. Well I guess it was to the dance floor but at that moment, I was in paradise. The second last dance was a foxtrot so we didn't hold each other but that was good enough for a quivering Ruth. We tried to talk and he did say that I looked exceptional which made me blush. He then kidded me about it and said he thought such an innocent show of emotion was beautiful.

Between songs, Ronny stood directly in front of me and stared into my eyes. I think that my legs almost gave out and it was a miracle I didn't melt to the floor. I dearly wanted to talk but nothing came out. His eyes suddenly dropped and he looked at my breasts and for a split second I feared my dress had fallen. With great relief I noticed my two, glorious mounds pushing forward and upward with all the attention, getting power possible. I even tried harder to push them out further so he would find them more desirable.

When the last dance began and it was a slow waltz, I was sure Ronny would feel my body suffering a severe heart seizure. He pulled my shivering frame into his hard, muscular body and it was only natural for me to put my head on his solid shoulder. He led me around the floor like he was the best ballroom dancer and I tried my best not to trip and fall at his feet. I knew if I did, I would grab his pants, rip them open to get at his lustrous manhood, and it made me shudder with the immoral possibility.

Ronny held me in his arms and it was exactly what I thought it would feel like. I closed my eyes dreaming of having sex with my idol and scolded myself for thinking in such vulgar terms. It was impossible to stop the lively images as they rolled through my brain and I wanted to scream, "I am alive! I am woman! I am yours for the taking!"

When the music stopped, I refused to take my head off his shoulder. He almost had to shove me away and suddenly I felt immense embarrassment for acting so childish. Like a true gentleman, he led me to the table where Jane and Liz waited and it was the most wonderful feeling with Ronny holding my elbow while guiding me across the dance floor. I knew I was leading him to slaughter but that didn't bother me.

Everything happened quickly once we got to my friends. Jane had done her homework and knew that Ronny's fav drink was a screwdriver. She graciously handed him the vodka and orange drink and the four of us sat down to be comfortable. Jane winked at me so I knew she had spiked Ronny's drink with the stuff she had gotten from her friend and I was filled with feelings of guilt.

I watched the man I adored chat with my friends as if nothing was happening and all the while knew he was being led down the garden path. It took but a few minutes and two drinks before Ronny's head started to bob and waver and we knew it was time to get out of the ballroom. Luckily, everyone else was leaving and with almost all staying in the same inn, we joined the crowd.

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