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Romantic Sex Story: I spent a night deep in the fantasy of a long-distance lover.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Fisting   .

Copyright© 2006 J-God

Yesterday I celebrated yet another holiday alone- but I was far from lonely. I received a message from a dear friend, Julia. We have been long-distance friends for a long time and more recently become lovers, albeit from afar. The opportunity has not come for us to meet but we have spent many hours discussing the possibilities between us when we finally come together; needless to say the conversations vary between hot and volcanic!

What attracted me first to Julia was her mind. She is a genius and we can - and do - take an entire dayspan discussing ancient histories, religion, sociology- you name it, we have a wealth of information on the subject and compliment and help refine each others theories. Everyday I look forward to the chance to get to speak with her, even if only through instant messenger or email. The times we do get to actually converse blow me away even more, because hearing her voice sends electricity through my entire being. She has a delightful overseas accent and I long to hear her softly calling my name all night long as we hold and caress each other... but I digress.

Julia is a beautiful brunette with warm, chocolate brown eyes that have an innocent look to them that you simultaneously want to corrupt and protect at the same time. Her shoulder-length hair has a stylish cut to it that prefectly accentuates and frames her delicate features. I cannot remember all the times that I have looked at her soft, full and slightly-pouty lips and envision them pressed against mine in a scorching kiss... or even more intimate places.

Julia's body is as fantastic as her mind and voice. Soft, pale skin covers her small frame and lovely curves, and I have envisioned my hands travelling all over her. Her breasts look delicious; round, firm and slightly conical, they are capped with pale nipples that stand at full attention when she is aroused, which is a state that she is in often when our conversations get naughty... and that happens a lot because she seems to be interested in me too. I cannot tell you how lucky I am.

I was at home alone in front of the computer, idly searching through my folders when I happened across the one where I've saved every picture and video clip Julia has sent me (she and I have seen more of each other from a distance than most of my friends). Staring at her beautiful face, I started imagining how delicious her lips would feel against mine and how her eyes would shine as we embrace... not surprisingly, my body started to react visibly at the thoughts. My cock started to swell in my shorts, causing a large tent, so I stood an eased my shorts off, exposing my erection to the room.

I smiled at how quickly she turns me on with just a thought as I sit back down. I slowly and idly stroke myself while I look through more of her pictures. When I put one of her videos on, and I see that delicious body in motion, my cock jerks strongly and the first drop of precum pools at the top of my manhood. I rub the warm, slick, clear fluid all over the head with my thumb. I keep stroking myself as I watch her pleasure herself until precum flows freely, dripping all over my fingers and down to my balls.

In the video, she looks directly at the camera (me) and tells me that I make her very wet. Staring intently, I watch her shift the view down and watch her fingers splay her labia open and start rubbing circles on her clitoris. Enraptured by the sight of Julia's hips writhing in an impending orgasm, I forced myself to release my shaft so I did not come so soon and started to caress my swelled balls, rolling them around in my hand and stroking the sensitive skin of my sack. As I continue to watch you masturbate for me, my cock throbs and continues to ooze so much precum that I massage it into my manhood and balls until they glisten in the light.

As Julia's cries of orgasm ring through my ears (I put the video on loop), I lean back, slowly stroke myself and begin fantasizing about what will happen when we finally meet. Julia's voice, combined with the sounds of her fingers playing in her wet, dripping womanhood flavor, fill my every thought, and with half-lidded eyes I think of all the things I want to do with her when I finally get her alone...

When Julia and I get to our room, we embrace and begin exploring each others' bodies as we passionately kiss. As our tongues twine, I begin removing bits of her cothing until she stands before me wearing only her panties, high heels and a very wanton expression. I carry her to the bed and lay her down; forever saving the image of Julia's beautiful body before me in the flesh... willing and inviting me to pleasure and be pleasured. I shed my clothes, silently noting that her eyes brightened with joy when she looked at my bobbing erection. Kneeling next to her, I pull her panties down and then remove her heels. I realize that it has been a gnawing hunger inside me to want to taste her all over... inside and out. We kiss and caress each other from the moment I lay next to her until we are panting and breathlessly sweating from our insistent explorations.

I gaze into Julia's eyes and tell her to lay back and enjoy the pleasures. Starting at her lips, I lick the sweat from her skin and feel her shudder from the heat and raspiness of my oral muscle against her as well as the coolness of my breath gliding over her. I feel her hands on my head as I travel across her body, caressing my face and guiding me to where she most desperately desires me at the moment. The only sounds will be of my hungry mouth, feasting at the banquet of her body, mingled with her soft coos and cries of joy. My mouth is a burning presence everywhere on her body: her breasts with heave every time my licks and nibbles touch them, her fingers will tingle with the way I suck and lick them. Reaching out to hold my head between her hands, Julia's smouldering eyes draw my lips to hers in a crushing, passionate kiss that leaves us both momentarily breathless.

Julia's thighs softly open and close, cooling her heated womanhood off some and inviting me to delve into her steaming wetness. I revel in the way her toes curl as I am nibble her ankles and lick softly across her feet; my slow and languid movements keep her aroused instead of ticklish. I place little kisses on each of her toes and suckle each one softly, my teeth lightly grazing her skin. Julia's whimper tells me that she appreciates it, but wants even more... Her eyes capture mine as I have both of her legs high in the air, openly inviting me to pleasure her in any way I choose. Smiling into her eyes, I lick up and down her calves and thighs, noticing every change in her expressive face. Her eyes lock on mine and I can see them brimming with passion for me and the very though drives me to give her my all because she deserves no less.

I plant butterfly kisses up and down her inner thighs, ending mere centimeters before her delicious-smelling womanhood that is already leaking a steady stream of fluid between her smooth, freshly-shaved labia. The sight and smell of her inflame my senses, but I restrain myself a bit and continue kissing her body all over. I guide her to roll over onto her stomach and kiss up her body from the backs of her calves and up her thighs until they meet her round, supple ass cheeks, which are slowly clenching and unclenching with desire more and more as I approach them. I slide my tongue up between her thighs from her knees until her ass- then lift up and over to kiss her spine and lower back. her soft moans turn into a slightly disappointed mewling until my lips start tantalizing her lower back... and she feels the stiff, insistent heat of my manhood pressing against her leg, moving ever so slowly upwards as I lick and kiss higher and higher on her tantalizing body.

Julia's hand reaches back and grasps mine, curling her small fingers over my large ones and pulls me up her body until my lips and tongue are on the back of her neck, earlobes and shoulders, liberally giving affection to her. She pulls my other hand up until they are all clasped together over her head and she tells me how incredible she feels at this moment. I noticed quickly why she pulled me up her body: I am now straddling her body, completely pinning her beneath me- and my stiff erection is pressing firmly against the wet lips of her womanhood.

Julia grinds against my cock, rubbing her clitoris up and down on my shaft. She whimpers as the friction brings her closer and closer to orgasm, and the feel of her womanhood sliding against me combined with the rhythmic clenching of her ass cheeks drives me absolutely insane with desire as well. In mere moments, Julia's movements become very erratic and jerky as a powerful climax rips through her body. A low moan in her throat slowly increased to a ragged cry of release, then she collapsed beneath me, her breath coming in with gasps and coming out with satisfied whimpers.

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