by CapriciousLass

Copyright┬ę 2006 by CapriciousLass

Science Fiction Sex Story: A story of a boy's trip into manhood, helped quickly along by three beautiful women who lure him into a dark woods.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Orgy   First   Pregnancy   .


Adam heard the whispers first. At least he thought they were whispers, tiny voices that were indistinct and seemed to be calling to him. He followed them, dropping his heavy pack, leaving the safety of the trail and moving into the darkness of the woods.

He knew the tales of beasts and evil things that lived in these woods, his parents had warned him of them since he was little. The tales were gruesome and horrid, children taken and sacrificed, women raped and sent back to their villages to bear babes that bore the mark of the devil, men who went into the forest and were never heard from again.

He, himself, had seen one such babe and the red mark that covered the tiny infant's face. The babe, a boy, had been taken from the village and left at the base of a tree by the boy's mother who turned her back on her child. The next morn, the boy was gone and the mother had been found by the river, her neck broken, and a strange terror in her eyes.

A branch whipped back, catching Adam across the face, drawing blood. He pushed at it, ignoring the sting, his attention focused upon the whispers. He could see light ahead, a flickering that indicated fire and he hurried that way, crashing through the dense undergrowth of the forest. If someone were to ask him where he was, he wouldn't know. But then again, he wouldn't care for the evil of the forest had taken his mind. He was a pawn for it to play with now.

At eighteen summers, Adam was a strong boy and good looking, with long blonde hair that curled at the tips, bleached almost white by the strong sun. His eyes were startling blue, rich and true, wide set in a strong face that was softened only by long golden eyelashes. He was tall and well built, muscles that came from the plow and hard labor keeping his body lean and strong.

The girls of his village considered him a catch, the only son of a prosperous farmer and handsome to boot. They followed him constantly, giggling behind their hands if he turned and caught an eye or smiled at their silliness.

He'd been on his way to the village this morning, but his mind had been elsewhere instead of concentrating upon his way and his own safety, allowing the evil that dwelled within the dark trees an opening. It had taken its chance for Adam was as sought after by this darkness as he was by the girls of the village.

Laughter caught Adam's attention and he drew closer to the small clearing, moving aside a branch heavily laden with full rich berries to see what had brought him here. Looking between the branches, he caught his breath at the sight that greeted him.

Three girls, not much older than Adam himself, danced around the clearing. The three were beautiful, scarcely dressed with filmy shifts of varying colors. The first that caught his eye was a trim brunette with hair so dark that it seemed part of the forest itself. It flowed around her body bouncing with the girl's movements, a wreath of green leaves gracing her head. Green leaves were scattered among her locks echoing the color of her shift that parted as she skipped around the clearing.

Her breasts were full, nipples hardened and pressing temptingly against the thin fabric. A tiny waist and full hips were displayed by a gold link belt. A large knife in a golden sheath was fastened to the belt.

The second girl was blonde, her hair more golden than Adam's. She was buxom with fleshy breasts that would more than fill his large hands. Large rounded nipples pressed against the sky blue of her shift which was the same color as her eyes. Her hair was as straight as pins with pale blue flowers woven through the satiny tresses. It wasn't her body that drew Adam's eyes though, but her mouth, lush and pink, she wet her lips with her tongue leaving them moist and soft looking. He had a very difficult time taking his eyes off of her.

But there was one more girl. This girl's exotic looks with fiery red hair that hung in thick waves to her waist and green eyes shaped like a cat's, caused Adam's heart to race and his blood to pump thickly into his groin. She wore gold, the material thin enough for Adam to see through it to the graceful curves of her body. Her breasts stood high, her nipples large and pink. Slender hips framed bright red curls that covered the mound of her sex. She seemed to be staring at Adam, though he knew she couldn't see him in the darkness of the forest.

His hands itched to touch her, his body ached with pent up desire. Sex was forbidden before marriage, he had never felt the touch of a woman's hand against his body. And had only known his own self pleasuring, though that also was forbidden and he'd been forced to repent long hours afterwards.

Now he couldn't help but drop his hand to his groin and gently rub the growing bulge that grew from the erotic sight before him. He watched as the three girls danced around the clearing, their bare feet flying over the soft grass as they sang their tunes and stirred a small black cauldron from which a tempting aroma wafted into the wind.

Adam watched the girls as they giggled together, his eyes almost popping from his head when the luscious brunette embraced the blonde, their lips meeting softly. The blonde's hands caressed the brunette with tender touches that had the girl moaning her pleasure. Their lips parted to show the teasing tangle of their tongues as they continued to arouse each other.

The gold link belt was removed and the brunette's green shift slipped from her shoulders catching for a teasing instant against the hardened tips of her breasts. She pulled back a little, wrapping her arm under her breasts to hold the shift to her before turning her back on the blonde. To Adam, it almost seemed as if she was teasing him as well as the pretty blonde girl whose hands settled on the brunette's slim shoulders.

Her hands slipped down, her fingers catching in the slim green straps and pulling downwards almost forcibly on the thin material of the shift. It slid down her arms, the material dragging off her breasts so that they seemed to bounce into view. Adam swallowed hard, his hand shifting over the long bulge in his pants as he feasted his eyes upon the first breasts he'd ever had the chance to see.

For a moment, his father's voice came to him. "Adam, son, you must never do anything that would jeopardize your mortal soul."

And then her shift slid down her body and landed at her feet, exposing the rest of her to his eyes and the voice was forgotten. She smiled and seemed to stare into Adam's eyes as if beckoning him to come to her, to touch the silky skin that gleamed in the sunlight.

"Bernadette," he heard the blonde say to the brunette as she slipped her hands over her soft breasts, her fingers pulling on the hard pink nipples. "Do you have the stones?"

Bernadette nodded, her head falling back to rest on the blonde's shoulder as she allowed her body to be mauled by the girl's small hands.

"Well, where are they?" the redhead asked, slipping up next to the two and stroking Bernadette's thigh.

"In my sheath, Calandra," Bernadette gasped.

Calandra laughed, slipping her fingers between Bernadette's thighs and into the wetness of her pink flesh. "I don't feel anything in there," she said, wiggling her fingers in a way that had Bernadette squirming and moaning.

"Not that sheath," she gasped, moaning when Calandra removed her fingers, slipping them between the brunette's lush pink lips to allow her to taste herself.

Calandra leaned forward and kissed Bernadette, their lips clinging as the blonde slipped her fingers between Bernadette's thighs, sliding two inside and slowly thrusting them in and out.

Adam watched as she squirmed between the two women, her moans escaping despite Calandra's best efforts to keep her mouth busy.

"Not yet, Patience," Calandra said breathlessly as she tore her mouth away. "She must wait for her pleasure like the rest of us must."

Patience removed her hand, bringing her sticky fingers up to her mouth and licking them clean. "True, it will be much better for all of us if we are aroused when he comes."

Bernadette groaned, more than aroused. "I was so close," she grumped. "Can we not start the ceremony?"

Patience shrugged, stepping away from the flushed brunette. "Retrieve the stones, Calandra. I shall get the crystal and herbs." She slipped the straps of her shift from her plump arms, baring her large breasts to Adam's gaze.

He barely restrained the moan that wanted to escape, his hand grasping his cock that throbbed against the material of his pants, twitching as it seemed to swell until it was almost painful.

Patience slipped off her shift, exposing the rest of her curvy body, running her hands down over her breasts and stomach and moaning herself. "I can hardly wait. Have you seen him?" she asked Calandra.

"Only what He showed us," she said, slipping her golden shift down her body until her pink tipped breasts and red furred sex were exposed to the sunlight. "He said the boy would be the one. He said that he would be able to take care of all three of us. We have but to call him and he will come to us."

Bernadette held up three stones, washed smooth in the river and painted a bright red. "I have the stones."

They gathered around the small black pot, Patience handing Calandra a bundle of herbs while she held a crystal that was a pale pink in color.

Adam watched, his eyes roving over the naked bodies of the three girls. They stood proudly in the middle of the clearing, the sun glistening off their skin, shining on their hair. They clasped hands, the black pot that bubbled over the fire in the center of the three. In their left hands they held their offerings, the crystal, the herbs and the three red stones.

As one, they began chanting, their voices raised in praise and plaintive beckoning, sung in sweet harmony. The words were strange and unearthly sounding, sung in a language he'd never heard before. As he watched, they began to dance, their bodies moving, swaying and dipping though their hands remained clasped.

Adam could feel their voices, almost as if they were a physical presence. He stood, his hand dropping from his crotch as he parted the branches, walking towards the girls.

Calandra, who face him, smiled as she chanted and nodded towards him. The other two turned their heads, watching him come towards him. As one, they twisted towards the fire, dropping their offerings into the fragrant brew.

The Bernadette stepped forward, holding her hands out to Adam. "Welcome, Adam. I am happy that you have heard our call."

He put his hands in hers, the other two girls coming up to flank him on either side. Patience touched his arm and Calandra put her hand on his shoulder, linking the four of them together.

Adam felt a flash of heat that flew through him from where the girls' hands touched him ending at his fingertips and leaving him shuddering with a strange kind of pleasure that he could not understand.

Bernadette smiled. "He has blessed us and this joining. You shall perform well for us Adam and we shall reward you with more pleasure than you have ever felt before. Will we not, Patience?"

Patience nodded her blonde head, her blue eyes sparkling with happiness. "We will, Bernadette." She moved closer until her taut heavy breasts touched his arm, rubbing against him. She smiled even more when she saw him swallow convulsively and stare down at her body.

"Do not make him come in his pants, Patience." Calandra stepped closer and brushed her body against his back, pushing her hips against the hard curve of his ass.

"Have you ever been with a woman, Adam?" Bernadette asked him gently, smiling into his eyes.

Even as he shook his head no, Calandra spoke up. "You know he hasn't, Bernadette. We were told he would come to us pure of any evils, ours to turn, ours to make into what we wish him to become."

"Hush, Calandra, you are always so impatient. This boy must be treated with care, he is important to the future of our kind." She dropped Adam's hands, reaching up to the black tie at his neck, pulling at the knots until it came loose and dropped into her hands. Then she slipped the laces of his shirt free, as Calandra pulled his jacket from his shoulders.

As one, they lifted his shirt from his body, leaving him bare from the waist up. Patience sighed in anticipation as she ran her hands over his body, muscled and toned from the heavy labor of his daily chores. He was pale, for to bare a body in public was forbidden for those of his religion. That would change once he became one of them. He would grow tan and used to being naked in front of others. But now, it was up to them to lead him into their ways.

Calandra pressed against him from behind, her hands stroking from his shoulders to his waist as she sought to bring the boy pleasure and to please herself as well. He was easy on the eyes, she thought, hearing her sisters' voices in her head agreeing. Her hands found the waistband of his pants and she undid the crude fastening, feeling the baggy breeches fall from his trim hips, leaving him exposed.

Bernadette knelt at his feet, her eyes upon the hardness of his cock which had swung free of the confines of cloth, standing hard and long before them. "Oh, He was true to his word," she whispered, staring at the hardened shaft. "He will pleasure us all well and true." Her hand reached out as if she would touch him, but then she remembered herself, instead reaching for the boots on his feet to help him out of them.

He stepped from the pooled fabric of his breeches naked but for the heavy knitted stockings on his feet. Patience stepped around him, her hands trailing across his chest, her voice low as if speaking to a spooked animal. "You are a fine one, Adam. You are strong of face and form. Do you wish to be with me as man is with a woman?"

"I do not understand," Adam said, groaning as Patience's soft fingers brushed against the tops of his thighs and across the heavy sack that held his balls.

"Do not worry," Bernadette said, her hands on his legs, lifting them to remove the hand knitted stockings. "We shall teach you what you need to know. But you must answer Patience's question, Adam."

Calandra, her body still plastered against his back, stood on tiptoe to reach his ear with her mouth. "She wishes you to fuck her, Adam. Have you never seen two animals rut or know what husbands and wives do in your village?"

Adam nodded his head distractedly. "I have seen the horses that we mate and dogs, of course. Is that what you wish for me to do?"

"Good boy," Calandra whispered, slipping her tongue into his ear to circle the whorled curve. "Now answer Patience, Adam."

Adam, his cock throbbing with need, painful desire almost forcing him to his knees before these three beautiful women, felt a moment of fear and sanity through the cloud of lust that seemed to surround this clearing. Was this the danger his parents had warned him of? Would he be condemning himself to hell if he answered yes?

He struggled with himself, a losing battle for the spell cast by the three was strong.

Patience, unable to say another word until he answered her question, stood before him, her hands cupping her breasts, fingers twisting and tweaking at her nipples until they stood as ripe as the berries of the forest before him. Then she moved her hands down, over her rounded belly and plump thighs to the blonde covered mound of her sex, parting the swollen lips of her cunt with her fingers to show him the pink within.

"Y... Yes," Adam stammered, his eyes following her hands as they were meant to do. He lost the battle of wills with barely a struggle and stepped forward and into the blonde witch's hands. Lust overcame all moral religious values Adam might ever have had, leaving him a pawn to the three's wicked advances.

Patience lowered herself to the sweet grasses of the clearing, holding her hands out to Adam who followed her down. He felt his body settle against her plump one, feeling the give of sleek flesh and the heat of her like a fire, burning him from the inside out. Her hands caressed his chest, her lips finding his, giving him his first kiss.

He was clumsy and unsure, his mouth held tightly closed against hers. She sighed, pushing him back until he lay upon his back in the smooth grasses. "Open your lips when you kiss, Adam." She looked up at Bernadette who dropped to her knees at her unspoken request. Her mouth found Patience's easily, their lips parting and clinging moistly.

"See what they do, Adam," Calandra said, coming to rest on the other side of him, her hands seeking the heat of his body as if that was where they belonged. "Open your lips, rub them against hers," she said, pushing him to his side. She snuggled in behind him, her hands stroking over the plains and angles of his body, hearing his moans as they watched the two girls kiss. "Then use your tongue to explore her mouth," she said, using her own to trace a path down his spine and then back up.

Patience broke the kiss, turning back to their promised one. She faced him; her blonde hair spread out around her, and pulled his face back to hers. "It is easy, Adam. And pleasurable, once you master the technique." Her lips touched his, gently, just brushing against his firm mouth. Then again, returning to take a deeper taste, still teasing until his mouth followed hers when she pulled back. "He's eager to learn," Patience said, satisfaction in her tone.

Then she slipped her mouth over his, rubbing his lips with her own and finally running her soft pink tongue over the seam of his lips until he opened them. His tongue pushed tentatively at her own with a childlike innocence that Patience enjoyed immensely. She could feel the heat of desire coiling in her own loins, knowing that she would be his first. First to taste of his mouth, first to feel his cock in her cunt, she would be the one to take his saintly virginity and lure him away from the ways of his people.

Adam grew surer in his kiss, his mouth no longer following the dictates of Patience's but exploring what felt good to him. He loved the taste of her mouth, the darkness of the flavor that made his heart beat faster and a pulse seem to beat in the heaviness of his groin. Her breasts were like twin brands of fire against his chest. He wished to touch them, to find out for himself what one felt like.

His hand rose awkwardly, hesitantly brushing against the taut skin. He pulled back when she moaned as if he'd done something wrong. "I... I'm sorry," he stuttered, his lips still close to hers. "They are so pretty, I... I just wanted to know how they felt."

Patience laughed, a melodic sound empty of derision. "Then feel them, my stud, for they are for your pleasure as well as my own."

He reached up, his hand brushing over her skin, not touching her nipple though he wished to know if it were as hard as it looked, or if it felt the same as his own, though they looked very different in appearance.

"Like this, Adam," Bernadette said, coming to rest behind Patience, her arm around the blonde girl as she took Adam's hand in her own. Laying his palm against the heavy mound of flesh, she squeezed her hand over it gently, lifting slightly. Then ran his palm up and over, around the smoothness of her skin before finally pressing his palm against Patience's nipple.

"See how sleek and soft she is, Adam?" Bernadette asked, moving his hand in circles so that it teased Patience's nipple in a way she knew the blonde girl loved. The moan that escaped her lush lips told the tale of her passion and in her mind, she begged her sister to teach him more.

Adam nodded, swallowing convulsively. His mind was full of visions of corruption, his senses full of these three women. He could feel his cock being pressed between the soft plump thighs of Patience, trapped there so close to her heat to make him almost feel scorched. Calandra was behind him, her mouth on the back of his neck, her hands caressing him with a touch that was exquisite in its gentleness and persistence. Bernadette, her hand over his, was staring at him with eyes that seemed to melt into his soul. And all he could do was be the putty for their hands to mold as his will to resist had been tepid at best even from the first.

"Now do with her breast what you will, Adam. Squeeze it, play with her nipples, pull on them, twist them if that is your wish. You may even taste them for Patience loves to feel a hot mouth and playful tongue on her body. Would you wish to feel her plump little nipples inside of your mouth, Adam?" Bernadette took Patience breast in her hand, lifting it so that her nipple stood in offering to his lips.

Adam nodded, bending his head to the treat that was offered. His mouth opened and he drew the pink tip into his mouth, using his tongue as he was directed by Bernadette's soft words. He pushed her to her back in the grass, his mouth feasting on the taut flesh as Patience moaned and begged, writhing beneath.

Her legs spread, offering herself up as an altar to be breeched by his cock. With the coaxing of the other two, who now moved closer to Patience head, their hands caressing each others bodies as they watched, he stared down at the wet pink flesh between her thighs.

"Come," Patience said, reaching out to touch his cock with her soft hand. She wrapped her palm over him, feeling the heat of his need pulse against her skin. With a shiver of need of her own, she guided him over her and towards her wet, waiting opening.

Adam thought he would explode when her hand wrapped around his cock, the first that anyone other than himself had touched him there since he was a baby. It was an unexpected shock of pleasure, her soft palm, startling him enough that he moved with her as she slowly pulled on him. He felt the wet heat of her cunt stretch around his cock, drawing him inside of her.

"Ooo, he's big," Patience sighed, her hips moving to force him deeper. She undulated under him, her breasts jiggling as he started thrusting in and out.

Calandra felt a twist of desire as she watched Adam. She could hardly wait for her turn with this handsome stud. She was last as she was the youngest of the three, her sisters would fuck him first. But with being last meant she would also get the best for the men He found that were as young as Adam and as virile always managed to perform much better than they were expected to. With a grin, she pressed her mouth against Bernadette's breast, suckling upon its turgid tip. Her sister groaned, her fingers looping through her hair to hold her head tighter.

"Look, Calandra," she hissed as together they turned to watch Adam's body jerk almost uncontrollably. "He's going to come."

Patience reached between her thighs, her fingers finding the button like hardness of her clit, strumming it furiously. Her voice rose, the words she panted strange and unfamiliar, joining her sisters' as they chanted another of their accursed spells.

Adam felt a tingling at the base of his spine, almost as if fingernails were being used to tickle him in that sensitive area. The tingling grew, growing lower until it enveloped his groin, his body humping into the woman beneath him with feverish like intensity. Their voices seemed inside his head, their words, though really nothing more than babble to him, strangely known in a small part of him brain.

They urged him on, begging him to move faster, to feel more, and to become one with the three of them. And as the pressure built, so did the pleasure, the thick juices in his balls churning and boiling until they spewed forth from his rampaging cock, filling the blonde Patience with his creamy come.

She shrieked her pleasure, the satiny walls of her sheath contracting around his cock and clamping down with exquisite pressure, milking him like a fist clothed in wet silk until he felt wrung dry.

Adam collapsed, finding the strength to roll off of the girl and fell upon his back in the grass, his chest heaving as he sought to find his breath. His eyes closed, he didn't see the look of triumph on Patience's face or the looks of lust upon the other two as they stared at his supine body. But he did feel their hands as both girls came to lie next to him.

His eyes opened and he looked into green almond shaped eyes that sparkled with lustful musings. "You did well, Adam," Calandra said, her voice husky with desire. "Now it is time for us to teach you other things, things that you will like as well as what you did with Patience, if you will allow us?"

Adam felt Bernadette's hot mouth roving over his chest and down across his stomach and his cock twitched, coming back to life with the endurance and stamina of youth. "What do you wish to teach me?" he asked, his breath hissing from his lungs as long slender fingers wrapped around his stiffening cock, sticky from Patience's cunt.

"You will enjoy their ministrations, dear Adam," Patience said, her hand reaching out to push a damp strand of his hair from off his forehead. "Say yes and then let them play, for you will reap the reward of the talents they possess in all the best ways imaginable."

Calandra's mouth touched his, a brief kiss but one that spoke of passionate possibilities, tempting him beyond his measure as Bernadette's soft hand stroked his now erect shaft. "Yes," he whispered, feeling as if what little part of him that had remained his by free will was now gone. He was putty in the hands of these three, clay to be molded and turned into what they wished for him to become. But he felt no regret, no remorse over his decisions. He felt nothing but the sweetness of their mouths, the softness of their tongues. Their hands as they roved over his body leaving nothing unknown to them as they searched out the cleft of his ass, the crease behind his knee, the small spaces between his toes, caressing him until he cried out his frustrated need.

And then he glanced down, seeing Bernadette, her mouth barely parted, her lips but a mere inch from the head of his cock. Her eyes glittered as she stared down at him hungrily, her cool breath blowing across his shaft and sending shivers of sensation through him. "Please," he whispered, trying to reach for her.

"You wish this, for me to take you into my mouth?" she asked him softly, a small smile upon her flushed face.

"Is it done?" he asked, fearful of her answer.

"Oh, yes, by our people it is done quite often and vastly enjoyed. Would you like to know this sort of touch?" She stroked her hand over his cock, feeling the drop of precum that lubricated its head.

Calandra appeared next to him, her arm coming under his head to lift him up so that he could see what Bernadette was doing. "Say yes, for then I may play also, Adam. I wish to taste of your essence the same as she." Her soft fingers touched his face, stroking down his cheek as she kissed his jaw gently.

Patience appeared to his other side, her breasts grazing his shoulder, leaving a fiery trail where her nipples rubbed against his skin. "And you shall be able to watch us play as well. Yes, Calandra?" she asked her sister, leaning over him to kiss the redhead's soft lips.

"Yes, sister," Calandra lisped.

"I wish to feel her mouth," Adam said. "But is it not a sin most foul to taste of the flesh of a sibling?"

"A sin, it is true," said Bernadette, her tongue slowly licking around the shaft of his cock and causing him to jerk. "But a sin of such pleasure should not be a sin to my mind, should it, sisters?"

"No," the other two chorused, all three watching as Bernadette opened her mouth and slowly took Adam's hard cock into its dark depths, not stopping her slow descent until her nose touched the hair at his groin. She held it there, sucking as well as she could around the wide girth, her tongue never still even undulating with firm waves of touch against the bottom of his shaft.

"Do you wish her to stop, Adam? You have but to say you wish no more and she will release you and not bother you again." Calandra watched, fascinated by her sister's amazing talent. Patience watched Adam's face, giggling as she motioned for Calandra to see what she was seeing.

"I think he is beyond speech, sister," she giggled.

Adam's head was thrown back, his eyes closed tightly. His mouth was opened but his teeth seemed gritted shut as if he were in pain. Even as he felt the two girls touch him with their soft hands, his mind was fixated upon the mouth at his groin, the mouth that even now was sucking on him, her lips clamped around his girth as she slowly made her way back up his shaft to the tip. A long slow hissing breath left his mouth as Bernadette slowly released him, her hand stroking over the moisture she'd left on his shaft.

She nodded to her sisters, indicating she still needed his assent, for what she had just done was no more than taste of the flavor of his will, a tiny nibble at his morality. She needed his agreement before she may drink of each to her heart's content.

"Do you wish more, Adam?" Calandra asked, reaching for the hand that he held balled at his side and bringing it to her mouth. She sucked his fingers into her mouth, nibbling on the tips as she teased him. "You've but to agree and she will show you what true pleasure can be had from her lips."

Adam looked down at the girl that stared back at him from between his legs, the erect shaft of his cock between them. Her eyes sparkled with her own pleasure, for the tiny taste she'd had of his essence was a powerful and sweet. She nodded her head, shifting to the side to blow a cool stream of air across his shaft.

"Y... yes, please," he gasped, then gasped again as her mouth engulfed his hardness. He reached down, shifting her hair to one side of her head so that he could more easily watch what she was doing, instead of just feeling it. Her mouth was amazing, hot suction, wet against his sensitive cock. He watched as she bobbed her head, taking him deep into her throat before lifting again and then holding his cock up to slide her tongue up the bottom of his cock from his balls to the tip that wept drops of precum. It slipped onto her waiting tongue and she swallowed it down, moaning as if it were the sweetest taste in the world.

Lips touched his flat masculine nipples, teeth nibbled against his ribs as the other two girls concentrated on giving him the most pleasure he could take. His hands were held down at his side in a grip that seemed unbreakable though he didn't try all that hard to get free. He felt their hair on his body, silky and soft, tickling his ribs and across his thighs. Bernadette's mouth was so hot, so incredibly wet, he felt as if he was losing the battle, his body taking over and jerking against her.

"I... oh God, I'm going to..."

"Come," Calandra said, whispering the word in his ear. "You're going to come, Adam."

He moaned, as the pleasure of sweet release flowed through him and he flooded Bernadette's mouth with the fruit of her labor, pearly drops of ejaculate that she gulped down greedily. Using her hand, she milked his cock of every drop, sucking and licking the still hard flesh until she had it all.

When she was through, she leaned up, kissing his stomach with a fondness that she hadn't expected to feel for the boy they'd been given as their own. "Thank you, Adam," she said to him. "He is most powerful and potent, sisters. He picked well and true for us in this boy."

Adam felt as if his heart was going to explode. His body seemed almost numb after the pleasure he'd just been shown. All he wanted to do was curl up on the soft grass and sleep. But their hands were still busy, their mouths still hungry on his skin. He moaned softly as he felt Bernadette's mouth upon his balls, sucking them gently into her mouth.

Calandra, her turn upon them at last, lay against his side, her breasts pressed against his chest. "Wake, sweet one, after we have culminated the ceremony, than you shall rest. And when you wake, then we shall play again and again. But for now, Adam, open your eyes and look upon the next of your conquests."

His blue eyes opened and he stared up at her. She was beautiful, with her bright red hair and those mysterious eyes of green that seemed to look into his soul. "Your name is Calandra?" he asked huskily, groaning a little as Bernadette worked her mouth over his cock.

"Yes, and those are my sisters Bernadette and Patience." Her smile was brilliant, and she ran a gentle hand down the side of his face. "I am the youngest of the three and must wait for you until they were through. But it is our turn now, Adam. And I have waited for what seems like forever for you."

"I've never seen you before, have I? I would remember..." he asked, confused.

"No, but you were promised to us," she said, stressing her words. "And as soon as we are done here, then you shall come with us and be part of us."

"But why me?" he asked, his breath hitching as Patience glided her hands down his body and over every sensitive spot she could find.

"It is your strength and your sense of purpose, my love. Those traits alone make you a worthy candidate as husband for us. But there is more."

"Yes, there is more," Bernadette said, sliding her body up and against his and kissing his lips. "There is stamina and endurance, pride and determination, and a goodness that will infuse us all with power unlike anything we've felt before."

Bernadette turned to Calandra, sliding her lips over the beautiful redhead's mouth and kissed her slowly and thoroughly, sharing with her sister a taste of his essence. "Can you feel it?" she whispered when she pulled back. "Can you feel the power that he possesses?"

Calandra felt the glow, a warmth that spread from her mouth down her long slender form. "It is good," she whispered. "It is different from others, more potent, more sweet. Such goodness he holds for us," she exclaimed.

"But for now, baby sister, it is your turn and a wondrous event."

"What does she mean?" Adam asked, his hands coming up and running over Bernadette's back, finding the curve of her ass and holding her to his groin.

"You are to be my first, Adam, as Patience was yours." She bowed her head, her pale skin flushing a little as if she were embarrassed.

He smiled, reaching over and pushing her hair out of her face. "You've never done this before? But I would have thought, I mean, your sisters are so knowledgeable. "

"I have but reached the age of mating in our people. You are to be my first and to give me my first child."

Bernadette gave him one slow kiss before sliding away from him. She turned to her sister, Patience and cuddled next to her, watching the young couple as they stared at each other. "He was right, they will make a fine child together," she whispered quietly, her hands stroking over Patience huge breast.

"Yes, and he will make a fine addition, a strong son for our people. The power will be strong within him." Patience bit her lip as the sensation of Bernadette's teasing caused tiny bursts of pleasure in her womb.

"Kiss her, Adam. Show us what you have learned." Bernadette leaned down to take Patience's large nipple into her mouth, nibbling on the berry size tip with a delicate touch. Her fingers went to Patience's soaked cunt, slipping easily inside and feeling the mixture of their spendings against her skin.

Adam turned to the beautiful Calandra, his eyes half closed and sleepy looking with his desire. She was as bright as fire in the dark, as slender as a willow switch and as supple. His mouth seemed to water with the desire to kiss her, his hands to perspire with his need to touch and caress. He wanted to part the bright red curls at her thighs with his fingers, or with his tongue, to try some of the things that Bernadette had done to him.

"Kiss me, Adam. Make me yours as only a first lover can do." Calandra fell back as he leaned over her, her red hair brilliant against the green of the grass. The sunlight shone down upon his back, warming him with the heat of its rays and caressing her body with dappled light from the surrounding foliage.

She was all things beautiful in that moment as she stared at him with those strange cat eyes. Her bare body perfect in symmetry and line. Her breasts were rounded mounds of delight, the pink of her nipples like the sweetest of sugared candy, calling for him to sample and taste. She was tiny of waist with that red pelt that covered her nether lips in curls of fire, her limbs long and sleek, leanly muscled.

He couldn't resist her, nor did he wish to even try for she was flawless in his eyes. His lips touched hers, gently at first, his lips brushing against hers until she opened her mouth, letting her tongue lick across the seam of his lips. He parted them, feeling her tongue sweep into his mouth to twine against his own before exploring his teeth and the inside of his lip, finally capturing his lower lip and drawing it into her mouth. She suckled on her prize, gently tugging at it with her teeth before laving it with quick flicks of her tongue.

"Touch me, Adam. Explore my body with your hands. My sisters will help you," she whispered against his mouth.

Adam sighed, lost in her scent and the exquisite almost painful pleasure he felt at touching her. Instead of doing what she expected and reaching for her breasts, his hands smoothed down her arms, the rough calloused skin of his palms caressing her soft skin. The slightly abrasive feeling of his hands felt exquisite even as he moved them down her sides and over her hips, slipping ever closer to erogenous zones that were begging for his touch

His lips found hers, his mouth clinging as he kissed her softly, the tip of his tongue teasing the corners of her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat, amazed at the power of his kiss, at the heat of his touch.

"Look, sister, he has learned well." Patience giggled behind her hand, drawing Bernadette up from where she reclined against her bare thigh, watching the young couple as they loved. "He kisses with heat and with finesse, Calandra will enjoy this first ride."

"Oh, yes. His cock is most splendid. And his essence," Bernadette licked her lips and sighed. "I wish to taste more."

Patience hugged the slender girl, feeling their breasts press together with a sigh. Her lips touched Bernadette's, her tongue licking the inside of her upper lip with relish. "I know of a place where you could taste more if that is your bent," she whispered, spreading her plump thighs in invitation.

"But we are to watch, to protect Calandra and help ensure her passage into being is done with care and gentleness."

"I shall watch and you shall pleasure me," Patience said with a grin. "And in giving me pleasure, you shall take what you wish the most, more of his potency."

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