Playing The Pair

by Traffic Guy

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Traffic Guy

Romantic Sex Story: A little fantasy prompted by a picture I saw while playing a poker game on the internet. A couple become friends with a girl who's nude pictures were used for an online game.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .


"Holy Shit!"

Cindy raised her head from her book with a smirk on her face. "Okay, Jimmy, which site are you on this time?"

Jimmy was just shaking his head in wonder. "I just don't believe it. These can't be real!"

Cindy sighed, got up and wandered over to the computer. And stared. And stared some more. "Holy shit!"

They were staring at a picture on one of the strip poker games. The name was Kim. She was sitting on a black wooden chair looking shyly down and to her right. Her arms were behind her, in the process of shedding her shirt, which raised her nude breasts. The only thing she was wearing was bikini panties. Her long, platinum blonde hair hung down to where a few strands curled just outside her right breast... which was one half of what the couple was staring at. The pose had, of course, accentuated the thrust of her huge, perfectly shaped breasts with soft, puffy areoles almost an inch and a half across, topped by nipples as big around as a thumb. Coupled with a perfect, flat tummy and nicely turned long legs the picture screamed both innocence and sex.

"Jesus!" Cindy whispered. "I see it and I don't believe it!"

Jimmy was licking his lips nervously. "They can't be real. She can't be real."

"Are there more?" Cindy asked.

"Well, at least one more. I just have to win a few more hands."

"So, win them, dummy!"

Jimmy proceeded to play poker against the computer. About three minutes later three fours beat two pairs to get them to the bonus page, where the young Swede was looking straight at the camera with a white, dazzling smile and her breasts thrust forward even more. Jimmy and Cindy looked at each other, and Jimmy went right back to the previous shot.

After a few minutes staring at the photo, Jimmy asked "Do we want to pay the $9.95 and look at more or is this it?"

Cindy, agreeing with Jimmy's implied negative, said "I think this is it. The last shot wasn't nearly as good, even though she's nude and smiling."

"Yeah, it's funny, but she doesn't look as sexy in that other shot."

They both sighed.

Later, Jimmy asked the question that was bothering him. "Cindy, why wasn't I turned on?"

"You mean, why didn't you spring an instant woodie?"

Jimmy laughed. "Right to the point, as usual. Okay, why didn't I get hard looking at her? It certainly was one of the sexiest shots I've ever seen."

"Yes, but it was also a touching, innocent looking shot. It qualifies as high art in my mind."

After pondering on that for a moment, Jimmy turned to his wife of 11 years and leered, "so can I take a shot like that of you?"

Cindy smiled, thought a moment, then looked Jimmy straight in the eye and said, "If you think you're good enough with a camera to pull it off!"

Maybe Jimmy didn't spring a woodie looking at Kim's picture, but he had no trouble getting it up thinking about Cindy posing for him. Cindy put his wood to good use.

Jimmy's cell phone buzzed in his pocket during the morning meeting. It wasn't the urgent signal, so he waited until the meeting was over and he was back in his office before checking the text message. It was from his wife and it said 'Its her shes hre cll me'.

'Her, who?' Jimmy wondered as he hit the speed-dial for his wife's real estate office.

"Jimmy!" Cindy squealed into the phone almost immediately, "She's here with me and she's looking for a place in our neck of the woods and she's very nice and has a cute accent and she was pleased about which one we liked because she likes it the best, too and can you meet us for lunch this is so cool and..."

"CINDY!!" Jimmy was yelling into his phone as heads turned in the cubicles outside his office. "SLOW DOWN!! EASY!! AND WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!"

Cindy took a deep breath, trying to calm down, "It's KIM! You know, the one from the strip poker game!"

It was surreal. Jimmy was tongue-tied for most of the lunch as the two women chatted away as if they were old friends. He kept staring at Kim, trying hard not to look at her breasts and failing, often. And both Kim and Cindy caught him almost every time his eyes dropped down. And smiled and giggled every time they caught him.

Finally, Jimmy muttered a strangled, "Sorry," and got up to leave having barely touched his lunch.

As he turned away, Cindy glibly asked, "So, was this lunch too hard for you to take?" and both girls laughed gaily.

Jimmy turned and gave Cindy a bitter look, which surprised her, and spun on his heel to go.

Kim had also caught that look and swiftly moved out of her seat to stop him. "Mr. Robbins, please do not go. Please?"

Jimmy turned to her and caught the pleading look in her eyes. He didn't want to believe she was that needy, but she seemed very sincere. He glanced over at Cindy and saw a shocked expression on her face. It was apparent to Cindy as well that Kim was really upset. But why?

Of course, what choice did Jimmy have? "Since you put it that way, of course I'll stay."

Unfortunately, the mood had changed. There was little conversation and while Cindy tried her best and Jimmy even lightened up Kim was clearly unhappy. When Cindy invited her to their home for dinner, Kim shook her head sadly and started to gather her things. That's when Jimmy, bless his soul, earned his keep.

"Kim, you must come to our home tonight if for no other reason than to allow me to make amends for my god awful behavior at lunch today. You are a lovely young woman and it's obvious you were enjoying your time with us until I made a mess of it. It's my turn to plead - please allow us to welcome you into our home. Please?"

Kim smiled wryly. "Since you put it that way, of course I will come."

Cindy allowed Kim to help her in the kitchen that evening, and Jimmy, having taken his cue from what happened at lunch, concentrated on acting like Kim was one of their closest friends, meaning he took the constant teasing from Cindy (and eventually Kim) in good grace, occasionally firing a shot or two in return.

It seemed to work. And not only on Kim. Jimmy found he was becoming much more relaxed, seeing Kim more as a genuinely funny and warm woman, and not just a pair of incredible... well, you get the picture.

Anyway, after cleaning up afterwards they found themselves in the family room, just chatting away about all sorts of things. At a pause in the conversation, Kim sighed. "This has been so wonderful. I do not know how to thank you."

Jimmy instantly thought of a totally inappropriate remark but didn't make it because the comment surprised him so much. "Thank you for the compliment and I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but..." He stopped and looked Cindy in the eye, silently asking if he should go on. Since Cindy was also curious she gave a short nod.

Jimmy went on. "Kim, you are obviously a very beautiful and intelligent woman and I find it hard to believe that a simple dinner in our home can possibly be considered 'wonderful'. Lovely, maybe, relaxing for sure and even satisfying. But wonderful, especially the way you said it, seems to signify something way beyond that. And it puzzles us."

Cindy added, "Kim, I'm so pleased you are enjoying this, and I know we seemed to hit it off right away, but your reaction to Jimmy's boorish behavior at lunch followed by this... Again, don't take us wrong, but aren't you over-reacting a little?"

"Absolutely not!" There was fire in Kim's eyes as she stared at the couple. "I know you may not believe me, but I really, really needed a day like this. You can not know how long it has been..." And then, suddenly Kim was crying.

Cindy immediately moved over next to Kim and held her. "Kim, we're sorry. Please don't cry. We really like you and don't want to hurt you. Please tell me what to do." A look at Jimmy, a quick silent communication capped by a wink and a reassuring nod. "Kim, I think we're falling in love with you."

At that, Kim looked up in shock and backed away from Cindy. "What!?"

"Oh, yes," chimed in Jimmy. "We've never felt this way before about anyone else. It's as if you are a soul mate, meant to be with us always!"

Kim looked back and forth between the two. "Now who is over-reacting?"

Cindy got a stricken look on her face. "Oh nooo!" she cried, turning her head away and flinging her arm up to hide her face. "I'm mortified! To be told I'm over-acting..."

Jimmy, looking crushed, fell to his knees in front of Kim, clasping his hands in a pleading manner. "Say it isn't so, sweet Kim! Please, please (loud sob) PLEASE don't call us hams! It's as if you plunged a dagger into our very souls!" and he bowed his head to the floor, wailing piteously.

While this was going on, Kim went from scared to bewildered. Finally, the light came on and, being the intelligent young woman she was, she joined in. "You insignificant beast! You belong there, paying homage to my beauty. And you!" turning to Cindy, who was now mock-cowering in the corner, "Over-acting does not begin to cover it. I have half a mind..."

To which Cindy and Jimmy chimed in together, "So that explains it!" And they all collapsed laughing.

It was some time before any of them were coherent enough to do anything other than laugh or giggle. Finally, they ended up around the kitchen table, sharing some wine and just winding down.

It was Jimmy that decided it was time to go back to the original discussion. "Kim, all kidding aside, this is the most fun Cindy and I have had with company in a long time. We're glad it's been fun for you, too. Can you tell us why this seems to mean so much more to you?"

"Absolutely," Kim replied. "It is because you are treating me like a real person."

Jimmy and Cindy turned puzzled looks towards each other.

Kim saw this and smiled. "You two really have no clue what is normal for me, do you?"

Two heads shook slowly from side to side.

"Cindy, what did you do when you realized who I was?"

Cindy blushed. "I'm afraid I gushed all over you, telling you how lovely that picture of you was and how my husband and I were caught by the innocence and beauty of that shot."

Kim nodded. "And that is what did it for me. You praised the one shot I liked best of all of those my former boyfriend took of me AND you were happy to see me. Do you know the reaction I usually get from women? Even if they do not know about the pictures, they see me as a threat and either shy away from me or attack me verbally. If they have seen the pictures, it is worse - 'slut' is the nicest thing I have been called and if looks could kill..."

She took another sip of her wine and sighed. "That is why I reacted so strongly to your actions at lunch, Jimmy."

Jimmy nodded, understanding immediately. "Here you thought you'd actually made a friend, someone who not only didn't judge you harshly and was able to accept you, but actually liked you for something that had set you apart from everyone else."

Kim nodded.

"And then," Jimmy continued, "I threatened that ray of sunshine. God, Kim, I'm so sorry."

"Actually," said Kim, "what you did was not really wrong."

"What!" cried Cindy and Jimmy together, incredulously.

"When I finally thought about it, I realized I had over-reacted myself. After all, you were reacting to the situation in a fashion that was different from my usual male interactions. Think about it. You had been fascinated by my breasts the whole time and we were both teasing you mercilessly. And during it all you never turned it into a leering attempt to gain the upper hand. And when you had enough, you did not lash out, you merely turned to leave. You were a gentleman instead of a pig."

Jimmy harrumphed. "I wouldn't go that far."

"Well, okay, let us just say that when I replayed it in my mind I asked myself which reaction I preferred. And yours beats the alternative hands down."

After some more discussion along this line Cindy asked, "What about your boyfriend, the one who took the pictures?"

Kim made a grimace. "It appears he was using me to get some easy money."

Kim told them that apparently her 'boyfriend' had done this quite often. He was a noted photographer, and had charmed many women into special sessions. With her not being a model, he had wooed her first and seemed sincere in his feelings for her. It was after they had been together for almost six months that they had had pillow talk about some of his special shoots and she had been impressed with what he showed her. Of course, she didn't know about the final destination of those shots at the time.

"One thing I did get before I left him, however, was his password to the site. If you want, I can show you all of the pictures."

"And how," said Jimmy, "do you know we haven't already seen them all?"

Cindy blushed again as Kim shot back, "Cindy told me the whole story!" and grinned fiercely.

Jimmy shot a look at Cindy. "Dear, I know you were a bit overcome this morning, but did you have to tell her everything?"

Cindy, still blushing, nodded her head eagerly. "Yes, everything!" She drew out the last word, telling Jimmy with that one word that she had even told Kim about the 'woody' and its aftermath.

"Jesus!" Jimmy blushed. Kim giggled.

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