Parents Day

by SexyBeast

Copyright© 2006 by SexyBeast

Erotica Sex Story: After spending all winter break getting screwed silly by her son Dean, Janine goes to visit him at college, only to find her son isn't the only one who can fulfill her desires. A sequel to Getting to Know Mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   School   .

Copyright© 1999-2006 SexyBeast.

(Author's Note: This is a sequel to my story Getting to Know Mom, so you should probably read that before reading this. However, this story does stand on its own if you don't feel like it. — SexyBeast)

I feel I should start by saying that while I am not necessarily proud of my situation, I cannot honestly say I regret it either. I guess it's best to just come right out with it. While my son, Dean, was home for this past winter break we began a rather torrid affair. He grabbed me one night while we were both half-drunk and we made incredible love right on the living room floor. For the next three weeks we were practically inseparable. Dean said his problem started as soon as he saw how much I'd changed since my divorce from his father. It's true, I did decide to reinvent myself. I took some classes at the local community college and hit the gym like a fanatic. It had been a year since Dean had seen me and let me tell you, what a difference a year makes. I dropped about thirty pounds from my 5'7" frame, getting down to 118. I am toned and firm now, I can even go braless with my 34C's when I want. I cut my deep auburn hair short, so that it came to just past my shoulders. I'm thirty-seven years old and now twentysomethings my son's age ask me out regularly. But while Dean was home, my bed was his exclusively.

He returned to college almost two months ago. I promised to come visit him before spring break, but this is the first chance I've gotten. I packed a small bag for the weekend and included several sexy outfits. I planned to check into a hotel away from the campus and keep Dean busy for the entire weekend. My schedule's been pretty hectic, what with school and my newfound social life, and that's one change Dean can take partial credit for.

While I'd been fooling around with the men I'd been seeing, I still had not slept with anyone but my ex-husband. If my sexual reawakening had been going slowly, Dean kicked it into high gear. Since he's left, I've taken a couple regular sex partners, both younger fellow students. Being able to attract them turns me on incredibly. Not quite the thrill I get from making love to my son, but still great. It seems now I just can't get enough.

My visit was a surprise and I wanted to be there when Dean came back from his afternoon classes, which meant I had to go straight to the campus without checking in at the hotel. I parked my car and headed for his dorm. I knew his last class got out around three, so I'd be about a half-an-hour a head of him.

I noticed I drew a few admiring glances walking across campus. I had dressed to be sexy, but I did not want to appear too slutty in front of Dean's friends, I am his mother. I'd chosen a tight black skirt that came ended a couple inches above me knee and a soft V-neck sweater. I had a low heel, but no stockings since I keep my tan in the winter, and a tiny white g-string and lace bra set. My hair was brushed down straight and I thought I looked more or less like a mother, albeit a slightly naughty one.

I made my way up to Dean's room and with a little explaining and flirting, convinced the RA to let me in. The room was smallish with a bed, desk, and armoire on each side. It was not hard to figure out which side was Dean's and I arranged myself on his bed. It was only a few minutes before I heard a key in the lock and gave myself a quick last primping as the door opened.

"Uh, hello," said a tall, thin, blond boy who looked about Dean's age. Damn! It never occurred to me that his roommate might be back first. Dean said he had no Friday classes and usually went home on weekends. I didn't move. I could feel him appraising me.

"Hi," I said.

"Are you looking for Dean?" He finally came into the room and put a book bag down on his desk.

"Yes, I'm his mother." I admit I was a little turned on by the way he stared at me.

He had a very self-assured smile. "Oh, okay. I thought for a second he might be running around on Gwen."

"Not that I'm aware of, but that's hardly something you tell your mother," I said, not acknowledging his compliment. Gwen was Dean's girlfriend of about a year. I'd encouraged Dean not to break-up with her because of us. I sat up, hands on the mattress, leaning slightly forward, which predictably drew his gaze down the front of my sweater.

"Where are my manners?" He extended his hand. "My name's Ben, obviously I'm Dean's roommate. I'm having a beer to officially start the weekend. Want one?"

I laughed. "Can I see some ID, please."

Ben twisted the tops off two Buds from their short fridge and handed me one, then sat next to me on the bed. "Here you go, Mrs..."

"Call me Janine," I said.

"Okay, Janine," Ben said.

We sat and talked and joked through a couple beers. I found out he was twenty-one and a psych major. I wondered what he would think of me screwing my son. I noticed he surreptitiously touched me every change he got. We were laughing quite loudly when Dean walked in, looking very surprised.

Dean looked at us for a second, then I went over to him, hugging him, maybe a tad tightly, and said, "Surprise, honey." I kissed him, trying not to linger.

"Uh, hi, Mom. Yeah, this is a surprise. What are you doing up here?"

"I promised I'd visit and so here I am. I'm up for the weekend."

"That's great," Dean said, narrowly missing Ben he tossed his books onto his bed. "I see you've met Ben."

"Yeah, your Mom's pretty cool." Ben said, flopping onto his own bed.

Dean got himself a beer. He's only twenty, but he knew I wouldn't object.

"Yeah, she is." Dean said. He was acting a little funny, but I wasn't sure why. He sat in his desk chair and I moved behind him to rub his shoulders. He did feel tense.

"I was hoping we could spend some time together, have dinner tonight." I worked my hands into Dean's muscles. My son has nice firm muscles over a tall, lean figure. He's a little over six feet tall with thick brown hair and quite the athlete, playing wide receiver for the JV team.

"That sounds great." Dean said. The idea of getting alone seemed to brighten him. "I just have to call Gwen and cancel for tonight."

"You're not going to the Gamma Beta party, man?" Ben said. "C'mon, that's the party of the semestre."

"My Mom drove all the way up here. And I'm sure Gwen will understand."

"Hey, bring your Mom. Give her the full college life experience," Ben suggested.

"That's ridiculous, man. Why would she want to spend a night in a frat house full of drunk college kids?" Actually, that sounded kind of appealing.

"You're Mom seems like she knows how to rock." I felt Ben checking me out again and wondered if Dean could tell.

"Excuse me, you two don't have to talk about me like I'm not here," I interrupted.

"Sorry, Mom. Well, what do you think?"

I wanted to look like I gave it more thought, so I paused. "It might be fun." I could tell from Dean's face that was the wrong answer. "If having your mother around wouldn't embarrass you," I added, trying to sound hurt.

"You know you don't embarrass me, Mom."

"And it would give me a chance to meet Gwen." It never hurts to check out the competition.

"I'm gonna hit the head," Ben said, leaving.

Dean stood to face me, very close. "Mom, I was hoping to be alone with you." I kissed him hard. His hands on my hips went to my ass.

I squeezed my son's cock through his jeans. "We'll have plenty of time, honey. After tonight, we don't leave the hotel room."

"Okay," he finally agreed. He tugged open the buttons on my sweater and sucked my breast through my bra. My pussy gushed. "Dean, better stop. We shouldn't get caught." With some effort I pushed him back.

I was just finishing re-buttoning my sweater when Ben came back. I smiled at him, smoothing my skirt.

"We're gonna go." Dean said.

"Cool. But your Mom's a little overdressed." Ben opened another beer.

"I have other clothes in my car." I said.

I took both boys out for dinner and when we got back to the dorm, Dean went to grab a quick shower. I rummaged through my bag and told Ben, "Keep your back turned, I'm going to change."

Ben held up three fingers. "Scouts honour."

I slipped out of my sweater and realized that Ben was watching my every movement in the full-length mirror on the inside of his open armoire door. I made a show of it, slowly unbuttoning my skirt and bending over for him as I slid it past my hips. I adjusted my g-string, showing Ben that I'd trimmed just about all the red hair from my pussy. My nipples were very red and hard and poked through the flimsy lace of my bra. I pulled on a tight ribbed black bodysuit with a scooped beck and snapped it at my crotch.

"Are you done yet?" Ben asked and I had to stifle my laugh.

"Just about," I said. I squeezed myself into very tight jeans and fastened them. I tossed my hair and realized that despite being thirty-seven, I looked like any other coed. "Done," I said.

Ben turned, his eyes saying, Wow, but he said, "Cool. You look hot. Err, is that okay to say?"

I leaned over Ben, letting him look at my breasts again, and kissed his cheek. "Sure, you're sweet."

Dean came back and seemed surprised to see me changed. I'm sure he was wondering if I'd kicked Ben out while I'd done it. The boys changed and after a quick phone call to Gwen, we were off. We picked her up at her dorm and Dean introduced us. She was a very pretty young woman, petite with dark skin and hair, which was cut to just below her jawline. She was thin, with smallish breasts and while she was clearly still a girl while I am a woman, I have to admit to having a twinge of jealousy meeting the girl who shared my son's bed when I wasn't in it.

We could hear the music from a block away as we approached the frat house. The streets were crowded and grew more so the closer we got. It looked like the party was on the porch and lawn and all the people out there, but it was just because as big as the house was, people were packed inside like sardines. Dean and Ben went to find the keg while Gwen and I waited in one of the larger rooms. I knew I was drawing as many looks as Gwen and it felt good. A few guys even tried to pick us up before the boys got back with our beers. Dean slipped his arm around Gwen's waist and it seemed that she required most of his attention, which didn't give us much of a chance to talk. That seemed fine with Ben who was flattering me with all his attention like I was his date, although I certainly was not. I danced with him, as well as several other good looking young men, allowing them to touch and rub against me. I was so involved, I didn't even notice that Dean and I got separated.

"Have you seen Dean?" I shouted to Ben over the thumping music. He was pressed against me, with his arm around my waist.

"No, but don't worry about it. We can always catch up back at the dorm."

"I would hate for him to think we've left him."

"Always the mommy." Ben laughed. "I'm sure he'll be fine with Gwen." He paused and added, "I guess we can wander around for a few minutes and try to find them."

We had no luck downstairs, although we were able to refill our cups from a newly tapped keg. The second floor hallways were pretty crowded too, but we didn't find them there either. The third floor was much less crowded and I got the impression that they were trying to keep people out. At the end of the hallway was an empty bedroom. It was dark, except for several black-light bulbs. It also had those weird, glowing, fuzzy posters on the walls. "I wanna duck in here for a sec," Ben said. It was okay, I'd realized a few minutes before that this was probably just a ploy to get my alone.

Ben sat on the edge of the bed and surprised me by pulling out a joint. So he just wanted to get high? "Want some?" He asked.

"Why not." I replied and sat next to him.

Ben took a couple deep puffs and passed the fat joint to me. I inhaled deeply, held it, then did it again. I giggled when I exhaled. "What?" Ben smiled.

"It's just sitting in this dumb black lit room, smoking a joint, being at this party, I feel like a teenager again."

Ben rubbed my shoulder when he passed the joint back to me. "Hey, you're young. You don't seem old at all. Trust me, my mother is nothing like you."

I laughed at him, the pot making me silly. "Hey! Watch it. I'm barely old enough to be your mother. I had Dean very young."

"So you missed this whole college experience."

"I'm having it now, aren't I?"

Ben leaned in and kissed me. Kissing him back was so natural. When he eased me back onto the bed I went with him. The other thing pots does, aside from making me silly, is to make me horny, and that combined with flirting with younger men, had me incredibly wet. Ben didn't seem to have a second thought about seducing his roommate's mother. He had my jeans open and was rubbing my pussy through my bodysuit. I'd soaked through it and I know Ben could tell how wet I was. He nudged the crotch strap aside with my g-string and slipped two fingers inside me. I moaned at his intrusion. He broke the kiss to move his mouth to my breasts. "You're really horny, Janine."

I moaned, "Yes." I could hardly deny it. I pushed Ben onto his back and straddled his legs while working on his pants. I was going to show him how unlike his mother I really was. I pulled down his pants and kicked out of my jeans, kneeling between his legs. Ben's cock was not as big as my son's, about average, but it looked great to me straining up from its nest of curly blond hair. First, I sucked his balls, then licked my way up to the tip. By the time I sucked the clear droplet from his head, Ben was groaning. I had the young man eating out of the palm of my hand. I deep throated him, sucking down his entire length, my flaming hair tumbling across his thighs. I just held him in my mouth until he got impatient and tried to start humping, then I started my slow bobbing.

"Jesus, Janine, you really know how to suck a cock."

I popped his prick from my mouth and kissed it, then said, "Thank you." I sucked him up again, this time moving faster.

"Hey, I'm the only one allowed to fuck in my bed," came a voice from the doorway.

I let Ben slip from my mouth and turned white. Brushing the hair out of my eyes, I saw a tall, skinny young man with his hair past his shoulders and a tie-dyed shirt that glowed under the black light.

"Hey, man, technically we aren't fucking." Ben said.

The other one considered that. "Yeah, that's true."

Ben seemed a little annoyed. I was frozen. "Well, can we have a few minutes?"

"I dunno, dude. Like I said, I should be the one fucking."

"Okay, then." Ben said.

"Cool," the "dude" said. He came into the room and got right up behind me. I guess I was till too shocked to realize what was happening. I did snap to when I heard his zipper and his ratty jeans dropped to his ankles. He ran his hands over my ass, then unsnapped my bodysuit. He kept rubbing my ass then started on my very wet pussy. I was didn't move.

"Wow, that's some ass, baby," the "dude" said. He pulled my ass higher into the air and pushed up his t-shirt. He wasn't wearing underwear. In a single push he entered me. I gasped very loudly. His cock was the opposite of the rest of him. It was short, but very fat. Drenched as I was, he still stretched me. His hands kept massaging my ass while he rode me from behind. I knew I shouldn't be letting this happen, but I could not help myself. A good fucking was what I needed. I grunted as I pushed back into his prick. Ben ran his fingers through my hair, then pulled my head back to his lap. His cock slipped past my lips and then he was fucking my mouth, holding my head while he thrust his hips up. I sucked him as hard as I could and let him take my mouth.

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