Photo Shoot

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2006 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: 20ish Monica lives next door to Paul, a professional photographer. When she wants some sexy shots for her husband she engages Paul for the photo shoot. She is initailly shy and awkward but Paul tends to be able to bring out the real woman in any model and Monica is no different. See what happens when Paul takes Monica down to the lake for a one day photo shoot.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

I was in the garage, inside my homemade darkroom developing some pictures of an antique car show I had been at a month or so ago when I heard the outside door buzzer ring. Photography has been my hobby and passion ever since high school some twenty five years ago and I spend most weekends on photo shoots or developing shots I have already taken. I looked around the darkroom and made sure everything was alright, turned on the interior lights and went out into the garage and opened my backdoor. I was expecting it to be my wife but instead, standing in the doorway was Monica James, my twenty-something next door neighbor. "Hi Monica, what can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor."

"Uh, I guess so, what do you have in mind?"

"Well I was thinking about having some profession photographs taken for my husbands birthday but when I called around to some studios and told them what I wanted to have done they told me it would cost five or six hundred dollars and I can't really afford that so..."

"So you were wondering if I would do it cheaper."

"Uh well I guess so. Would you?"

"Well that would depend on what kind of photographs you wanted and in what setting. What did you have in mind Monica?"

"I was thinking about an album with 10 or so 8x10's of me in sexy but not erotic poses. How much would you charge for that?"

It wasn't a big deal to shoot a bunch of high speed digital photos and select the best ones and make her a nice album for her. I had always wondered about Monica, she was a good looking woman who very seldom showed off much her body at least not to anyone I knew. Her dress could be best characterized like that of a church elder even at the most casual of events Her husband Jeff and I played basketball now and again in our driveway and on occasions both our families had done the cook out thing in the back yard. As I said Monica was in her middle twenties, was tall, probably around 5'7" and I don't think she weighed more than a 110 pounds soaking wet. She had long brunette hair she usually wore in either a ponytail or in pigtails and what appeared to be medium sized breasts, 34 or 36B's if my judgment was correct. "Well I guess we could take some shots and see if you like them."

"Oh Mr. Washington, that's fantastic! When could we do it?"

"Well we'll need at least three hours for a proper shoot. If you wanted to use my studio we could do it tomorrow, how's that?"

"Well is there any chance you could take outdoor shots? I've always thought that being dressed up, yet outside in nature, was way sexy."

I thought about her request and the beginning of a plan emerged. "Well I guess that would be alright. How about we drive down to Lake San Antonio, that's always been a favorite of mine for outdoor photography?"

"Uh... yea I guess that would be alright."

"Good Monica, then let's plan on Monday. You get the wardrobe you want to use ready and I'll drive us down, it's probably no more than two hours each way. We can leave early on Monday morning."

"That's great, I'll get my stuff together and we can leave after Jeff heads off to work. Remember I want this to be a surprise for him."

"No problem, my lips are sealed."

Monday morning Monica rang the doorbell just as my wife was leaving for work. I opened the door and she was standing there in a pair of jeans and a golf shirt and pulling an airline type of roller suitcase behind her.

"Are you ready Mr. Washington?"

"Yes, and would you please stop calling me Mr. Washington, its Paul. Christ Monica, you make me feel ancient."

"I'm sorry Paul and don't pout, you're not all that old."

Thanks I thought - not all that old, just great. The drive down to the lake was uneventful, filled mostly with conversation about our neighbors, Jeff's job and the like. We arrived just after ten and I drove around behind the lake to a spot where I knew we would have complete privacy. I parked the pickup truck and opened up the camper shell and pulled out three of my camera bags. Monica grabbed her suitcase and pulled it to the edge of the tailgate and opened it up and took out several dresses which she hung up on the camper shell. She looked around quizzically.

I looked around too. "Something wrong Monica?"

"Uh I guess that I just hadn't thought about someplace to change, that's all."

I had and that's why I had jumped at the chance to shoot her outdoors. "Oh well that won't be a problem, I'll just turn my back when you need to change."

"Oh OK, I guess that would be alright."

I love naiveté! I pulled out a Polaroid camera from one bag. "Let's get some preliminary shots before I pull out the heavy equipment."

"OK, what do you want me to do?"

"Nothing honey, you just walk around, maybe stroll up towards the tree line and let me get some candid shots." I slid a pack of film into the camera and trailed her as she walked. I took one shot of her butt as she took a long stride right in front of me and then several more as she walked around in and out of the trees. "That's great Monica now let's go back to the truck and see what we've got."

I spread out the Polaroid's on the tailgate and we stood there and watched as they developed. As picture after picture became clear she made comments, positive and negative, until she saw the one of her butt.

Pointing to it, she said, "Why did you take that one?"

"Because you've got a really nice butt, that's why." I thought she might be angry but she wasn't.

"You really think so? I've always thought it was too big and even Jeff told me that I should loose some weight."

"Christ, Jeff's an idiot, believe me, your butt is great just the way it is. Now pick out a dress and we'll get started"

"OK." She looked through her makeshift wardrobe and pulled down a pale yellow sundress, one that had a low cut bodice and would end just above her knees. "I think this one will be nice, what do you think?"

"Hummm, well I'm not sure, at least about the color. You go ahead and change and we'll see how it looks mingled in with the greenery." I turned my back so she could change clothes with some privacy but as she undressed I realized that I could actually see her reflection in the side window of the camper shell. Monica pulled off her golf shirt and then reached unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. Standing there in nothing but her panties and bra I decided that she was even better looking that I had originally thought. She slipped the dress over her head and then pulled up the rear zipper.

"OK Paul, you can turn around now."

I turned and looked at her. "Wow Monica that dress really looks nice on you but I'm still not sure about the color. Come on, let's go get some shots and see what happens." I open another camera bag and pulled out my newest Nikon digital camera, put on a filter and we walked up to the tree line.

I took several shots of Monica. I had her posing next to a gnarled old tree, leaning backward into a set of branches and sitting under a 100 year old oak tree. They were alright but I knew they weren't what she had in mind. "Come on Monica, let's go back to the truck and evaluate these."

She looked critically at each one then pronounced, "Actually Paul, these aren't what I had in mind, I'm sorry."

"No problem Monica, I agree. Look, let me show you a couple of things that are just wrong, OK?"


"You told me you wanted sexy but not erotic, right?"

"Uh huh."

"OK then, first the pigtails look too much little-girlish, not sexy at all. I think we'll need to comb out your hair."


"And look at your breasts... they don't stand out at all, see what I mean?" She blushed but looked closer at the pictures.

"Well, I guess so, but what you see is what you get Paul. I mean what can I do about it?"

"OK Monica let me help; after all I'm the professional. My guess is that your either a 34 or 36B, is that about right?"

"Blushing once again she said, "I'm a 34B." I saw tears forming in her eyes. "I know that's not very big but Jeff doesn't seem to mind."

"It's alright Monica and there is no need to cry, I think women with small breasts are the sexiest models ever. Christ if you look at art from the Renaissance period all the women were what they called 'Rubenesque' which was an euphuism for fat. They all had big breast that hung down like cows udders and fat butts and I think they were just plain ugly. I'll take a woman with breasts like yours every day."

She sniffled a little, wiped her eyes and said, "Really? You really think small breast are pretty?"

With that one, innocent question I was pretty sure that I had almost reached the end stage of my game plan. I was sitting on the tailgate and I reached for a camera bag. "Look Monica, I'll let you judge for yourself. I brought an album I made of a number of women in various stages of dress, lets look and you can decide what is or isn't beautiful." I opened the third camera bag and took out an album with maybe fifty pictures of women, mostly partial nudes but some fully clothed. It had taken me three hours on Sunday to put together exactly what I wanted to show Monica.

The first page had three small 5x7 pictures that showed a middle aged woman who was wearing a western style dress, which was opened down to just below her breasts. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra and you could just see the graceful curves of her breasts near the opening and her dark areolas and hard nipples showing through the material. "She is 44 years old and a 36B Monica, what do you think?"

"Oh she's beautiful Paul and definitely sexy."

I turned the page and there were two 8x10's, one on each page. The model was a young woman standing inside a studio, with a bland backdrop that showcased only the model. She was standing with one foot crooked and a bottle of beer in her right hand. She was wearing a pair of western style jeans and a jeans jacket that hung wide open. Her skin was a pale white which contrasted nicely with the blue of the jeans. She had small breasts too and they sagged just a bit. You could see just a hint of her right breast and the middle third of her left breast, just up to the nipple. She wore a smile that seemed to say, come fuck me. "How about this one Monica, the model is 29 and the mother of two."

"God she is unbelievably sexy! I can't believe that a mother let you take those pictures, I mean what did her husband think?"

"He was standing right behind me while I shot the pictures and he thought they were sexy too." I turned the page and there were four shots of a 58 year old grandmother. She was also in my studio, on a bed and in the first two wearing a diaphanous nightgown and in the third and forth photo she was laying on her back, nude from the waist up, her well tanned but saggy breasts lying on her chest like two half filled balloons. "She is a grandmother Monica."

"You make everyone seem so sexy Paul, how do you do it?"

"Everyone is sexy Monica, in their own way. Big breast, small brests. Big butts, small butts, it doesn't make any difference. Each and every woman has a special sexy side to her and it's my job to find it and I think I do a pretty good job." Monica picked up the album and thumbed through the remaining pages, stopping every once in a while to study one of the pictures. She closed the album and set it on the tailgate and looked at me.

"Look Paul, the real reason I asked you to take these pictures is that Jeff has seemed to loose interest in me. We don't make love very often anymore and I get the feeling that he might have someone else, although I don't know that. I see him watching other women, women that I don't think are have as good looking as I am, nevertheless, he's watching them. He even watches your wife Paul!"

That was a twist to the plan that I hadn't expected. "Really? Jeff has been watching Irene?"

"He told me one night, just after we made love, if you can believe that. He said that he thought Irene was sexy as hell and that you were one lucky man to be able to have her whenever you wanted her."

My wife is two years senior to my 44 years and she is good looking but I never thought a 23 year old guy would find her that attractive, although I should have known better. Irene is 5'9" and weighs 121 pounds. She had 36C breasts, long legs, a great ass and her short blonde hair accents her well tanned skin and blue eyes. She is kind of a flirt and loves to tease guys although I never noticed her flirting with Jeff. "Well Irene is a beautiful woman, maybe Jeff was making some sort of social commentary."

"You would have had to hear him Paul, it wasn't social commentary, he wanted to fuck Irene!"

The tears started again and I pulled her to me and hugged her. Her breasts were pushed into my chest as she sniffled. I rubbed her back and told her that everything was going to be just fine but I knew that she was having her first marital crisis and it had more to do with Irene than it did sex. Her warm tears were running down my neck as she snuggled and I could feel myself getting hard as she pressed her body between my legs. Suddenly she stood straight up, she had come to a decision.

"Paul, would you take pictures of me and make me look sexy, like the women in your album?"

The answer is yes! Yes, yes, fuck yes! "Oh I don't know Monica, are you sure that you really want me to take photographs of you like these women?"

"Yes Paul, I'm sure! What do you want me to do?"

"OK, first let's start on your hair and make-up. Do you have make-up in your purse?"

"Uh huh."

"Good, get it and bring it to me." She opened the cab door, grabbed her purse and walked back to the tailgate where I was sitting. "OK, let's see if we can't fix your face." I took a tissue, dabbed at her eyes and dried the tears. "Hummmm, better already, now put on some lip gloss." In a matter of minutes Monica had fixed her make-up and looked like she had never cried a tear in her life. "Wow, that's great Monica, now let's see what else we have to work with."

She was genuinely lost; I could see it in her eyes. "I'm sorry Monica, I meant the dress, would you please take off your dress." I turned my head like I wasn't interested while she unzipped and took of the sun dress.

"It's OK Paul, you can turn around."

She had said that with a certain inflection and resolve, one that was usually used with one's lover, not one's photographer — Oh I could only hope! I turned back and saw her standing there rather stiffly wearing a plain white and distinctly ugly bra and a pair of pink panties.

"So what do you think?"

"Turn around — slowly." She did a 360 while my eyes feasted on an absolutely beautiful specimen of a woman. "Well to be honest, with what I can see my only comment is that Jeff is a fool!" She smiled at my second-hand compliment.

"Thanks, I appreciate that but you haven't seen it all yet."

With that my new found exhibitionist reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and tossed it onto the tail gate then she turned around and pushed her panties off over her hips, bent down and pushed them down her legs to her feet. In that position, when her panties cleared her butt I had a perfect view of her pussy. Her pubic hair was wispy and that gave me a perfect view of her labia, already engorged with blood and looking ready for a cock. She stood up and turned to me.

"You're the first person, other than Jeff that is, to see me without my clothes. Still think he is a fool?"

"God yes!" Her breasts had no hint of a sag to them at all. She had silver dollar sized pink areolas with erasure sized nipples and I mean those erasures you used to use in the third grade, and they were hard. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed and showing just a hint of wetness.

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