Trickling Effect
Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - The rollercoasters of a marriage; love, tragedies, triumphs... Do they work on it or throw it all away after some things that just aren't fair or right as this world assualt them?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Oral Sex  


Married ten years...

Warren grinned up at his parents. Seven candles littered his birthday cake. The snow outside was blowing, but inside he was warm and having the time of his life. He looked over at his sister, her little face covered in frosting his mother had let her lick from the spoon. He didn't mind though his new bike was already put together, so who cared if Maggie got extra frosting. He got a bike!

The candles glowed and encircled his freckled face with their light and when he blew out the dancing flames there was only one wish in his mind. One wish he promised not to tell anyone, so that it would stand a better chance of coming true. He sat down and was immediately bombarded with hugs and kisses from Grandma and Grandpa Brooks and Robertson. He hugged them all back, but his eyes were shining only for his mom. She was the best woman ever and he felt kinda jealous that she had dad's heart, but he accepted it... sometimes. Today was one of those days.

He grinned at them as they took pictures of him with his birthday cake and he even posed for a picture with Maggie, though he wasn't happy when she wrapped her frosting-covered three year old fingers in his hair. She'd be turning four soon and he'd return the favor when mom and dad weren't looking.

Thomas chuckled at his son and knew Warren was taking all the hugs and kisses and milking them for every cent they were worth and then some. He left his job of holding up the wall and pulled Maggie from her brother's neck. He then carried her off to be scrubbed while his son ran off to enjoy a slice of cake and some play time with his new toys. The bike would get a few spins in the garage, but wouldn't get a real workout until Spring.

Carmine dished out the plates and bowls and even took a minute to sit down and enjoy the sights around her. She looked lovingly over the group of people that graced her home, now fully paid for since Thomas' job promotion. She looked over at the President of the company her husband worked for and felt sorry that his brother, the Vice-President had passed away, but she was also thankful for the job promotion. She wasn't sure why things happened in life, but they did.

Thomas reappeared with a clean Maggie and she watched Father and Daughter interact. She wasn't sure if he was ready for baby Maggie, but when she'd told him, he'd been so excited she knew she had been foolish in ever doubting he'd want another.

Maggie eventually found her way into one of her Grandparent's arms and Thomas found his way back to her side. "How ya feeling?" he asked her.

"I'm okay," she told him. "A bit tired, but otherwise okay."

"You look tired," he said, then jumped back when she swatted him. "Hey, it wasn't an insult, you're still my beautiful baby," he whispered, bent down and kissed her lips.

"Not getting to old for you am I?" she asked. "I mean I'm 29 this year. Gonna hit the big 3 - 0 next year." She pinched his side and stood up, only to fall back down in her chair. She grabbed her temple and took several deep breaths.

"You okay?" Thomas asked, this time his voice laced with concern. He dropped to one knee and looked at her. "You need to go rest. You've been up all day."

Carmine sighed. "I know. I just want to stay up with him." She looked over to Warren who was immersed in a game that she didn't have a clue how to play. Nevertheless, she was tired and her body was worn out. A bad case of flu had hit her and quickly became pneumonia; she wasn't completely over it. She went to bed that night and stayed there for the next two months, except for the occasional trip to the bathroom. Thomas did a lot of his work at home as well as taking care of Maggie and Warren, the winter blahs settling in around them.

Once Spring arrived Carmine was better, but not fully up to snuff. Her interests in sex was nil and she really would have rather just received the kiss goodnight rather then the groping and fondling from her husband. She never instigated romance, nor showed signs of wanting it either.

Thomas picked up on those signals and so he too lost interest. The world around them continued and life became a chore of raising kids and earning the money to buy the newest gadget or latest classic car - a new hobby for Thomas.

At the end of their thirteenth year of husband and wife Carmine made a decision. Her fingers clicked through pages upon pages of web sites: "Save Your Marriage" "Hundreds of Ways to Please Your Lover" "Lost Libido-We Have the Cure". She knew there was a problem. She just wasn't sure what it was. She scanned the names of "sex toys" wondering if perhaps that was what they needed. She searched out sites that claimed "support" group with related problems and found all they were, were some glorified chat rooms. Some out there she was sure wanted to help, but sadly she didn't stumble across them. She sighed and eventually looked up the number of a counselor somewhat outside of her area.

It was her only meeting.

"Mrs. Robertson," the man behind the desk said when she walked into his office. He extended her hand and she took his. They shook, each one sizing up the other. Alexander Welsh was a married man, in his late fifties. His hair salt and peppered black. He kept himself fit, though there was evidence of his age by the wrinkles that time couldn't help but grace him with. He'd been told they made him more powerful looking - distinguished.

Carmine glanced briefly at the man and took her seat, surprised he didn't have a secretary taking his calls. She said nothing though, assuming that the individual was out to lunch. Her eyes shifted nervously around the room. She'd wanted a female doctor, but the closest one her Obstetrician/Gynecologist recommended was to far and her family would wonder about weekly excursions two cities away. This one was in the next town over and she often made trips out this way.

"Hello," she said quietly, once she placed her purse down by her feet. She looked back up at him and swallowed her discomfort.

"I understand you were recommended by Dr. Hill?" Alex asked, trying to set the woman at ease. Patients were always nervous for this first meeting. He could see she was. He was curious why she was here though. She was a beautiful woman and the thought that she needed his services was ironic. He waited to see what she had to say.

Carmine took a deep breath. "She mentioned you to me, yes." Carmine bit her lower lip and slowly revealed her problem. As she did she settled into the soft couch and found herself comforted by the baritone voice of her doctor.

"Does he know your seeing me?"

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