A Real Bitch

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2006 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: Cary and Bill have been married over 10 years but Cary's wealthy mother has never liked Bill and is always on his case. One night, with Cary out of town her mother shows up at Bill's door and once inside gives him hell. Bill decides that what she really needs is a good spanking and he gives it to her only a funny thing happens, she likes it!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   InLaws   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in early June and I was standing in my backyard fussing over the BBQ grill and watching the hotdogs and hamburgers cooking and enjoying a cold Budweiser. My beautiful wife of ten years, Cary, was sitting next to the pool with her mother and, from what I could see they were having another heated discussion and it was my guess that once again, it was all about me! Cary's mother, Jewel had disliked me from day one and while her husband was still alive the two of them made my life miserable.

Cary was from a wealthy family but was conceived late in her mother's life, and as the only child of older parents was given the proverbial silver spoon and doted over like English royalty. Me, I'm just your average Joe, a guy who grew up in a blue-collar house in Northern California where hard work was always expected but a college degree certainly was not. I had been fortunate enough to earn a football scholarship to the local university and that's where I met Cary. I was delivering pizzas to make ends meet and Cary and her sorority sisters were on the ordering end of the business. After my first delivery to the Gamma Sigma Delta house I decided that I wanted to get to know that beautiful blonde junior better and after a number of lame attempts on campus I finally let a friend introduce us and, as they say, it just took off from there.

It was almost three months later when Cary finally took me home to meet her parents and was I ever in for a rude awakening. It was patently obvious from the outset that they didn't think I was good enough for their daughter and they treated me more like one of the hired help rather than a potential son-in-law. Cary and I had serious discussions about our situation and her parents' obvious disapproval of our relationship and she decided that if I really wanted to marry her then it was 'to hell with her parents'. A week later we drove up to Reno, Nevada and in less than an hour after our arrival we were Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds.

Over the next few years I worked long and hard hours as the assistant manager for a local San Francisco printing company. My areas of responsibility not only included the day-to-day management of the whole damn business but I was also responsible for new business development, i.e., increasing the number of clients for the boss. It turned out that I was a natural in sales and by my sixth year with the firm I had saved almost all of my yearly and periodic sales bonuses and with a college friend we bought the business. I had also invested in a nice 3200 square foot, $450,000, four bedroom house located in a small gated community just south of San Francisco. That investment was now worth almost triple what I had paid for it, but my in-laws still didn't think this was good enough for their precious daughter.

My mother-in-law was a good looking, even classy woman if you could just get past her having an attitude of a flaming bitch. She turned 61 last year but through the constant work of a personal trainer and the magic of modern medicine she looks like she is still in her late thirties. Then there are her clothes. I have never seen Jewel wearing anything but expensive designer business suits, morning, noon and night. Every piece of clothing she owns has been designed by some famous designers and I'll bet that the suit she is wearing today cost more than triple what my last suit cost, which, by the way, was $450 off the rack seven years ago and is still my only suit. So here is my MIL sitting in our backyard and waiting for the BBQ spread of hamburgers and hotdogs and wearing a Cassini designed two piece suit that had to have cost $1500 - and to a friggin BBQ no less! Ahhh yes, the lives of the rich and not so famous.

After we finished dinner and 'mom' had left I asked Cary what all dear mother didn't like about me this time.

"Oh Christ Bill, you know, it's the same old thing, money, money, money. She just doesn't think that you make enough money for me to really enjoy myself. You know mother, the same-old, same-old."

"Good God Cary what the hell does that woman want from me? I mean I own 60 percent of the printing business, take home over ten grand a month and we own a house that is worth over a mil."

"I know honey, but it's just mom, that's all."

I sighed and left it at that, it was just her mom, but I didn't like it one God damn bit. Ever since her husband Peter had died her attitude towards me had gotten worse and now this bitch was starting to get under my skin and I didn't like the fact that I was letting it happen.

Later that night as we were preparing to go to bed I was standing in the master bathroom brushing my teeth and Cary walked in and took off her robe and sidled up to my back, her 36C breasts and very hard nipples poking into my back. She reached around and took a hold of my cock and as she ran her fingers up and down my shaft she whispered into my ear.

"Hey big boy, want to take a shower with me?"

I looked back at her and smiled, then said, "You betcha baby, let's go." I took Cary by the hand and led her into the large shower stall and turned the water on to a nice medium warm temperature then pulled her into my arms and began kissing her. My tongue slipped inside her mouth and my hand wandered down until I felt her labia and I slipped a finger inside her then let my finger 'do the walking' up, up, up until I felt her clit. I started to rub small circles right on top of her clit; a technique that I knew would drive her over the edge very quickly. She was breathing harder now, squeezing her legs together on my hand and talking dirty to me.

"Ohhhh, ohhhh yes honey, right there! Fuck yessssssssss right there! Oh My God, Oh Bill I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

"Well... that is the idea, isn't it?"

"Ohhhhhh fuck yes it sure is."

She had two quick orgasms before she pushed my hand away and slipped down onto her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue and lips started working their magic on the head of my cock then worked their way down my shaft and back up to the top again. I held Cary by the side of her head and guided her back and forth as I fucked her mouth. God, I thought, this woman gives the best fucking blow jobs in the entire world! "Oh honey, just a little more and I'm there." She mumbled something, which I took to mean she understood that I was almost ready to cum because she started bouncing her head faster and faster and she had also began to caress my balls which always sends me over the edge. "Oh fuck yes baby, suck my cock. That's it honey take it all!" I felt my cock expanding and then suddenly it contract and I began spewing hot streams of cum into my wife's mouth and she greedily sucked it all down. "Oh God Cary, that's great, fucking great. Swallow it all baby."

When we both recovered from our mutual orgasms we finished our shower, dried off and marched, stark naked, into the bedroom. "Hey honey, I think I'm good for another round if you're up for it."

"Oh baby, that would be great it really would, but I really have to get some sleep, remember I'm going to leave before nine tomorrow morning."

I had forgotten all about her trip. "Oh yea, sorry, I forgot." The following week was going to be a busy one for Cary. She had recently been elected as one of three Directors for Volunteer Services for our county and as such had been installed as a board member for the prestigious San Francisco County Volunteer Services and was required to attend a two-day training conference in Sacramento.

Cary left the house on Monday morning and with nothing else to do, I kept myself busy at work putting in a 14 hour work day and not getting home until 9 that night. On Tuesday I left work early and drove home and took a quick shower to get the sweat and grime of the day off. Once out of the shower I put on a t-shirt and pair of running shorts and went downstairs and poured myself a glass of beer. I had just taken my first sip when the front doorbell rang. I walked out to the foyer, looked through the peephole and saw Jewel standing on the front porch. This is just great, just fucking great I thought as I opened the door to my mother-in-law. Without so much as a 'hi, how are you, ' she brushed past me and into the living room.


She turned and growled. "What!"

"Cary isn't here, so what do you want?"

"My baby's not here? Where is she?"

"Perhaps it has slipped your mind dear mother, but Cary is at the volunteer training conference in Sacramento. She won't be home until tomorrow night."

"Oh! Oh damn, I did forget all about that stupid conference. You know if you weren't such a low-life my daughter wouldn't have to go around volunteering with that local county riffraff working on who know what with who knows whom."

I looked at Jewel with, what I was sure, was an intense hatred spewing out of my eyes. She stood there in her, I'm sure, $1000 Armani suit, spouting her shit and blaming everything on me. "You know something Jewel, I realize that you don't like me and I'm sure you know that the feeling is more than mutual but the least you could do is give your daughter some fucking credit for at least tying to help those less fortunate than ourselves and especially you."

"You know something Bill, you're right, I haven't ever liked you, you're such a... a looser. And would you please offer me a cocktail."

That was Jewel, tell me I'm a looser then have me work like the butler. "Sure, why not Jewel, what would you like?"

"A Gin-Ricky would be nice."

I walked over to the wet-bar and fixed her drink then turned around and handed it to her. "Here you go mom; nothing is too good for my dear mother-in-law." She took the drink but just stood there starring at me. "What is it 'mom' did I screw up your drink like you think I did your daughter's life?

"No, not really Bill, it's just that you're such an ass hole, that's all."

"Really? Well then in keeping with your assessment of me you fucking bitch, Fuck You!" She looked at me for what had to be a full minute then threw her drink in my face. "Jesus Christ you crazy bitch, why did you do that?"

"Because I fucking felt like it, that's why."

I stood there stunned and amazed with gin running down my face and dripping onto my shirt. I lifted the t-shirt up and wiped my face and when I looked up she surprised me again when she slapped my face with a roundhouse that I wasn't expecting and certainly didn't see coming. "Wha... what the hell."

"Fuck you Bill Reynolds, just fuck you. All you have ever done is make my life miserable and I'm sure you drove my husband to an early grave."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing; now she was blaming her husband's death on me. "You know something Jewel? What the fuck you need is a good ass whipping and I'm just the guy to give it to you."

She stepped back. "You wouldn't dare touch me."

"The hell you say." I move towards her and she started backpedaling.

"You touch me you fucking animal and I'll call the cops so fast it'll make your head swim."

"Really? Well then I think I'm gonna just have to take my chances." I leapt forward and grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her back towards me and then over to the couch.

"God damn you Bill, get your filthy fucking hands off me — and right now or I'll... !"

I pushed her backwards and she fell down onto her butt. I moved in front of her and loomed over her. "Yea Jewel tell me, you'll do what?"

"I swear to God Bill; I'm going scream my lungs out and then I'm going call the police and have your ass arrested."

"OK, that's fair, and being that I will probably go to jail I might as well finish what I started." I sat down hard next to her and grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her across my legs until she was laying prostrate over my knees, her butt in the air and her head down towards the floor. She was kicking and screaming and trying to get out from my grip but I had positioned her so she was just like a little girl waiting for a spanking. I pushed her head down even further towards the floor and put one leg over her neck to hold her in place. "You asked for this Jewel and I'm going to give it to you."

"Stop this now, this instant. Bill, you let me go right now!"

"No way lady, I've dreamed about whipping your ass and now I'm going to do it." I reached down and grabbed the hem of her $500 skirt and pulled it up until it was bunched around her waist. She was wearing a pair of ecru colored pantyhose and what appeared to be white silk high cut French panties. I reached down and grabbed her pantyhose by the crotch and pulled until they ripped then I shoved the remnants down her legs.

She squirmed, kicked and swore at me. "God Damn it Bill, stop this! You can't do this to me, stop."

"The fuck I can't." I grabbed her panties and shoved them down her legs until her white butt was starring up at my face and then I began to slap her ass. "Slap, slap, slap."

"OW! Ow, God damn it. Please Bill, stop. I'm sorry about what I said, please stop."

"Slap, slap, slap." Her butt was turning to a nice shade of crimson and you could clearly see my handprints on her butt cheeks.

"Please Bill, please stop, it hurts."

"Too bad mother! Slap, slap, slap." When I had started spanking Jewel I was really angry and it was mostly pent up emotions that I was releasing but now with all her squirming around in my lap, on my thin running shorts, I could feel my cock getting hard. As I looked down at her naked rear, for the first time in my life I realized that Jewel had a great looking ass.

Her voice had dropped low, she almost sounded like a little girl. "Please stop Bill, please."

Even thought I couldn't see her face I could 'hear' the tears in her eyes. I'm not really sure why but I took my hand and started to gently rub her butt, I guess that I was trying to ease the pain of my spanking. The more I rubbed the more she squirmed and the harder I got. I was positive that she could feel my cock as it rubbed back and forth against her stomach yet she hadn't said a word. Rubbing her ass actually felt so nice that after a moment I let my hand slide down between her legs until it came into contact with her pussy and much to my surprise she was as wet as any woman I had ever felt, my God, I thought, she was getting turned on by the spanking. "Jewel, you're sopping wet. This really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"N... n... no it doesn't." She wimpered.

Her denial wasn't very convincing and I decided to test her. "I think it does Jewel, I think you're really enjoying the spanking. Did your poor dearly departed husband like to spank you? Make you wet and then fuck you?"

"No... no, absolutely not. Peter never touched me like that."

I still wasn't convinced. I pushed her legs apart and she let them go and didn't even try to resist me at all. I ran my hand back down between her legs and slipped a finger between her labia and ran it downward until I found her clit, which was as hard as a rock. "Oh come on Jewel, you're sopping wet and your clit is as hard as a rock. Don't tell me you aren't turned on. I'll bet Peter whipped your ass all the time. Christ woman your pussy is pulsating and just asking to be fucked. Come on, you can tell Bill, how often did Peter spank you to get you motivated to fuck him?"

"He... he, Peter I mean, didn't ever spank me, never. It was... ah, Ralph who did it, Peter just watched."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. "Ralph? You're shitting me Jewel, Ralph? For Christ's sakes he was the friggin butler. Don't tell me, 'the butler did it'." I had to laugh at the thought of this prim and proper lady laid out over Ralph's lap getting her ass spanked while her husband watched and probably jerked off.

"Bill? Please don't tell Cary what I told you, not ever, please."

Don't tell her daughter. Well, well — advantage to Bill. I took my leg off of her neck and helped her stand up. As she stood, and without any false modesty, she pulled her panties and what was left of her pantyhose up and into place and then straightened her skirt before she sat back down. "So tell me Jewel, exactly how badly do you want me to keep your secret fetishes from Cary?"

"God Bill it would be so embarrassing to have her know about Ralph and her father, she wouldn't ever understand."

"I'm not sure I do either Jewel why don't you tell me about it." Her face turned a pale shade of grey then she quickly recovered and sat back against the cushions and took a deep breath.

"It all started well after our marriage and a long time before Cary came along. Peter was always looking for something different to spice up our sex life, something more exciting and to be truthful so was I. Oh Peter was a good lover at least most of the time but after the first few years of marriage we both got a little restless and wanted more than just our two sweating bodies in a bed so we decided to try some new things."


"The first thing that we agreed to try was exhibitionism. Oh, certainly not where anyone would recognize us, on Friday nights Peter would drive us out of the city and across the bay to crowded places, malls and restaurants mostly. At first I only had the courage to go bra-less with two or three button on my blouse undone. We would walk arm-in-arm through shopping malls, or eat dinner or whatever, just letting the guys get a peek of my breasts then we would go to a rented motel room and fuck like rabbits."

I was suddenly beginning to have a completely different picture of my mother-in-law and her story certainly wasn't helping with my hard on either, as it was now pushing up the front of my shorts. "And..."

"After a while the thrill of showing off my breasts finally faded and we looked for even more adventurous scenarios. One night we went out to a honky-tonk bar near UC Berkley and I was wearing an expensive, off the shoulder, evening gown and we were pretending that we were lovers and just a little bit drunk and that Peter had picked me up at a country club. That night in the bar I danced with every man in the place and let them feel my ass and rub my tits while Peter just watched. Then Peter and I went outside to head to our motel only four of the guys from the bar had other ideas."

"My God, what happened?"

"Peter had just opened the car door for me when four drunks caught up with us. They screamed at me that I wasn't anything but a fucking prick tease and that they were going to show both of us what that meant. Two of them grabbed me and pulled me over to one of their pickup trucks, you know the kind with a camper shell on the back? Anyway, one of the guys grabbed me by the back of my dress and ripped it down to my waist and then he pushed me into the back of the camper and another guy pulled me in and tied my hands to the back of the cab with some sort of elastic cords. A third guy bunched what was left of my dress up around my hips then he pulled off my panties, then he took out his knife and cut off my bra and I was laying there naked and helpless."

"Christ and all this time Peter didn't do anything to try and stop them?"

There were tears running down her cheeks as she remembered that night and the horrors of being raped. "Oh yes he tried. He ran up and tried to stop them but the biggest one punched him in the stomach then kicked him in the head when he was on the ground. When Peter finally woke up and got his wind back he tried to go back inside the tavern and get help or call the police or something but they wouldn't let him go. Two of them tied him to a telephone post that was behind the camper and they made him watch as they raped me."

"I'm sorry Jewel, God that must have been horrible."

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