Grey Eyes
Chapter 6

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Catherine Capulet

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6 - 6 years ago Luke ran away from the woman he loved, thinking it would protect her. Now she's come to find him, and is still in love with him but engaged to a football star. Will Luke tell Moria that he loves her and risk ruining the life Moria built without him or will he take the chance and hope for the best between them? read and find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   School  


The morning sunlight danced on her eyelids, slowly waking her up. Her eyes fluttered open, when she realized her body was intertwined with another human being. Luke lay sleeping peacefully next to her, naked as the day he was born. Moria grinned... last night had been great.

Moria loved lying naked in Luke's arms as he slept peacefully beside her. He always had a small smile when he was sleeping next to her. Whether it be on her lap while they watched T.V. or when she stayed a night in his bed, Luke only smiled when he was touching her. She knew that if he rolled over or she got up to get something, he'd instantly go back to sleeping with a frown.

Right now, he was smiling. The sunlight sparkled its way across his blonde hair, turning it to spun gold. She smiled to herself and brushed some of his hair away from his face. Moria loved how innocent he looked when he slept; just as innocent as when he was awake and not trying to look like a tough guy skateboarder. She marveled at how chiseled his face looked, everything perfect in her mind. Reaching out she traced a line down forehead to his nose and then paused to tease his lips.

Luke's nose wrinkled when she touched his lips and his eyes fluttered open, taking in a deep breath before rubbing his eyes with a big sleepy smile plastered across his face. He took another look at her, snorted and said. "Mornin'..." Before snuggling his face into her shoulder and drawing her close, as one of his hands slowly traced the outline of her body.

Moria could only smile as his hand made its way down her body. His hands were surprisingly soft for someone who had his hands in cars and skateboards all day. It wasn't like they were callous-free though, she thought, grimacing slightly as one of the rougher ones scraped her side. This only caused her more excitement, and even though it was still early in the morning she was ready to try and top last night if she could.

Luke gently kissed the curve of her neck and began moving his way towards her lips. She could feel that wandering hand on her knee and she wantonly spread her legs for him. Yet Luke's hand remained on her knee. Puzzled but not deterred she concentrated on kissing him passionately when his soft lips found hers. Moria grinned to herself when she felt his erection against her thigh, he wouldn't last long.

"Moria?" Luke's voice yanked her out of her revelries.

"Hmm?" She asked wondering what was up. Suddenly his hand moved from its resting place on her knee and plunged into her. The shock was too much for Moria, she cried out in bliss and surprise as she arched her back for him. Instead of pumping his long fingers rhythmically in and out of her like normal he stayed motionless. When she finally could control herself she looked back at Luke a little puzzled. Luke shot her a cocky grin.

"A little horny this morning baby?" he grinned at her. Moria's eyes narrowed, Luke slowly pulled his fingers out of her before ever... so... slowly... pushing... them... back... inside... of her. He was driving her insane. His thumb began rubbing her clit and it was all Moria could do to hold back her cries of ecstasy, she would not give in to him that easily. Moria began to move, so she could get her hands around him and give him a little payback.

Luke sensed what she was doing before she could do it and shifted his weight on top over she so she couldn't move.

"Naughty girl," he scolded, Moria looked coyly up at him only to throw her head back in a silent scream as he pushed himself inside of her, only to again stay motionless. "Watch me Moria." Moria looked at him, her grey eyes clouded over with lust. Luke licked his fingers clean and smiled at her before locking his hands with hers. He kissed her with passion; Moria could taste herself on his lips as he began a slow rhythm, pushing himself deep inside of her.

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