Being Tonya's Friend

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2006 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Tom met Tonya Harding sometime after her infamous involvement with the attack on Nancy Kerrigan and he found out first-hand how hot a woman she is.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Celebrity   .

I knew who Tonya was before all the "Nancy Kerrigan" and Jeff Gillooly hoo—rah! I love watching competitive ice skating for the athleticism and artistry that the skaters' both men and women' demonstrate. But' like many of you I'm sure' the sudden public notoriety that Tonya was thrust into by the stupid attack on Nancy Kerrigan put her centermost in my thoughts.

I'll admit right now that I have always found Tonya very attractive' sexy and desirable. She may not be every man's "ideal woman" but I think any red—blooded male would have to say that Tonya Harding exudes passion' sexuality' and a very blatant but attractive raw sexiness. And I think most men would admit that she's far sexier than Nancy Kerrigan any day of the week.

So I set out to "meet up" with Tonya and just be her friend right in the middle of all the pandemonium of the Nancy attack and so forth. I was able to "meet her accidentally" at a small out of the way cafe where she and her coach were having dinner one night. They were about ready to leave when her coach excused herself to go to the ladies' room. As Tonya and I sat there finishing coffee and pie' I told her how very sorry I was about all the pain and stress she'd been going through.

Tonya seemed to really appreciate my expression of care and concern for her since it seemed everyone else had been down on her. Suddenly the barriers between two strangers came down and we talked as two adults —— a man and a woman. I told her if she ever wanted to just talk that I was available and I meant it —— to just talk. I gave her my motel room number and I started to shake her hand in goodbye. I was blown away when Tonya suddenly wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close to her chest.

A few evenings later Tonya called my motel room and asked if I could meet her to just spend some time together that evening. We set up a place to meet out near a roadside park and Tonya's pickup was sitting there when I pulled up. She climbed into my BMW and off we went to a nearby town for a banana split and milk shake. As soon as Tonya scooted into the carseat next to me' I was struck by the very sexy perfume she was wearing. Her hair looked great' the blondness was so beautiful and she'd rolled it and combed it out' giving it a very "au natural" look. Tonya was wearing some loose—legged shorts and a pretty light blue button—up blouse. She was obviously wearing a rather bust—emphasizing demi—bra underneath that really accentuated the fullness and pointedness of her womanly breasts. Whew!!! I knew I was flushed and feeling rather hot from being next to her.

Tonya and I had a wonderful couple of hours eating our dessert and just talking. She seemed to really enjoy just being a young woman in the company of a virile young man who cared about her as a person.

When I drove back to where Tonya's truck was parked' she smiled sexily and told me she had a little surprise for me. She reached into the bed of the truck and pulled out a bright red wool blanket' and taking me by the hand' led me off into the nearby trees where we couldn't be seen from the road. When the blanket was spread out' Tonya reached up and pulled her blouse off' slowly and very hotly' exposing the hot red demi—bra she was wearing underneath. Her shorts came off' revealing equally hot red satin thong panties. My cock had already been semi— aroused all evening from her aroma and just being alone with Tonya. I quickly shrugged off my own pants' shirt and boxers' exposing to Tonya's view the thickness and urgent erection of my manmeat. I was so turned on by Tonya and we both already knew where our evening was leading.

Tonya seemed as turned on and eager to fuck as I was. I couldn't decide if she was seducing me or my attentions to her had actually been seducing her. Maybe she'd read my mind from the times we sat and talked and I would mentally tell myself how sexy and hot she made me feel. I pulled her into my arms' feeling her breasts pressing against my chest as I pulled her close to me. I knew she could feel my hard upthrusting erection pressing against her pussy mound. As I undid Tonya's bra fastening' our lips met in a hot wet lusty kiss. And all bets were off at that point. I reached down to the waistband of her thong' pulling it down and off her lower body as she slipped out of the confines of her sexy demi—bra.

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