From Fantasy To Reality

by Gemini

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Gemini

Erotica Sex Story: This is how I turned a fantasy about sex with a neighbour into a reality with the help of my husband. It also opens the first extract from my Journal, which will eventually reveal to the interested reader every sexual experience I've had from childhood to now.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


Extracts From My Journal

I was in my early 20's and had been married just nine months when I first had sex outside marriage. His name was Richard; he too was married and a little older than me. He was our neighbour.

Watching was my husband Mike. Watching every single minute.

A few nights previously Mike and I indulged in erotic and soul revealing pillow talk about each other's fantasies and experiences. Reluctant at first to reveal too much of my past, I eventually admitted frequently masturbating while fantasising I was having sex with another man.

"Tell me about it. I would love to hear of your experiences before we met, I wouldn't be jealous or upset, it would excite me. Please tell me." By way of urging me on Mike's hand gently caressed my naked breasts. From his breathing I could sense he was turned on. A thought flashed through my mind. 'Maybe I needn't be so reticent about my past love life.'

"When I masturbate I like to fantasise! I imagine a tall, dark, handsome, stranger making love to me!"

"Does it arouse you, does it make you want to cum?" His hand moved downward, stroking my flat belly, as if encouraging my confession.

"Yes! Yes it does. I close my eyes, rub my clit and fantasise."

Mike's hand travelled lower, his fingers tenderly brushing the soft curls of my pubes. Excited by his caresses I felt an overwhelming desire to reveal more.

"Tell me! Please!" he urged. I want you to enjoy sex not be embarrassed." Mike dropped his voice to a whisper. "Tell me what he does to you?"

His voice trembled with excitement. His exploring fingers touched the pink, moist lips of my sex.

"I imagine he's fucking me". I whispered back. My heart began to quicken; his fingers rubbed my swollen clit, teasing more secrets from me.

"Which position? Tell Me! Please tell me!" There was urgency in his voice.

"Every position! On top of me! Holding me! Even from behind!" I was surprised by my own frankness.

"You mean doggy?" Mike whispered.

His fingers dipped into my moist cunt, exciting me; persuading me to reveal more breaking down my natural reserve.

"Yes, doggy! Gripping my hips from behind and fucking me!"

"Would you really like that? Would you like someone to fuck you in all those positions?" Mike's voice quivered with excitement.

I was elated although still a little cautious. "But I couldn't, it wouldn't be fair to you."

His intimate caresses were adding fuel to my imagination; his fingers worked passionately at my sex; the sensations were exquisite.

"Yes! I want you to. I want you to be fulfilled; to experience everything, I want that, honest. We can make your fantasy become reality. Would you like that?"

"You mean you want me to take a lover? You wouldn't mind?" My mind raced ahead, "Who could it be?"

"As long as I know, as long as you didn't cheat. I want you to; honest!"

His unexpected suggestion fascinated me. Could I really take a lover with Mike's consent? I knew that was what I wanted. He seemed aroused by the thought; it excited me. We made love passionately and talked into the night. Would we be able to find anyone? It would have to be someone discreet. Someone I felt attracted to.

Morning brought an exciting new start to our marriage; our decision was made; Richard, our neighbour would be my first lover.

Mike my husband, is confined to a wheelchair and although sexually active our sex was limited due to his restricted movement. He was always concerned about my sexual satisfaction so was happy for me to live out my fantasy as long as he wasn't excluded, lied to, or deceived. I knew instinctively that it would also provide him with amazing pleasure.

Getting Richard interested was a gradual process helped by a mutual interest in photography. Mike had a Polaroid camera, which he used to take nude and erotic photos of me, but Richard processed his own photos of nude models, avoiding any problems with processing labs. Richard and Mike were soon exchanging photos.

At first Richard was a little surprised that Mike was openly showing revealing pictures of me and of course didn't know this was just stage one of sparking his interest in me. Richard thought the photos of me looked great, which gave Mike the opportunity to suggest they arrange a photo shoot. A photo shoot of me!

I was more than keen but very nervous, as I still wasn't sure how far I could or should go and was anxious not to upset Mike. It wouldn't be good to show too willing. There was another possible pitfall. At that time Mike didn't know too much about my love life before we met, so I had to be careful not to show I was too experienced. I decided to be completely passive and let Mike and Richard control the situation.

The day of the shoot when Richard arrived he asked Mike if he would take some nude shots of him first, a great opening gambit. He wasn't a bit shy and quickly undressed exposing everything quite openly. My gaze was instantly drawn like a magnet to his thick but flaccid cock. I felt myself flush with excitement at its sight; it looked magnificent.

Mike took a few nude shots of Richard, then, to my surprise, suggested taking some with his cock erect. This was more than I expected at such an early stage. Richard wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. He said he needed some help in getting it hard. Mike nodded to me, surprising me again. I realised he was encouraging me to touch another man's cock. I hesitated. Again Mike nodded, giving his approval. I was nervous. I was also aroused. His circumcised cock looked wonderful. I didn't need a lot of persuading but was a little nervous that Mike was watching my every move.

Tentatively, I reached out and took hold of his thick, warm shaft. My hand and eyes were fixed on it, mesmerised by its girth, fascinated by the wonderful velvety knob.

As I gently squeezed and rubbed, it immediately started to swell and stiffen. I could feel my face flush, not from embarrassment but from sheer excitement. My eyes were transfixed on the glistening pre-cum at the end of his bulbous knob. It slowly oozed from his velvet tip, spreading silvery trails like a spiders web across my fingers. His cock was much thicker than Mike's but similar in length. I excitedly asked myself; was my fantasy going to come true.

Mike took photos of me fondling Richard's cock; even close ups of my hand grasping the fat shaft before taking a few shots of Richard alone. Then Richard suggested he took some of Mike and me together.

We soon transferred onto the couch with Mike sitting beside me touching and kissing me passionately. Richard stood naked; watching and taking photos of us, his thick, cock hard and proud. His magnificent erectness betrayed his arousal. It was contagious as I too was highly aroused.

My cheeks were flushed, my heart pounded and my breath quickened at the thought of what pleasures might lie ahead.

As I was being slowly undressed, Richard continued taking photos until I was totally naked, my entire body exposed to his gaze. This clearly not only excited Mike but me too. Mike deliberately eased opened my thighs to allow Richard a better view. I sat on the edge of the couch my husband's fingers toying with my sensitive clit and encouraging Richard to get close.

I was enjoying their game and decided to join in. Before I'd been married I hadn't been shy and I certainly wasn't going to be shy now. I wanted Richard to see everything; keeping my legs open, exhibiting my delightful charms for him to admire; I felt wildly alive.

I sensed Mike and Richard nodding to each other. Richard put down his camera and moved closer. He knelt down between my parted legs and I became both excited and a little apprehensive. I gave a shudder as I felt his hand on me, first stroking and caressing my thigh then squeezing and fondling my firm breasts, his exploring fingers sinking gently into their soft flesh, turning up my excitement.

"That looks so good," whispered Mike. "Enjoy it; just enjoy it."

I was; and had every intention of continuing. Surely there could be no turning back now.

Moving his hand downward to my exposed, sex, Richard gently touched my awaiting pussy exciting me even more. I grasped Mike hard, my mouth clung to his in a passionate embrace, as I allowed Richard to fondle me; I wanted it but for Mike's sake I didn't want to appear too keen; I played the innocent, slightly coy but responsive.

Richard was an expert with my large and prominent clit, arousing and teasing it with his gentle touch. It throbbed and tingled, swelling into a tight, excited bud. Unhurriedly he toyed with my sex, parting my moist, pink lips, gently inserting first one then two fingers. I squirmed and wriggled with pleasure; it was wonderful and I wanted more.

Mike's voice, trembling with excitement softly encouraged me. "Does that feel good? Do you like it? Is it exciting?"

"Yes! Yes!" I replied. "Can you see? Do you like watching?" I eased myself forward, spreading my legs, wanting Mike to see everything, wanting him to enjoy it too. I could see he was aroused.

With Richard's fingers fully inside me I felt myself shudder with delight while Mike watched intently. I lay back, legs apart, my arms tightly gripping my husband while Richard's fingers slid in and out of my willing sex. My breathing quickened, my heart raced, I was loving every movement and caress.

I was aware of more communication between them as Richard glanced at Mike for conformation. I sensed him nodding, Richard stooped down; I felt his hot breath between my thighs. I knew what was coming. My heart-rate quickened in anticipation. Suddenly I felt the heat of his mouth on my fervent sex.

At last he began to lick and suck my swollen clit. The sensation was exquisite.

His tongue searched between my pussy lips dipping deep into my excited wetness. My arousal was mounting second by second. Lying back, I sighed with pleasure, letting him do whatever he liked and secretly wanting more. I desperately wanted to grip his head and pull it hard between my thighs, anything to increase the pleasure, but somehow I suppressed the urge. I still didn't want to appear too eager in front of my husband.

Mike spoke softly. "You love him licking you don't you? Admit it go on?"

"Yes! - Oh yes, yes it feels wonderful." I pressed my pussy hard against Richard's mouth I wanted more.

Mike was still holding and caressing me as he watched Richard pleasuring me, the excitement was more than I could have imagined. I could see he too was in a heightened state of arousal. I slid nearer the edge of the couch to gain greater pleasure. I could hear myself softly moaning and sighing as my climax approached. Richard slid his fingers deep into my glistening pussy, soaked with juices, probing and stimulating with fast vigorous movements making me squirm with delight; I was getting close. A moment or two later he brought me to my first exhilarating climax.

Mike's reassuring voice encouraged me.

"That was incredible," he sighed." You loved it too, didn't you? I could tell. Say you liked it, tell me."

The satisfaction showed on my face. "Yes, it was good. Did you - did you like watching me?" I replied, "did you really enjoy it?" My voice trembled with anticipation.

Mike smiled; I always knew when he enjoyed something. I was reassured. I knew we could continue.

Through my half-closed eyes I noticed Richard glancing at Mike again, then look down questioningly at his swollen member. To my surprise Mike again nodded his approval and watched closely as Richard deftly slid my naked bottom towards him without any resistance from me.

My heart was pounding; I felt such excitement. If this was what Mike wanted then I too wanted it. I really wanted it. I groaned with pleasure as I felt the hard swollen knob of his cock rub along the wet lips of my sex. Slowly he rubbed it up and down my excited pussy, teasing and toying with me, agitating every nerve in my body, taking me to a higher and higher state of arousal. My mind whirled, my heart pounded beneath my quivering breast; I was desperate to be penetrated. At that moment, what I wanted more than anything was to feel that thick cock deep inside me.

He was putting on a show for my husband as I noticed them glancing at each other, one for approval, the other to direct proceedings. It was apparent Mike was egging Richard on, to do things to me. He wanted him to fuck me, and of course, for him to watch, I wasn't complaining, oh, no, I wanted it, -- and more.

My naked body was poised over the edge of the couch exposing me to their sexual desires. There was no way I was going to resist. How much pleasure could I show?

Lifting my right leg under the knee Richard placed it on his shoulder. Mike held my left leg open so he could be as close as possible to watch. My legs were spread wide apart.

Richard was still kneeling between my parted thighs, his right hand guiding his swollen cock back and forth along my waiting sex. It was exquisite; I sighed my approval and stole a glance down to watch.

Richard continued to tease me with his thick cock; -- the sensation was wonderful. I was dying for it deep inside me but dare not say so. I pushed against it in the hope he would notice my eagerness. Little had been said by anyone, it all seemed to be done by nods of approval or the odd gesture and reassuring look.

Mike broke the silence quietly whispering to me. -- "Does it feel nice? Do you want his cock inside you?"

"Oh yes! Yes I do! Do you like it?" "Is it all right for you? Do you want him to?" I could hardly contain my enthusiasm.

"It looks wonderful; I can see everything and I love to see you enjoying it".

To my delight he gestured for Richard to continue, I could hardly wait; I was desperate.

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