Doctor's Orders

by juanwildone

Copyright© 2005 by juanwildone

Erotica Sex Story: Dr. Westin is looking forward to a night with his wife when a patient calls with an emergency. Is the good doctor up to the challenge?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

My thanks to 6_2male for his assistance.

Dr. Walter Westin looked out at the Aspen snowfall as a genial tranquility enveloped him. He looked toward the bathroom where his wife was getting ready for bed. At least those had been her words, "I need to get ready for bed dear." There were so many different ways of interpreting her meaning.

Yes, those were her words... that's exactly what she said. She had said these very words to him many, many times during their thirteen-year marriage, but tonight they seem to portend so much more. Walter felt his body respond to the implication in his mind. This was a side of his wife he was not exactly familiar with.

Back in their busy work lives they had experienced far too many months where having sex even once within a month would have made it a good one. Walter stretched and laced his fingers together behind his head. A smile came to his face as he mused over the fact that they had already had sex twice since they'd arrived two days ago!

Fully erect Walter wondered what his wife was doing behind that closed door. He glanced at his watch... she'd been in there close to half an hour. Well, whatever she was up to, it was shaping up to be a great New Year's Eve.

At least it was until "The Flight of the Valkyries" began to play on his cell phone.

"Shit!" That tune meant one thing; one of his patients was calling with an emergency. He picked up the phone, looked at the caller ID, sighed, stood up, and pressed Answer.

"Hello Valerie, Happy New Year."

"Oh Dr. Westin, thank God I finally got a hold of you. I can't do this Doctor, I just can't. I'm a miserable failure. No one will ever want me — I'm damaged goods."

"Whoa Valerie, slow down and take a deep breath and let's start a dialogue. We'll take turns speaking — okay?"

"Of course Doctor, I'm sorry Doctor. I can't end the year like this. I can't go on..."

"Yes, Valerie that much is clear. Now it's my turn. First, you aren't damaged goods. You are a wonderful woman who has had to deal with a very challenging situation. No wife wants to find out that her husband is cheating on her. No wife wants to find out by walking in and catching him in the act. And certainly, no woman wants to find out that the man in her life is, in fact, having sex with another man and then leaves her for that man. Those would be hard facts for any person deal with Valerie. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes doctor, you're right. You're right." Valerie took a deep breath and let it slowly out. "I am not the problem here. I am dealing with the problem here."

"Good, Valerie. Very good. Now — why specifically have you called me?"

"I have to confess Doctor. I have to tell you the truth. I've lied to you Dr. Westin. I never went on any of those dates I told you about. I haven't had sex, or even kissed a man since walking in on Stephen and that man. I've lied to you Dr. Westin. I've lied to myself. I am such a loser!"

"Not at all Valerie, not at all. Do you realize Valerie that you've just accomplished a tremendous breakthrough here? Most patients lie to themselves and their therapist; it's why so few make any real progress. Your acknowledgement of your deception is a very important step. You need to know that this is actually very good. I'm looking forward to continuing this progress with you when I return... from my vacation."

"But doctor, I haven't had sex in almost two years. I made a New Year's resolution last year to meet a man and have sex. There are only a few hours to go and I haven't even gone on a date!"

"Well, what about rescheduling that resolution for the coming year. It's the progress you're making not the timeline. That's what matters, Valerie."

"You don't understand, Dr. Westin. It's like a fire is raging inside me. I've been masturbating everyday, sometimes more then once. I have to have sex and I've made a decision." There was a long drawn out inhalation. "I've decided that I am going to go to the nearest bar and find a man, any man, who will have sex with me and I will go bar to bar until I find some man somewhere who will... who will... who will do it... to me."

"Valerie, I don't see that as a real step forward, do you? Having sex with a complete strange, what would your reaction be if a dear friend of yours said that to you?"

"I'd think she was crazy. Oh Dr. Westin, I am crazy aren't I?"

"You are not crazy Valerie. Let's try something different here; will you indulge me for a moment here? Okay, can you think of any other time in your life when might have made a decision similar to this? And by "this" I mean the decision to have sex with another man for the very first time?"

"You mean, like when I lost my virginity?"

"You didn't lose your virginity, Valerie. It was time for you to no longer 'be' a virgin — when you were ready and you were with someone you felt comfortable with, you took that step. Can you look at this situation in a similar way?

"Sure I can look doctor, but I have to do something. I feel like I'm about to explode inside. I NEED TO BE FUCKED RIGHT NOW!"

"Alright, alright. Valerie, I seem to recall that you've spoken before of a neighbor of yours. He's done some handyman things for you. Is that correct?"

"You mean Larry? He has an apartment just down the hall from mine. He's that really nice older guy, the one whose wife passed away a couple of years ago."

"Yes, Larry. You've described him as a very nice older man — someone you trust, is that true?"

"Yes, he's helped me a couple of times with little household emergencies."

"Wouldn't you characterize your intention to have sex with a complete stranger an emergency?"

"Well, yes I suppose so. OHMIGOD! You want me to have sex with Larry?"

"No Valerie, I didn't say that. I'm asking you to consider this is an emergency situation that Larry might be able to help you with."

"But he's so much older then I am. He must be... he must be..."

"Breathe Valerie, breathe. Take a breath, Valerie."

"Huhhhhhhhhh! I'm breathing, Dr. Westin, I'm breathing. Doctor, I've never seen him with any women. He's never talked about dating or even made a pass at me He does flirt with me though, I kind of like the way he flirts. What should I do? I don't know what to say? I've never done anything like this before."

"Valerie, go to his apartment and knock on the door. If he answers, tell him you have an emergency. Do this now, Valerie." Dr. Westin was actually hoping that Larry would not be home. Hopefully the act of seeking out a sexual partner might be enough to satisfy Valerie until tomorrow. Once New Years Eve was past, he was confident Valerie would be able to reevaluate her situation.

Dr. Westin waited silently as he heard a very long pause filled with breathing. Then he heard a door open, the sound of footsteps, a very deep breath, and a knock on a door. Though the man's voice was away from the phone, Walter could hear him clearly enough.

"Hello Valerie... wow, look at you. Going to a New Years Eve party?" The tone of the voice was friendly and conversational.

"Oh... hi... Larry." Valerie replied. Dr. Westin noticed a change in Valerie's tone, a softer quality he had never heard before. "I'm talking to my therapist, Dr. Westin. He's in Aspen Colorado with his wife for the holidays. Dr. Westin, are you still there?"

"Why are you talking to your therapist?"

"Yes, Valerie I'm here. Tell him you have an emergency back at your apartment."

Dr. Westin listened as Valerie told Larry of her emergency and asked for his help. He heard Larry ask Valerie about the emergency as they returned to Valerie's apartment. There was a long pause in reply. He heard Larry ask again about the emergency, and another long pause. Dr. Westin silently urged Valerie to say something — anything.

"It's my wiring — I mean my plumbing!" Valerie almost shouted the words.

"Your wiring and your plumbing? Or is it just your plumbing. What's wrong with your plumbing, Valerie?"

"It hasn't been used in over two years." Valerie's voice sounded strained.


Dr. Westin listened quietly as a long pause filled the strange conversation. In a voice just above a whisper he urged Valerie to tell Larry just exactly what she needed.

"Larry, I... I need... I need a man... I need you. I need you right now."

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