Sea Song

by Daniellekitten

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Daniellekitten

Erotica Sex Story: Is it a dream? Is it real?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Light Bond   .


The sheets were cool, clean and soft against her skin as Danielle slipped between them, still nude from her bath. Her bedroom window was open, the drapes drawn back so she could look outside and hear the waves of the ocean in its never ending lullaby at night. She slept so well here at the beach, so much better than at home. It was a very welcome vacation from the usual and mundane life she lived otherwise.

She stretched against the thin silky sheets, enjoying the contrast of textures against her body. Her nipples tightened in the cooler night winds that slipped between the opening in the window. She cushioned her head against the softness of the pillow and let her thoughts wander.

When sleep took her, she wasn't sure. She wasn't even sure if it had, only that she had slipped into the welcoming embrace of the ocean, her body gracefully cavorting in the warm waves as she swam further out into it's seductive silken caress.

There were no mysteries here she couldn't solve, no love she couldn't have. She didn't have to fight for every ounce of respect she deserved or give respect that wasn't earned. The daily grind of work and life could never get to her so badly that her stomach churned and her head ached here. She was Queen and servant, lover and beloved, the warrior and the poet here in the dark depths of her midnight world.

Danielle slipped beneath the waves, kicking gently with her feet as her eyes adjusted to this new world of hers. Strangely, she felt no need to breathe or pressure from the depths she swam through. Her eyes delightedly took in the joys to be experienced in the underwater land; the sunken ships who's curved hulls looked like ribs poking through the sand, the colorful fish swimming with a graceful dance of waving fins in groups that moved as if choreographed, the coral that looked knobby and bright but could cut with the swiftness of razor sharp edges. The sandy bottom was teeming with life, a devil-like manta ray slipping silently across rippled sand, barely stirring a grain of its perfect surface.

She twisted and turned under the water, her long brunette hair wrapping around her and floating behind her beautifully toned body as she moved, dancing its own dance of joy in the weightless world. Her hazel eyes were alive with the delight she felt as she carefully held out a hand to a curious clown fish. His scarlet body, ringed with white stripes, swam forward, almost as if sniffing her hand. It touched her, it's toothless mouth opening gently on her smallest finger, tickling it so that she laughed aloud. The timid fish swam off in a crimson streak to hide from the strange creature in a school of its own kind, disappearing quickly amidst their colorful splendor.

Her feet touched the sandy bottom, her body easily sinking until she was upright in the water. Looking up, she couldn't see the wave tossed surface, but she felt no fear at her solitude. This was her time, her world and she would enjoy ever second she had been given, hold it to her like a precious gift until forced to leave.

Tall strands of seaweed waved seductively in a forest of green in front of her, the siren's call of it's sweeping movements drawing her near. Danielle stepped into its midst, feeling the strands stroke against her skin, raising tiny bumps of goose flesh. It touched her sweetly perked nipples in erotic caresses, rubbing against the smooth soft skin of her stomach until she thought her knees would give with pleasure.

One long green stem found her sweet slit, sliding between puffy and pouting lips to tickle her most intimate parts as she glided through this uniquely forested world. She felt the moan escape her lips in a sigh too soft to hear, too intense not to give in to. Her slender thighs trembled, her slim hips tightened, trying to hold onto that feeling even as she continued to walk.

Another strand slipped around her slender ankle, gently holding her in it's unyielding grip. More tendrils wrapped her arms and legs, lifting her off her feet to bob at the end of their tethering grasp. Vines reached upwards, slipping over her skin in smooth waves, massaging and touching endlessly. Her rosy tipped breasts were stroked, small fronds curving to the shape of the firm globes to squeeze and adore. Her nipples were pulled and tweaked, twisted gently by tiny extensions of the plants that almost felt like human fingers.

Her body writhed in the warm water as the stalk-like plants continued their loving assault, torturing her breasts until cries were wrung from her lips. Danielle was held firmly, but gently, by the long vines, her ankles spread, her thighs ringed to hold them apart. Tendrils of green shoots traced erotic patterns upon her lower lips, smoothing and sliding across the silken flesh until she was mindless with need.

The plants sensed her needs, effortlessly shifting her beautiful body in the warm water. A thicker shoot pushed upwards, slipping with agile ease between her thighs to probe at the opening of her sleek channel. The moisture of the jeweled blue water around her was nothing when compared to dampness that wept from that small opening, a richer fluid that seemed to entice the tender plant. It slipped past her pouting lips, pushing between the clinging walls of her pussy with a single mindedness that startled a small scream from Danielle's lush mouth.

It continued its tender assault, thrusting rapidly in and out of her tightness, a tiny shoot slipping up to tap and tease the tiny hard bud of her clitoris that had pushed from under it's hood. She felt the pleasure starting to tighten in her, felt the need spiraling deeply into something that was almost pain before bursting in a firestorm of pleasure that swept through her endlessly. It exploded into her mind, shooting white stars behind her eyelids as her body arched into a sweetly rigid bow of pleasure. Her jaw tightened as she felt another wave coming so quickly after the first, the plants mercilessly working her body over and over until she was almost begging for release.

The pleasure became pain, the pain became pleasure until she shrieked and cried mindlessly, her body seeming to want to fold into itself, to escape the plants torturous grip of desire.

"Hold!" The deep voice didn't penetrate her poor bemused, pleasure sodden mind. The plants released their hold upon her skin, leaving her to float gently in the warm waters, her body overwhelmed with sensation. She felt on the verge, swamped with emotions that wouldn't stop. She mewled and moaned, twitching as the water slid over her in a heated caress.

Arms wrapped around her body, frightening her so that she fought. Instead of letting go, or of holding too tightly, they gently carried her, cushioning her frantic squirmings against a broad, naked chest. She opened her bleary, confused eyes, seeing a glint of gold and then smooth skin against her cheek.

She felt him push off as she quit struggling, letting him carry her away with him. He swam strongly, his legs pumping to cleave through the sleek water. She risked a glance at his face, not knowing what she expected. Human features, a broad forehead that spoke of intelligence, deep green eyes that were shrewd and sharp, missing nothing in this ever changing world, a nose that was curiously flatter than her own, lips that were full and firm above a strong jaw. Hair as black as coal rippled in long waves in the water behind him as he swam.

The chest next to her body was warm and firm, teasing and moving against her skin with his efforts. His arms were firmly muscled and held her tenderly, like a frightened child. The glint of gold was a medallion, a strange piece that was oval in shape and had an intricate scroll design worked into its border. The center was carved with the shape of a trident surrounded by a crown. A red stone glinted at the top in deep ruby tones.

She stared, fascinated by the shape and color of the stone until she realized that her savior was slowing down. He swam to a halt and gently placed her down upon a smooth stone. It was round and flat, and very warm to her naked skin. Then he turned as if to leave.

"No," she called out. "Please wait." Her voice was still husky from the passionate caresses of the seaweed. It sounded like smoky sex to her ears even with the funny hollow tones from being underwater.

He stopped and turned, giving her the first good look she'd had of him since he'd rescued her. His face was heaven, a Greek Adonis carved from ivory and given life. His body long limbed, every muscle delineated and toned. Below his waist he wore pants made from a gray shiny material the moved freely with him. His feet were bare, longer than a regular man's foot, the toes an intricate set of webbing that helped push at the water far better than her own small feet. His walk was awkward, his swimming pure poetry to watch as he moved back across the short distance with a kick of his flippered feet.

He sank down next to her on the rock, sitting so to face her, his eyes gazed admiringly over her nakedness. She felt no shame, only the glow of approval at what he saw that caused gentle pleasure to flow through her so unlike what she had just experienced. He reached out, slowly, as if not to scare her, and touched her soft shoulder, sliding down the smooth curve of her arm until he reached her hand. He held it in his own, turning it this way and that as he studied the long graceful fingers, the short rounded nails so different from his own.

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