My New Year Visitor

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright© 2005 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: Just a short story of a chance encounter. This shows that you can never tell what someone is really like until they show their true colours under the influence of alcohol.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Copyright© 2003

There were parties going on all around me, celebrating the end of one year and the start of the next. Myself, I hope that this one will be better for me for I am off to a new job up-country in a couple of days. At last I'm getting out of the city, where the culture of being two-faced is the way of life. No-one appears what they really are. This was brought home to me as I walked back home early on New Year's morning.

I was walking past a house only four doors up from mine, a drunken woman staggered out, coming down her driveway and stopped in front of me. I recognised her as the wife of the Minister of the Church who lived there. Oh yes, I go to church now and again and this drunken specimen in front of me always appeared with her nose up in the air, looking at you as if you were dirt. Not what one would expect from a Minister of the Church's wife.

Now she was swaying in front of me, wearing a dress which was that low-cut that her bra was showing. Her head could hardly keep still as she linked her arm into mine.

"Let you and I celebrate the New Year; what do you think I wished for," she slurred.

"Come on tell me, I have no bloody idea lady," I answered her. All this time I carried on walking, she was hanging on to my arm and walked, no not walked staggered with me.

"A big man like you, oh I have seen you. You don't like me but I could change that," she went on.

She tripped and I grabbed her as she fell, swinging in front of me. I just stuck my arm out and her ample left breast just filled my hand. I pushed her back up, having a squeeze at the same time. Not bad at all I thought.

By this time I was outside my house and the sound of the party in her house sounded a lot quieter now.

"Well what did you think of my breast, you had a good feel, didn't you," she said, again staggering forward. I grabbed her by the back of her dress and she swivelled round, looked at me with her alcohol glazed eyes. "My, you are strong too."

"Look lady, you are too drunk to know what you are saying or doing. Go home to your husband before some harm comes to you," I told her.

"He's not at home, he's at his church."

"Well go back to the party, it seems everyone is enjoying themselves," I replied.

"I'm not, I want someone to fuck me," she replied.

"Well you should have said, I can do that for you. Will you then go back home?"

"You will! Great, then let's get on with it," she slurred, once again swaying all over the place.

I took her by the arm and almost frogmarched her into my home. The reason I got her in quickly I didn't want anyone to see me taking her into my house. She was that drunk I doubt if she knew where she was or what she was doing.

"You said you wanted someone to fuck you, do you usually get fucked with all your clothes on?"

"I'll soon take them off if that is what you want," she slurred almost unable to stand on her two feet. She kicked off her high heels and she sunk even lower in stature. I would say she was only about five four in her bare feet, fourteen inches smaller than I was. The dress just came over her head and she was now standing in just her bra and panties. Lingerie, it was called for they were obviously expensive items and not the run of the mill utility panties. High cut with the whale tail at the back. Now she stood there swaying like a tree in a strong breeze.

"Now I want you to go into my bathroom and have a cold shower. I have no intention of taking advantage of a drunken woman. While you are doing that I will get you some coffee."

"You promised me!" She slurred.

"I certainly did, but not before you are lot more sober."

Since all the houses around here are almost the same she padded towards the bathroom. While I brought a jug of coffee I heard the shower run. She had a long shower and I was beginning to get worried until I heard the door open and she came out smiling with my bath towel wrapped around her body. She just threw her underwear on top of her dress.

"Now sit down here and get some of this coffee into you, but first drink this glass of water." I said handing her a full glass of plain water.

"You are really taking care of me. Do you do this with all your women friends?"

"Only the drunk ones," I replied with a laugh.

We never spoke as she consumed two cups of coffee and appeared now steadier and was even able to lift the cup by the handle without spilling it all over the place.

I knew she was ready when she stood up and dropped the towel and smiled at me as she came closer.

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