The Ladies Man

by Patricia51

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Patricia51

Erotica Sex Story: He can seduce any woman he wants to. He thinks. Could he be wrong?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .


It was Wednesday night and Josh and Bill were listening to their hero Dan tell them about his latest conquest. All three men were in their early forties. None of them were married. As Dan always said. "Hell, why bother? There's plenty of women out there that want this." He would grab his crotch and grin. The other two always laughed and agreed.

Not that they were that successful with women themselves. But somehow Dan always was. There didn't seem to be any woman the 6 foot, rakishly handsome man couldn't pick up. That had included women with boyfriends, engaged women and married women. Just the other night he had picked up a woman right under the nose of her husband and had fucked her in the back room. They couldn't resist him.

"Tell us again how you did it that night Dan," Josh urged. "I never thought you could get her. I mean her husband was right here in the bar the whole time."

Dan grinned. "That's got nothing to do with it. Hell, it can even make it easier. What I do is provide a contrast. Whoever she might be, she's usually here, even with him in tow, because she wants something a little different. That's what I provide. I treat her with buckets of courtesy. I flatter her, telling her how special she is, how attractive she is. I always try to get her to dance with me. Then I can compliment her on how sexy she is when she moves."

"I tell her all the things she wants to hear. Like that night. All she was planning on was doing some discreet flirting. She just wanted to be looked on again with some desire, feel like someone really wants her. The joke of it is that her husband does, he's just got out of the habit of telling her. Sometimes, and this is really funny, he does tell her those things but she's not listening anymore."

"So after she and her husband had a couple of drinks, I asked her husband if I can dance with her. See, that did two things. First, it established me in his mind as a nice guy, someone he didn't have to worry about. Second, she thought I'm a gentleman. He said sure. He was not wild about the idea, but he didn't want to feel like he was overreacting because then she would have got upset. Its the old 'Don't you TRUST me' idea."

So then I was dancing with her. I had already found out her name and told her she must have been a professional dancer at one time, she was moving so incredibly well. She blushed but she also started getting closer. That's when I started letting my hands roam, just light touches that I could have explained as accidents if she had protested."

"Meanwhile her husband was trying to act like it was all cool with him. He had poured down at one drink, and probably two. He tried not to obviously keep an eye on us, so he had taken to looking around the room. Pretty soon, he was watching the other women in the place. I immediately called her attention to that, lamenting that he would act such a way with such a lovely and sexy woman for a wife."

"She got upset, as I knew she would. Isn't that a laugh? She was going to show HIM alright. I eased us over towards the door to the hallway and the backroom and when the music slowed I kissed her."

"She was startled but she kissed back. Now my hands were up under her skirt and I was moving her back through the door. She wanted to protest, but she was getting turned on herself and her words just stumbled, becoming nothing more than 'No' and 'Stop'. But those words were being whispered between the kisses she was giving me. I pulled her back to the closet, my hands already inside her panties."

"Once there, I pushed her back against the wall and hiked her skirt up to her waist. Oh, she was into it by then. I was still telling her how gorgeous she was, how no one ever turned me on like she did. She had my trousers open and my cock in her hands by then. All that was left was to push her panties aside and drive my cock up her open pussy."

"That was her last chance to protest. That's why I don't start fucking them slowly. Hell, once I'm up her cunt she figures she's already being fucked and might as well enjoy it. That last one had her legs around me and was bouncing up and down on my cock like she hadn't been fucked in years. I was slamming the goods to her just as fast and as hard as I can. It didn't take anytime at all for her to cum, and when she did I shot my load right up inside her."

"As soon as she's calmed down, she gets scared. Now we're into this 'I never have done this before' and 'Oh, God, what if my husband finds out'. I kept reassuring her that its okay, no one noticed and that he'll never know. Then I pulled her panties up over her soaked pussy full of my cum and told her she'd better get back before her husband notices. I assured her that it all only happened because she was so special and that I will never breath a word of this to anyone."

"What happens if he finds out?"

"Who gives a shit?" replied Dan.

As Dan expansively bought drinks for his two admirers, the door opened and a party of four females came in. They were laughing and joking and settled in at one of the unoccupied tables near to the booth the three men were occupying. The waitress who stopped by smiled and called all four women by name before bringing them a pitcher of beer and four glasses.

After the glasses had been filled and passed around, a dark-haired woman stood and raised her glass in a toast. "Here's to Judy and here's to her promotion. May she always treat us poor underlings right."

Two other women raised their glasses and echoed "To Judy." All four, including the one being honored, tipped up their glasses and drank deeply.

"Thank you all." The red haired woman named Judy stood and bowed to her friends. She sat back to the accompaniment of laughter and clapping.

The woman who had made the toast turned and called out to the waitress, "Jackie, better bring another pitcher, please. I think we're going to go through a lot of beer tonight."

"Coming right up, Carol," answered the waitress.

As the night wore on Dan and his pals kept a watch on the four women. The band had started and they had noted that three of the women had got up and danced at almost every opportunity. The dark haired Carol had remained in her chair, smilingly refusing the different men who approached her.

"Hmmm," Dan stroked his chin. "Now there's a challenge." He concentrated on her left hand as she filled the glasses from the latest pitcher. He caught the flash of light and nodded. "Either engaged or married. She's wearing a diamond ring, but I can't tell if there's a wedding band there too." He stood and walked over to that table.

josh and Bill couldn't hear any of the conversation. Dan had spoken to her and then upon apparently getting the same answer as everyone else, he had talked a bit more and then sat down. The two of them began to talk. Dan was obviously listening much more than he was talking. At one point he held his hands up in front of him and they both laughed

The music stopped and the band took a break. The other women returned to the table and Carol introduced Dan to her friends. They all talked and gestured for a bit longer. Then Dan stood, gestured back to Josh and Bill and returned to the booth.

"Wow," Dan said, a smile of anticipation broadening his face.

"What is it?"

"I've never fucked a cop before."

"No Shit?"

"Yeah, the whole group of them are Sheriff's Deputies. The one named Judy just got promoted to Corporal. She's cute, but I want that married one." Dan laughed. "Be a change to fuck the cops instead of them fucking me."

"You moved right in there," admired Bill.

"The secret to a group of females is to make friends with one, preferably not your intended target," lectured Dan. "You get that one to be friendly and then the target assumes you're a pal of her friend and relaxes. Gets their guard down everytime."

Over the next couple hours Dan moved around the club, but always made sure to return to Carol's table. He never pressed anything, just remained charming and polite and looked for his opening. That chance came at about 11PM.

The other three were dancing when Carol suddenly seemed to turn an interesting shade of green.

"What's wrong?" asked Dan.

"Too much to drink combined with Thai food." She swallowed and suddenly stood, grabbing her purse. "Oh Lord." She sprinted for the ladies room and didn't return.

By the time the music set ended and Judy and the other girls returned to the table, Dan was circulating again. He passed by and one of the other woman caught at him.

"Dan, did you see where Carol went?"

"I think she went home. She said something about not feeling well. She didn't drive did she?"

"Oh no, we all took cabs or were dropped off here. Speaking of that though," the woman looked at her watch and then at the other two, "we've got the morning shift tomorrow and that new Corporal might be grumpy if we were late or hung over."

"Could be," Judy agreed with a grin. In short order they had cleared the bar.

Dan was not sitting at the table but was nearby when Carol returned from the ladies room. She looked pale and upset when she didn't see her friends.

"Carol, what are you still doing here," exclaimed Dan, pretending surprise at seeing come back again. "I thought you had left with Judy and the others."

"Damn. Well, we live in different directions anyway. I'll just call a cab."

"I don't understand. Why doesn't your husband come get you? I know if I had someone as lovely as you out at night I would come flying to you. As a matter of fact," Dan continued, laying on the charm, "I wouldn't let you out by yourself at all."

"Oh he's keeping out daughter tonight. I could have got my mom and dad to do it, but he wanted to spend some time with her."

"Well then, let me take you home," offered Dan. He considered making a crack about stay-at-home men not being real men, but sensed it wouldn't go over. Females always liked to act as though they wanted a sensitive man. They wanted a REAL man instead, of course, but didn't dare admit it.

Carol eyed Dan up and down with a speculative look in her eyes. Had he been less confident of himself, he might have realized that most of the alcohol in her system was gone. He thought the look was one on interest. He was wrong.

"Okay," she conceded. Its only a few miles from here. "I'm sure you won't mind if I take one precaution though." With that she walked over to the waitress who had been serving the foursome and spoke to her. The woman nodded agreement and Carol returned.

"Can I ask what that was about?"

"Sure, if I don't call her in 30 minutes and tell her I'm home, she'll call the cops."

"Damn," thought Dan. "I'll have to work fast. But hell, that's plenty of time." He held the door open for her and walked her to the car. Twice she veered slightly away from him. Without thinking, both times he closed the gap she had opened. He opened the passenger side door and closed it after helping her in. He looked back at the club entrance where Bill and Josh were standing and gave a cocky grin. Then he got in the car.

Five minutes later, having fended off four attempts to touch her shoulder, three attempted kisses and both a grab at her upper thigh and an attempt to put her hand between his legs, Carol had enough.

"Knock it off, damnit. I don't know who you usually end up in this car with, but I'm not one of them. Stop it and I mean now." She flung open the car door and started to climb out.

Dan hurried around to the passenger's side of the car, trapping Carol with an up flung arm.

"Look, I'm sorry you feel that way. I didn't mean to be too forward." His hand brushed over her shoulder. "I just can't get over how attractive you are. I mean, I feel something special is connecting us. Can't you feel it too?" His hand caressed her arm and she jerked it away.

"Look, I'm tired of telling you 'No'. Now stop it."

"Of course you are," Dan grinned. "All of you get tired of that, and then the answer is 'Yes'." He closed the distance to her.

Josh nudged Bill. "I think he's got her."

Bill nodded in admiration. Dan had the woman pressed up against the car door. His arms went around her and he pulled her into a tight, passionate kiss.

"Yeah, that's got her. They never come back from that. Hope her old man doesn't check her too carefully tonight when she gets home. Whenever that might happen to be.

The two men shared a nasty laugh and exchanged high-fives. Their attention was suddenly wrenched back to the scene before them by a loud "Boom" of something hitting sheet metal. Their mouths dropped open.

Dan was sprawled over the front of his car. The "Boom" apparently was the sound his head had made when it hit the hood of his car. The woman had one arm twisted up tight behind his back. Her other hand was tangled in Dan's hair. She had turned his head sideways and was speaking in his ear.

"Now that I have your undivided attention, I'd like to tell you a story." She paused and bounced his head on the hood again. BOOM. Bill and Josh both got the idea that sound would act as punctuation throughout the story. They were right.

"Once upon a time an old cop two days away from retirement stopped a man for running a Stop Sign." BOOM. "He approached the car, got the man's license and insurance and told him 'Sir, I stopped you because you ran that Stop Sign back there'." BOOM.

"The driver replied, 'I did stop officer. I slowed down, looked both ways and went on through'." BOOM.

"The cop said, a little more forcefully this time, 'Sir its a Stop Sign, not a Yield sign. You have to stop'." BOOM.

"Getting a little impatient himself, the motorist insisted, 'I stopped. I told you. I slowed down and looked both ways before I went through'." BOOM.

"At this the cop gave a deep sigh and said, 'Sir, listen to me. You have to Stop. You didn't'." BOOM.

"Now the driver is getting angry. He's important, he doesn't have to listen to this crap. So he says "I told you, you dumbass cop. I stopped. I slowed down, looked and went on'." BOOM.

"The cop jerks open the door, pulls the guy out and slams him over the hood of the car. Rather like you are now, as a matter of fact." BOOM. "Then he starts bouncing the guy's head on the hood, rather like we are now also." BOOM. "Then the old cop says, 'Now then buddy, do you want me to slow down, or do you want me to STOP?'." BOOM.

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