Chapter 15: Lord Lambert

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Historical Sex Story: Chapter 15: Lord Lambert - This is set twenty years after the events of "In the Navy". The lives of Anthony Carter and his family are turned topsy-turvy by the arrival of Ellen, a young shepherdess. Follow the lives of the Carters and their friends and relatives during the late regency era and explore foreign countries and cultures with them. History is not necessarily dry!

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Historical   Tear Jerker   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting  

The countryside looked its best in early May. The fresh green of trees and shrubs was a feast for the eyes, especially eyes that had become accustomed to the soot of the large City. Although Ellen felt a little guilty about it, she could not help feeling true happiness. She sat snuggled against Richard in the open carriage, the spring sun warming them nicely, and the fresh air feeling like champagne to her lungs. Now they passed through the village of Matcham, the people on the streets looking up in surprise at the line of coaches that rattled through the narrow street. Some of the villagers doffed their hats to greet the returning squire in the first coach and Ellen observed the friendly nature of the greetings.

Sitting across from her, Eleanor was in a mood that could only be described as sour. She had begged for almost two weeks to be excluded from the trip to High Matcham, even offering to stay with her grandmother. Lady Cater had been uncompromising. If the budding relationship of Eleanor and Antonio Ruiz could not survive a four-week hiatus, there was not much future in it anyway. As a result Eleanor had been sitting grumbling all the way from London and made it a point to comment sarcastically on the two lovers facing her.

Eleanor’s foul mood bothered Ellen somewhat but she knew something about Lady Carter’s plans that would improve Eleanor’s outlook. Eleanor did not know that her mother had invited the Ruizes to join them as guests and that they had accepted. They would just be a few days behind as Ellen knew and she watched Eleanor’s antics with silent amusement.

When the manor, her childhood home, came into sight, Eleanor’s bad mood vanished considerably. She loved the place and she had to acknowledge that the fields and meadows surrounding the manor beat any London park by a large margin.

They arrived at the gates and were greeted by Nadine and the rest of the staff. She had made the trip a week earlier to get the place ready and the family settled into their home within a few hours. Ellen had her old room again and she noticed that two other guest rooms had also been cleaned and readied. With a smile she wondered when Eleanor would notice.

The young people dressed in riding garb and made a tour of the land on horseback, something to which Ellen had been looking forward. In felt so good to be in the saddle again! Ellen did not have much practice, but she loved horses and was a natural in the saddle, even if not as skilled as Eleanor. Ricky was elated and bounded around the trotting horses. After all, he was less than two years old and bursting with pent up energy. They stopped at the grove where Richard had rescued her a year ago and Ellen rode up to Richard’s mount and squeezed his hand. They looked at each other and and then leant over to kiss each other, but the horses were somewhat irritated and pranced nearly unseating them.

They rode along the river for a mile before turning south to ride the eastern boundary of the estate towards the road. Following the road, they rode past High Matcham and towards Woodbridge Manor. From afar, Richard could already see that the remodelling of the manor had proceeded nicely. The roofs cleaned, the window frames painted in shining white, and the driveway covered with fresh gravel, it looked like a nice place to live. Richard and Ellen decided to inspect the interior as soon as they could get a hold of Mr. Brown.

When they rode past the gatekeeper’s lodge, Ellen noticed a broken pane in the door and showed it to Richard. This looked suspicious. Richard told the young women to back off and to ride for High Matcham at full speed should something happen whilst he inspected. Richard had a double-barrelled percussion pistol in his saddle bag which he pulled out and cocked. The Tremonts had never been accounted for and Richard had decided to go armed whenever he rode his father’s possessions. He approached the door to the lodge cautiously, pistol at the ready.

“Anybody in there, come out, and no harm will come to you!” he hailed.

No direct response came, but he heard the sound of a shutter opening in the back of the lodge and the yell of Eleanor.

“Someone’s running for it, Richard! Here, in the back!”

Remembering to put the pistol on safety, Richard mounted his horse and rode towards where he heard the girl’s horses. He saw a running figure, darting left and right like a fleeing hare, but increasingly boxed in by the girls on their horses. He closed in with them in a few moments and the small figure looked about in despair. Surrounded by three riders on an open field, there was no hope for escape.

The figure was rather small and long brown hair flowed from under the hood it was wearing.

“Stop and make yourself known!” Richard demanded. “I am the son of the squire and you will suffer no harm if your intentions are honest.”

With a gesture of resignation, the figure pulled down the hood, and the three riders looked at a girl. She could not be older than 15 or sixteen years Ellen guessed and she dismounted before her companions could react. She knew intuitively that the girl was frightened and having been in a similar situation, she sympathised. Handing her reins to Eleanor she approached the girl.

“Will you tell me who you are?” she asked in a friendly tone.

The girl looked at her with suspicion and did not answer.

“We need to decide what to do with you, do you understand that? If you don’t tell us about you, we must assume that you broke into the lodge to steal.”

“I’m no thief, indeed not!” the girl protested. “An’ I didn’t break into no lodge. I just came ‘ere yesterday and the lock ‘ad been picked before.”

Ellen nodded patiently.

“So you are no thief. Will you tell me your name then?”

The girl swallowed and looked up.

“Millicent Wade.”

“Fine, Millicent,” Ellen continued whilst Richard and Eleanor watched with interest. “Will you tell me what you are doing here all alone? Where’s your family?”

That brought tears to the girl’s eyes and she had to sniff a few times before she answered.

“Them’s dead. Smallpox got ‘em.”

“So you are all alone now?”

Nod. Sniff.

“Nobody took care of you?”

“Farmer Mills took me in as ‘is maid. I was to milk ‘is cows, but ‘e said I was to milk ‘im too.”

Ellen raised her eyebrows when she understood what the girl had said.

“‘e wanted more, like keep ‘im company at night, but I was afraid and ran off.”

“Have you eaten today?”

The girl’s eyes grew big and she shook her head. Ellen glanced at Richard and he nodded. He would have to ask his parents, but knowing his mother he was sure that they would agree to take in the girl for a few days at least. He rode back to the lodge and inspected it from the inside. Nothing had been broken or taken. On the contrary, the girl obviously had cleaned away the dust. He returned to where Ellen and Eleanor were waiting with the girl. He looked her over; she was not really dirty although a bath would do wonders for her appearance.

“Millicent,” he began, “my father is the squire of High Matcham. I am not sure whether he may want another maidservant, but at the very least I can promise you food and shelter for a few days. Will you come with us? I promise, no milking of any sort,” he added with a smile.

The girl nodded reluctantly, and Ellen led her to Richard’s horse. Richard gave her a lift and Ellen helped her sit behind her fiancé. It was not easy for Ellen to mount without help, but she managed and the three riders returned to High Matcham in a slow trot.

As expected, Lady Carter, after one look at the starved girl, ordered her to be taken care off. It was Nadine who took charge of the efforts, first feeding her in the kitchen and then sending her over to the maids’ quarters to be scrubbed clean and clothed. When Ellen came to see Nadine and check on the girl, she found the latter at work in the kitchen peeling potatoes whilst Nadine gave her instructions and corrected the girl’s speech. Ellen almost laughed, thinking how the girl would soon speak with a French accent if Nadine kept up teaching her ‘proper’ English. She would be safe under Nadine’s care. Nobody on the estate dared to be on the housekeeper’s bad side, not even the Carters.

“Do you feel better now?” Ellen asked, and the girl nodded shyly, her eyes big as saucers. Ellen was already dressed for dinner, and the charcoal dress in combination with a cascade of blonde tresses made for an impressing sight. Ellen caught the look of adoration in the girl’s eyes and smiled at her. Millicent was quite pretty herself she thought. Her waist-long, chestnut coloured hair was still damp from the washing and framed a heart-shaped face with large brown eyes. She was terribly thin though, as revealed by the short-sleeved maid’s dress. Her arms were mere sticks and her hands showed the traces of farm work such as broken nails, barely healed scratches and calluses.

“Don’t work her too hard, Nadine, before she has some flesh back on her bones,” she told Nadine and the older woman nodded.

“I shall keep ‘er in ze kitchen, Miss Ellen. Zat way, she vill not go ‘ungry.”

Ellen smiled at Nadine with affection.

“Will you teach her how to cook? Richard and I will need a cook.”

Nadine was pleased. She took pride in her cooking and Ellen’s question implied appreciation.

“I vill try,” she said ruffling the girls damp hair.

The next two days continued much in the same way. Richard and Ellen enjoyed riding and visited Woodbridge Manor, planning the changes they would need before they could move in. Ellen liked the house already. The idea to live next to Richard’s parents was appealing to her. When they returned on the third day, they saw a coach in the driveway indicating a visitor. Entering the house the footman approached Richard.

“Sir Anthony’s compliments and would you join him in the study, Master Richard?”

Curiously, Richard walked towards the study whilst Ellen went upstairs to change. In the study, Richard found his father and an elderly man whom Richard recognised as Mr. Tremont. The man had aged considerably. Obviously, the worry over his sons must weigh heavily on him Richard thought.

“Ah, there you are, Richard. You know Mr. Tremont of course.”

“Certainly, father! Your servant, Mr. Tremont.”

Tremont bowed in response.

“Mr. Tremont came here to inform me that he has knowledge of the whereabouts of his sons. It seems as if they have made a fresh start in the former colonies, in South Carolina, wasn’t it?”

Mr. Tremont nodded. “They found honest work as caretakers of a tobacco plantation and they describe the opportunities there as very tempting. They will never come back to England, but I would ask you to withdraw the charges against them. I would not have my sons under that cloud. I have a letter here, signed by both of them, in which they ask your forgiveness and express their regret.”

Richard thought only briefly. “If they are honest in their regret, I can forgive them.”

The old man smiled. “I always knew you had a good heart, Master Carter. You see, I will join my sons. I cannot live alone and away from them in my old age. I will sell my property here and move. The yields from the sale should be enough for us to start a new life in the Carolinas.”

“Mr. Tremont has offered to sell the property to me,” Sir Anthony interjected, “and we have come to an agreement. Since you and Ellen will live on the Woodbridge estate, I wanted you to know about this.”

“I will tell my sons that the young lady is your fiancée now. They will write a letter of apology to her,” Mr. Tremont offered.

“That should help to quell any misgivings,” Richard nodded.

“We’ll have our solicitors draw up the contract then,” Sir Anthony offered and the old man shook his hand.

“I regret this whole affair, but perhaps it was meant this way. My lands would have never supported both of my sons. They have a better chance now. I thank you for your time and for your understanding.”

Tremont left and Richard was astonished to see that his father was rubbing his hands.

“You seem to be in good spirits, Father.”

“Oh, but I am,” Sir Anthony confirmed. “Tremont’s house is not much to speak of, but the soils are good and he has quite a lot wooded land. His sawmill is turning in a tidy profit. I shall have a new manor built there as dowry for Eleanor.”

Richard understood. “That will be wonderful! To have her as neighbour would mean a lot to me and to Ellen.”

“It will mean a lot to your mother and me too. Not a word to the women though. This will be our surprise.”

Richard grinned. “Let me know where I can help.”

A day later, whilst the three young people were out riding, Antonio Ruiz and his mother arrived in a coach. Eleanor and Ellen came into the house after the ride and were intercepted by Harriet.

“Eleanor my darling, I would like you to meet somebody in the garden room,” she said winking at Ellen. Ellen grinned whilst she pushed Eleanor towards the back of the house and through the door into the sunlit room. She could hear Eleanor’s squeal of surprise whilst she closed the door from the outside.

She came back an hour later and knocked on the door. There was no answer, but she opened the door anyway, prepared to withdraw immediately. Antonio and Eleanor sat on opposite sides of a table, obviously talking to each other. Ellen would have been fooled had she not noticed that the little bow tie that adorned Eleanor’s blouse had been retied. She smirked causing Eleanor to blush.

“Your mothers ask you to join us for tea,” Ellen grinned.

They both rose uneasily and followed Ellen to the tea room. There was no teasing for them and they soon relaxed. Eleanor gave her mother an accusing glare to which Harriet responded with a smug grin, but soon she found herself in a conversation with Donna Maria.

With Eleanor on cloud nine, the next three weeks were very pleasant indeed. Weather permitting, the young people rode their horses every day, and the exercise in the clean spring air did wonders to their mood. By the end of their stay, Eleanor and Antonio would often ride by themselves. Ellen and Richard could sometimes see them from afar, their horses in a slow trot and deep in discussions.

On the evening before their planned departure for London, Antonio Ruiz took his heart in both hands.

“Sir Anthony, Lady Carter, Mother, you probably did not fail to notice that Eleanor and I have become very close during the last months, and especially so in the last weeks. This morning I declared my love to Eleanor and she responded in a way that surpassed my hopes. I know that there are the issues of nationality and faith that may be seen as hindrance, but I urge you to consider my proposal for Eleanor’s hand favourably.”

Sir Anthony sighed. How could all this happen so fast? He could not help but notice how Eleanor radiated love whenever the young man was around her. The deep passion she was capable of identified her as a true daughter of her mother. So what if she was young? Her mother had been younger even when he first fell in love with her. He looked at the young man, the son of a woman he could have loved, and he came to a decision. First however, he looked at his wife and her answering glance conveyed the answer he was seeking.

“It is true that we could not help but notice the affection between you and my daughter and you can be assured that, had this affection been unwelcome to us, we would have found ways to put a stop to it, rather than inviting you to stay here with us.”

There were smiles around the table and Eleanor’s heart beat wildly. Her father had signalled his approval! She felt Ellen’s hand on her own and, looking up, the happy smile on her lips. For all her teasing, she knew Ellen to be her dearest friend, as close as a friendship between women could get. Her father continued.

“You must understand though that there are some issues that have us worried.” He lifted his hands to quiet the expected protests. “I am not talking about religion, nor about nationality. What concerns me are the plans for your and therefore her future. You will appreciate that you are not the only person who loves Eleanor. I am sure to speak not only for me but for my entire family if I state that the thought of Eleanor living in South America is almost unbearable to us. There is also some concern about the political situation in your home country. As you said yourself in our discussions, the state in which Spain left its former colonies and the instability of the current government make me worried that my daughter may be caught up in a civil unrest. I should hate to elaborate on the dangers women face in such unrest.”

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