Tears On My Face

by Cat5

Copyright© 2005 by Cat5

Sex Story: Sometimes you miss things that are right in front of you: He found the woman of his dreams and after a night of wild sex, he lost her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   School   .

I parked the rental car across the street from her apartment building. It was only eleven in the morning and I knew I was probably two hours early, but after all this time, it really didn't matter. As I watched the apartment door, I thought back over the last four years.

Jim was my best friend. We grew up in a suburb of Boston. We went to the same schools, played the same sports, and slobbered over the same girls through high school. I was always welcome in Jim's house, and Jim in mine. Jim had an older sister and a younger sister four years his junior—a happy mistake his parents said. Because of Jim's family's financial situation, he had gone to the local state university. I had gone to the other college two hundred miles away.

He had called me that late spring day and said, "Rick, I need a favor, buddy. Tiny got accepted at your college and has been bugging my folks to go there for Gold Key so that she can see the place during a party weekend. My folks are going to a wedding that same weekend and my girlfriend and I are going to Florida for our spring break... that leaves you."

Tiny was his younger sister Beth. She hated the name, so of course Jim and I never failed to call her that. I admit I didn't even remember her as a person when Jim and I were in eighth grade—she was just a noisy little sister. When I was a senior in high school, she came within radar range as I noticed that this soon-to-be freshman in high school was starting to develop breasts, legs and other female features. But it was a passing look; Jim and I were chasing high school senior girls that had gone from "developing" to "they are there and ready to be conquered." Our hormones were in full gear and we paid scant attention to his kid sister.

One day stands out from back then. I was a junior in college and had come home on break and, of course, I headed over to Jim's house. We were sipping a couple of beers in his bedroom, lying outrageously about the number of females we had seduced when his mother yelled for us to come down. Beth was going to the junior prom and was waiting for her date. Jim's folks wanted to take some pictures.

We walked down the stairs and there was Beth standing at the bottom ready to be judged—formal, pale yellow dress, beautiful bare shoulders accentuating breasts that had magically appeared, matching shoes—the whole works. I looked at her and without thinking said, "Tiny, you are absolutely beautiful!"

She immediately blushed profusely at the compliment and yelled at me, "Don't call me Tiny."

Everybody laughed and the pictures were taken. For one shot her folks had Beth in the middle between Jim and me; each of us had our hands around her waist. A second before the picture was taken, I squeezed her and she laughed and looked me in the eyes just as the camera clicked.

The doorbell rang and her date arrived. He looked like a dork to me, but back then going to the prom was more important than who took you.

Jim interrupted my thoughts and said, "Well, are you going to let your best friend down or will take Tiny for the weekend?"

My answer was easier than he knew. My girlfriend of six months had dumped me a few weeks earlier, and I didn't have a backup girlfriend for the big spring weekend. I said, "Jim, for you anything; let me know when she's coming and I'll take care of the rest."

Four weeks later in the early Friday evening I waited at the bus station. Her bus pulled in and the passengers started getting off. I stood in the shadows just watching when she stepped off the bus. She looked around and didn't see me the first time. A second later she searched again and spotted me. She ran over and hugged me with a big kiss on the cheek. "Welcome to the big college, Tiny," I said.

She blushed and said, "Don't you dare call me Tiny... I am Beth for the whole weekend."

I laughed and hugged her back. "OK, Beth for the whole weekend. However, I am a senior at this august college and you are just an almost-a-freshman, so I want you to pay me the proper respect."

She giggled and said, "I will certainly pay you the respect you deserve."

The bus driver finally found her suitcase and I picked it up; we walked to my apartment. One of my friends who lived in the same building was getting married at the end of the school term. He was using the party weekend to go to his girlfriend's home to make the final plans for the wedding. When I explained my situation, he readily agreed that Beth could stay in his apartment.

Once Beth got organized, I took her to a local restaurant—good food and a quiet place where you could talk. We sat at a small table and I finally had the opportunity to look at her. Her soft, glossy brown hair was carefully trimmed and hung to the top of her shoulders. She was wearing a sweater that showed skin disappearing into the depths of her full breasts that were even bigger than I remembered. Her brown eyes twinkled with happiness. She smiled, showing brilliant white teeth, and then giggled when she caught me looking at her breasts, but said nothing to embarrass me.

Beth was excited and talked about her senior year at high school, the ecstasy of being accepted to the college, the marriage of her older sister, and the trials and tribulations with her brother Jim.

She asked if I had accepted a job yet. I told her that I joined a major consulting firm located in Boston, but that the first three to five years I would be in the field on different projects as an intern or junior consultant. They told me my first assignment would be in California and I would be there about a year before being reassigned.

Her enthusiasm enchanted me. Her happy excitement at being here with me, her intense desire to bring me up to date on her life, and her physical beauty overwhelmed any hesitation that she was so much younger than I. Beth had turned from an ignored little kid sister to a beautiful woman.

Finally, it was almost eleven and I said, "Beth, you look like you're starting to slow down and tomorrow is your big day. We have an early breakfast with good friends of mine; then Julie, who is a girlfriend of one my pals, is going to give you an inside tour of the college including the inside scoop on who are the good teachers versus the jerks; we have the Gold Key lunch where the Glee club will put on a show; then a basketball game in the afternoon and afterward a dinner with more friends of mine. Finally, we are playing for the hockey division championship so you're going to that game too. Maybe we should call it a night?"

Beth stuck her tongue out at me and gushed, "I don't want today to end. But you're right—I'm starting to get a little tired."

As we walked to the apartment, her excitement about the day continued as she giggled and laughed at everything I said, and on an impulse, I reached for her hand and squeezed it. She beamed at me with happiness and wouldn't let go of my hand. At the door to her apartment, I said, "Sleep well, my friend. Tomorrow is going to be very busy for you."

She smiled and looked at me. I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek as I squeezed her hand. Her hair brushed against my face and I could smell her perfume, whose fragrance was enticingly feminine. She hesitated briefly and then stepped back and walked into the apartment.

As I climbed the stairs to my apartment I realized I was semi-hard and thought, "She was waiting for a real kiss."

The next day was a whirlwind for Beth. The early breakfast and her time with Julie were fantastic. Julie and she obviously bonded; by the time they returned they were laughing and talking as if they had been friends forever. Lunch was fun and the Glee Club put on their expected great performance for the holiday crowd.

We lost the basketball game. The dinner with my friends was really fun for Beth—even though she was only a high school senior, some of the guys were obviously hitting on her... talk about an ego boost. We won the hockey game in the last sixty seconds, which set the crowd off into a delirious celebration. Beth was so excited she surprised me when she put her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss.

We were walking back to the apartment. Beth had grabbed my hand and held it tightly. She talked about how great the day had been and then said, "Maybe we should have a drink to celebrate?"

I asked, "Do you drink?"

She answered, "No, but with me going to college, maybe I need some practice."

"Beth," I replied, "you are under age—you're barely eighteen. In this college town, without a great fake ID you can't get a drink."

"What about your place?" she shyly asked.

She was right. I had booze and after a drink or two, the night would be over. "OK," I replied, "let's go to my place for a victory drink."

Ten minutes later she sat on my couch and stared at me with those deep brown eyes. I asked, "What do you want to drink?"

She grinned at me sheepishly and said, "I don't know. Except for beer, I never had a drink. What should I drink?"

I chuckled. "Beth, my little friend, I will teach you what my father taught me. It's easy. You either drink scotch or bourbon. You always drink it with ice, water or both, but never with a mixer or anything sweet. I'll make you two tiny drinks—scotch with Dewers and bourbon with Jack Daniels. Taste each one and the one that is the least terrible, that's your drink."

I handed her a small drink of scotch. "Ugh... terrible," she gasped.

I handed her a small drink of bourbon. "Oh... not good, but not terrible. Does that mean I'm a bourbon drinker?"

"Beth, you don't have to be a drinker at all. College is a time to test your limits, but don't get into the mind set that you have to drink. You should make your own decisions."

She thought for a moment or two and said, "I'd like a bourbon with ice and water but not too strong."

I made a drink for her and one for myself. She sat on my couch and I sat in an easy chair facing her. We didn't talk at first, but the silence was comfortable. She sipped her drink and looked at me.

Finally she said, "Do you have any idea how big a crush I've had on you?"

I was shocked. "Tiny... me?"

She grinned, "Don't call me Tiny, and yes, my dream hero and lover is you."

I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

"Cat got your tongue?" she teased.

I nodded.

She laughed, "I was lucky the way it turned out. As soon as I knew my folks had to go to the wedding I checked the calendar and saw it was the big party weekend, so I insisted that this had to be the weekend to come here—so it would be just you and me."

"You're a pretty devious woman," I said.

She impishly grinned and admitted, "Well, maybe a little."

"Well, my dream lover," she continued, "I'm going to this college next fall. I'm a virgin. I have kissed maybe seven or eight boys, slapped two of them who touched my breasts, and let my best friend in high school feel me through my sweater. Do you think I am ready for college?"

"Tiny... Beth, I'm not the person to talk to you about this."

"No," Beth countered stubbornly, "you're exactly the person to talk to me."

I hesitated, trying to escape this embarrassing situation. Finally I stammered, "Why me?"

"Because I've had a crush on you since I was six years old, you're experienced, and I would trust you with my life."

I was shocked. My eyes locked with hers—no weakness. Finally, she stood up and walked over to me, sat sideways on my legs and said, "Help me."

Her eyes were pleading and I gave in; I reached behind her and stroked her back as I pulled her to me. Her mouth came to mine and we kissed for the first time; her lips were moist and soft and then they pressed harder as her tongue searched for mine and I responded. Her fragrance and her sensual kiss aroused me. For many long minutes I repeatedly kissed her mouth, neck, ear lobes, and her shoulders. Each kiss had her trembling.

I was fighting the sexual temptation and was winning until she looked at me. Her eyes gleamed with happy tears; her face flushed from the effects of my kisses and quietly begged, "I want more than just a kiss."

That was it! I nudged her to stand up, grabbed her hand and pulled her into my bedroom—a small room with only a small, dim lamp lighting the room. Beth stood in front of me, her face showing a flush of sexual anticipation and a question of what next. I kissed her and said, "Raise your arms."

I pulled the sweater over her head. I searched her eyes and saw happiness as I reached behind to free her bra. It dropped to the floor and she was naked from the waist up standing quietly in front of me. Her full breasts sagged slightly and I saw her dark areolae and nipples that were already hard. She gave me a nervous grin and then put her hands behind her head so that her breasts jutted out in a sensual pose and asked, "I hope you like what you see?"

My eyes inspected her breasts and flat stomach. Without thinking I whispered, "Beth, your breasts are fantastic."

I stepped towards her and cupped each breast in my hand while my thumb teased her nipples. Moments later I kissed her once again—first on her mouth and then on each nipple. My tongue circled each areola repeatedly. She sighed with pleasure and then quietly whispered, "Yes."

I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled the zipper down until the skirt fell to the floor. My hands went to the elastic of her panties and pulled them over her hips down to her ankles. I could smell her strong, musky odor as she stepped from her panties. Her pussy was untrimmed and bushy; strands of pubic hair were already glistening with her moisture.

I took a step forward and brought her close to me as she raised her mouth to accept my kiss. Our tongues touched repeatedly. She sighed when my hands went to her ass and pulled her groin against me.

The kiss ended and I stepped back. I told her, "Undress me."

She did until I was naked. She gasped as she saw my erect penis spring from the confines of my shorts. She shyly touched it and then gently closed her hand around it to feel its fullness. She gently stroked the length of it with her soft hands, which made groan with pleasure at her unintended teasing.

I finally took her hand and pulled her to the bed. I sat down with my back against the headboard and said, "Sit on my lap."

She eased her body down so that she sat on my lap; I moved her legs outside my legs leaving her vagina open to me—she flinched as she felt my erection, and finally leaned her back against my bare chest. I could tell that she was very nervous.

I reached around her so that both hands fondled her stomach. I whispered, "Beth, relax and enjoy... there is no time limit... there is nothing for you to do. If you want me to stop, just say so."

She relaxed against me and sighed.

I kissed her neck and whispered, "Do you remember why I call you Tiny?"

She giggled and nodded her head. It was when she was in eighth grade. Jim and I were at his pool when she came out wearing her older sister's bikini. She dove into the water to show off and when she stood up, the top half of the bikini was around her waist—at that time she had only a hint of the breasts that were to come. Jim, being completely the insensitive brother, pointed at her naked breasts and yelled, "Tiny." And we teased her from that day on with the hated new nickname.

My hands explored her body as I continued to talk to her—to tell her my most private thoughts and what her coming meant to me this weekend. I asked, "Remember your junior prom?"

She nodded.

"I still have the picture of Jim, you and me before your dork date showed up.

She giggled.

I talked to her as my hands and fingers continued to touch her body everywhere. I told her how beautiful she was and that I wished I had seen her beauty before now. I whispered words that made no sense, but that she knew were from my heart. I kissed her back and neck and gently sucked at her ear lobes. When my tongue flickered into her ear, she gasped with pleasure at this new sensitive spot on her body. I caressed her full breasts with my hands, and my fingers continued to excite her hard nipples.

Her sitting position had exposed her inner thighs to my reach and I continually brought my hands up and down her smooth, sensuous skin almost, but not quite, touching her slit each time. Eventually her body responded to my teasing as she softly whispered encouragement for me to continue. Her sighs turned to moans and became louder and more urgent.

My fingers finally went to her slit and found it soaking with her moisture. My finger went into her and teased her, then another finger. I carefully probed and explored the beginning of her vagina until they touched her soft barrier. Beth was groaning and begging feverishly for me to release her from my sexual torture. At one point she tried to touch herself—to make herself come, but my hand stopped hers as she groaned in disappointment.

Finally, I sensed she was going to explode; my fingers found her clit and teased it with increasing pressure.

Beth exploded with a wild sexual scream of passion. Her hips convulsed with spasms of lust as she grabbed my hand and pushed it hard against her vagina wanting more pressure against her clit. Her contractions continued for several moments. She was momentarily still until she had a second, less powerful orgasm. Finally she groaned a sound of satiated release and lay still in my arms.

Minutes later with a voice full of wonder she said, "I'm in heaven. How can you do that to my body?"

I answered, "Maybe love has been there longer than we thought?"

She was silent for a few moments and then said, "I have masturbated before, but it was nothing like this. I don't think I can even walk right now."

Eventually she took my hand and squeezed it as she said, "I would like to try to bring you some pleasure."

"How? I asked.

Very quietly she said, "With my tongue and my mouth."

I protested, "Beth, you don't have to do that."

"I want to try—you will be my first time."

Beth pulled me to the edge of the bed and knelt before me. She gently cupped my balls as she examined my erect penis. Her tongue touched the head and licked the pre-cum that had started to appear. Finally she started licking my cock. Her warm tongue felt wonderful as she continued to tease me along my entire length. After some time she took me into her mouth. It was obvious that she had never done this before. Her enthusiasm to take me into her mouth completely was frustrated as she gagged. Eventually a rhythm began as she sucked my cock. As I became more aroused I knew I was seconds from exploding. I warned, "Beth, I'm coming."

As I pulled out, the first stream of my semen hit her face and other spurts struck her breasts and stomach. She was startled at first and then giggled.

I chuckled softly, "Beth, you either swallow or get out of the way. You did neither."

Beth gushed, "I'm learning, master... you are teaching me."

I pulled her so that she was standing in front of me and kissed her. My only thought was to give this beautiful person more and more pleasure. I placed her on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She gave me a questioning look that turned to a gasp of sexual enjoyment as my tongue attacked her vagina. Many minutes later she was begging for relief—screaming my name to let her come. Finally, I tongued her clit and she came violently once again—her hips thrusting her vagina against my mouth. She finally sighed and was still.

My tongue continued to lick her inner thighs and hips as she recovered from her orgasm. When her breathing returned to normal I reached out to her and touched her breast. It was sticky from my cum and I teased her nipples by spreading my cum on the tips. I said, "I think a shower will be good for both of us."

She giggled and said, "Whatever you want."

In the shower I soaped her with a hand cloth and rubbed her everywhere. Her arms were around my neck as she supported herself. As she clung to me my fingers explored her vagina. I penetrated with two fingers and touched a spot that caused her to gasp. Seconds later she ejaculated her fluids as I had obviously reached her spot.

Finally our shower was over. I gently dried her with soft strokes of the towel until she stood before me nude with more lust in her eyes. I knew for the moment she was my sex slave. I could fuck her, I could do anything to her, and she would agree. I was sorely tempted, but whatever that was good in me made me think, "She is your best friend's sister, she is vulnerable, and she's probably not on the pill and I have no protection."

Very reluctantly I said, "Beth, it's three-thirty in the morning, your bus leaves at eight, you need to sleep."

She looked at me and it was hard to tell whether it was a look of relief or disappointment. I hugged her to me and led her to my bed. She lay down facing away from me and I snuggled close to her, as we became a spoon. I reached over and gently held her breast. She never felt it; she was asleep.

I didn't go to sleep right away, but rather watched her. My hand on her breast lifted and fell with her breathing. Her naked hip and leg, illuminated by the moonlight streaming through the window, were a sensual delight. She moaned in her sleep and I gently kissed her neck to reassure her.

I couldn't help myself. My past thoughts earlier in the night were forgotten; I wanted to wake this vision and take her completely. Instead, sleep took me.

The alarm that I had fortunately set rang at six and woke us. Beth was in my arms; her leg was between my legs gently touching my balls. I thought she would be embarrassed, but she grinned and gave me a good morning kiss.

We didn't have time; we had a hurried breakfast, a run to the bus, a frantic passionate kiss, and a promise to be together again soon.

The bus door closed; she was gone.

For the next few days I did not hear from her. On Thursday the letter came:

Dear Rick,

Last weekend was the happiest time in my entire life. I think back and ask myself would I change anything, and the answer is no. Many years from now I know I will remember every second with you.

How can I ever forget that you showed me what my body enjoys and the emotional intensity when you brought me to my wild orgasms... just thinking about what we did makes me wet. I masturbated last night, but it was not nearly the same as when you teased my body. What a wonderful, loving teacher you are. I remember standing in front of you after the shower and wondered if we were going to go all the way. No, that's high school talk. I wondered if you were going to fuck me. I know at that moment I would have done anything for you, and allowed you to do anything to me. At times I think you should have been the one who took my virginity that night, but then you made the decision and I will live with it.

Shit! Now comes the hard part. I'm just eighteen and you are almost twenty-three. In a month you graduate and start your new job in California, and four months from now I'm supposed to start college. I'm still a silly little girl and you are a man. I dream that we can continue together, but it's an impossible dream when you are going to be three thousand miles from me. My wonderful folks saved for years so that I could be the first one to attend your college. I can't disappoint them.

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