Selfish Mom
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2005 by Col. Jack Harrison

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Bible-thumping Mom in the future is forced to make a difficult choice, makes the wrong one, but life is full of surprises.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   mt/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Rape   Romantic   Slavery   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Military   War   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Incest   BDSM   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Analingus   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Fisting   Food   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Public Sex   Politics   Prostitution   Revenge   Violent  

Thanksgiving Day, 2010

The sounds coming from the bedroom were more than a little disturbing for Debbie Kendall, who had awakened to sneak a piece of pumpkin pie for herself when her kids weren't watching. She didn't want them to think that it was okay to secretly eat some dessert, too, just because she ate it. Apparently, however, there were other issues to handle, as she discovered rather abruptly.

Debbie opened Shannon's bedroom door to find her teenage daughter in the middle of riding her own brother, Matt Kendall, in the cowgirl position. Her smooth, naked ass glistened with the sweat of her enthusiastic act of incest. In spite of her sense of righteous indignation, Mrs. Kendall paused to admire Shannon's creamy buns before shaking herself out of such improper thoughts and walking into the room to stop them.

"Matthew Stephen Kendall, Shannon Amber Kendall, both of you, stop at once!" she demanded, trying to cover up her lust with anger.

"Mom, if you want to make it a threesome, just say so!" Matt teased his mother, not a bit afraid of her since joining the Militia.

His confidence and aggression had grown considerably after a few battles. He was also much more worldly and open-minded than in his fundamentalist youth. He had learned that there was more to the world than what he had heard in his mother's church. Shannon, meanwhile, had spent a lot of time at his new place, helping him unpack, and had ended up giving her virginity to him after a long, sweaty day of chores and the shower that followed. They had been intimate ever since, sneaking around until getting caught tonight. That was more for Shannon's sake than Matt's, since Debbie couldn't punish him.

"Don't you dare proposition me, you disgusting deviant! You're not my son anymore! Get out of my house! Leave now and don't return! You're going to hell, you sicko! Leave your sister alone!" she shouted at her son, truly incensed at even the suggestion that she might want to fornicate with her own flesh and blood, although her pussy was damp at the idea.

"Oh, I'll leave alright, but I will be back. I'm coming back for Shannon, to get her out of this stupid house with its dumb-ass rules. If you think that you can stop me, think again. I'm a man now, and she's my woman. I love her and I plan to grow old with her, have babies and raise them together. If you weren't so damn stubborn, you could live with us and be our lover as well as our mother. That would be perfect, if you ask me. We could all live quite happily together. Even now, as much as you've cursed me, I wouldn't mind it, though you clearly would. Bye for now, Mom. I'll have the last laugh, however," Matt stood his ground, walking out, but not before planting one last kiss on Shannon's lips.

Shannon, while terrified of her mother, kissed her brother back eagerly and included enough tongue to truly enrage Debbie. She knew that she would be seriously punished, but she refused to deny herself one last soul kiss. She was very much in love with Matt and didn't care what that meant for her. If she was grounded for life, Matt would somehow get her out of it, anyway. Her big brother could do anything. She believed that strongly in him.

"You're gonna get it, missy. You'll be lucky if you ever get to do anything but chores and homework, young lady. Bad enough to have pre-marital sex, but worse still to commit incest with your own brother! How long have you been doing this?" Debbie demanded.

"Since he moved into his new house and I helped him unpack! I got all dirty and sweaty, and he let me use his shower, and one thing led to another... ," Shannon trailed off as she remembered her first time fondly.

"Spare me the sordid details of your first time being a slut! Get dressed and go to sleep! I'll make sure that you suffer badly enough in the morning, you little tramp!" Debbie barked angrily at her daughter.

"Oh, just spank me and get it over with! Matt's right, you wanted to fuck both of us! You should have done that instead of kicking him out!" Shannon challenged her mother.

"Watch your mouth, you little whore! Now, put your clothes on and go to bed!" Debbie slammed the door closed and went downstairs to the kitchen, where she shoveled half a pie into her mouth to console herself over such a disgusting episode as what just happened.

My own kids, having sex with each other! Tom, if you were only still around! Where are you? Are you really dead or did you end up in another part of the country? If you could see it, my kids fornicating and even trying to seduce me! Oh, you and I didn't raise them to be so lewd and lascivious. What would you say about that?

The last thing that Debbie remembered from that night was occasionally dozing on the sofa in front of the TV, watching a blue movie from pay-per-view. If her daughter realized just how secretly nasty her fantasies were, she would be truly astonished. Debbie often yearned to be spanked herself and tied up by an aggressive man or woman ... or couple. This soft-core program was actually kind of tame by comparison with her kinky desires, but it was the best she could manage under the circumstances.

When Debbie awoke, her hands were sticky with her juices from molesting herself, and she had to rush to the bathroom to wash away the evidence. She just hoped that no one saw her masturbate to that dirty film. She had that morning off, too, being a schoolteacher, so she rushed through a breakfast of leftover Stove-Top stuffing and a turkey sandwich that even she had to admit was lackluster (she hadn't really done well with cooking since Tom had disappeared, not having her heart in it). She washed it down with some sweet tea that Shannon had made (she had to confess that her daughter was very good at making that).

None of that mattered. She had to get showered and dressed for Black Friday, which was thankfully not as crazy as it used to be, due to the collapse of the global economy. Things were very local now, which meant few sales and fewer options. Then she had to get her rebellious daughter up and dressed as well, since she would need plenty of help carrying the Christmas presents into the house and pushing the cart through the local Saul-Mart (a regional vestige of the now defunct Wal-Mart, run by Saul Levinson, a former district manager- the rhyme with the old name was deliberate, of course).

Debbie and Shannon grudgingly worked their way through the Saul-Mart and other places, grabbing as many bargains as they could find, before showing up exhausted at the door of their house. They were quite shocked and alarmed to discover that it was unlocked. Walking nervously inside, Debbie suddenly felt cold, carbon steel pressed against the small of her back and saw the pistols and rifles brandished by the militiamen. It was the second time armed and uniformed men had broken into her home, and she was naturally terrified.

"So, this is the schoolteacher, huh? Hey, I think I remember going to your classes, hon. Mrs. Kendall, right? Word has it that your old man was grabbed by the Commies and put out of his misery. Must be lonely, living alone with just your little princess here. She's your spitting image, I think. Pretty thing, that one. I think that we can make do with her. Wonder if she's a virgin, not that I care. They're all the same with the lights off, citizen. How about it? Want us to take her off your hands? Won't have to shelter the ungrateful little slut again, will ya? You can have one less mouth to feed, can date again. How does that grab ya?" Corporal Arthur Delaney chuckled as he confronted his old English teacher, whom he had secretly wanted to fuck for years.

"No, that's not right! Don't take her away! She's my daughter and you can't have your way with her! Leave us alone, sir!" Debbie demanded, though part of her was a bit wet at the idea of being taken, which made her fear it even more. The last thing that she wanted was to become someone's wanton slut for the rest of her life ... and yet she had fantasized about it for years.

"Very well, then. We'll use you instead. Bet you'll be a sweet piece of ass. Ever taken it in the rear, ma'am? I don't know about the others, but I'm definitely 'hot for teacher' right now. Can't promise to be gentle, even if it's your first time, but I imagine you'll like it. I can smell your wet cunt from here, bitch," another soldier, Private Owen Magnum, nicknamed "Magnum Load", suggested the alternative.

"Or we can just grab both of 'em. That works for me. A two-for-one special. Two sexy blondes. We can even make 'em eat each other, the sluts. A mother-daughter deal, if you will," Private Joe Watson made it even worse.

By now, Debbie was truly white with terror, realizing that she could well be gang-raped. Since they were Militia, soldiers of the new regime in this part of the country, she would have no legal recourse, either, she assumed. Her panties were wet with more than just her pussy juice. She had pissed herself as she considered the dangers to herself. She couldn't dare to let others know what a slut she yearned to be. Better that one of them got fucked than both, and the little hussy had been putting out for her own brother, no less! Let her learn what men like Matt really wanted from her. She might well run back to the church, given time. The naughty little whore had been teasing her for a year with her sweet body, after all. Best to remove that temptation as well, Debbie rationalized, thinking that the little tramp had it coming.

"Okay, fine, take the little bitch. She needs to learn that sex isn't always fun and games, anyway. I told her there would be a punishment for whoring around, I just didn't think it would be this. Go with the men, you little slut, and find out what your brother is really like. I bet he rapes girls, too. Maybe a little pain will teach you a lesson about putting out for your own brother!" Debbie finally agreed, eager to get them out of her house, so she could shower and wash off the embarrassing fluids, "Happy now? Take your little slut and get out of my house!"

Shannon couldn't believe her ears, as her own righteous mother sold her out to strange men who had already announced their intention to gang-rape her. This was the same woman who last night had chewed her out for fucking her brother, and yet she had the temerity to let guys far worse than Matt do even more shocking things than that to her. Compared to what her mom had volunteered her for, a little consensual incest was hardly a federal case. Now she would be forced into God alone (did He even exist) knew what kind of situations and activities.

Her tears streamed down her face, as she complied with the militiamen, rather than look at a woman who had claimed to love her and then betrayed her so callously, with such harsh words on top of it. Blaming her for what was about to happen to her, to boot? How cruel could she be?

"Please don't be mean! I'll fuck you, I promise! I have no choice but to do what you want, but don't hurt me, please! Just use me as you want and then take me to my brother's. I promise I won't say a word to anyone. I swear to God I won't even tell my brother!" Shannon pleaded with the men, truly afraid, as she got into their van.

"Oh, not to worry, miss. You'll be fine. Can't say the same for your old lady. Seems she's in for a rough night, sweetie. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'd fuck you in a New York minute, normally, but I'd never rape the sister of Private Matt Kendall. He's our friend and comrade. We're not gonna harm the girl who matters most to him. Besides, it wasn't part of the plan. We're to take you home unscathed, missy.

"Relax, you're perfectly safe. Pity we couldn't grab your stuff for you, but we had to act in a hurry. We'll come back for the rest, I swear, Miss Kendall. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to stop by a Grunt Burger and get us all some G.I. meals. I'm thinking a Butterbar Burger myself. Those are awesome," Delaney suddenly changed his whole demeanor.

"So, this was all a trick? A ruse to get me out of the house, and Matt put you up to it? I want to kill him and kiss him at the same time! You scared the shit out of me, but you really did me a favor, and I owe you and Matt big time! Yeah, I have butterflies in my stomach, but I could use a nice Butterbar, too, and a strawberry shake! And some Barracks fries, of course. I'll pay you back when I get a job and some money, I promise!" she hugged the corporal when she realized what he really came for.

"Yeah, well, brothers are like that. Brothers who fuck their sisters ... well, they're apparently like that, too. I think it's safe to say, though, that this is more than just sex. Am I right? Anyway, the meal is on me. For scaring you, sweetie. Besides, I like you. If you weren't doing your brother, I would give it a go. He's a lucky man, having a sister like you who is also his girlfriend," Arthur reacted to the clearly relieved and now animated girl, who was truly delightful. He tried not to show his boner, of course, but it was rather hard.

"Yeah, I love him as more than just a brother. He's my man, and I would do anything that he asked of me. Thank you for getting me out of that house, and for buying me some fast food, too. Will it be drive-thru?" Shannon hugged the soldier, being very grateful to the guy.

"You're very welcome, and, of course, it's gonna be drive-thru. Wouldn't anyone asking too many questions, right?" Delaney assured her, really hoping by now that she didn't see or feel his erection.

Naturally, Shannon wasn't blind. She knew that the guy had a hard-on and she felt bad for him. She had to do something for the guy, since he had gotten her out of the rough situation she was in before. Matt had already told her that there would be others at times, so she figured it was time to start with the corporal. She suddenly undid his pants and began to take out his cock to play with it.

"What are you doing, missy?" Arthur reacted with both shock and excitement.

"Thanking you properly, soldier. Relax, Matt will understand. He said we'd be sharing now and then, so why not start with you guys? Just let it happen. Have the guys stop the van and I'll take good care of all of you. Just blowjobs, though. I want to make sure that I have Matt's baby. Deal?" Shannon proposed.

"Works for me. Can I cum on your tits, though?" Watson chimed in suddenly.

"Sure, why not? Mom was right about that part. I'm a bit on the slutty side, I'm afraid. Matt doesn't seem to mind. Why should you?" she replied, taking off her shirt and bra so that the private could cum on her budding breasts.

It wasn't long before she had each guy coming in turn, keeping her end of the bargain regarding her tits. Ultimately, most of them just came that way, since they wanted to leave her room in her stomach for the food. They just hoped that they would have enough left in them to deal out the punishment that they agreed to give her mother later. Well, they had time enough for that, since they could strike at any point of that Friday night or Saturday morning. They didn't have to deliver her to Lieutenant Mensch until noon or even maybe the afternoon on Saturday. After that, she would be out of their hands, of course. Knowing the lieutenant, they had every confidence that she would be a literal pain in Debbie's ass, but she could wait for her treat until the men collected their finders' fee. That was the other side of their pact with the platoon CO.

Several burgers, shakes, and home fries later, a still topless Shannon Kendall arrived in one piece at her brother's small, but cozy house. How he managed to snatch that place up for pennies on the dollar she didn't know, but she suspected that his connections paid off there. Being a soldier for the Front came in handy a lot these days, or so it seemed. Shivering, she nevertheless refused to put her top back on, knowing that her big brother would warm her up soon enough.

She was right, of course, though she had to explain things in a way that didn't make Matt think that the soldiers actually had raped her. Once he heard the whole story, he was more than willing to forgive the delay and understand the nice little treat that his sister had given them. In fact, he thought it was sexy, knowing that his sweet sister had proven so grateful to the men who had rescued her. Clearly, however, he could expect to see a lot of visits from those men, if for no other reason than hope of an encore. That thought put a smile on his face as he realized that he would be a very popular man in his squad pretty soon.

Things didn't go quite so nicely for Debbie, of course. She had fallen asleep to uneasy dreams, thinking that she was reasonably safe now but still plagued with anxiety. When she awoke, it was about two in the morning and she became aware of voices and a light in the hallway. Opening the bedroom door, she felt a hand grab her from seemingly nowhere, followed by another, and then yet another.

Suddenly, her nightgown was ripped apart and her panties were torn to shreds, with hands squeezing her tits and spreading her cheeks. She felt fingers slipping into her pussy, followed soon afterward by a hard cock shoving its way inside her cunt. The remains of her undies were pushed into her mouth to gag her, while the mysterious assailant used her from behind. The smell of her own panties didn't disgust her as some might expect, but instead aroused her in spite of herself. She was so wet already from getting taken by these strangers that the first man worried that he would just slip out of her cunt a few times from its slickness.

That didn't mean that Debbie was perfectly happy with being gang-raped by this crew. Her morals as well as her body were literally under assault, and the more she enjoyed it secretly, the more she hated it openly. When the first man came inside her pussy and was followed by the second, she had a climax that she did her best to hide, but everyone present knew the reality of it. The woman was a repressed slut and a hypocrite, who loathed herself almost as much as those who laid bare to her the truth about herself. She resented the fact that they now confronted her with the naughty desires that she kept secret for so long. The third man found her hip movements to be wild as she fought him, but ironically the harder she resisted, the more enjoyable her hip action was to him.

Corporal Delaney had enough, however. It was time to really play hardball, as he proved by shoving his cock brutally up Debbie's asshole. Now it hurt like hell and yet Mrs. Kendall was even more excited by it. The more painful the act was, the more she craved it, at least up to this point. In any case, she squirmed and shrieked into the panties as he rammed her bottom. She soon started sobbing as he violated her ass, while the other militiamen watched in fascination and voyeuristic pleasure.

This rough use lasted well into the late morning, since each man could recover while the others fucked each of Debbie's holes (including her mouth eventually). For her, of course, there was no chance to heal or rest while she was ravaged by these men. Every second of that morning was spent in the midst of such rape, at least one hole occupied at all times. Often, of course, they overlapped, as when Delaney used her asshole again, while Watson fucked her pussy and Magnum took her mouth. By the time it was finished, every man there had used each of her holes at least once.

By now, Debbie was beyond any kind of self-control. There was no pretense that she totally loathed what was done to her. She came too many times for that, in spite of it clearly being rape ... her will and her lust were in undeniable conflict with each other. In a sense, of course, the coercive aspect of it liberated her from some of the guilt she might otherwise have from being a party favor to the militiamen and apparently creaming herself in response to that situation.

Soon, of course, her mind was out of the picture, and she was simply the passive receptacle of the men, their cocks, and their seed. She wasn't exactly numb, just the opposite, in fact. It was her brain that de-activated during this condition, so that she was a mindless animal, enjoying itself in the act of rutting with so many men. She had cum all over her pale, naked flesh, leaking from every hole and crevice on her body, but she didn't mind at all.

She was no longer recognizable at the moment to any of her close friends and family. She was Debbie the pain slut, not Debbie the wife, mother, and teacher. She would have fucked her entire class in a heartbeat right then, just to have more cocks inside her. She wouldn't have even remembered what she did afterward. At least right then, she was incapable of coherent thought.

When Debbie jerked back to full consciousness, she was in such terrible pain from the brutal gang-bang that she couldn't walk normally. Crusted cum rested on her breasts, her buttocks, her mons Veneris, her thighs, her belly, her back, and her calves. She smelled like she had been fucked for days, not merely hours. She also had an incredible wave of nausea when she realized how she had actually experienced orgasms during her rape, which no doubt they witnessed to her humiliation.

Worse still was the jarring realization that she still wasn't alone in the house. This became apparent when a very feminine hand gave her a wet washcloth to wipe off the traces of cum, piss, sweat, and puke from her body. It belonged to a very tall, somewhat nerdy brunette, dressed in a corset, garters, stockings, and boots, with a riding crop in her other hand.

"Welcome to my house, Mrs. Kendall. While you were out to lunch for a while, I had the soldiers move you to my place, so I could better dominate, train, and discipline you. Allow me to introduce myself properly, slut. My name is Second Lieutenant Jane Mensch of the Republican Front Militia, but to you I am simply your owner, your domme, your mistress. Your sweet ass is now mine, and you can bet your bottom dollar, and your bottom itself, that I will love making full use of it, along with your pussy and your mouth.

"Oh, yes, you will have better things to do than worry about your now abandoned daughter. Such as how you can kiss up enough to me to earn back the privilege of eating any dessert but my pussy and booty. Trust me, that will take you a while, slut. The men tell me that you really had a good time getting it on with them. That's nice to know, since they will pop in from time to time for a visit, and you'll be expected to help me entertain them.

"Not to mention that I'll want a baby or two from you eventually. We need sperm donors like any decent lesbian couple, even if we're not exactly typical for them. Don't worry, though. There won't be any lesbian bed death with us. I'm far too aggressive to allow that to happen here," Jane declared, not even asking Debbie's opinion. It was clear that only one viewpoint mattered here, and it didn't belong to Mrs. Kendall.

It was going to be a long weekend for Debbie, and Jane's wicked gleam of sadistic lust was a very bad omen for her new captive. Then again, Debbie had made a deal with the devil when she sold out her daughter, and now there was hell to pay.

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