Her Time Out of Time

by msboy8

Copyright┬ę 2005 by msboy8

Mind Control Sex Story: Karen will do anything for Gary. Anything he asks her to do. Why can't she remember her life before Gary? Why does she willing follow his every command, no matter how humiliating? Will she ever get free?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Caution   .


This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people is merely a coincidence. This story may not be used for wrapping fish or any other commercial endeavor without the author's expressed permission.

Thanks to outabutterfly for her help and friendship.

Karen awoke early as usual. She put the coffee on to perk, arranged a suitable cold breakfast, which Gary enjoyed, and went in to wake him up for another hard day at the office. Karen quietly entered Gary's bedroom, her bare feet making no sound on the shag carpet. She bent down next to him and slid her head under the covers. He was naked, of course. Karen smiled as she saw his precious cock curled up between his thighs. She took his dick gently in her hand and stretched it out. Yummy, what a way for me to start my day. I am so lucky. Karen moved her open mouth over his stirring member and engulfed it with her hot, little mouth. She rolled his cock around with her tongue and began sucking. Gary moaned and rolled towards her.

Karen smiled and continues sucking his rapidly growing shaft. It was only five inches long when fully erect, but Karen wanted no other. She liked waking Gary up this way; he was always so grateful. Not that she deserved it, but he was such a great... Karen didn't know what to call him, he was her everything. Karen sucked until she was rewarded with a burst of his warm cum. She swallowed it greedily, making sure that she got it all. She was still getting used to the taste, it was a little sour. However, it did come from Gary and because of that Karen wanted it, all of it, every day. It is my duty and privilege to swallow his seed.

Gary trudged to the bathroom and Karen followed. If Gary was in a good mood, he would let her hold his cock while he pissed. Today he was feeling chipper, so she got to fondle it while Gary relieved himself. Once he was finished, she dropped to her knees and cleaned him off. Then she quickly got up and started his shower. Karen made sure it was the right temperature before Gary got in. Once he did, she followed immediately and started washing his body. This was not a problem for her, because she always went around the house naked. As a matter of fact, she didn't even know where her clothes were, if she had any.

Once Gary was rinsed off, she dried his clean body. She ran the used towel over her body really fast. She ran ahead and laid out Gary's clothes for him. She helped him get dressed marveling over how his dick shriveled up so small, so as not to be visible in his underwear. She appreciated his naked body as she dressed him. Some girls liked a toned body, but Karen was happy with Gary's skinny arms & legs and his cute pot belly. As soon as she helped Gary get his shirt on, Karen raced to the kitchen.

She set up his breakfast on the table and poured his juice. She didn't pour his cereal or milk, Gary liked to do that by himself. He had particular ideas of how it should be done, is all. Karen thought he was such a sophisticated person, wanting everything just so. Gary finished his breakfast and left for work. Karen heard him drive away, knowing her day had just begun. She sometimes wished that Gary would kiss her goodbye, but she knew it wasn't his way. As long as I can just be near him, that's all I ask.

Gary's house was actually a double wide trailer. It was set back off the road and as such no one would ever see Karen as she walked around in the house. Gary had asked her to stay inside and so she did. She always did everything Gary asked, she never thought of not doing it. He decided this for me, but if I had known I would never have worn clothes. If I ever did, that is.

She did the dishes and cleaned the house, wanting it to be perfect when Gary came home. Gary sometimes came home for lunch, so she wanted everything ready for him. Lunch came and went, so she ate what she cooked for Gary. After she had cleaned the kitchen again, she lay down for a quick nap.

Her nightmares always had the same theme. She couldn't move. Sometimes she was tied and gagged, sometimes trapped in quicksand, but she couldn't call for help. Her nightmares always ended the same; men would pass by as if they did not see her. She was helpless and she knew it. She always woke up in a cold sweat and a scream. Gary had kept her from sleeping in his bed, for just that reason.

Her scream still echoed in her ears as she awoke from her nap. She needed to check the time, to get supper prepared. She did not wear a watch or any other jewelry. The clock in the kitchen told her that she had woken up just in time to prepare dinner. But it was Friday night and Gary might bring home his friends from work. Two weeks ago he had brought them home for dinner and she had not made enough. Gary was not happy. The next Friday she made too much, because they didn't come. Again he was not happy. I try so hard to please him, let me choose right this time.

She decided again to make enough for Gary and his guests. She knew Gary didn't like leftovers, but she would rather have too much than not enough. She also had time to fix some snacks either for before or after. She waited patiently for Gary and perhaps his friends to arrive. She did not mind being seen by Gary's friends naked. He had said it was what he wanted, so it was what she wanted because it pleased him. Her only desire was to please him. She had no idea of how long she had been with Gary, it seemed like forever. She did not remember anything before her time with Gary and did not want to ever be without him. He is all I'll ever need.

The noise of a car coming told her that Gary was home, the sound of voices told her that he had brought company. Karen knew Gary liked to show her off to his friends, so she went quickly and kneeled by the door. Gary entered the trailer followed by his friends. He grabbed Karen by the hair pulling her to her feet. "Hug all my friends and kiss them too; show them how welcome friends of mine are." Karen allowed herself to be lifted by her hair. Her eyes moved to the three leering young men. They fondled her body when she hugged them. Her ripe breasts and her ass cheeks were favorites and she was left with bruises from their pinching fingers.

She served them dinner at Gary's command. Karen knew that she could eat whatever was left over later. Gary had her stand at the table to get refills or anything anyone wanted. She was also eye candy for the men during the meal. I am so glad that Gary is so proud of my body.

After dinner was over and she had cleared the table, Gary had Karen serve the snacks like desserts. The way the men were sitting, Karen had to bend over to serve them, raising her ass to their wandering hands. She got slapped and pinched, but the smile never left her face, which was the way Gary liked it. Once the snacks were served, Gary motioned Karen over to him. "I want you to put on a show for my friends, Karen."

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