Truth or Dare

by AmandaMarais

Copyright┬ę 2005 by AmandaMarais

Sex Story: Amanda gets into trouble after playing an innocent game...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .


Around Christmas time the spirit and the mood is perfect to organise these little private evenings with your friends. You know what I mean, you invite around 4 to 8 people, and you play some funny but mostly naughty games, like there is strip poker and spin the bottle, and lets not forget, the most favourite game all time : Truth or dare! Who hasn't played that before? Having to tell the truth to those annoying private question, confessing to your best friends, or dare something, to prove you are not a chicken? Yes, I guessed so, we all know what I am talking about. These games are most fun when the weather sucks, raining or snowing, wind blowing hard, so mostly we play these kind of games with friends on the winter evenings. And last year would be not different. So me and my partner, his name is Erik, invited 2 other couples to come on over that evening. It wasn't raining outside but it was cold, very cold, the wind blowing through your clothes. We took care of the drinks and the snacks and around 6 in the evening they arrived. The evening always starts with drinks and snacks, talking to each other, getting comfortable. Mostly a few drinks later the first game starts. We decided to start the evening with playing truth or dare.

We took place in the couches in our living room, nice and comfy, the lights dimmed, music playing softly in the background. Yes, the mood was set.

Me and some friends are playing truth or dare. And when its my turn I say "dare". And they dare me to be a real prostitute for one evening. So I really have to dress like a whore, go out on the street and give men sex for money. I wasn't allowed to take any money with my when I went out on the streets and I had to show them how much I earned to prove it. First I was having doubts about it but after a while I decide to take the bet. The next day I get ready to start my day as a real prostitute. I put on this very short black skirt, a string, black thigh high stockings, no bra, a very short tank top showing lotsa cleavage and nice latex boots that reach just above my knees. I am wearing lotsa make-up. When I look at myself in the mirror I am surprised. What I see is a real cheap whore. The next thing I do is get out on the streets. My friends dropped me off at a whore neighbourhood. So there I was, leaning against a wall in a street where all the prostitutes were walking and trying to get some clients. I was really nervous. It was pretty cold too. After an hour a car stops in front of me and he opens his window. He signs for me to come to his car and so I do. He was a normal looking guy, somewhere age 38 and he asked me how much for a blowjob. I told him 30 dollars. I really did not know how much I should ask. He nodded and opened the door and I got in his car as we left. A few seconds later he tells me to open his pants and suck him off. I looked surprised and said : " Now? " He told me : " Offcourse, come on, what are you waiting for! ". So I opened his pants and moved my hands into his pants to get his cock out. It was not hard yet. I looked at his cock, nervous. Suddenly I felt his hand grabbing my head as he pushed me on his cock fast. " Suck it off bitch! " He said. I started to suck him off, feeling his cock harden inside my mouth. He kept holding my head down while I sucked on his dick. I was very nervous cause he was still driving the car. After a while I felt his cum shooting inside my mouth as I had to swallow it all. "Yeah slut, swallow it ". It felt discusting actually. He gave me the money and dropped me off at the same place where he picked me up. So there I was again, back on the streets with my first money earned as a whore. My mouth still tasting like the cum he just shot inside. I was hoping my friends would pick me up soon so I could go and shower. But the night wasnt over yet. Again a car stopped and I went to him. The man told me to get in the car and I did cause he said he would pay me whatever I wanted. This sounded interesting. He drove to a dark alley and we got out of the car and he leads me into and old building. There was an old matress on the floor. He started to move his hands all over my body as he kissed me. I guess he was around age 44. He ripped down my skirt and panties and pushed me down on the matress. " Spread those legs you slut ". I opened my legs fast. "Yeah I am gonna fuck you, you little bitch ". I was scared now. He unzipped his pants and took them off, together with his underwear. While he sat down in front of me he grabbed the edges of my thong and ripped it off fast. He got in between my legs and pushed his cock fast inside me. Got this hurted cause my pussy was very dry. I let go a loud scream. His hand slapped me in the face as he said : Shut up and take this you fucking whore!. He started to fuck me brutally. My back was moving up and down the old matress each time he pushed his cock deep inside me. He was moaning and sweating and calling me all kinda names. Sweat started to drip onto my body from his head. I felt so slutty and humiliated. He kept fucking me hard till he came inside me. He got up and threw some money to me. " There you go slut, seek your way home ". And he left me there. Damn what a situation. I tried to look decent again, but looking as a whore, decent isn't really the right word. So I got out off the building and starting walking again, finding my way back to that hooker street.

I arrived and placed myself against a wall and I looked on my watch, it was about 3 hours ago when my friends l

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