Autumn Joy

by scriptusest

Copyright┬ę 2005 by scriptusest

Sex Story: An warm evening in September spent with a beautiful woman, making delicious love in the open air.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


It was one of those late September evenings of which we get one or two most years. The sun had shone all day, and the warmth remained even after the sun set

Cheryl and I had arranged to meet at the Crown and Cushion, a small, intimate and very comfortable country inn just to the west of Fleet, where I was living at the time. As it was a Monday, I hoped that the Crown would not be too busy, and I was lucky. I could hear that there were quite a few in the Public Bar, but the Lounge we had to ourselves.

I had known Cheryl for about two years at this time, and I was still uncovering fresh aspects of her astonishing sensuality and sexuality. She was about five feet five inches tall, or perhaps more, it was difficult to tell as she always wore high heels when we met, which only came off when we went to bed, and as they say 'all women are the same height lying down'.

She had shoulder length blonde hair, and delightfully slim shapely legs, that I could happily have spent my life lying between in one position or another. Above her legs, her curves swept out around her hips and in to a quite small waist, which looked even smaller than it was, as the curves swept out again to her magnificent breasts. She usually wore a bra which accentuated their magnificence, directing them at the world like the twin prows of a catamaran.

If I had to decide which were her best physical features, I would probably opt for her breasts, but it would be a close decision between them and her wonderful bottom. When I stood in front of her, with my arms round her, my hands naturally fell to hold, caress and squeeze her beautiful backside, and the feel of her globes was enough by themselves to give me a solid erection. But then, what about her lips. Full and soft, yielding willingly to my tongue, they had given me so much pleasure since I had known her, to my mouth, but even more to my cock, for Cheryl had the most exciting ability to give me the delights of oral sex, and I could never forget the exquisite pleasure of her tongue licking my bottom hole, and thrusting against it to gain entrance.

Her most outstanding feature though, was not an overt physical feature at all, as when I looked at her, I could see no sign of it, but I knew it was there, and I also knew that tonight, as every other night since I first met her, it would be delighting my lips, my tongue, maybe my fingers, but definitely my cock. Her cunt was the feature that distinguished Cheryl from every woman I had ever known. Not in appearance, I loved to look at it, but it was in no way exceptional, no, the wonder of it to me lay in it's ability to please me and to be pleased by me.

When I lay between her legs, with my mouth to her, I knew that she would come, and the feel of a woman coming under my tongue is one that I had rarely experienced, but the true wonder, was that after coming, if I wanted to, I could continue to suck at that treasure and she would come again, this time much more quickly, and then when my cock was in her, yet again if I was able to withstand the demands of her cunt on my cock for the short while that it took to bring her to a climax. With other women I had had difficulty in holding off my climax until they reached their's, but with Cheryl, because she came so easily after her first come in any session, I was often able to come with her. Is there any wonder that I adored her?

I was thinking, as I did so often of the delirious delights of her pussy as we sat there in the inn, both drinking a glass of a very pleasant red wine.

"Just got to go to the loo," she said, and stood up allowing me to gaze at her beautifully shapely calves a she walked across the room to the Ladies. I realised that I had a similar need so went to the Gents, but I was back in my seat before she returned. When I heard the door open, I looked up at her, and was momentarily taken aback by her appearance, it had changed, but how? Then it dawned on me that her breasts no longer stood out quite so prominently; obviously she had removed her bra.

I was about to offer Cheryl another glass of wine, when she held her hand out to me and tugged me to my feet when I reached to hold it. She moved towards the door of the inn, and I moved with her, out into the car park and then across to my car. I pressed the remote button to unlock it.

I went to the passenger side to open the door for her. I know that this an old-fashioned and sexist thing to do, but she usually rewarded me as she swung her legs into the car with a glimpse of her panties fitting snugly round her pussy-mound, and even though I was so familiar with the sight of her panties, and the treasure they concealed, such a secret, and almost furtive, glimpse always gave me a little surge of pleasure. I was a little disappointed that there was no such glimpse tonight, but thought no more about it. I didn't always get one, and I wasn't even certain that she did it deliberately anyway.

I got in and we drove off. I didn't know where she wanted to go, but guessing that it wouldn't be on the main roads, I turned down into a minor road, out into the country. As I drove, she took my left hand and placed it between her opened legs and I could feel her pussy under my hand. No wonder she hadn't given me a glimpse of her panties as she got in the car, she wasn't wearing any. I wondered if she had removed them in the Ladies at the same time as she took her bra off.

As my car has an automatic gear box, driving one-handed was not a problem, although concentrating on driving with my hand on her cunt might soon be. It felt warm and moist to the palm of my hand, which did not surprise me, as I had never yet put my hand on her pussy and found it dry. I had once asked her if it was always wet, but she said "No, it's you that does that."

I curled my middle finger back towards my palm, and felt it enter into the liquid heaven of her cunt, and my cock gave a twitch of delight and started into life as it remembered the many joyous occasions that it had been where my finger was now. She wound down her window and then undid her blouse, so that her wonderful boobs were exposed both to my gaze, when I was able to take my eyes off the road, and to the wind blowing in. My sideways glances showed me that her nipples were growing and hardening, just as they never failed to do when I had the pleasure of stroking her breasts with my hands or my tongue. The sight, and the memories of the many times that I had sucked at her remarkable DD breasts, made my cock come further into life, so that it was already semi-hard.

She took my hand from between her legs and raised it to her breast, and I stroked it and then took the prominent nipple and rolled it between my fingers.

"Oh yes," she sighed, "I like that, but I want more, much more."

I noticed then a sign that indicated a picnic area to the left, so thinking that few would be picnicking at eight o'clock on a late September evening, I turned off towards it, and in only twenty or thirty yards came to a large clearing which was completely invisible from the road. Just what I wanted.

I parked the car, and as I did, she lifted her bottom off the car seat so that she could lift her skirt from under her, and then slid forward so that she was almost on the edge of the seat. I saw her reach to her left, and she adjusted the back of the seat so that it reclined more.

I thought at first she was going to put it right back so that she would be almost horizontal, and then I could move over her and, as I was longing to do, put my cock in her cunt and fuck her. But she didn't lower it right down, only sufficiently for her comfort, as she lay back and opened her legs wide, so that I was able to see that her pussy lips were open, surrounded by the springy moss of her wiry dark pubic hair. Dark, because the only false thing about this gorgeous woman was the colour of her hair, she was a brunette, but much preferred to be a blonde, so that she could act helpless and have men falling over themselves to help her. This is what she said anyway, I thought that with tits like hers, we would be only too willing to help anyway, particularly if she also flashed her legs at us.

There was still quite a bit of light in the sky during the long autumn dusk aided by the full harvest moon, and I could see the pearls of love-juice gleaming in her dark pubic curls, and on the shiny ruby lips of her open pussy. She put her left hand to her breast and began to stroke and squeeze it, and her right one reached across and undid my trouser belt, and then my flies. Reaching into my pants, she drew out into the evening air my stiffening cock. As she wrapped her warm hand around it, I rapidly stiffened into a full erection. She spread her legs yet wider and pulled my face to her breast to take the place of her hand. I felt the warmth of her against my mouth, and opening my mouth, I sucked the nipple into it, desperate to take it in me, like a hungry baby being fed. I sucked and kissed her gorgeous breast for several minutes, sometimes sucking the nipple, sometimes caressing it with my tongue, first softly and then more firmly, and she began to moan as she became more aroused.

Then I felt her reach for my hand and lower it below her waist. I knew beyond any doubt what she wanted, so I pushed first one, and then two fingers into her sopping cunt, and slowly moved them back and forwards, trying to ensure that, as much of the time as possible, as they moved, they retained contact with her love-nubbin, the glorious pearl of pleasure at the top of her slit, her so sensual clitoris.

I started to move my fingers in and out, finger-fucking her in the way I knew she so much enjoyed. Knew, not only because of the many times I had done so before, but because she herself had taught me to do it as she liked it. (Why can't more women have the sense to show a man just what she wants, even at our first meeting, Cheryl showed me just how she liked her pussy licking, to our mutual enjoyment, and she has gone on helping me to please her ever since.)

Her breathing was getting heavier and she was starting to gasp, so I knew that her climax was not far away, so I was amazed, when she suddenly pulled my fingers out of her cunt, and got out of the car.

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