Alien Possession

by Krosis of the Collective

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Krosis of the Collective

Sex Story: Two gaseous aliens possess a young man and woman and are overcome by the powerful sexual energy that has populated this entire planet with humans.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Teenagers   Mind Control   Science Fiction   Humor   Interracial   Pregnancy   .


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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.

Chapter 1

Szx'ee and Wantu'u's minds wandered as their commander yammered on at them about learning all that they could about the dominant species on this new planet they had found. While they tuned out his broadcast, they were in private telepathic communication with each other.

"What do you think that tall brown creature is outside the craft?" queried Szx'ee.

Wantu'u, like Szx'ee and all the rest of its kind, didn't have shoulders -- it didn't even have a physical body -- but if it could, it would have shrugged in response. "I do not know. It must not be a danger, though, as we are surrounded by them."

"Are you reading me, ff'kyutes? I want a 'yes sir'!" The commander turned a deeper shade of florn as it waited.

"Yes sir!" both crewbeings broadcasted back.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Commence mission!" The plasma screen above them opened up, and they drifted onto the wind that rustled through the surrounding trees. Realizing that they had missed most of their commander's instructions, they quickly made a choice and headed toward the lights in the distance.

To the naked eye, the ff'kyute beings appeared as mere wisps of smoke. It would take very advanced spectrometers to spot them as anything but.

Within a few ticks they were hovering over a populated area. Squat domiciles were prevalent on either side of a manufactured grey stone trail, along which rolling metal objects went back and forth. The agreeable smell of burning fossil fuel was received by the pair.

A short telepathic exchange and the two gaseous beings descended. A repetitive harsh barking kept them from one domicile.

"What an annoying sound," said Wantu'u. "Let us instead go over here."

They found a crack in one of the walls of another building, near the ground. They pushed inside, and felt the warmer air as they looked around.

Two strange beings were here. They were pink, carbon-based, and had five appendages each, though the one on top was bulbous. As Szx'ee and Wantu'u watched, one of the beings elevated themselves with their lower two appendages and moved to a cabinet, extracting two metal cylinders with its side appendages. It then returned to the other being, reclining onto a long stuffed object as it relinquished possession of one of the cylinders to the other. They were pointed toward a box in the corner which radiated light and sound.

After floating about the room for several minutes, Wantu'u was confused. "What do we do now? They obviously cannot sense us. Were we to make contact?"

Szx'ee floated around the bulbous top appendage of one of the two creatures. The two seemed different, but it could not tell how. "I seem to recall the commander telling us to find out about the dominant species. I think we have found them, as the objects in this room are manufactured. They are definitely intelligent."

"But what are they DOING? I don't understand." Wantu'u floated between the two beings, then finally, in frustration, entered one of them through the holes in its uppermost appendage.

"Wantu'u?! Are you all right?" Szx'ee broadcasted in a panic. Nothing. The creature Wantu'u entered hesitated, then turned to face Szx'ee. The creature could see it!

The creature then pointed its side appendages toward the other being. Szx'ee understood, and rushed into that being's uppermost appendage holes as well.

Suddenly the world seemed to compress. To a human it would have seemed like being shoved into a bottle; all of Szx'ee's senses were dimmed.

Wait... human! That was what this creature was! Bits and pieces of the human's knowledge started to filter through. There was a noise... it was the other human, being controlled by Wantu'u:

"Szx'ee?" The name didn't suit the human tongue. Tongue! Yes! What a bizarre thing.

"I am here, Wantu'u. This is very strange." Szx'ee looked at his partner's shell. Other words were forming: male. "You are in a male body, Wantu'u."

Wantu'u cocked "his" head. "Yes... and you are... female. Interesting. We are not able to access the personalities of these hosts, but concepts and general knowledge are available."

They moved closer to each other on the... couch, looking at each other with human vision. Wantu'u was surprised that they had been unable to tell the difference between these two from outside. The female had longer hair, of a light brown shade, and wore a tight-fitting piece of... clothing... around her... chest. Her midsection was bare, as were her shapely legs below her shorts.

Wantu'u paused. Shapely? Where had that come from? He looked again. Yes, there was a definite attraction to the shape of her legs... and her hips... and breasts (boobs! tits!). As he watched, the female's nipples started to stiffen. So did something further down Wantu'u's body... something larger than her nipples. It felt... good...

Szx'ee was watching the... T.V. There was a male and female on the screen, pressing their... lips... together repeatedly. Kissing. The female form it had co-opted reacted strangely, and she felt a tingling in her... breasts. She looked at Wantu'u, and saw that the male was looking at her breasts intently. "Wantu'u--?"

"We should investigate these physical differences, Szx'ee. They may be important. I am feeling uncomfortable down here, so will remove my pants." Wantu'u stood, unbuckling his belt and unzipping. As his jeans and underwear came off, Szx'ee saw her first penis (cock! dick!). Her nipples felt good. There was a strange itching between her legs.

Wantu'u took her hands to stand her up, then unbuckled her shorts and pulled them down along with her panties. Szx'ee felt cold all of a sudden, and moved toward Wantu'u's borrowed body. As their bodies touched, she pulled his head forward and kissed him as she had seen on the T.V.

Wantu'u's hormones were overpowering his good sense. He broke off the kiss and pulled Szx'ee's tank top over her head. He then began to massage her firm breasts.

Szx'ee was likewise overwhelmed by these new sensations. The warmth on her breasts was unlike anything she had experienced before. She pulled Wantu'u's shirt over his head, then shoved her tongue into his mouth.

Wantu'u pushed Szx'ee back onto the couch, landing in between her legs. His host's knowledge indicated he had to press his cock (dick! penis!) into her pussy (cunt! slit!), then move back and forth, until... what? His thought processes were being muddled by bodily instinct.

Szx'ee felt Wantu'u's dick (cock! penis!) pressing into the folds of her pussy (vagina! cunny!). She reached down, grasped his borrowed manhood, and helped aim it properly. He pushed a couple of inches into her, causing them both to groan.

Wantu'u's brain was still not working right. It wanted pussy... hot pussy! He pulled out almost all the way, then pushed back in hard. Szx'ee gasped beneath him. He pushed in all the way, then ground his pelvis into hers. She whimpered in pleasure.

They fucked each other, picking up speed, gasping and moaning. Something was building... Szx'ee started to retrieve new information from her host...

"Wantu'u... this is... uhhh... sex!" Szx'ee gasped. "This is how the humans procreate!"

Wantu'u groaned as he increased his thrusting. "No... wonder... there are so many of them... on this planet! This feels so good!"

"Yes... but you have... sperm... in your... nuts... balls. Ahhhh! They are at the base of your... dick. The sperm... it shoots into the female... it can find an egg within her sometimes, and... AHHH!... they merge to form a new human being!" Szx'ee rutted her pelvis back into Wantu'u, arching her back for greater penetration.

Wantu'u was breathing quite heavily now. "Is there such an egg within that form, Szx'ee? Will we create new life?" His thrusting was reaching a fever pitch. A tingling was starting at the head of his cock.

"Yes, Wantu'u! I can feel the egg about to release from her... fallopian tube. The chance of pregnancy is... very high! Iiiii! IIEEEE!!!" Szx'ee's overstimulated body finally succumbed to the pleasure. Her back arched further, her mouth lolled open, and her cunt grabbed onto Wantu'u's cock as she exploded into orgasm.

Wantu'u felt the tingling race down the shaft of his cock, gathering in his balls and then exploding into the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced. Bubbling semen raced up the shaft of his cock, and exploded out the tip, spraying the inside of the possessed beauty's spasming vagina with potent sperm.

Szx'ee's stolen body kept orgasming, and she could do nothing but shake as her vagina urged more cum from the babymaking spear within her. Her cervix spasmed open and closed again and again as she came, each time sucking more and more of his sperm-laden semen deep inside her body, sealing her fate.

Finally the two beings came down from their orgasmic highs. They kissed.

"What do you two think you are doing?"

They turned to find an older male at the entrance to the room. He had an air of authority. In fact, they recognized that tone.

"Commander?" Wantu'u quickly pulled out of the female, a big drip of semen hanging from the tip of his cock.

The newcomer yelled: "I told you to gather information, not engage in primitive mating! What the hell were you thinking?"

Szx'ee spoke: "We... weren't, sir. The hormones..."

"I don't care, ff'kyutes!" The commander interjected. "Back to the ship... NOW!"

As one, the three ff'kyute beings took leave of their hosts.

The three humans remained as they were, looking confused. The older man at the door came to his senses first:

"Ben! What the hell have you done to your sister?!"

Chapter 2

Szx'ee and Wantu'u floated above the brick and mortar of the sprawling human cityscape, bored silly. For many days now they had watched the humans go about their lives, but none of it made any sense. Why would they get up with the rising of the sun, and then on some days they did not? Some humans lived in large domiciles, but others seemed to have no fixed place to rest, hunkering down in the streets after the sun set. Some humans were quiet, others loud. From their vantage point there seemed no pattern to the humans' behavior.

Their frustration stemmed not only from their ignorance, but from the fact that the one way they could use to understand -- the ability to possess these humans, to access their bodies and thought processes -- was denied them. They had learned so much during the time they had taken over a pair of humans than all the time since. Their commanding officer had been very clear: observe, but do not interfere.

A shrill cry reached them, echoing from between two buildings. The two ff'kyutes floated down to investigate.

There, surrounded by sweet-smelling human refuse, was a human male and female, and the male was removing the female's clothing.

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